Saints looking for a tight end

Are the Saints looking for someone who Benjamin Watson can mentor?


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Agency review on your radio the saints keep bringing in more tight ends what's going around once they say they it's it's like every freedom now is a tight end that they must be really concerned about having some quality and after the tight end position. If position going into the draft a lot of us figured they would address. But he ended up with nobody. I know tight end us elections in the draft a lot of undrafted guys coming in. And you have some veterans there already. Like in a Benjamin Watson in our Josh hill Michael home and home now a new week so there's there's a good base there right now. But that they could they definitely need a good pass catching tight end was mu was missing from last season and they have released Coby cleaner who was around for two. An eventful years. All right so they bring this guy and from Marshall who is on drafted freeagent that maybe he can be the answer he got a lot of passes there let's if he can be a tight end for the science yeah I think that. We're gonna see a lot more from this coming up and organized team activities next week obviously and then going into training camp. On that that step imposition of unsettled and because like I said a veteran group. Like a Benjamin Watson 37 years in age kind of looking for some young youth movement at the position I would think.