Saints-Panthers Playoff Preview

The Saints will take on the Carolina Panthers for the third time this season this time in the NFL Wild Card. Can the Saints get a win or will the Panther prevail? We talk to Joel Erickson of the Advocate and get his take.


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What some murals throw that it may cause of across the gulf south. It's a deal listening wherever you are welcome back double coverage new year more consistent show Chris and I are back together. An anomaly doctor by itself exactly and go to battle so whatever yeah I have a first of all happy new year everybody who who was safe and and very fun and you stayed warm Christian. I had had to kick it Bernie that I heard you can't Chris is what. Chris is such prima Donna's all I've heard what the last 48 hours he's complaining about covering NFL football not being here in the city so well hole on explained the people. And. I ask coming mafia guy so it's been two years in a row that I've not been here in New Orleans a city that I love. And cherish I have men in in this city for doozy so there's two years. That I'm column I think and whenever I'll get it back but I'd much rather had been here than Tampa Bay I set my room with a curtains open. With a couple cores lights and just enjoyed the fireworks but it wasn't the same. It was not the same as being home in the Crescent City for new years where I had so many options like to watch the fireworks on the river on the river I can go. Do whatever or could sit in my home and in in watch from there I just wanted to options instead I'll Osaka hotel room whenever I'm over it fine. Tim Zimmer our producer and good to have you back Tim would you do for the New Year's and hundreds always. A big night until you're actually here in studio on Sunday Burton saints. Monday I am and what it second and I'm talking my New Year's Eve. Well sorry man who are sick. A sudden. Well we have a big head last pain between you and not so. Them I'm OK with that I had I was it was fun for me I was working a little side hustle and yesterday or lick it off excuse not believe it lassie proud to Tim's mom looked good the last couple weeks Eden news under the weather legitimately usually isn't it. Sorry but like he's got some color back today's good. So. Today obviously topic gay here is going to the saints in this upcoming playoff game with Carolina Panthers are gonna size up that. Match up Prosser Gunner recap the loss to Tampa Bay in a final horrible final defensive series for that team and also play Haley soccer final lose and and alana is that it was packet and so we get on. Perhaps Philadelphia side of the bracket Roseville and bracket. Polian in the that a little bit also an epic Georgia Oklahoma game yesterday double overtime thriller where the bulldogs advance on to take. On the Alabama Crimson Tide and all SEC national title to happen actually apple. Give in sin that couple of pelicans losses at home over the we at CN get back on the Mike here because I had an out. Before. The before the break and you audience and stats here to the studio and you're trying to tell Christian and I. That oh here come the pelicans they've got this easy soft schedule -- up the gonna come out of this are gonna be like the fourth or fifth seed in the conference. The new gadget disputed be you know eat a lot of crow Troy even talking about the belt what happens they lose. So the mavericks and then mix at home at home over the weekend. They're still they're still waits and that's who that's or hang on there's only eight seats. Look at the way they've played the last four games to want. Isn't it kind of a disturbing trend right now we can't be concerned about have to yes here that you can't just there you go oh yeah it there's still there's there's still that. Where were they where could they be. Did you might be time for a change at the head coaching spot. I just I don't fabricate I added his may be the first time I've advocated. If your drill down years advocate for somebody. Get the ax and I think it's time it doesn't matter nobody knew acute when you're chasing your tail you said that he said it months ago Seth. Nobody's beat the warriors it doesn't matter it's just doesn't matter so why are we that up in arms over shouldn't be. Monster and me in your right we some saw red on the wall here but look at saint's day here. And we've got Joseph Ericsson coming up at the bottom of the hour then we'll talk some college football and relish your news with this. Crazy hours you're on Canada leave a triangle that's gone on Christians in Iran about that in the 9 o'clock hour Peter burns. He's joined us before he is the ESPN SEC network studio analyst who join us at 920. Lawson talked to Cody were shown editor for tiger rag dot com and 940. So college football and LSU our. In our number two we hear us talk about the saints and how to get this off my chest to start Christian because I have and I've had enough. This is our. Asinine storyline that I've seen on social media and on Twitter and from some in the media trying to portray this loss. To Tampa Bay and falling to the four seed as a good thing for the saints. It is not you can tell how he tell you can spin it however you want and you can spin it that possibly your gonna face Philadelphia and set a Minnesota. In that second round game should you win but here's the problem let's say that everybody is right and I kind of agree that Minnesota is the team to be in the conference especially as the two CO OK all you've done now. It's possibly delay that game in Minnesota. One week to the NFC title game and on top of that. You've cost yourself a possible home NFC title game against the rams who I think are the second best team in this conference right there with the saints the second best team. So all you've done with this the only thing that's happened here is now you fall below LA. In those seedings and that means should you need to put the rams and that's a distinct possibility Christian now you've got to go back to LA. And set a Dem coming here and the saints for me would be pretty heavy favorites against the rams and I know that's way down the road that after a couple of wins and everything. But I am I am over that the the spinning of this loss is a good thing the Dem debate is again examine it's not. No loss in the NFL's good none zero zilch can I don't care if it's the first game on the sixteenth game you can not tell me. That losing in the NFL where. We're seeing eight coaches get fired. Today eight coaches it's why why the if fired because they lost too many games. By the way I don't know how the browns keep who hue Jackson. I have no idea that's first of for another day. But. I can't understand how we can sit there and say. It's positive well there are three and three you know last six games they lost three straight road games and you go to but you gonna have to go on the road at some point. Because you foresee if you with a three C there was a chance that's a small chance that he could not happen on the road cousin in India in the divisional round. Media eat you go there for one game but my point is that. It's never good thing lose games. In the NFL and more importantly I think it. You need a little bit momentum spare me of the decision on the discussion that oh and 2009 they lost their last three games to one is is not the same team. This is not the same team as the on nineteen I'll tell you this right now and and saints fans you can throw tomatoes Sammy Roxanne UAW want to this is not a Super Bowl team. It is not. Right now I've seen what suitable teams look like there's one in Minnesota. There's probably one of the Los Angeles and then there's maybe one here into war but don't tell me this is this a team that. Remind you 09 there's there are far different circumstances. And he got six starters six starters. On injured reserve I'm not saying that. You know that although. Port port saint but I'm telling I would feel a lot better if they had half of those starters not on injured reserve I just don't think this team. It's out of this round he had on telly I only within the past Carolina just because the way they played the last handful ball games. Not look I'm I'm absolutely with the here and if you go back the last five years Christian in both conference title games this is why. Home games. So now are so important in the conference title came. It is so important go back over the last five years and east conference there's only been one time. When the home team has not won that game in each conference only one time and by the way bullets I was. It was it was 20s12 when San Francisco went to Atlanta and it was when Baltimore once New England when he twelve as well. So when that game twentieth into right with the Packers when he sand but I am saying in the last five years that's mourned by just now does wouldn't last five years your point is. The only way now for New Orleans to get home game reckon it's so important in the NFC title game and it's gonna be odd for saints fans you have to root for Alanna. They only way they you're getting a home game here is of Atlanta wins against the rams and then they would have to win at Philadelphia. You beat Minnesota and then you get Atalanta here at New England did they could but my point is. You've now made your road to a home NFC title game so narrow which is not it's likely not going to happen and I don't care if it was a three cedar foresee. This team the saints are not. A playoff team to where they can make a deeper than just not but I'd both seal it and that a little bit I might disagree with you here pretty and ahead of ourselves. We ball and I'm curious in this may be a spoiler we were talking pre show. In our office but you don't change your mind you and I were on the same page last week and we said Carolina. Would be the best matchup for them brown won the playoffs I'm still on. I'm sold. I still think it's a good matchup. It's good matchup I think the saints still hasn't. Issues and deficiencies that. Will come bearing their thereof we had rare there every head and mark are we can I think that there's just too much going it's his team offensively that they can't. Totally national time aiming its Carolina who they match up well with but violated big wild card in this X-Factor is going to be Greg Olsen a tight end he would play the first. First two matchup I think that's a concern. There's it's actually five before having her a football weekend saints and LSU loss is unhappy to have 28 scene with a brand new seven Christian double coverage thanks. Or to another section two to eight Vince Lombardi once said winning. It's habit forming unfortunately so is losing in the saints' three in three. In their last six were let's take a break put phone lines open look maybe you disagree with me and Christian. As a lot of people on social media seem to be maybe you think this is a good thing with a loss to Tampa. To possibly avoid it. Minnesota in the second round you tell us 5042601875042601. A seventies the phone number. You can also Texas. Eddie 7870 by the way are pretty Mazda opinion poll how confident are you the saints can beat the Panthers at home. Very confident somewhat confident not confident at all. You can log on to WW dot com to cast your vote just getting started three hours a double coverage right here on WW. And welcome back to double coverage. Seth Dunlap Christian Derek hang out hey we did Abbott congrats is the Buffalo Bills and their fans. They made the playoffs for the first time since 199. The nine. Snuck in there after Baltimore crumbled. A chance but this is an rivals in Cincinnati I was wacky awhile I'm sure the New England Patriots are happy about that policy Baltimore playoffs. At all. Critical I think my mariners now Christian and the longest playoff I was wrestled at Olympic and sports but since that's when he had 2001 teacher here. Sixty owners like via. Arizona coyotes may read this and Bryant Brothers on an app. Well they almost drive right there at least there's solar there's it's sixteen. Are talking about the saints and the Carolina Panthers. This we also talked over the saints lost to Tampa and how we don't think the that was a good thing for the saints regardless of drop down and possibly give Philadelphia a sec around a set a Minnesota Lottie disagree. Let's go to the phone lines up 5042601. A seventy miss Carroll in Houston missed Carol it's up. Was barely there. And there. Are good what's up. Tell me. Don't. Yeah and else. We. Have come to. Sit on the right now we're gonna. Yeah you right. With that the ignorant. Left there. And met. It. Wouldn't put it would be back. This week. That's weird day there is let's listen sensibly doing. And that. Wit it. Yeah. Let me. Into. It. It. I. Mean it and waves and make and that. Yeah MO I think there's bad votes sure Emma Kristen you do just your off the bandwagon yet. Youthful they all know now like the flags at a late posture in this week ago the way Jesus that's one way or the other and now that's not true either I just look I'm a realist I know. This team. Give the amount of injuries that way they played down the stretch here in six games. They're not playing like a team that shows me their crimes. To a Super Bowl or advance very far. And look. You hear it all week and I hope I'm wrong but how hard is it to be a team three in for three times in the season it's art. I think that they match up well against Carolina but. I just think that this team right now given by the amount injuries they sustained and doing their plan. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence from it just doesn't. Let's go to Matt in Canner Matt you're on WW. What's up hey Matt can you turn down your radio parted there where is your answer now that radio lingo that. Yup miniscule. Art. Atmosphere that. I listened to. What you don't just sit and oh. Christian and the way this award disagree with some more which is set. Because yes it's thought that it three times but it copper that being the first ones to the last three games. Think want to shall global vote. And we did that. We were all so all too big and this year you know we're not playing lights out like a viking. But we've couple long wait for being in that game that we never get to our very true. And we just took me. Good thing you know not the real. We know there are problems. Also I also think that we we give a long wait we have. We had some injury problems for awhile and when these guys came back Sutley trooper get some protection. And and that brings more. Get me 000 sure you know recurrence. We take. That that third term and in court to all seen or it was a debate in order. Well here's my thing Matt yeah it's hard to be a great team three times Peggy it's hard to be a great team one time. But it's hot hard to be what I think is a very mediocre Carolina Panthers a gallery Sergio wearing a lot. Academia have the eighth the vikings the saints beat the vikings though. Come on now this is either mediocre go through and once you tell Leo I was seven and nine Seattle and points and that was mediocre. Well that was a final and do. They'll go outside and not go ahead you're really bobbled the I just say that four. Bit of IQ. I remember. You or that they opening to do we weren't sure yes. No that's a really didn't miss the exit. At the status of the same from the Panthers pebble played eight playoff seems ripe they both gone four and four. Against those same Saddam advantage on the saints for that went but the Panthers have feasted on that last place schedule this year outside of those playoff games. They've beaten the bears the lions the 49ers. Right seems like that the bills are in the playoffs the Buccaneers twice of the saints doesn't it the Packers without Aaron Rodgers. Right this is. They aren't deep not. The saints on headache not a Packers Aaron here's a here's the thing lost the Buccaneers but these two teams what what Carolina doing a decent teams also played each other rights and a saints beat the breaks off the Panthers twice. I don't think things have changed enough with these injuries Chris and I just don't and here's the thing. The X-Factor in this and and you I think you agree with me honestly aggression is going to be quarterback play like it is ever seen play out right here. Here's Cam Newton against playoff teams this year eight games drew results as a Cam Newton four and four in those games 57%. Completion. 205 yards per game. Eight touchdowns and eleven interceptions in those games. Eight touchdowns eleven picks. Against the good teams and the league that's not get that Drew Brees on the other said that 71% completions you 260 yards they gave him. On a lot Ron more than me they did the first two volumes eleven touchdowns to fix. You see him run a lot. If you get him in third and 73. And ten. Events saints he's erratic as a passer look you know you've got to understand can't you. I'm not I'm not a fan Cam Newton as a passer I don't think he's very quarterback them and it traditional sense but as far as the game changer out of football. He can do some things that make you nervous and I think in this game. He's gonna say all right I'm not trying to be too mom I'm trying to be tamales. And scrambling quarterbacks have been an issue for the saints this year is go to CNN New Orleans got about sixty seconds can go ahead. He had that on and say. I don't think it would give things a complaint while you're at oh boy. I think overall and that the is actually pretty weeks appear. And especially with the Eagles with a starting cornerback inbound. And let you said. It's week. Thank thank and a C general. Libya it's our look at the AFC. That's week. All the well Ali I only team they have as the patriots that's it nobody else and I can't seem to pose a threat nobody. Rod Roddy but that's about payment a lot of parity in Vienna I'll let you know what I'm out. Well it's parody announced here in the playoffs as weak or these college. I'm Kelly you can on the very thing I think this when you have five new playoffs seems in the NFC. You we ever got to go to break it I may be to Ken's point there's not. There's not that one team like we've had in the past. Present like the falcons last year the Seahawks priests that the pack guess that they announce that I mean parity no distant and not just me and I think maybe that's why. The playoffs feels a little weaker Nancy. I welcome back to double covered it before it's still Ericsson they're still real quick. I keep wanting to check myself last say there's no. Good teams are great teams in the senate seemed to think we're doing a disservice to Minnesota army yeah I think they've. They've proven they can beat anybody especially in that building and into the prohibitive favorites here in the conference for me. Defense meant. The new case him yeah I mean I just can't sit here and say oh there's no great teams look at. Look at the AFC Meredith who's the biggest threat. Incidents took patriots. I mean honestly nobody I know I don't but like I think they're gonna win that conference but I think probably the jaguars be there a tough sell lost rural. Tomorrow you assassinate a pick that's not the Steelers the Steelers aren't going to talks broke when he's proven that. Either Jacksonville so the patriots are in parity now they've been the last 45 years. An AFC. Maybe. Certainly vikings may be the saints even the falcons I think the falcons are are dark horse team you got to be very very mindful of I just do. I think to their defenses. The last couple weeks has been really salty I know the saints beat chemical weeks nova. That defense is it it's one that can compete with the vikings there's no other team in this field right now. Maybe the rams. But defensively there's no other team make can be with the vikings other than the falcons who's telling. That was original air cement here now beer at a for the advocate covering the New Orleans Saints is on what gradually Ericsson globe jealous melodies think Eddie handicap this playoff field man. Well. Tend to lean toward. You know I think this story so well cracked when it. Men accused of passing yards left the game. Look to pick of Carolina but yeah I mean minute of these men you wonder that the caddies forensic in. Back in pilots who were born with so much that means. They're my confidence and 220. Other ticket compares like that with. You're though. I like the Graham I like the rim I think more regular election on McVeigh. Than anything else but I agree with Christian have a very tough game for them. Starting out against Atlanta just of those. You know talked earlier it's such a good. Run and pass threat but those linebackers we've seen it with a rare this year. Linebackers are so fast the kind of mitigate them. What was going on on that final serious I was and just I don't look at the scoreboard and saying okay Carolina's longer on a loss here so let's just. I was in the bag over on the eagle set this for playing prevent defense like you know they invented the darn thing which we all going to play prevent defense of prevention and went in most the time on the world's gone on that final defensive series shall. Well. I I can't speak to the the rest of the plate but I know for a fact the collapse when what a pre politically that. Now on zero rewrite that wasn't the and a little there. Recovers zero. I can't remember all the rest of those late game especially on holidays we you know crazy deadlines. And it's harder like I need to play. But I don't catalog from the way I view and I'm not dead back there certainly. That they that I know that the public. And under the covers an area netbook but it can Crowley told me. Till Heidi size of the saints man like what. This match or is Carolina three straight three straight wins that's that's still looking for in order to advance. How difficult is it their eleventh five in since 2000 moments happen sixteen times but. How do you feel of the saints making a run here in the post season. I feel pretty good about the Carolina met about the don't do that today they. They've kind of the defense has kind of been match gave. Have issues with turnovers to feel like I'm more often act they've. They've given up 382. Yards per game. Over the last six games that's not very Carolina match. And they're giving up based ordering up close to 300 passing yards again. And then on the other side of the ball. CM Newton has thrown for fewer than 200 yard. In seven of the last nine games. Yes for those against playoff teams by the way. For those. Yes so there. There there there are some being tape being. Things that Carolina has overcome a playoff dreams of becoming too at the superdome on a week ago just. How intense back in the the other expect it to be the same pro playoff game and Julio Prado in Atlanta. Are there Carolina maybe the way in Atlanta but they probably came from the limited Atlanta. As soon. So. That. Appellant is going to Carolina's that is so profile it. It doesn't bode well for the papers they look like they look like a team over vote that that kind of like I said that masking some stuff on the search by getting turnovers that they've done pretty as a picture of the book. Jill you tell me three times in one season beat the team three time on season is that overrated this whole oh my gosh assorted. Yeah I think so I mean. It the limit by 2001 I think it's thirteen and seven overall. I mean that's basically. You know two thirds the time the team that's won two would wait oh. So at that that in the part that means you know pretty well pretty in line almost booking records must have been. I think I think the other thing that's interesting do it. There's just some stuff for the Carolina game. That makes it almost like it's not the third time playing each other specifically. A couple of guys that are available for both teams group Norman didn't have Lattimore. And Greg also that we don't know. Greg also in this thing killer over the years that I ran the numbers today in his last six starts in the thing he has of them like. Six point seven catches and 82 yards per game so. They're wild card the they have a wildcard Lattimore. Carolyn of Africa receiving corps anyway. Which is I think from what I've been reading. Had something to do with Kim problems so it. There's not that what the president in the first couple games rumors he played out there. Well you you mentions the lacquer receivers there for Carolina and bit. Third down percentage for New Orleans and those conversions weighed down from previous years and asked for my money. Jewell a lack of a true slot receiver early skip one Cadillac. Of a go to tide them like they've had in the past this SV huge concern for the seemed on the playoffs. Yeah I think I think. The third down numbers are. Are the biggest concern for the saints. And the thing that the thing that offensively. We've. There's nothing that you expect to hurt them at some point I mean I think you're right I think it. You know. We needed the you know 6771. Catches the last two years he's not anywhere close to that. You know Toby cleaner and it. Isn't available they haven't gotten much production on tight position and and and their opinions is that they're this very this. Sean Payton in this day and commercial done well on the numbers several times. The saints are actually pretty good in third and long they're right in there where they've been in the past its third and green took third in there. Those of the numbers that they've been worsened and third and three at to put in exposes slot receiver tight end tight end type that. Mountain indeed get a prediction for this league don't. I think all of you know in this one I'd just. North that all of defense has has really. Feasted on quarterback who who are. You know right at the top of that passer rating this year. And and I think the predictably came as a playing lately but it doesn't bode well for Carolina. Putting together sustained excellence and often they might have some drives. The way they historians lately it's going to be hard for them to put. That's joy Erickson beer at a for the advocate covering the saints jolt. Happy new airmen and deported display a few months and. Yeah I have read it has. Aren't there to favored Jewelers in the eyes on Twitter Agile they Erickson if he brings up some points there I think you and I agree on this one at least the premise of it. I didn't I was getting into the Twitter and on and nude with the people wants what are. I don't think. The Cam Newton is the quarterback that you can win a Super Bowl ideas you can't be I agree I gotta do what you said I think he does some things running the football that makes him. While I don't think he's a bad passer and I think he's an okay quarterback is what he does with running but I don't think you've won Super Bowl being a bad passer and he's a bad. So up and down streaky right I mean he's gonna throw you ball on the defense football he's gonna hit some throws you know all right as a precedent is on the times. Unit where he's thrown the what was he doing. He's always been up and now aside from his route his MVP year when he lost sensible. The Broncos he's been an average passer man his entire career. But I just wonder because it's been an issue for the saints defense Angel and talk about will. Look what James Woodson did this you know this defense as a runner price petty others pray humbly. They've gas this team run the football from a quarterback's perspective I think that's him in the game plan. For the Panthers is hey the sky Cam Newton on the edge let's give involve the running game. And let's see the saints to stop I would I would do that that's the only way they match ups at the only way to and that's obviously it is. Didn't candidate of all their running game tyra every. Coming back with your calls phone lines 504260187. If you're on hold guillotine next. 50426018. Semi talk insane it's. And Panthers wildcard playoffs the Sunday 3:40 PM in the superdome civil coverage on WW. I welcome back to the show Tex lines. On fire here. A 7870. A lot of people nervous Cristian about this miss playoff game against the plan there's scum like you are the plant there's the Panthers smoke. Planters panther whatever you should be all and who is not because the saints are better than Panthers. I just think it. Whenever she just out of eleven and five since 2001 where. The other team it's too though it's team wins third time I'm going is probably you know and soon president too nor would you tune. I'm going its odds here I'm glorious probabilities. Not to miss and I just think that. They just do this is an over achieving saints team in justice. Like it or not you don't like it fine throw tomatoes at me. This is not this is not possible team is just not. I just what I'd I think this is over tea at achieving Panthers seem. I don't know outside of that that front seven that is in the front seven where you should there's some very good yes but this isn't the the ferocious fearsome Panthers front seven are used to especially rushing the passer in the past. I just don't know this team does one thing exceptionally well we know the saints do a couple of things first all quarterback play second and altered the historic by the way congrats to anger McNamara first tandem in NFL history. With 15100 plus rushing yards apiece. Special stuff there but they do some things offensively to pre special and they may have the best quarterback in the game. I'm just. May be able with the unit maybe I'm just too much in a numbers. But. Man I just think it's really hard it's really difficult to be the team three times a season. They bloom out the first two times and it's not going to be that way this time it's just not that there's there's a good meal level of urgency for this Kansas team that's gonna. Surprise some folks and just. How arrives I just a look at Lego man Cam Newton this this game has the Cam Newton effect all over it has a written all over. Most 66. And a half points is the spread right now saints' favor I'm all over the saints on Alan let's go to Henry in New Orleans Henry here on WW. Sure. Bill. Amends. We should. You. Also. Do me. I'm feeling good about this meeting around. This match that would give the that feel like we. We're pretty much. All of them throughout the year. You know it's and it will do rag soaked camps odds. It is in the games and now mommy's you know. Am going to do to the good. Book book camps. All of Cam Newton in the it's so our Syria. Is pretty much prepared and system for all. Carol. And I look first of all I don't think anybody here is gonna argue that cam Jordan is not one heck of a special player but. Saying that it's his responsibility and he's gonna shut down Cam Newton like you might get tomb of the couple sacks. Does your game but he's not going to be the guy that's gonna be the spy in that defense so this is gonna be a cam Jordan vs Cam Newton kind of game and it. Your life you will is. Adams due to Orton. Oh he did gored to. Tend to think like that come up but. And then he doesn't play in the middleman he plays and on on the edge. Come on. No listen I'm trying to educate you a little bit in. It's not a camp June Kim Jordan Cam Newton come matchup it's not. Kitty sack and yes. And they had issues second fiasco that the last game here in the world's December 3 camp Jordan beat the heck out of that out of a tackle. Only in this a couple of times because cam Jordan Cam Newton. Is active quarterback in terms of the year is how elusive you is that's why I think it's going to be a bit of an issue. The deep as a line has stay in a wrestling past him he saw last week it seems with them again rather wrestling what happened in Iran he ran for thirty yards 25 yards that's a big issue. Who's the spying in this defense on news and it's gonna be Robertson I don't know that's not a bad matchup for the saints and that McIlroy I like well we both like Gregor Robertson bit. Finally he's their best cover line she had no man they've. I think he needs to be here for a few more seasons they got a they locked him up I think he's just been sued for the right price out. More like this I mean yeah they think they're gonna get he's going to be such a value signing for them. Having bring him back here here's the section B 720. Got to focus on the Panthers talk about us and all we're focused on the on the saints been AK 41 and anger more matchup nightmares. We have not met snipers were anyway. Enemy and it is half men do you think that met panthers' defense is going to be able to slow down the saints like they haven't the first studio to the thing is gonna be high scoring yes but in the 37. Yeah you know a lot of ways of mean was Tim's regular and a figuring that in the last much of what was. Let's it would be the about all the Latin I mean they were Lewis. Two blowouts. Well they were the saints should have and froze we have only one afternoon and we thirteen and in week three you lose 3413. So 3134 points for the saints I think that because of the injuries though. The Panthers finally get you know point 19 points. These are Lattimore being backs. Not at our gala beat us we had to be Tennessee is very Olson yeah you know what's weird is I think this is one where I don't know Lattimore being backs command and emotional role. And author of the receivers. Yeah I'm happy to a final way to put him against Reynolds. As someone. Channel six I think the call Henry phone lines open final four to 60187. You wanna sound off on the saints Panthers game. Give us a call it's double coverage so contrition and Sims are hanging out on WW. Counting down the saints Panthers on Sunday in the superdome 3:40 PM the scheduled kickoff and it is the playoffs so those are little flexible with that previous games in overtime or something they could move that back that's the schedule on Sunday. Looking forward to attrition we expect that super going to be just a rowdy as it was against the land a couple of weeks ago. I'll man it's going to be really loud you have vessel made her yet I want it to be above 115. Is about one away. December 3 and if they played him away while nine roughly. So let's seething at the 115 men listened to that nation can. Get to 115 which is deafening loud and it didn't happen will happen so once in a better. For her a sustained period of time causes. Permanent period I don't bring their plugs yeah I want permanent hearing damage so. It's so funny to me away like an arrowhead or Seattle handed out earplugs so Essex for kids who come in all a little warning you know on what is not new kid just like one point. And a mean 130 in the one as he wants 125. That's insane to me probably Europe you're Seahawks have a little bit about. My rough offseason outcome and then there's just an out they do and it was a fitting way for their season and missing if a few people from a kicker. That it costs and tune in for those who think that the the CO author a face in the window. Like it when it fourteenth or fifteenth for the saints now I want to a bit of a policy rebuild what retooling I think the more in the Packers who I think they'll be relevant but not great for like. The next three to four years and was in camp chancellor here where yeah looks like he's done and cliff liberal that says career ending neck injuries so I'm splintering minutes. While those deals where you just look at and why is Pete Carroll going to be got leads in through the revealed why I think he is because there's one thing that Pete Carroll showing a clean house quickly spread hero if he has this thing earlier. There Magellan has won about as a man. He's we know what it's ISM 66 and waits too young to think about our titan. Wilson is our priorities next hey Greg in Houston and scope of the phone line Greg what's up you're on WW. I'd district court. The actual law here fish yeah obviously. I assume that their belt. Up 30% there in nineteen in the league a 38%. In terms of why you may be off your car and we got patriot that it straight. And certainly they. Maybe we gonna lead alma Austin. Because Austin arson you don't lose need. Well and execute the question. I don't know back in the may be on tomorrow. Not that good. He's been active for sixteen games this year. Talk about the patriot that's Austin Carr okay. And then also. They. Will. Cut not art he's not open he can't even press coverage here's the issue the same thing. They can't beat press coverage other than their running backs who were not impressed covered because they're gonna backfield and Mike Thomas that's it. That's all they have go look at the leader receivers a leading targets for the saints offense it's Mike Thomas. And then marking your -- -- now that they've got a six Embraer is what happens in the playoffs they've got to find aid tight end Horry slotted zero article you're down a priority number by the way reports are Jimmy Graham not going to return to Seattle home. Could he return there to the big using. Well that be so nice bell man of relentless Healy don't think he realizes business maybe you know he got paid Woolsey. Now the only fascinating a lot of room now look there's no doubt they're missing a tight end that can threaten to threaten to field them you know that he misses us and get in the ball thrown them 150 times a year anyway I'm not that because he has something to call plays along via ports now are at. No face ago level but he's a slumping mow their offense strides is built differently you're right bush who we ride Russell Wilson is no Drew Brees out.