Saints-Panthers in playoffs and Aggies look to poach Aranda

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, January 3rd

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to discuss Texas A&M's pursuit of LSU DC Dave Aranda and the Saints' return to the playoffs.


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And this Sunday Wednesday it means a great when the all time leading the Russians they Ole miss rebels and the New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister is when this as well. As welcoming you to our number two. Up already Mazda opinion poll is available for you at WWL dot com. Sit Ellis you do everything in their power to keep defense equipment and Dave are random around the second highest paid assistant in all of college football. Owen had million dollars per season he was given a raise last year when coach is always Jauron had the interim tag removed and became LSU's official full time head coach. Now our brand is being heavily pursue heavily pursued a blitz so to speak. In the former gym both visit and take sustain them and their financial resources. Today offering somewhere between the two and a half to three million dollars per season. A two a five make a five year guarantee because remember now the head coach says the ten year deal that being jumble Fisher. With Texas say India as well as you should LA issue. Do everything in their town and they can they keep him legitimately can keep him within LSU do battle four to six awaits and the you can text as an 878 sending induce these big sometimes you can't be beat can do anything they. Go back over what's reportedly they're fun. 2.2 point six to three million dollar a year which would of be doubling his parents that. No state tax and five years. In your mother says guarantee could Canty and then wouldn't go in this deal all out without giving Jindal at least half of what they you know continues. Moon. Man it's going to be harder. Man I ever then tell us why lease finance company in him that nobody is going advised neighbor ended. Not to not take that job if he would be it wouldn't be a good business move it. We don't know what's gonna happen right. It would take a unique packets by the tigers. To be able to match or even come close to. I agree. No I need you just you do word you just stated. It is it is it. More than anything unique. What is in it it from the standpoint what is in it like in and I'm not talk comes in you know this forms of monetary compensation but the uniqueness of that does that it was going to be an earth how to make that's and they come out with something that's kind of cryptic has just hit. You know ten book on checkbook and. I'm knob to knob and they've done and then it then makes sense I mean and so. I mean you eat you've already given the what is an associate head coaching or the assistant head coaching position yeah I mean now another thing that we know that that could be on the table is. His coach in waiting. That that's an opportunity something that you can put in the play. You can also put it. Yearly bonuses. As good a yearly bonuses outside of salary. In and and and play I mean so you can craft it may get away but I wouldn't just say hey look I'm a massive salary for sale. Yet this and then that puts into that puts in a dangerous basin and and and you know a name is desperate. Only because any time he sonic head coach but to a ten year well 75 million. To buy out a another coast bad you gotta pay. Hello some Clinton what is it nine million anywhere between nine and eleven million to fight and I am less than thirty days to do that at me because they're when equity can elevate fired Amanda totaled sixty days to try and so for them to feel that comfortable. And outlook created an emphasis though if you're gonna go all out the UK like among do you want to hit seventy but I'm not goes no you've got to go all out on the detained in there they ought and it's a Florida LUT scam. Almost get all this an animal get the you know amounted to shoestring Fries ago and everything no mean you can debate mr. leader you gotta get him out. NASA did delay until eleven and dig they want they want no dues at the end of the day it did claim whatever these pirates have in their plan and they diss him be off. Dead okay this is on goal with this symbol fears here. If it gets the win their plan is and then go like OK now we had to make sure we do everything at our power. They provide ample what he needs it seems like so far best day in and started hitting the eternal now once before and it's kind of melons before so for mound. The way they look get a load whatever he won't. We try we get unity and so there's no reason I'm David let's be honest. A and M is run and fourth. Any SEC west the front possibly fifth at times. That's a good point. To the phones meego tests should they see wrist on I'll thought let's go all the way up to mind not. Not that cold and we go on go to and lol and it North Dakota lol think you saw calling Doug Doug you are power. Jim and I really appreciate you stick in my phone call thank you very much I hope you guys. Last year he guises there warm down there. Which is real cold down here lol ha ha ha ha isn't going don't you uranium over twenty degrees my god that did not clear. All of that day's other eco whether they come home and really. Yeah I would be able to play is called what you really know golden boy and that is that you raised in the south business COLT as you know that. It is it is still into what attempt to yeah you look at what what are you looking in there right now lol. Our outlook live in that. Negative sacred war what I now and that's that's actually that's not when you run. As actual characters were negative cornea a few days ago. Right so you could legitimately go outside you have of the vegetation now some mean spit in the in his is called the ice is going to somebody. Absolutely now pain and are retired apparently there's a military base appears retired Emmerich is from around the Lake Charles there. All OK I think your system and yet but I love the go to North Dakota offensive line that you go to owners aren't I'm no it will not right million alone and made as it is Arnold Arnold for any it would be harder task ahead hello you you you dampen these broads I would take be interested to dailies and ACC football maybe LSU thing division take on. Everything it's going on right now. You know I beat big the young man is is up incumbent coordinator and had me. He is a good. But I don't think Ellis to the interest would be to try to match the money. But also really think that young man and there's also rated BA head coach at a top level school. And if they wanna keep him there almost consider offering him coaching job and they'll shoot soon. Yeah you know a lot I'll elmo's view before being hey coach but again as they pay them. Top. NFL. Then I think he has aspirations to me Beagle and NFL and he. You know he's going to be a corny you wanna be a head coach. And you could be highly successful. As a corny not as a head coach case in point Wade Phillips. I mean you look away he's a hall of fame because of corn and never remain as a head coach but I'll I'll say is that the future is bright but it ran the family. Today are regularly have a right now he's in the driver's seat. You're yet department is in the they am I mean it's been a well what the goals. But what he won that he wanted to inept so coordinator buddy egos. Texas Stadium that this step down because that opinion is below Ellis she's gone for the money it. Well now I'm I think right now understand points apart though you know being a part of some openness trying to get established potentially and I think that's what it would be as far as being in. You know unilateral move and soulful and the oil issue that's the only team in him is that yet to defeat since they've been in the NC well elysees in Antarctic by chairmanship and they got the resources to get on a good job there really sort of a day that's not a safety data plan OK again just look at dig we talked about this. But what when you look at the resource that you had right you look at Florida Ohio State Texas seen them take and tech and Tennessee. Yeah but nobody does Madonna but I a lot of piano and that and and and you look at the endowment. Ultimately they know what like billions I'll does have a comment at all as it might be like some excellent please correct me if I'm wrong policy like them and down like eight billion. That being nagging. President Roh's body a dangerous Macau Sunday Bellamy drew breeze its export united LSU basketball viruses and keep coming up at 7 PM on WW. And welcome back our resident crows. But hey then deuce McCallister I'm dig ability to back out to the phones may go and it's so too low Roger for JJ getting it thank you for calling WW. The very I didn't know IJ AJ. I like this but it late they're going to do it in trip coordinator. The radar say it is. Goto. You'd better known as crew and and includes content to Alicia what he has done right and I think they acted before it could go. You can make it really better no really need to give our offensive coordinator they can't help this all. JR he's very I don't think I don't think they want Iran Amal a problem here I would elitist please give because and money. He's getting paid twice as much as Ella she would pay him. Yeah but what that they're being here and we domain and be about it and and you're above you know. We gotta do what we can break the my book opener pick. Well that's what they really trying to do not only beat LSU would be relevant in the SEC west and they are trying and by SEC US amateur event. Ultimately get to to play well that's fighting guaranteeing. Symbol finishes seven million. Send a crab a steady but OK okay to leave off their family well me is that so even more. And I am on my left is will try to go a law. People at an. Idiot Andrea man eating it he of people attacked at all any book a. He needs to deuce he struggled against them than me and he went alone go yeah yeah you're right here I would anyone allow angled to let PJ hang out there by ourselves but yet he's got to do a better job. Of wrapping up and coming up and make him a tackler to and so he went alone don't. We. It would certainly appreciate talking. Jay thank you so much for the time we appreciate it back out that to the phones we go. This goes to up down for David David David thank you for calling WW well. And it applies to. About. You when David and use them to proceed but. I mean generally. You won't see. I'm good to go up ground. I'll be honest. Quote. This early. Start and has to stop coaching. I mean. Hailing let's say Cheney isn't going to badly is not it looked on the offensive side of the it would candidate yet again as thousand of which Hussein but it Randi that's at Eden and the control. And you look at a and ML SU what Ellis shoot down the system and please educate me because I know is nowhere vacating its net gain in. In them right now this according to Forbes magazine and things that is takes. From 24485. It is that these are the ones ten point five billion. That in an endowment right now. At that point not to point five billion billion so I don't bother. Try to well was that. When you say when you say they may not go catch Obama triumph. What do what do you mean he said he now don't get to Alabama yet they are players in Texas that's why you can't go get save them when you get the right coaches jumbled bridges won a championship. Begin turning them round. Florida Texas they got the players you gotta get a now what where when you say nobody don't get to Alabama would be mean. Well I mean meet the way. Or the way they wanna go to system bikes sabre system. And he can bring any system you want but. Not Colin. That's how well they'll pull it back to back. And so I don't know that the that it about it. Not I mean but yeah I did today I didn't cut on a constant which is trying to say but I don't think. And that yeah but I mean it if that's the case they would they would won national champs of the last 78 years of nobody's gonna catch him but obviously that any human a division this year. It. Well I'll say well you know Heidi got that way donating its if he takes it takes time yet to follow you through data stunningly. We do demos got his own system volume and those with Jimoh happ has in his favor. Is that he went to Florida stated follow a legend. And I won a national challenge of a Florida State so that's good Jim knows that and that's why a news they know who they think that gym open is gonna come in there and be able maybe. To surpass that might be one time. That the data all of can be to surpass that they don't Alabama yeah result premise has always been around look it's all the teams bullet. But Jim Mo you go back to when he was an assistant to LA issue after hours think it's all about the quarterback. He is the dad is go have his quarterbacks and that he has his quarterbacks that can change is you know he's got a chance that's that's what that is what nobody is is it easy system that you called it. That's it but he's got a good transfer and this shows you how money talks okay I think that is takes Annan does their trust you that you and it seems about right. Tony for 85. You know Harvick you look at Ivy League schools want to comment one problem now OK and 36. And a half billion dollars and drama you go to LSU is 700 million. There's an LA and that's a hard not having a lot this time now and I'm not you try to keep pace in high you date codes you might say well we got out of lack education Burres athletics and that's a different argument. But right now. DN. AM's that can and have billion. You look Ohio State Florida Texas ten have billion LSU that 700 million right now that's a lot of money his thing but. Went into it for what you get on coaches come on who wants to be made the move will be made but the case in point LSU had. That kind of money that you know some people already they can pay it they got this thing got that. It wouldn't they when the bad that to November's ago. When they had that debacle in the press box and everything going all audio OT miles list yet less not a that would have been a situation is that the money would not been no issue state problems nothing. It was it. Dan a different situation than when they knew in the news and is this is it there's only four programs in the country pro ball down in the blacks. Every year I'm sure across the board sports wise. And then out one out. And he did Ambien and beating law that is not going to be a contest that's what's gonna come never cleared two random and you know the good you know I think my obviously we did is we got beat us that they come in and much more here on WW. Drew Brees in one hour LSU basketball vs Kentucky tonight tigers opened up the two toughest. Games start the season what if you go into where they are right now both teams. Right around the tucked in in him. And Kentucky. Ellis who comes on the deeper into the wildcats tonight and then the Aggies forthcoming in the weekend. LSU defense according to Dave a random should the tigers and analytic broad diploma do everything in in their power to keep. Coach Sarandon in that routes a and M is making a strong push nearly giving him missing 98 financial package that would double his salary on a yearly basis. Back to the phones we go and let's go to who we air. We have a banner huge forward David on 9:8 David good evening thank you for calling WW. Maybe an idea a decent. I wanna pay it back so you know hello and there. A Canadian and what's so William meet a good idea Coachella now what does that so you got some movers them. But I plan. By. Nobody but analysts want to know. And beating someone about it taped and gamble they. Does sell oil you had a break it down you say good bye coach you don't watermark and oh yeah and big David Iran that head coach. It. I'll kinda gain work. You'll have to pay Cotto out man. The other big could tell what is he got twelve million common. Pars somewhere around there. Vintage VW do that's what revealed yet did so in the immediate that it not this season as though everybody is somewhere around them has OK Nat. I had Ella would it via that that ain't easing out David. I'm like Joba. Well blown out and. Well a lot of teams that wanna eat you want it all over the country because. Noble want to one he's been at University of Miami Syracuse USC. He's won nine national recruiter of the year for sure once and not twice. So yeah. He's actually coach. I'll wanna see for sure eight if not 91 round the misalignment. That has gotten drafted. Believe the hell out yelled hey I gotta come Monday he's died he and I go to retired all full so when hell you're talking about it all the way I would TV I mean it's that this is that this would play allow light what Tampa Bay needed to Lovie Smith. To be even. To to keep their quarter they've they've made five under current but he fired Lovie Smith. To be able to keep dirt from going to another team just because James had a had a big year relationship wedeman in the development yeah right it if he'd Belgium and so. That's the moved it to wanna make I what I would tell you that would be a very very very risky move for Ellis who make. Natalie Wood the ADB. Couldn't his name out there where he probably wouldn't give heart of the mother as an loads up Ellis you have to pay over pay every other coach. Just because they know the situation that. If I have a young assistant. That is hot. Or you go boo me out. Well and got awards with David also want to images Miami coach who ran the Maceo K what they granny gets an opportunity read head coach LSU. So all of a sudden now we're codes Canada. Does that work out his relationship with Dave Miranda who knows all know is. Could Canada's a whiny little you know what you gonna AD over a coach you gotta be freaking kidding me who who does that and it did that's why all of a sudden. Maybe you don't have that stability. So you have to pay him three million you know after Peco joke. So David sorry but. The financial aspect that's not happening and eat eat eat anything else. I'm ready to treat now and not need to beat that that they now. I got you date they aren't wonderful thank you so much for the call we appreciate. 260187. You can text Texas and 87870. How to Kennesaw. Lance Lance getting an thank you for calling WWL. Have a good. Thing the same amount pointed out. Duke is that there's a very good player you know weapons lab and eat. It just seemed like this year. You don't. Good tide receding tide and you have really to. Receive a slightly more before. On a plan out what you think about. Well. And what are you looking at the number oh yeah and obviously a difference to add that numbers are okay now and I'm listening to today Lance. The only thing I would say not have and a tie it and that is deadly effectiveness on third down. Because we've been the number 13 on offense. A dozen years last year were noble on. Now now. We like we weren't we win ninety and NASDAQ I don't know but listen that is. If you look at any other alternatives that. Oh well it is poised for a game. Whether it's sacks allowed not as Drew Brees get rid of all the elements of line rushing the football. Passing it we top five in NFL. So I mean that big a lot of the playoff teams the one that. On their side. Guess they want them and you ask your question yeah yeah yeah you know I. Remember me don't try to memo and we have a quarterback. Stick to get the ball where. To manage to win game four Alicia. I mean Obama last summer quarterback what should they could do. Matt Flynn they've got a note Tommy Hudson. I enemy. To me out of the cultural and and then when I'm when I'm adapting well this is an audience before because it is and they. Haven't done and responding to you got to look at the situation senior leadership it the game as yeah yeah I mean nothing date down though that at least they feel like one of the Latin guys is the last judge quarterback the last third cornerback Ellis Schumer as head. As far as truly stunned league is Ryan Parent. Mean when you look at expectations. Big now's kind of flash in a magazine was there too long. But you would would get an SEC championship game right but but I mean other and that dug in about a lot like a baker mayfield type guy right groin and I Elena don't you know we head. Truly long term who's succeeding in the NFL. Birds all night but man I learned birds don't I don't know twelve year old Idaho. Mean you guard Joseph when I was throwers are awareness during the college found out you tell us don't know what's now almost did the mayhem that's how long has been tossed the ball is not the bigamy feel tight. A few decades ago when there are more quarterbacks like camp. Put the quarterback on the few that can lead and as you down the field now you can go to got the game film on them as you came here in in savings a second year and they want to fissionable. Roy and Dave when he putting me and when he put him in and it beats both went just booting that was handing him. They wanted to on the games like that you have a divide championship is being offered a hundred the last time okay Taylor's you've put a quarterback on the few English on the field his goal of killing mother shouted yeah JaMarcus Russell now maybe he wasn't the jewel that the hand though to live at the NFL lives now. But we need Julie jargon about. Like and I believe all American type. On the field and then all of a sudden you continue that process and NFL level. There is Virgil. And induce it dead this has like in the seventies and stuff and her dog and I don't. They're good at Duke's best party put share and I don't know is that crazy oh what you're yes I. Does our resident crows Bobby gave an inducement Gaza when we get bad moments don't get our resident pros take. On this matchup. The third time. And this and it's all the mob does mean you season stays alive if you win and if not the new. Our home for the rest of the analysts and any Carolina and boy this guy and it takes ally and I'm on the radio I don't know 6650. Bobby Croatia. Not yet been just okay and I'm not I. Or Romania and communicating to anybody David as Deuce McAllister will continue here Drew Brees joins us send us an hour right here on the home of the saints in the tigers WW. And welcome magnet gods of the phone to go let's go to Metairie to. WW him. The ability. All game. To get into it they get about a joke. Joke but problem. Digit. You know. You know I'm an independent clearly had a what you guys. And you know how are elite you know Ochoa and. Well. That's different animal I think I don't know why maybe may be Pete not taken down to read the exact what's gone on. There is no eternal strife between. LA issue. It was. And yes okay so he had the compartment. As it all right pictures show me that money right that's that's that's a anything new ways that image use Arabs feel like the get a financial package like deuces something unique. To keep a veranda and hopefully that's the way it works out but that didn't get any or it's a completely different situation. So you can't blame a man I'll get onto emphasis on the wanted on an ending to do it. Are. Now that Canada situation and the situation that bets that dad needed to be cleaned up. And then obviously wasn't enough investigating and it was in the snubbed on prior to the higher and it's coming back to bite him in the U wouldn't you know what on this. Yeah I agree one. Got. Nader. It does not start start. The weight and is used under a does that does that does that have a curiosity if it desolate you agree with. That's change a mind just SA is a new UConn and did sit on like that it was all always follow. No I don't think well. Here you know it yeah. Coordinator and he. Too. Are we didn't know I'd be they would be for two completely different reasons. Right. I. I think that you know I agreed but. Yeah. Block Byrd birdied Betancourt. On though you had to go you had to go out meet them it's a subway one point five million dollars. You could get somebody good they are very very good but you can get the one you got now. You have to you have to be on potential that you have to be in a situation like coach Randy you'd have to go out. Hopefully do it. I doubt it is in the mold and is going to be like. That hope he's acted see him Dini. Another dry day veranda and there is another thing you have to understand they random is a base 34 gap is not a 43 guy so I mean that's gonna limit the poor you have coaches that are multiple. But when you talk about base defense being 834 they're not a lot of coaches debt run that type of defense. Well you need to do it 34 this is rather. College NFL whatever. When we need to do multiple. 4334 packages. OK if you 314. He got to have a bowler linebackers when they are relying Butler nose tackles and those that don't really do all of dirty work yet and also remember when you go back and you look at one of the things that they struggle with it blows they. From loser and so many. Those big bodies I mean because when you talk about heaven knows you wanna guy that's three. 63 315 you know 330 you won't AA I got a can anchor in the middle and then also and it put out double team and best loved by the say also when you talk about a got its plan to the five technique or seven technique he's really. Big he ease play these and to me it. But he's really a big guy I mean he is another 300 pound why you know is outstanding get paid big bucks because you have NFL 34 teams are primarily. And now he never put a mini numbers and he got paid Tyson Jackson yeah. Look at Tyson Jackson threw a bomb Winona arena with the cheese dinner going alana. I recall look at his numbers he got zero arrival about but he got him out of the bank account. And you know and this deal position in the highest jump I mean you know and defense are lineman to number three and now you know he came out at Mina projected cost and he'll probably was saw. Coming Kiki was on the flat but Tyson ever I thought he was going to be they had draft papers to get it to number three million I was amazing for him. But like you said Bobby when you get drafted that high you look at the expectations of you and you look at what what you want to producing and it was a it a good career but not now wonder where you do address to. I want you induced a comment on this is. Because there's some merit it is but I don't know. This is from 39 at the two a couple of things 1:8. Am hard judge Davis. When LSU had a great defense didn't work out too well obviously bright Alabama has revolving door coordinators because to have success so they have opportunities that removal on the coordinators are more important. But overall culture is more important. Nice job. I guess overall I don't know but I'll call you an idea and then India bug called causes important but it Ewing got the hoses to run a man hey if I don't care what what coach yet. That odds wanted to read it to you I'll read this today and no I mean there's a lot of fans that think that way the ball down tennis is Ellis shoot football until tomorrow. Org this is eight mile you know whatever whoever you backing. That that that is like through rose colored glasses. And deals they're like oh man is eligible ball artisans Georgia Bulldog football. A you got a lot of delusional people and and you see Michelle component we run a look at would you run they can get the hearth and it did due to come on I. As an all the loader and all I know is given a putters this kind of push for everybody okay will this ever supposed to happen Lucas Central Florida would have been going undefeated. You don't dollars and directed at its international jail hey no holiday named Esteban and nobody has no you know but I just say OK what kind of cultures Central Florida path. They got off losses you know I am on he's hello. I'm right up pros the next half out they're gonna give us their take what type of matchup is this putt three between Carolina and New Orleans. Sunday 3040 take off here on saints radio WW. 2000 down came one the go Drew Brees is coming up in about. Forty minutes and then we'll have LSU basketball plus stick around Tom now our president pros give you did take. The match up saint Carolina part three here will Bobby inducing next here on WW.