Saints make a turnaround

WWL's Steve Geller says the Saints may be on an upswing. 


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They've Wednesday with yet on your radio. First place surging saint. How do you feel on about a now is Steve Geller Davids being quite a turnaround for the saints they started at the bottom now they're here which is atop the NFC south that's foreign to fans have to be encouraged by the fact that this ball club is finding ways to win. That wasn't the case the previous three seasons who's to breeze interceptions early on had us all roaming. But the Packers got no points out of those picks the defense provided a big pick me up by forcing 23 and outs that was huge to keep the game from getting away from the saints the black and gold had a real shot now extending their current run to six -- their next two games are at home vs the 34 bears this Sunday that it divisional matchup against Tampa whose two and four definitely a lot to be excited about the saints right now our rag Steve's got a steal and pretty good.