Saints NFL Draft Trade Possibilities

We talk to Nick Underhill of the Advocate on if he thinks the Saints will trade their pick in the 1st round. Plus talk more on the NFL Draft on Thursday.


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The program our number it's sure gonna talk a little saints in the NFL draft nick underhill would join us in about thirteen minutes and nine Swanee. If you missed our pelicans roundtable in our number one will be up on the podcast. In just a second and get that WW dot com your favorite podcasting app for the WWL. Radio app. So the NFL draft uses this week and it's kind of taken I see a backseat the saints in the NFL never takes a backseat to any thing. But certainly may be second on people's minds here because of what the pelicans are doing but still one of the biggest weeks on the NFL calendar this week it begins Thursday. And we're gonna have wall to wall coverage for you let's run through that saves an NFL draft begins Thursday at four. Zach Strief and Deuce McAllister have a preview. And then starting at six we have wall to wall and a cold draft coverage with Bobby Hebert Christian Derek might chilly day. Deuce McAllister and Steve Geller will be there as well that is out. At central city Barbeque all would overnight smoked barbecue they have both saved four H is forty dollars for a person gets in there all day long. All you can eat free drinks is well non alcoholic beverages as well anyways. Again six to midnight. Out at central city Barbeque on Friday it's four to midnight at scooters on the North Shore. And then Saturday. 9269. AM to 6 PM at walk ons beast Roland bar. Incumbents and I'll kick it off received court at 9 AM and in its Christian Duce might and the cajun cannon. Couple hours after that. So I got to proponents the last couple weeks you probably heard me talk about on this show that. Any scene really should heavily consider trading him back in the first round supply is low demand is high ME go to simple economics here. That is a favorable. Market. For any team to grab some assets. Now. Before the draft your sister taken at 27. Without knowing how the how things play out how the boards. Stands at six point seven he can say okay we're definitely a trade out of that spot if the saints have somebody that's in the top fifteen. Of their draft boards still available they're probably going to grab grab that guy however. I think give. These three things happened I think the saints will be better off trading back into the second round. Here's three things number one if the Big Three quarterbacks are off the board and I say the Big Three not the Big Five and mostly in line amendment if the big freer off the board like we expect. Sam Arnold Josh Rosen and Alan if those three are off the board. That's check number one and his three things I think that needs to happen you notice no Lamar Jackson or baker made the Obama lyrics to your. That's because I'm not is high on those two players. And it's because he has some teams with quarterback needs taken behind you there. In a few picks you can really leverage that situation if Jackson or mayfield is there. A lot of assets can you imagine the people and the teams that dueled to trade up to pick 47 of Jackson or mayfield is still available. Saints could give it full load assets there also Jacksonville picks between nine picks Byrd 282 teams who need quarterbacks right Jacksonville. Not a high end Blake morals no matter what Tim Zimmer says here Pittsburgh. You have Roethlisberger but we think it's gonna be his final year one of his final two to three seasons they've got to draft the quarterback of the future there. I think he's that draft apple trade back so with a victory quarterbacks drop aboard that check want. Check number two. If the best interior defensive linemen are off the board. Now Bradley Chubb is gonna be gone but here's the guys you wanna keep an iron on to see it if these guys are gone. Didn't saint split their need won't be filled by anybody else on the board by Avaya herald Landry Marcus Davenport and haven Bryant. Those are four guys to keep an eye on those guys are gone. The State's best player available to needs ratio on the board it's very narrow. Also. Lie number three here if Josh Jackson quarterback he's taken. And then. The other three guys are quarterbacks can be a great position you can jets and about that pick but Josh Jackson by all indications is gonna be taken if he's not by the way saints are gonna draft Josh Jackson there. They're not going Josh Jackson get by. But assuming he's taken. Yet Gerry Alexander might accuse. Those two guys if those are both still on the board. Or both those guys are hate him. That checks off call a number three here if those three things happened. The saints should trade back and here's why. There's probably still gonna be a few players the saints have as rated his first round talent to picked number 27 minutes for him it's always gonna happen. But the leverage. That they are gonna have would greatly outweigh them taking somebody that they have on their board. And they are in the perfect spot where other AFC contenders are going to be. Jumping at the chance to move up that it's because right behind the saints here's what you have yet the Steelers taken a 28. He had the jaguars stricken at 29 and he had the patriots take him at 31. So of fury team like the colts who like we're gonna have Andrew Luck backed the chiefs the titans Texans Broncos teams like that's. The Al can be buying debt saints kick to move up to and get in front of those other AFC contenders. Also the same shall we have one pick in their first ninety selections right now they ticket Tony seven and they take it 91. They can use leverage here. Is that boarding and leverage to win the draft charred game now tweet it out earlier today can find me on Twitter that sets Dunlap. The new draft charts. That teams are using general managers are using and they put a number value at each draft hit. For example the saints picked number 47. GM's die you that it about 215 point disappoints him here pretty simple. So here's a little bit of a mock trade if you want to see just for example muffin I think this is gonna happen but it's something that I think makes a lot of sense strike what are Indianapolis. The call to be looking to get in front of those teams we just mentioned the jaguars the Steelers and the patriots all AFC contenders. If you move ten picks back swap with the colts they have the fourth and fifth pick in the second round if you move back to the fifth pick of the second round. And then you'll also. Get their third round pick at number three. Those two picks from the colts on the draft chart I just mentioned the worth about 235. Points. So all of the sudden the saints they're getting more value and they traded away according this draft chart game. And also all of the sudden they have three picks now. Between number 37. And number 91. That is huge value because this is a year where you have so much second and third round talent lumped together. You want to try to get as many fixes you can. In there and you know what assays have gotten real recently reduced fixed. Names like Alvin Tamara Marcus Williams Michael Thomas Von bell and Toronto Armstead. Huge names right there is big time value in the second third round of any NFL draft and I think that is is. Pretty front and center this year. So here's a little fun game we're gonna play. Right now would you listen nick under hills and come on just a second I want our audience again I'll tweet it out again at set Dunlap. The draft chart. I want you to come up. With some trades that you think would make sense given the public for the best trade here. Where the saints could move down if everything lines up when they're willing to move down a few spots. Where the states can get more value in return than they're trading away with that draft chart I wanna do that we'll get to some of those best trades. In the second half of this hour and we'll take your calls at 50426. So. 1870. To be pretty fun game here I do think it is a year and spot where the saints again. We don't know yet if somebody in that top fifteen or somebody like Josh Jackson is still available phenomena we say they got super muck near new trade back. But if things lined up I think the states can get. Big time value by moving. Back we'll talk about it with nick underhill seen try to for the advocate coming up next I'm Seth Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. The saints are indeed common NFL draft begins this Thursday saints will be front and center. Let's go and bring in nick under Ellis promise now saints writer for the advocate is we start to break it all down gonna be a fun fun week for you to be a very busy week. For this man what's not nick Qaeda and Annette. Yeah they present a great little mock draft you enjoy Ericsson over at the advocate earlier this week and I'm just got done talking about. Why I think this would be great year for them to trade down should things lineup and some of these guys that are kind of the top fifteen other bordered on. By that point in nick it sounds like you agree with me there are a little bit. Yeah I can replicate that there's a lot of the stuff. I'm here on itself from reading and that maybe there are many guys first record that there's other years now and now I've about sums up about thirty badly effort. Some gene savage you'd like leaking that on Hewitt which is out of a little bit of we are trapped it started. Out by. I think in general content offices after that peppers where the guys you know kind of odd about that there's a lot of talent you know and at that point maybe. The guy you get a thirty yen could you maybe there's not backer of the different well. If somebody you are comforting is their point seven could make a move back now. Integrity in the gap same weight problem of course that are in defiance somebody that wants debate that trade news. You know keep out such maybe maybe dating back on their when he got back. You know there's always the team out there covering fires and you know where the strength that maybe you know it fail on these super often in a deal that are that could be. You know the spot where he tries to turn up again and so it it it makes that took it out out out inspire. Why do you think that Mickey Loomis Sean Payton Jeff Ireland had been so hesitant to trade back in the first round throughout their tenure here and I know they've got some great value the last couple years. Upped on the draft Lattimore and rammed checks last year Ingram previously it. Is very -- philosophical. Ideal against trading back in the first round with those measures think it's kind of lined up that way. I don't think that it it's philosophical. It's our talent and attitude are so marchers at a you know he places are. The applicable forum I mean there there has been reluctant to bury yet and yet it happened so. I mean I've got back fortune in this is about they are not been. You know what two years I can't play in the comfort you know a couple of marchers same day they they pick their guys you know the electorate to analyze industry. So I mean I think maybe it's the value. Maybe what than Berry got to get the right offers. You don't pay you got to be comfortable on the draft books and if there's. If you look back it's it is a day 67 guys anyone will be fine. Expect he'll get picked you know likely become black pack up our India accomplish some of those guys that either maybe juices never lock up. So in your mock draft I think you have them going with Stephen Bryant if he still there in the first round to you guys were allowed to kind of trade back here. Was Josh Jackson's on the board there and nick I really liked Jackson and I think cornerback everybody's cal looks at the seem to say hey you know LeBron and I get be a very intriguing player at that spot. Yet we have taken. Jackson actually and it's clear that apple can do you simulators let your pictures you probably react. Do you know in one take a ride it out. Opposite it is. I mean. You can grow QB you can email Dave Bryan yeah I think watching it very explosive burst out. You know it is Qaddafi is great pieces or they're wild and we. Were fine maybe. If we develop a better awareness yeah Alley Jackson why it is have a law. He had excise here bunch of Pat's very. It aliens murdered last year was contract. And probably going to be restricted free agent so I mean it's not need immediately if there lock. As well which really and you've got a lot they were somewhat like you are here so. You know it figures are you know I don't know. Court is so we immediately. I could see them pick in the seems that the current IP he's blond Jeff Ireland like on locker quarterbacks and you know not ready at that position golf is such as martial art of war about the eight year easily exceed yours. Now rated it. Now I don't think you'll be at that correct that really or anywhere. Guess I would guess but the blind corner back and maybe opera lines open in equal I would expect that's got in the way or so ago that. Betrayed them acquired in there'll probably dictate. South Dunlap hanging out with nick underhill here on double coverage covers the saints for the New Orleans advocate on Twitter at nick underscore underhill. And nick. Quarterback now lord help me if this team takes cornerback at that spot already raving for about the next year. But assuming they don't in that first round is there anybody that you like. That would make it through to that around 34. Or five kind of spot do you think might be good fit in the system. You know I've really. Billy looked at that the quarterbacks picked them up our people of the draft I don't know whether the to ramble latter either got a lot of people like our. Yeah it could be someone I mean. I wouldn't mind if they took on in the first outlook and you hated or. Yeah I know I I would hate its end in less time mayfield maybe falls there but I mean I think they should take Lamar Jackson that's Buffett's is my new personal opinion and act. Yeah I mean. I think it's a good strategy if you got a way to elect and what. Which I think that that the Peter King about the got to stop the (%expletive) tomato those you know I first concrete. On a lot of those guys now they get out of this. Rivera with proper placement they're going to be terrible year they're going to be that are out. They might be forced to pick guys it is quarterback is it needed in it are not take long when you have the opportunity. That maybe they don't see him in the top five guy he picked the wrong on the configure organization backers are here and it. It's it's not a perfect strategy either way you could bird can they got the first 17 by about coming out there. You know I think swinging the bat in you don't get there early. They're that marketing their at all and you respect it or two years go by and they keep order and I don't think they goal late program. The under competing in have a chance to all. In bachelor picked in the first got our. So I mean I I get the logic in subject now but the good thing about it team and building your roster and going to Gujarat's bow holes in our needs. That you can absorb a panic that might not help currently. Primary check last year what it could be somebody goes gonna play you need if you idol yours are about the match here. So they're panic in you know I can be the center court record. All naked and this isn't positioning quarterback anymore that you necessarily need to draft in the first round I mean we've I've talked about it at length orgasm and draft in the third round and and blower franchise that guys that also. Totally free agency his works recently talked about Kirk cousins are the trade with drop below Alex Smith. Going to Kansas City helping them the playoffs last year Peyton Manning and his career helping Denver won a Super Bowl. Is really that critical to find Drew Brees is replaced right now I just don't think it is. I mean the counterpoint to Cleveland Browns in the Soviet army. You can get Joaquin you can become work out but I mean a lot of teams spent years and years and years back I mean. There's no one players you know right player wrong way. I did something that that tends to think that in eight I think they are matters how it up this guy. Let Brady averaged. If you got to move on to get an exit ears back. That is such a dumb move I'm not very years. We you know you rapid the next guy that you're going to be good for the next decade sixteen years. You gotta cut the cord stopping. I don't would you early next do you believe we'll all the reports out there the Belichick wanted to do just that and craft vetoed it. You know I. I don't know but I mean look at the thought that drama that amber is now ordering rocked by and that's your retirement game in. But it seemed like a lot. A lot of stuff that that herbal treatments that the world was reported by year's end so I mean I don't know where he. Kind of looked at key reason in the country until overture. Not a teel injured he leaves. The nick underhill who covers the saints for the advocate busy week for him and get some maximal doctor and the draft. Art that I nicked their egos at nick underscore under hill on Twitter. My kind of philosophy on quarterbacks now yes obviously most critical position in all of sport there is no doubt you're not winning a title with at least. Capable quarterback. And above average quarterback which is what exactly when nick pulls one who won the Philadelphia Eagles title this last year. But it's not critical to find that guy in the first round animal adventure it's critical. To find a guy in the draft right now vacant patch it together for a few years just like I said. Like the chiefs sit with Alex Smith come and over like the Broncos did with Peyton Manning. Came over ways to do this without finding a guy in the first round and spinning mass and only writer is not a 100% sure on. CBS news update. Canadians are mourning the deaths of ten people in what appeared to be a deliberate vehicle attack in Toronto today. A rental van driver mowed down pedestrians on a busy street at mid day. Fifteen people were hurt prime minister Justin Trudeau. Our hearts could tell you when effective can bring to us. Obviously tough more to learn more to say in the coming up coming hours. The suspect identified as 25 year old Alec mean nasty and is in custody police chief mark Sanders on how he was arrested the officers here are are taught to use this as little force as possible in any given situation. Minister of public safety Ralph Goodell says the investigation is continuing. The events that happened on the street are horrendous. But they do not appear to be connected in any way to national security based on the information available at this time. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. But a Mac stuff Dunlap double coverage rolls on on WWL. NBA playoffs tonight one final. Houston. Knocks off Minnesota won nineteen to 100 so Houston now 31 lead. We're just minutes away from a pivotal game four between Oklahoma City and Utah Jazz Utah. A 21 lead in that series you talk. The five that seed in Oklahoma City. The four seed in that one but Oklahoma City. Faces pretty much a must win here to mural suffered in the comeback against that team. If they go down 31. So what are the exercises that we're doing here this hour is do you discern nick underhill he's proponent possibly trading back needing more assets because. There's so much talent chemists mush together or not our separation between the talent around two and three saints without a second round pick right now. We both and I echo M people blood to see them trade that get more assets and a I want you to use that draft chart that I tweeted out and trying to come up with some trades that make a little sense. And here's the texts and a 7870 from the 50 for what could be a good idea to trade with the Broncos. Who might be desperate for some first round talent right there. Absolutely that's exactly what I said if you missed it earlier saints are made very. Good spot to trade with other AFC teams because rate behind them. You've got maybe the three favorites. In the AFC to come out of that conference you go to Super Bowl this next year in Jacksonville. Pittsburgh. And New England Jacksonville Pixar goes Pittsburgh Tony a Jacksonville 49 and the New England that's 31. You've got to think John Elway who's the general manager and president over there now. With Denver that he is I mean some spot to move up there assuming obviously that he's got some me on whose board he likes saying they with the Indianapolis. So I said Jens just for an example India has picked five yeah they actually pick four and five in the second round. That is probably a spot they're gonna trade out of either move up or out you don't see a lot of teams actually draft back to back very often. So the saints maybe they move back could be ten spots even. You pick five in the second round from India also scoop up pick number three in the third round. Get those two picks for one. He might be able to get the same guy or at least somebody very similar. That they would have been dying to pick number to only seven. Kim Zimmer also. What none silly for quarterback to. So let's say one of those corner backs Tim are available because we know right we know that Denver. Loves defense Elway a quarterback halting quarterback but he loves to build his teams around defense and around the run game that's what he's done. They have a dire need it cornerback now especially the traded away Aqib Talib sort of they've got to cornerback there. Somebody. Josh Jackson know I'll I want the saints trading out that spot of Josh Jackson is available. If Dante Jackson is available they're from LSU he's moving up all these draft boards if somebody like Gerry Alexander is there. Miles Hughes. Those are guys that are expected to go in the first round. He's got to think John knowing Denver's thinking about moving up there. Yeah. The seats are going to be in a incredible position to him if there it let's say Lamar Jackson is still available I think he'd be the one guy. That might fall that far I don't expect him to but if something surprising happens he'd be that guy. Can you imagine the jostling. Going around again just in the AFC. To move ahead of Jacksonville who obviously is gonna draft a quarterback somewhere in the strap most likely. Pittsburgh gonna draft a quarterback some more with Roethlisberger on its last leg. What you know it's happening out New England those three teams all need quarterbacks those three teams probably would take. Lamar Jackson if he fell to them. Oops paints. Could get a lot of that would be incredible if I'm Jeff Ireland by Mickey Loomis and Lamar Jackson's on the board and I happened Tony seven. Pummeled somebody for ransom cryptic and I think they get it. At an incredible like yup that's the funniest part to mean obviously we're gonna talk about who they drafts. That's a plus the most fun part for me. I was retirement really draft afterwards break it down haven't missed in the scheme. But it's the jostling position. What was the story last year timid around one what blew up. Social media throughout 24 hours remember. Well it was Mitchell too risky right remember the bears moving up one spot. And trading away a bunch of picks to do with the 49ers one spot. And assays are pretty into Brian ran check wasn't there are no less you know. He was but he wasn't there the seats men traded out of that pick number 32. Oh it's going to be fun. To your real fun it starts on Thursday live coverage here beginning at four. Out of central city barbecue we will be there until midnight and then on Friday were on the North Shore at scooters in Slidell forts on the ninth Saturday. I don't walk ons in Slidell 9 AM to 6 AM. We'll take a quick break when we come back Julio Jones. He blew up sweater because. He blew up his winner. I'll explain next. They're just under way on Salt Lake City. Oklahoma City with a 74 lead over the jazz in game four of their opening round playoff series. Pretty much close to a must win game as you can get its for the thunder they trail 21 in this series split. The jazz one of the hottest teams in the last 23 months in the NBA. To be pretty much all the over. If the thunder were to lose this game and boy would that be an early exit for a team the brunt and Carmelo. The brought in Paul George she in they have the defending MVP here. To really Clint Snyder for you tiny once coach of the year in the NBA he's got cigarette if it's not. Well I don't know I just got to be him. Could be. I Snyder for me and second half of the season this would seem remember they lost Hayward. Went over Abbas and they're supposed to be bad so you really bad. And generally good. Really early yet donors from a no win them. Yeah Donovan should listen to Florida but real rare for the jazz he's probably in when your defensive player of the year. Hey if you don't have the radio dot com app for WW well go get its. It's pretty easy just go to your App Store. Download radio dot com and then just favorite WW well. He can connect with all of our shows easy breezy including this one in new podcast connect our FaceBook and Twitter pages again. Download the radio dot com am and then favorite. WW LY told you there is. Panic over Julio Jones blowing up his Twitter. And boy. Our falcon stands in a Tizzy tonight Zenyatta be eleven this saints fans yeah below in this cell. Here's what happened that three out four hours ago Julio Jones made his Twitter private. He deleted all of his falcons picks on their daily without it he. All of his falcons teammates. And of course because every little thing is star athlete does on social media must mean something big. Incidentally we got Julio Jones must mean being traded Hillary is they do this. Julio Jones must say Matt Ryan and Dan Quayle and Julio Jones bad teammate because he's not on Twitter anymore. Julio Jones is fine I can't believe here in New Orleans I'm going to play kinda therapist for falcon stands Julio jones' fine. Atlanta is not going to trade Julio Jones the best receiver in the game. And maybe be most on trail last set. Non quarterback gas at right now on the NFL still got three years on his contract this is probably just Julio Jones gone in the lockdown mode. As these many camps and OTA's approach after a down season. For the falcons after she won't run the previous year Timmy. There's only I had so of one of the sales guys Jeff Booker come out to me and Booker resume in this little bit tongue in cheek here's estimate sapped. Judge Big Ten straight. Minutes shorter drive it it's got to mean something. You hear about it now I was walking and to know him really heard about Adams. Leads drab and then. Now home. No. Doesn't mean much but I mean anything. Now I could look like a fool next week or not and actually I guess in a couple of cases of office and round on me here. It'll LA has traded Julio Jones. Soon the rams or somebody who knew the rams are at they're the ones load not can you imagine Julio Jones on Baram steam. About a dream team. Vikings vikings would make more sense and the rams rate rather have a lot more last its trademark. And in a dome. I mean LA's out now I mean you really really complain about playing Los Angeles weather tomorrow. No. No we are. So we ask you followed Julio Jones on Twitter. Most private Thomas apology back. You can't see and I was more staff person to take this. Take this approach now LeBron James you know this stem LeBron James doesn't. And you know deleted as answer grammar Twitter. Always in the playoffs he does not being on social media. Doesn't post on instant Gramm doesn't post on Twitter doesn't do videos anywhere no FaceBook it is a complete blackout for LeBron it's pretty much like you deletes all the social media for about two months. Yeah. Look Simmons he's a very good talents will talk about this and other day president LSU fan I'm curious. Are you. On the Simmons bandwagon are are you still LA a man I didn't do much cereal issue legit. No well well no I agree with that he wasn't the reason they were bad but Simmons. Couldn't care less about college basketball he was all out by about the second week of that season c'mon. I get Boley didn't like the NCAA tournament so there's all this talk comparing been Simmons to Magic Johnson right. Let's enjoy a little bit overboard. In his rookie season fans massacre here relent employ a couple years before we start calling in the next magic. But if the guy's not gonna be all and on and and told us what to do really think is gonna be all and let's say the sixers this year right it's new it's fresh more amidst the process Sam in the playoffs and soul wants everybody's desk. You really think the men's Simmons when they start modeling so like 45 wins a year. And their struggling in that conference of LeBron sticks around maybe your as the Boston. Do you really think Simmons he's gonna be all and especially in the regular season. They got they added to our I don't think so. I like that's in my players demand. It be like if I was not saints' draft week sums in a male event. Now we're just gonna do nine recorded interviews are gonna play stuff we did last week it put my feet up dear Watson basketball. Oh man. Stood shoulder. Some stuff stuck in my craw about instruments adjustments pres you don't ZLC. Hopefully what paste. When chase him. I never knew this we you're once upon a time in pro Johnny Jones and guide is you're the guy who started fire Johnny Jones dot com or something and it. Boyd. Yeah boy were you rock but here's the thing you're also the guy who won her an Alvin Gentry out of town at the beginning of the year. How wrong are you now. Hold on the I do not wait a second. No I hurry I said Mets but are you back to the beginning of the season or the in the last year. You're definitely leading the charge the fired Alvin Gentry charge here in the pelican sign. Yes UNICEF fire everybody and you you never let anybody have a job. Hi Mehmet the F slaps fireman Eric. Oh boy LSU bass organ doctor James Moran next hour LC baseball for the for stances toward a fourteen gets swept in and SEC series. And Sammy for the first time since 2012 and honoring its bricks a six year streak their and 112 straight weeks there were ranked in at least one of the polls. It's kitten though little bit worrisome over there now Xbox. Well well once every four years are sponsoring. We'll take a break here eleven of them are pretty miles an opinion poll we come back you think the pelicans. Have a shot against the warriors. In the series its next round assuming the warriors do take care of the spurs to everybody expects them to. Ever 31 lead blog on WW dot com and casserole have an update there million next hour we'll talk a little LSU baseball. Big time struggles for the tigers. And then how what are you into this maze of reactionary madness. With a pellet cans and certainly with LSU football on their quarterback situation. I'm Seth Dunlap double coverage rolls on on WW. Tomorrow on sports Sox 4 PM with Bobby Hebert Christian Garrick it's just 48 hours. And so draft today and you believe the rumors that lethal removal quarterback Lamar Jackson to the saints. I guess I believe those concerns me. Am I gonna be talking about the pelicans playoff success or make it easier or harder for them. Three signed the markets cousins. And then programming notes tomorrow night we will not have a show LSU baseball on the air. They're battling Lamar over at the box total pros. Home of the saints and L issue on WW all of Bobby and Christian sports stocks tomorrow. Four until six and in the LSU radio network and Chris Blair. We'll take over Timmy giving it up there on the opinion poll here's a sex and 87870 from the 985. If the saints stay at pick number 27 and these guys are still there who'd they pick her sevens Landry. Or Jackson. Well if it's Jackson. Is talking about Josh Jackson. And you're not talking about margin action there try and Josh to actually grab him up. But Harold Landry he's there are other axle absolutely going to take him so that's Lamar Jackson and Harold Landry still there I think they grab Landry. I don't they Carol Landry by the way gets by the Seattle Seahawks. Most. Mock drafts now have kind of coalesce around the thinking that Pete Carroll there in the northwest. Can take Carol Landry I don't think he gets a distinction I think her letter doesn't make it past a number eighteen. Another sex in the 95 with the saints drafts LSU's ardent key if you is available 27. Had. No. Heck no. What they drop for Arden key member last year. We are saying ardent key could be the number one overall pick in this years draft certainly a can't miss top ten guy. Mean he doesn't play he was on a media lock out the lead does get talks in the media a couple of weeks ago says all the wrong things. Police are saying when I just wanted to keep all these teams Ghassan as the one analyst at some other foolish things are empty. Tim said and in my you're here you're right him are key to be lucky to be a second round pick. At this point maybe the saints if they get yes they start trade and may have a late second early third round pick maybe. But. It's even less likely right with pal Sean Payton treats Ellis you draft picks fairly or unfairly. He considers it a check mark against them in the negative category. Because they're just down the street in Baton Rouge because it could be a distraction with the family and friends and all their fans of their from no issue. So ardent key little to no chance he makes here dale issue unless. He falls looks Italy's third rounds. He's that far down yeah and make you loose Jeff Ireland Sean Payton would take. A shot on him. Here's an update on our pretty Mazda opinion apple do the pelicans have a shot against the warriors next round if those two teams do match up. 76% you are saying yes. 24%. Saying you know. Coming up next hour LSU baseball and got to talk about some bad tiger baseball last week in the got swept by the gamecocks of South Carolina. James Moran tiger red dot com we'll join us. And then I'll talk about the reactionary madness going on. What the pelicans and warriors series previewing that some people here saying all the warriors are overrated they had a shot against the brilliance. And the LSU's spring game some people are saying now followed Justin Nick Miller and he is the savior quarterback for LSU. What's.