Saints NFL draft 2018 who could they take?

Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic continue to discuss the 2018 NFL Draft, who do the Saints have targeted and who can they realistically get? What does your gut tell you about the draft and the next season? Full 5 pm hour.


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Author on an hour to a sports talk here on WLA anathema dot com. Here till 6 o'clock tonight or if he's off the LSU Sports Radio network LSU and Lamar at the box. The tires trying to snap a four game losing skid first time they are unranked since 2000. And eleven Bobby Hebert Kristian garic here on sports talk time Manassas at master control. Textured 8787 talk about punt return average body and well what that means ultimately for a first downs and hidden yardage to what that a lot. Well wanna read his tanks and the reason why we're talking about who the saints oh. You know obviously you look at the 27 pig you gonna bring of the tight end. The divas have been outside linebacker. That's been kind of direction. When you look at number of mock drafts. But I think also which I think Sean Payton and they do take into consideration. Is. A special teams guys special teams wide receiver and I'd be Christine Kirk. Protect the same damn that is why I bring that up phrase like Mike did Kelly has him going. 29 of the jaguar do we pick 27. So obviously. Depending on the organization. But he can have a late first round grade. And all notional pains always have the size and if you position. Live in the field one less first now now one thing we're able to do. I had before our readers for the saints at Thomas last year and kick return game for a return game and camaraderie it is takes in this is from. 9074. That and it went on to say that if Christian Kirk. I Kathy colonel Rick Christie current cubs and it starts. And he's the kick and punt returner from day one. And Danny could possibly. I don't know who did may be rising number two receiver I don't think so but vita three of four wide receiver in this slot whatever. So I think that's also. Interest in the C. It did a baby go bad directors here's a guy you'd expect to get sugar right away and you returning game for instant. Kick off return. We ended up being thirteen and the reason why are we even that high. Because Allah Tamara. Yeah everything it's at a house Christian. 108 yards saudis are allowed to go out. The law and how long does he return at State's history yet so all of a sudden Pro Bowl numbers. Any time this they need to city where you kickoff. If you over 25 and you'd done a great job outlook Tamara averaged 31 and a half. But you don't put in my part return to peace so Bible on offense and what have we seen him do. Follow the ball on a par returned collage he gave him put it DK at times you gotta catch it ten times. You know we always said that. Duke players every every doing getting it always very catchy but you know dash. They're located and they gonna feel the ball. And I wanna Willits beat that have been I think Willie fumble at time but. So when you look upon our return Christian that this is terrible. We got to get better noting emphasizing this weird terrible a blood covered. And part return. You know you wanna get double digits we gave up ten and have yards apart returned well we only gained six and a half. And I tell you are like. Frigid just look at payroll Cooper's numbers. From the ramseys. It biblically did a playoff game in the noise followed you can not fumble but look out explosive was. So to me we gotta get that in double digits on the I think even fourteen yards apart return. To be a Pro Bowl player can't we get that as largely given up ten and a half that's one less first down that Shaun green has again. And then you look if you position. And that's why to me late first round and -- nation what do you all think about that Christie Kerr. Because here even AB solve your real or -- return game. And then you also have an additional. Wire receiver competing. Whether it be in the slide. And they don't have any pressure. There may be be at at best a third our of four. Receiver context here at 8787 Ted Ginn junior is getting older Meredith coming on ACL MCL. Who's number two don't know I don't look at it as who's the number two there is no true traditional number two really in his office. And it can be one week you can be Ted Ginn junior the next thing you need to be out McNamara Cameron Meredith to be Cameron Meredith he can be brand and I don't know about clinical they stopped short hair he will be the number to be at that point there's no true number two in this saints office. The one thing deadly change in ad and it didn't show this morning in Baltimore. And I'm because I like released the Willies he would always tell me yes sir no sir. Well on that battle buddies you know this white hair so he would. He would tell me yes sir no sir solve always. You know been a fan it was neat you know his that was a coach and also he knows what's right in them what's wrong and you know it was just a sad situation and that you know we put an opponent shoulders because you're kind of a reaction is that the linemen and he had bad luck with injuries he missed the first four games when you look at the types season. He had in the fifteen and sixteen. Where I told a ravens be witness October the sports talk people in Baltimore. As I know what Joseph Flacco is gonna do but I'm not saying that Willie speed is that thousand yard receiver but he's a 900 yard receiver applause. And I don't know if you do it is if Flacco. But he's for sure 5660. Catches you put him in the slot. So I think believes they wind up being that productive given opportunity with the ravens but. One thing that was different last year compared to previous years. Is that Drew Brees. Would hit. A look at the stat sheet all the time well he used eleven different receivers has gained als the high end but the low end was like eight. Will this past year. It was five Dayton instead eight elevenths. Here's that you've as far as turning the ball around Alec Iran also I think that's tourette right now. We Niger is getting like double digits involve. But morning at five to eight ratio is sitting where Alan Tamara is that. Michael Thomas king era yet angrily at Heathrow and all of the one thing that I think the NFL tries to copy to say to the lines do this. Look at how many passes. Targets they get that are running backs. Could this like a long handle this like the yards after the Kansas again I'll put Daschle out of Nashville that's a sweet. All that their version of this week listen. The other states are structured. And this has bode well for them being. The only top ten offense is our top five that not a one or two. Is he had Reggie Bush. He had a better version Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles I can't and then you got Albert Albert Tamara who Timmy has to continue to do it to be on Darren Sproles his level. But deadly a better you're running back within two tackles. And I can't remember. The last five years seeing a true traditional sweet when a quarterback David sat among a sinner and tosses it either right or left and they they use all over at that that's their version out a blanket doubtful any giddy and the other self defense or so fast doubtful but come yeah let it develop faster or Johnson a cell might come in Mississippi. Your nexus sports talk here on W well. You bankrupt the by skewed I think time every song has a meaning. Every time Manassas. Is a master control. Welcome back to sports talk Perry Nickerson will join us at 535. Body gets on the same for you the phone calls. Well a good is that this remember that this that's a really the Smart. Techsters caller Samantha wishes more callers. This is about the held to return game is here's another guy. Who's ranked. Right there we Chris tinker like for instance and like Mike did tell you has this individual going the first pig that are browns and and and the 33 pick the signal for his pick is my cues. The court of maggots to draw full Florida you know you never get absolutely covered guys to any coverage guy you know past grudges all of that so. To me that's another player. And due to a nation would you. He had a choice between Christian curriculum wire receiver Mike Cusick cornerback. India bowled by abuse and able to return a ball at a high level you know who would you choose you look at my cues woody did its Central Florida. That a little specialty defers players cool here to return a punt. And kick off an innocent but turns out in the same season. Any also finished the season four tires down the 64 plays. Of forty plus yards as a TV. So to me that's depending on where you wanted death. And what you establish and and you deadly be helping the poor returning game. Would be why receiver Chris incurred from in them within 27 pick our might accuse. The core American Central Florida anyway and I'd be a reach like whoa. Bought a saints are really region. 'cause I think that's where they kind of bold projected late first round early second. Back to phones ago we go Josh on a cell phone you're on W devote Josh. But a guy that thinks they call I was you will ball related question. From. Now that we got a little bit of a fable in the prime. Want to do you guys the opinion on do you feel it was the right move. Ellis shoot him who beyond. That smile there. Guess right call that shorten the short answer to that is yes Jim anymore. You know does that I disagree I think web ma got. They key was that it was successful coach. Enjoyed about where we are now and they anywhere. In the near future at least. Well above our Josh had that needs work with that being said would that being said what may be. About the same way the riddler I mean I think we'd be. I'm not saying words I'm not saying better I think he'd be like the same look. I think the erosion this program happen as soon as the Susan Stephen got saving got the job and Alabama. And his ability to break down recording walls that once established in Louisiana he's coming into the state and Parkinson talent also. Look at that the reason why the biggest singular reason why less miles got fired is because he couldn't beat Alabama. The pressure that makes inputs on the SEC and that's seek coaches it's a knicks even effect that he forces programs ago. In a diss to go why can't we be makes him why can't. This program be in Alabama and a half think a lot of it has to do the better and he just can't be. Now Josh a fair statement would be. Because that's it could chose wheel house is the recruiting. And obviously. Asserting is gonna come to mind and you think you have one board for the a couple of years two or three years I mean. And then all of a sudden. Say because in an end to snatches them away. See that that that has to be extremely disappointing if you and LSU fan. Silly because. Let the sun is not almost even acceptable. To be re. Even if it's in the of the bottom ten or I should say the set top ten recruiting class. Well why not top five why not competing when Alabama saw I think that's where. The fans as far as optimism going forward. Has to be disappointed. That coach on the staff maybe. Not having their class to be perceived that can compete. When Alabama but you know how that is anatomy can have been that's what it played a game this one game if you don't set Alabama that's if ballot count as 22 wins Ellis did tiger tiger fans out. LSU fan doesn't would be okay with split and work with without them every of the year and he'll sign a ten. Yeah that's fun while the split are right now call the look what charges that the look up Alabama was kind of lucky to finish. I mean I don't know let go of you who Alabama's national champs they beat Georgia. But he knew being jarred who's gonna win nagging and I did you got to win it so you don't look at Jarden and I gone anywhere but that it challenges. Now to win at least one of those games and not and would be like you say right now welcome. And that would be a major upset if LSU beat George. And but does say less miles but it did better OK why is it less miles coaching anywhere coach miles is going to acting classes he was to be an actor. I mean come on there's a dating Megan had a bad men movie be a perfect riddler. No he's really going and I look last I know yes and yes speed we can't have a lesson give want. Mike MSNBC yet again get a moment I'm here in them that we agree deals that you don't think he's viewed Somalia now hoping does the hell yeah I'll be done. But that the interest and. Much in Mississippi. We do your phone calls also Terri Dickerson. Tulane cornerback. Next draft hopeful as welcome go as though is a second or third round for Perry Nickerson. Polite over a 50426018. Semi text 870 tennis sports talk on W two well. Soon join us next. A few seconds Mike in this to do as well Mike you're on W well. And I. Bobby and of course right elbow back to me I should ask you learn how to questioned. We picked up average remark he's been. And I'd like to know that aid in the step toward you know and we keep talking about picking up freeagent rom you know Brad Bird mortar. And John Payton turned and demand golf pros is there a pot to build the big return average into an all pro APU. I don't know savage and all pro. Now we know now on the savage Biden being sacked Jay yeah admiral Mike savage might be. The week is back at quarterback right now that they've signed. I mean you know wow yeah I mean he's only seven when you look at chased and you know. My account and now you're did you see Google account just with time retired. They him and his brother that that always called them the head coach innings yeah in the coach Josh McCown Luke McCown. Via no. I don't know savage you've got to make the team might contain truth. Might face a phone call it eats at Perry Nickerson tooling cornerback units of the NFL draft Perry how it. From burglaries are good glad to have you on the program and I'm glad the corporate you bet so what's what's run as a your mind right now it's 48 hours of the draft. I'll do them today to see what scene or uniform code without merit. Parodies are represented by a fish and it will sports. At Terry knickers on Twitter at the I think if that underscore real. What's this process been like a man you know walk us through the days and weeks leading up to that to the draft training wise etc. Meant that they did this trainer. There's been record com. Well spoke with admit that the base in for me there's been trained in Spanish city. Phone at least not at all quo will be the word note to maintain those. Perry what would have been like lovers and being represented by. Mardy Fish instead Wilkes. Whom little goes extremely awkward I'm ego home that waksal goes my truck and Malloy team and it is now worked as. Now Beriault look at net I was camera wizard was in high school right here on the West Bank. That alone. To me dole the one thing you got to be borrowing guide given ability. Is how fast York. And then you know being a cornerback. That tremendous recoveries V. And and we trying to Merrill wide out and and you even get turnaround at times that you're either able to close the deal again to recover. Would you say considering how much man to man you play an NFL that it has to be a big asset that teams are aware. Yeah I mean. We'll be a hooker I have good knack for Apollo. And I have look at the book went on April and when the ball and there. And you know added that this article mark so our position that though at the right. So Perry have grown album otherwise I think he obviously will always saints fan. I mean and less you know that a lot of whereas bankers play all over that different teams in the NFL. But but as assays what are your favorite teams are just. Given though Baghdad ground of of your. Maybe team as a young that you root for an NFL. On the net debt problem news. You are obviously become friends and I don't feel from blown it. It is a Croat and their physical pain Gartner. On foot not output the thing they're I had beautifully on you know I'll rule let's. But you know we have about growing up is it is because you know. Stated that I'd like of this moment right company could be the end of this kind of partner you didn't call me anything that the court. Perry what what do interaction he had with the saints. Oh my. A bit earlier it was going to the net. They. That will be in the have local quoted their their heads there there almost mythical cute. You go higher mama formerly code or. Kurt. That is the received coat gluten so we had good follow. I don't know yet could hurt the creator of robo. And you know very elegant MI did today's draft who we. Do with a number of years and he always comes out when a draft report and now breaks it down. That. Boys tonight great opportunity are I know you have to be pleased he has you going. In the fourth round that a New Orleans Saints of with the 127 pit. Yeah I mean pick their communities it is getting in there. To give up wouldn't go. Or is. But it happened you know make him a ball and no border through school. No it is that the case. What the Booker. Perry your ball hawking your time at Tulane so much so that a lot of teams were really come throwing away from you still were able look. Throw some big numbers and interceptions who know how that happened in nineteen start throwing away from you game planning away from. It did a lot of bills were incorporated and goes today oh. No I retired. I retired Mike did not erotic secure rap tour. Perry Nickerson Tulane cornerback here on sports talk get ready for the NFL draft a 48 hours away Perry. What do you do for address you watch him for friends of family and have big parties come a little keep party. Yeah. Through. Or a program of Vietnam are global. I'll be with the remedy that we are crow. You know hopefully. You know I did quarterly. No live at the loop order. Perry what is. What what do scouts telling you what what was the feedback you're getting second round fifth round fourth Rowley telling. I bet I really don't know at this point we'll you know I'm the only current permit fair rule. Her what her. Have been you know what people look world who. Who who I think it is so rarely. And Perry do you view like yeah opportunity at Tulane. Because this day and age you know Alan is defying you were every era it. But how did you enjoy it to build sustain yelled back yard and play at Tulane and now have an opportunity to play in the NFL. I know Matt Forte from Slidell look at the success. Then he had learned a best running back in NFL history played at Tulane right there from Slidell went. That that had to. Bode well for yourself when your family. And that you're able to stay home and nine play at Tulane is still get recognized. Potentially for to played a national fumble. He had me. Great north great. To repair equipment. Away. Mark Graham because of the crow name be or Cordoba mean. Let you know you're leading Monday if the it'd. Laying this ingratiating so we can even remember it won't agree that that the poor record. Terri Dickerson Tulane quarterback here on sports talk best lucky it's about three days and I arrived parent will be it is selected as high possibly can't. Fishman wills. Sports reverence and pairing. Neil Parry thanks man appreciate it collective great. Sports talk here on W bill MF in the dugout. I would welcome back to sports talk show on paid out of the Zurich classic talking to the media. Little while ago trying to stir up that audio for a moment. I would be surprised he says to see him getting work in our mini camp based on our medical reports so we're excited talk about being thrown out. Camera Meredith so it's there's a timetable he offered essentially seen by many. So late June the so many Campbell. I also for training camp yet so he's not. He's not an athlete that looks like. I would be disappointing. That can only new medical staff evaluates a player what you have invested in Cameron Meredith. That. He would be available to start training can't Solis is saddened over you say late July beginning August. Verses. I'm willing to give them Kristin you look at mini camp what is mini camp and June 15 sixteenth. Farm somewhere around their middle of June saw I willing to give them like 67 more weeks. To actually be ready to roll. But yeah that's very encouraging. That he would be able to participate in a high level for many cap. He also means to be ready year old. He also identified interior offensive line. Linebacker a pressure player has come areas that that he needed to address them in address. Well everybody needs pass rush who was hit an all time. Linebackers. You know his crazy you know we get AJ AJ Klein from the Carolina. And just what could see what we invested in Demorrio Davis. And from buffalo. New EE you're gonna make and from the jets and UAL and us a bottle. The open the jet. He was Cleveland jets so. When you when you look at that. As like global. That's why. Alex has alone you know we drafted him. Then he gets hurt. And over achiever has been Robertson look at his contribution. So we'll look at the linebacker position and I still think. Has. As we are mattered a packed defense right now. And the highest we were ranked was like them a popular we sustain it. And and the like. 08 to twelve our top ten. Which shows you that I on the back in even issues of the day don't think. As highly of a decline is maybe needed this time last year Bob Bryan and Mardy is also. One and linebacker idiotic and an and it just shows you maybe help desk through our last year in the market. You know you bring an aging client boys are grieving we have here. And then you could continue to trying to greatly that are kind of gruesome anti tale I still think Craig Roberts is a vastly underrated linebacker what he did well now stands alone went down went on us out here but without a doubt that that's a guy bank field but. Who stepped. As big as anyone. And in the game he had against Detroit. And it was unbelievable what the regular command died tale I did win they're getting out. Mo more than we've got out of more adamant I still knew we all expected. Bobby and Christian Democrat and up next here on sports talk on W well. Look our bodies got the green I'll letter out as he's combing through his mock draft guides. Several of them so what's green. Mean again. Green means go on and go look at you know. Harrell Landry. You know that's. That was the green island means and means goat like go get him and you know it's aggressive it's passive and take means what. Chris I don't know that is this whatever is in my hand I just highlights. Again but have been look at it Harrell Landry. And you know that's one we've projected outside linebacker David sedan and edge rushing speed rusher. Going to the saints. You know my view today hasn't voted to saints and he wasn't a slam dunk he just said he had to go to someone. But the one thing you know and adding NFL's counseling to this when you look at competition. Now Mike McClatchy. Dollar to tackle from the ordered me. Who Mike has going like that's about right twenties to the lines. Kind of lightly eighteenth cut like wet. Raw Ryan ranch it was raid even though he fell to the saints but are treating where you look at Landry Hal Landry. He was limited is one tackle. In his most eagerly anticipated match over the years. Against highly regarded left tackle might the clinching a minority. So you think about OK here's to NFL players right. Okay we'll what actually happens. And you only have one tackle. So scouts amazing well. There at that that's that you could be faced today every week in the NFL. So as that may be a reach to take him at. In an effort I tell lean that way but look again I think in this draft. That pick between semis will be a second round yes yeah it got way out when and now I wonder this obviously you wanted to move back and yet. But I also think it. I think this is the year where they're gonna draft and interior. Office of player with the versatility to play guard and tackle to eventually maybe be understudy to Max Unger. And either replacement for Max Unger well audit notice they're positioning he's capable what you know is going to be available I'll think Connor Williams. Who's played knowledge is that all the to gore from Texas. Quiz and buried in his LA's and in the juvenile they got. Okay. Now Ahmet take your word Ford but on the gonna Connor Williams I think he's been project lately for for a I'm hot and I'm not talking first round I think I think. Around three or four house so I yeah I eggs it was a there's not a not a third round not third round rate of these fourth or fifth round rate but the versatility I got playing guard and center then eventually could be. The replacement for Max honor. You have because that's only two players have played every snap. And Chris who we you know that look at OTAs and minicamp and training camp. Whose backs under even a video right now. He go to meetings do you like a clear record your Mora coach. At eighty played every game. And still considered if you look half a dozen standard out of 32 teams. And that top five or six so reality eventually got to look for someone past Max Unger. Back tomorrow my good CA will join us for the entire 4 o'clock hour guinier set for the final preparations on the NFL draft. One I think top Vanessa zen master control today marks an artist Steve Geller problems put together. The program Bobby Hebert Kristian garic. Again at 4 o'clock tomorrow go spurs go tigers are taking on Lamar tonight at 630 at the box simplify I'm out Bobby do you think league's well on the way too late show. That go panels. He's an exclusive. On the election sports Greek. Where the smell of the grass. That's her feeling in the the seats. This news.