Saints-Jets talk and the New Orleans Bowl

Kristian & Deuce break down Saints-Jets and also talk with Jay Cicero of GNO Sports about tomorrow's New Orleans Bowl.


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Yes indeed several file look at it to another edition of fans in the pro here on W Google MF and dot com live from Rouse isn't. Conjunction with community coffee and Rouse is here hearts for the holidays. All by donating not perishable. Food item for second harvest food bank is great cause no family should go hungry during the holidays Deuce McAllister Kristian garic here phone lines open at 504. 260187. Tech's 8787 induced we've done a couple these men. And as the one that I think strikes home for being used in particular in this second harvest food bank where he can give. Right here we come in the routes you doing you're making groceries you're duty workshop and you drop by and nonperishable food item that helps families Oakley hit by. It's not a Christian. Mystic picked it out I mean all the words she could put us in a freezer. You don't. News is always these silly games he's sitting up wrapped up on Google always told though do. It was off the okay. But it is great cause a low or second harvest. From N com you can trust. When we talk about the work. Being able you know a person. And am the bill that they support themselves. You know when you talk about. Let's. Right now and cute they're about to get out. When they go to school. And own meals at school and now some models you'd have that opportunity and the blues domestic partners and the option to beat Japan and that that that atlas look. One thing it's time army system are the qualities that. This could be you're not one mean to you never know in this event though you might need you you might need assistance are boosting food bank in. Yeah you'd you'd donation it's just. Whether it's one candidate you know you know that matter just everything goes along way we'll have gave lights on. Eluded to tell exactly how far these donations go with a one out joints when you're totally. I think harvest food bank and also definitely. Community coffee it DO routes just what an honor veterans boulevard. First and jump off man and now it has its tendency India the last I've missed all wars. And it is from the it's outstanding. Let me tap out of that conversation all I'm not a Star Wars guy. Who's ever had. What's another care co owner. And I don't fear in the senate floor he'll he'll make him inhaled a pit next to do anything about so really not at all. Nothing stalwart. Not religious conflict are tracked and all now know. That that would that the force be with you. Yeah of course we note if I notice fame but I don't know anything about them. Do I think lemon. You're like your love my favorites of all time in the use of equality point ruled that an island stalwarts. Like it reels off. Real after so what's real with what. Okay so what's real happening the law and order. Believe he had a death has a law and order is real that the bottlers no real. The united news law and order. He does not like Simon I thought nautilus. Because it's all one of the same it's all Mac and imagination just fabricated nonsense. Later on it's it's it's based off a two story. Based off of who you you have to read the fine print based off the true story. Analysts goers fell like on what. Will hockey development at 504260187. Techniques and the city of saint battle the that's this Sunday the superdome. Fifteen minutes has sixty points went for the saint over the jets it seems big it's the largest in franchise history for the saints out Kamal it's like he's gonna back AJ Klein and that's what he's gonna rest this Sunday as yet no big deal there though yeah. Lose entering handwritten note for a couple weeks and an eight day at least for this game for me for him though you have to look at. That's going to be almost away at seventeen days tip of risk for him to be able to get try to get a 100% healthy I'm all for. This just this just I don't call a time. I'll call attention whatsoever. Particularly for a lot of different reasons. Even if the saints turned the ball over I don't know of Justine has enough. To be David we and that being the do it you'll even if the saints play rice Betty quarterback without even Bryce. The banged up at running back Matt Forte didn't rule out but he didn't practice all week until he may try to give to go because he's at home. Powell is really their only run him back you know the other back and that was me right now he like how. Yep how houses Barbara so he's got to get a lot of carries you know that just because they're playing Bryce I think Bryce can do some good things for you. This is not his first start he's been in the system for call for years at that it's only his seventh start. And he's trying to win over to job. John Morton is gonna try to get him on New Year's study is gonna try to roll him out a little bit so quick passes the saints team can really get after him. Upfront they hadn't they have played well they they have the starting five have been together. I think maybe ten out of twelve games but they hadn't opened up right lanes really allowed for any of the backs so for the saint. You wanna make one dimension you wanna put it all on rice and make him have to throw the ball quick and so I think the saints were not necessarily try to confuse him. But they're gonna get after men and they gonna try to play solid ball and you know get this win. Take care of your business that you can't qualify for the playoffs as we have just because of something that happened last week outs out of your game but for the saints take care of your business. Well our about as fact that the saints lost on Thursday night at the jets sandwiched in between the game with the Atlanta Falcons. Could they perhaps I mean it would be easy for me to make a case that there are they still think about that game and also trying to win the game the following week without. Take care of the jets I don't think it's gonna happen because I think to get right if you please but it's easy to see where that could come hey you can. You can see that some would but would this team I don't think I don't think you have too much to worry and that and that and that man army and they know that they did not play well. Against Atlanta bombing we understand that so you have an opportunity to go out and and kind of showcase a little bit and that's what I think that they'll be focused on. We're out of arouses when a hundred veterans boulevard. Right next to Stein Mart here. Second harvest food bank he can do to a community coffee Deuce McAllister Christie Garrett calamity donation around the holidays hearts for the holidays. No fail which you'll hunger around the holidays calamity donation and also to make its sizable donation. Get a nice basket for you from community coffee you know give it the bullet to open a 504. 260187 tech's 87 eighths of man would use the long order vs stalled or I'm all about law and order. You don't have your priorities straight and otherwise says. Star Wars a true story in the galaxy far far away that's on talk about this stall wart the last John heavily today if you ever watch it. It's legit it is on point it is on believable. It is that the movie is movements of the movie argue with the ties make news. Really you ask and kicking right now. As the fans of the grow beyond their development and not. Welcome back phase that produces Christian here one of the best foods to donate here and second harvest food bank out here. 2900 veterans boulevard at the arouses. On veterans and we're accepting donations for all nonperishable food items especially need. Veto things that are that are nutrition and also protein dance like peanut butter. Canned meat fish canned and dry beans and nuts also great soups. Canned vegetables oats and whole grain possible. So full line to open a Bible for. 26018 semi tech's 8787 his some want to -- the McAllister. Act Kristian garic Easton online wanna killed this it was month he's and yards over the real. As you. He said. Eight. Like a trip to look at the ground. On the greens aren't. You know the guys up front they're really do the dirty work. And that they've been encouraged them out this year on defense. For me it if maybe I'm wrong but Howard David just made it seem like this yeah I think it's just all these. From that percentage. And you know that a linebacker that number you know that felt great and everything but I. It starts up on I mean that the linebacker supplying clean because guys like him. Our. Open up off of the line and I just wanted to opinions from you guys are you think about his body. You know they're the guys that potentially at maturity keep old. It's creating. Will be around for awhile he's a fifth round dropping. A couple years ago and I think he's doing. Do that yeah ET he's had an outstanding year I mean he's a got it kind of fought injuries last year and that was even banged up a little bit this year but hadn't missed any time I mean and he's he's had an outstanding year. He's got it really plays the nose or me can play a little bit of the three buddies more of your nose tackle got. He allows on him out of to be able to run free and he allows the rankings to be able to run free. As well and I was you talked about his impact with the ally backs making cheer to those guys. Don't get touched by some regards and fullback but I think he's had an outstanding year. And and I think he easily gonna continue to get better you know another guy out it's probably meant its use has been somewhat of a surprise you know his ability to be able to play and you know with them being able to keep rank and out the inside got the tackles they have to play a little bit more plays because rank and in the in there it's much and it had her demands at all and I think. He's done had a really good year. If a pretty stunning is the wrong even without local four yeah local four out they've they've done well you know you hadn't gotten that passed Russ is as much consistently. But you know some of that has been game plan as well. We'll talk about anti tea cup but the Aggies haven't I think maybe the best of his career. I don't know I hadn't seen in buffalo when he was into it Diego but it it it's been it's been tol. It's in solid what he's been able to do you know Lou Lou Lou wanting that to question. Was to pass coverage but I mean he's even been really good form there as far as passcodes he's normally not involved with the nipple but. He's been able to be in there with the miracles and today today has been hurt. But Ian Robertson meant time his ability to be able play in a box of diagnose plays when they said is whether it's. We have whether it's with Robertson when he said that isn't he he's they were coming in and hit it. He has been outstanding. He thanks a full. Call Michael Tanner was going on Michael you're on WW LR. MI records. It beat three. Or. It yet happened it's happened before it's happened before but I think it into the season. When the playoffs are seated there's going to be two I think that I think the way it's gonna shake out there are only will be too. That will make it I mean there's still an outside chance that dude you're gonna get three in but I think Seattle. And a Graham's gonna both those have been in that union. Look ultimately the saints beat the south isn't. In another week. That's all gone but eliminate them just because of the wind in a few off carpenter shaken out. Right now movies and if the playoffs started living saints at four the foresee. They get on the five seed Carolina Panthers in the superdome divisional Ireland in and of itself and it could be it could be Atlanta in a couple weeks after that so. It's going to be instinct for the NFC playoff picture in particular with Carson what's going down and then correct me from Rome next week. Ken ray Adams if they lose in the saint swinging into the rams can go from literally what two to 722626. Yeah they could be the sixty wow maybe the senate the saints if they Lou I mean it's a long shot they lose this week in and also. Two teams in the paint is gonna win the top general indices could be the seventy correct it's wide open in the NFC right now for the saints could end up. They're not gonna get the once he I think that's pretty much all for a collusion with a ticket to see. And it ties the three c.'s Louis the sixth or out of the playoffs were full lines open at 504. 260187 text 8787 run here at. Veterans when hundred veterans boulevard arouses. Are in conjunction with second harvest food bank him. Also our community coffee to get donations here from a holiday talks for the holidays do secrecy here the phase in the pro phone lines are open at 504. 260187 Columbine make a donation nonperishable food items and what are you looking for either the fourth things like. Protein did things like peanut butter canned meats fish can't. And dried beans nuts also some great soups canned vegetables oats and whole grains. Welcome back maybe can help right now around holiday season. This novel way to you know second harvest food bank and they are first line disaster response. The last two years alone second harvest it has spotted six. Major natural disasters so who's you know region including working part of Maria in the August. When it sixteenth blunted when it is it won't last reports that the number ways you help sick on the food bank in Wednesday nights on. Fronts that are moving in a few moments but for development Jesus wrote of the green laws which foundation. This weekend's. The world will see how ardent. Agree record and you're meant to afford this Miki get Troy in the mean green of north Texas to kind of staples at least once people who have read that the north Texas mean green in your. Four. And a half that actually you know we believe and I've been around boat about seventy years boat and while the first the first four. Games that we hosted at north taxes lowered they represented about dug out now they're cockpit where copper jury it's day. But there with a chance you know the Sun Belt Conference that. Back. About it's not his second bow tie yet so one who ever went champion now we were taken. That we have first. But where we're. We're happy to have Troy we can't in the sun belt and or taxes due respect runner up. Champion for copper tube that. Jay how do you think that the health the New Orleans Bowl is as far as attendance from both schools as well as. Local community being able to have to to a team and how do you think the health of this bowl game is and you know it will lived army apps and seventeen years the staying power. We'll continue to grow. Oh absolutely and and had there been symbolizes a couple. Is able this is being quicker to sports foundation and what what is the only art calendar. I hear it in year out. And you know there are we don't have quality additional expenses that are notable thing global and I made an art at the they ought to. Who are. And over and covered. Through the through sports foundation. When you have all bring out act. To bring table. The community access relationship with everything else that we do it from the other majors. You were able to do a lot of things or won't vote that we can't do. Are unable to do with that men are awful hours to look at we actually are man he's tired man. Yeah man I do well like today I'm gonna say they see her dues like this all wore be like the along Olerud Alex all wars on black violence. My ally like our Q Greg you are or. A likely outlook but it I've seen have expediency last and I it. Now I have. Make plays and you busy and make plays duke this week it is back to us on today outstanding Jay Cicero. But the greater dual sports foundation talk about the new world and also. What's in line for dual ones in the upcoming year year and half where you guys obviously know. Rossum he's going to be here but also what's coming up to the in the in the sport from the get via. Multiple playoffs Al Alabama and cleansing in the superdome but CBS that's how we look how we look overall at navy. A big sporting event in the world where look at where British rock. Other than they aren't appear all so these are there now. We've got next week we have CBS sports. Hosting it for the first prominent moralist. Now that it for the top. Programs in basketball program in the country. Whitbeck Turkey you deal. I have faith and and North Carolina players no matter back that it's forty that are that the with the heat and and then you insisted that we all out of every parent you were on the way. Which even more and surrounding it and did four years ago. I'd huge economic impact it you exposures associated with. We are popular track. And I've partnered with huge bull on the 4040 college football championship game. They're an actor championship coming out. Here you week in Atlanta we're hosting it here at the war. Pretty much after that we have that women auto forward earnings for the fourth round. In the war on in April looked torn between him. And we have been on all fours in gay men of war returning but now. In the world and art in April people out who we choose. And then he had on that yet but it did in Yale Thursday. By I have last February. That we Wear on another major rock really started this year. Seeing how we look for signals. Future. Well you know without him. But. You know they have in the Fallon now about a month ago achievement you know that they're old or day. I'm news update process that is they're ordered here by city. In which to open up bid. And not going to do. Competitive bids between that is going to be glued to it our best but what we were. But what we have with the men on a pool for 2000 and true. But. You know where we're still working with them trying to convince hindered by that. We're very closely with mr. ban that Ned and bit block and the whole group of in the bank building to convince itself on invite you'll want to do it. The next round that is available. Jay got one question for ya know Philly hosted has hosted New York has hosted. Chicago is hosted and I think the draft will be in Dallas this upcoming year is that something that we can probably give in on as well as holes in the NFL draft. Actual. Of the draft anyway crooner in the past years but it falls on. I ripped a sold out we import more. With yes Desert Classic. Classic and gas. On the things we did and it's just that it's a tough week it for our border war on the amount of resources financial resources and other resources that you be put up. You wouldn't have a theory now available to come and it is probably not sure that that. That occur they give me an apple event on I know you can make it happen I'm familiar with our men to make it happen. It may be yes it there and it. Be told Jay yeah ever be given rights. Light side dark side of the force. Me any good hearted at. And you can't do it that it. Jay Cicero greater dual sports foundation payment thanks so much for it for doing this but also the great work guys do you. Well I appreciated. And you do you do a great job and he's. It's your passport he's the quarterback. Here. Yeah Ali neglect development that we give me Andy's the great challenge Ali competitive. So. Mets dues that's a three year old. A lot of I. The duels bowl between Troy and north Texas Greg Robinson's alma mater mean green. To get on with to you know Detroit the law LSU lost toys earlier in the year Doocy Christian yet to Rouse is 2900 veterans boulevard. In conjunction with community coffee off those second harvest food bank. Here on the view only enough enough on field holds it tight. Ability here on sacred. Our friends out it's at a routes here also assay harvest food banking did you to a community coffee in ninety vice longtime friend. W well in a com's biggest influences. Jake. The great event and out here at. Rouse stand for years in a row again and we appreciate it with a view well ralphs is doing this again. We get a year round relationship also with community coffee they help us out through the year especially competent well. Is it better donate money our food. We we actually need both we collect industry view almost 400000040. Million pounds of food years and it's almost all. About three quarters that is donated by people and individuals. Organizations corporations. But we need money to operate we cover twenty repair shoes would serve hundreds of thousands of people. So we do need food donation to Cuba obviously we're food store where there quarry to store so it's like to make the purchase dropping here it's very much do you put every dollar you donate. We can provide poor meals to a Finley in the end up not just here in New Orleans and or corporate across twenty prepared for something to him so somebody can't make out here today saying it. It runner up skimming it and it wanna do it it would help off. How can a couple ways to do that at any Ralph C you can actually donate half of registered dental care pants we can make donation now or year round. It every south Louisiana Ralston's location. We're just go to our web site no cash hunger not war just Google second harvest food bank. It will be the first location make a secure online donations and you can also find outcome of the which can help like volunteering things like that. If there are certain qualification that I individual apparently has I have to be at qualify. For some through various arm our model to see is we actually supports. About 700. Local organizations like a soup kitchens homeless shelters and things like that nobody nobody's gonna go way hungry. For certain types of product technical technical it's FDA product. A US rather USDA product that's about a quarter of our product. That does require some income requirements threats that it does the food that people than me today down we really make a requirement for. No whatever coach which and other thing is there a certain time of the year notes have more holidays that you need donation to a four resorted to in the summer. It's it's year round and actually that's that's a great question because here in the about the two months of the holidays here. We do more than half of our annual operating budgets so you make a donation today of food or money or time. You're actually helping each year round so they need is there year round people think about a more very grateful for what we get during the holidays with. Giving us at top of mind in the middle of August or sometimes in the spring so what you give today can actually carry through the year. Shave ice and harvest. Save our food bank today. That was done drive home is the W we need to be dues he's never go win we might eat these things subtlety for a part of my job at interviewing the folks that we help a lot of them get help the American volunteer with a tendered to its discount with dozens hundreds of people who have told me personally. I never thought I could be in the situation people who were in the oil and gas field. People who professionals people who work for universities. Went through bad and actually had a medical issue for him bankruptcies so. It could be weeks or months away for you it could be it's so it's it's people in your own Sitka and to your question I've heard it over and over people say. I never thought I would need the services the food bank. I was embarrassed to go in there and so thankful they. Welcomed with open arms when you talk about volunteers how can individual volunteer how could they you could use some of their serves as far as volunteer. Oh we could use them year round obviously during the holidays we do about 6000 senior meals for example but. Overall we have 9000 individual volunteers over the last year who have helped to sell the equivalent 29 full time employees health and community kitchen. W administratively helping sort donated through Xbox and things. All those details that are website it no dash hunker down or tree. 12100 veterans boulevard. Using Christian young fans of pro wanting to radio.