Saints @ Jaguars - Fans First Take, hour 1

Saints Football
Thursday, August 9th
Seth Dunlap and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners ahead of the Saints' first preseason bout with the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Hello saints fans what's going on oh well come on answer the first of hopefully 23. Year 24 saints game days this year. Seth Dunlap Steve court here for saints fans first take saints and Jacksonville. Coming up at 6 o'clock right here. On the saints radio network welcome on and we got a big show Korea. Get news started today this Thursday afternoon Scott Alexander coming up. Live from Jacksonville in twenty minutes and this is your show. So we're taking your calls texts and tweets all two hours yet you said or handed off to the saints radio network Christian Derek and by the year for the pandemic kick off. And Steve court former saints offensive lineman yeah new partner on the show welcome on him man no. And yeah welcome the group man it's appreciate it hadn't been here and analysts was ornament fourteen years doing this here video that grizzled savvy vet grizzled that the elements having. But certainly Griswold who took a rather that so we don't north socket on on my show double covers a couple of nights ago and I agree with the use this is it it's football. But in the loop system terms it's its game football. Yet. Yeah it is but at the same time look I've always sort of and kind of brow beat this time of the year because I remember what it was to be a player and and and being in these situations and and you know. You're you're kind of going through now analysts say the motions because it certainly now which are doomed Richard kind of going out there knowing that you're gonna have a certain number of reps. And like you mentioned before going off the ones are going to be getting reps and ride it. We always sort of pre determined as to rest the starters we're gonna get an eyesore look for a you know. The pre season games usually meant that camp was getting ready to kind of get wound up and in the overweight so that to me was always a good signs so. But the fact is you're going out there and you're trying to do. You know if you get you know eleven or twelve plays or try to get eleven or twelve perfect plays and you don't do don't get perfect plays but you try to be as perfect as you can tournament. And I think he sort of build on that they give you the confidence you build around some things an excuse and things and I think once you get to that point. Into the office begins to come together you know in the and you really. Kind of get out and kind of cool to guys off because the biggest part of this whole pre season and it's getting more and more. Abject from the standpoint of young guys trying to get a position is of standpoint it made these reps are. And the ultimate they are crucial and each and every rep that these guys take. Is going to be studied upon because they're trying to find out who can play in this league who can't now it's not quite game speed yet but at the same time it's. Faster than they've ever seen before and again. They're playing with a mix of veterans in there a lot of the younger guys but the same time. There's also guys that you know we're starting to build to that same kind of period that training camp. You're getting better from practiced practiced practiced. As a young Perot really easy I mean you can see these guys from week to week how much more than improvements some guys. They fall off during camp and other guys you know you see them really really step up and say man this guy was. Sort of a question market beginning camping now he looks to me like he's sort of a guy you almost have to pencil and so we go for more of those than non. Now maybe trick wants it to somebody we can talk about a little later a guy who were kind of pencil and announced to be a factor on offense for the seats this year some of the other battles we'll talk about a little later in the show. Tom savage against Jason held back a quarterback spot. And why that job is really important here in the NFL in the modern air the NFL the battle for the returner jobs that's front and center. And also the new helmet hit rule or get Steve's take on that. And your calls all show long yen this is your shows align those calls up 5042601870. S the number saints fans Bible for. 260. 187 you can choose a Texan 87870. Here's our blue runner foods opinion poll today what saints position all battle. Are you watching closest tonight backup quarterback punt return battle the running back battle linebacker offensive line. You can log on to WW law dot com. And you can cast your votes there. Are open heart Rolex time is one hour and 45. Minutes before eyes and say three hours and 45 minutes before kick off. Out in Jacksonville take our first break when we come back Scott Alexander who's producing tonight for Zach deuce. Steve and the crew over there in Jacksonville you'll join us live from Jacksonville. I'm Seth Dunlap alongside Steve courts this. Is fans first take on saints radio WW. Just getting started him look like I said hopefully this is the first Steve. Of 23 broadcasts forest is Allah that first round by many yet to NFC games and it's a rule or this is one of 23 or start an operator. Hey I I agree with you if if you can. If you can figure that out and in an inning thousand mile you have been a history as the one to go there but if we get their 25. Yeah okay we were there toys for banks 124 is the Max Reagan that would be no first round bye. Okay yeah it's when he worked for free see how would be. Take that too yeah to yeah it's just it. Two on the backside is that. It's important for breezes and sixteen regular season. Those playoff games as somebody is gonna be here for them all pretty much is Scott Alexander host of primetime sports on CST NW LE ETV. And Scotts has its ticket for me in the Booth this year which is great because he has. A long time background. As a producer for big time met her radio and television programs. Play by play broadcast. And he's going to be in the Booth with Zach Strief Deuce McAllister Robert Carroll. Help produce the shows and these broadcasts and he is in Jacksonville. Today I saw great picture barely taken by Alvin America's got yesterday at dinner with the big crew and you guys are ready to go Scott Alexander joining us now it's up's gotta. We'll talk it does skeleton. The target them actually are right our pre prep before the game would actually these columns per game and we're all excited trying to get these pronunciation damning you know. Right numbers and factory for the games that were sent radio. Plus sounds great I tell you what I'm excited listen to Zach as well you know. I got to know him a lot more iron about the past year year and a half for so and he's going to be a great addition their do you guys in the and I think we're all going to be. Enjoy the great benefit listened to him and the insight to he has in this game. You were all pumped about it I can't wait kick up as one or that there our way which right now Villa. Obama. Bill flyby give us a little scene set Scotty over there in Jacksonville doesn't Betsy what the weather's like. Lot of bands out today I don't know Jacksonville pre season football like here in New Orleans greasy jerseys everywhere. Haven't seen him yet I take it out for lunch at video right stating that it is nice cool cloudy now but it's been a beautiful they were right I think John river. At toward Jacksonville plays account across the river believe they are but it. But it should it's a nice day this should the United States and I'd be you know it is anytime you're on the water rain in any time. I'm open it doesn't but. You know the saint it to play a lot of young guys even tactical quarterback or trying to make this team is a new war on data from gently. Generally. Played so it too late in the Nebraska they really love him up here he's got the big arm itself grows so it's not just the saints guys. We have low local player player on the side as well that they probable like oral. They'll likely in the Kessler at the image. I got to play in and that Jacksonville won time in college a plea deal herbal about that. It decorate the the fault of the follow federal bit about the second half and it was. Man it was lights out but our place we we played North Carolina and that game. North Carolina. Art Taylor Carol. The year. After your after he got Italy and Europe but I had a that a good good ballclub they had. Cameron it's the kid's name them running backs and Kelvin Bryant other guys go to LA Nina who's solid players and they they they were pretty good the obvious that the became tried to come they had a big lead on us and you can come back and we almost scored at the very in the game and them. And I think we went. The forced the good. And it. The Arkansas team we were just talking about the running back. That neighbors placed marketing a merlot like guys veterans and rookies like gonna get shot they younger players and veteran. Of course. One of the guys Jonathan Williams had two phenomenal you know Arkansas there's so orgy he could come out its way to its that's what about our yards that he has he's gonna. Get a shot display you know some of the veteran like parents to lessen of course chain green and then and then bigotry element also played. Virginia Tech amount to look at the achievement of going back and emerge you know battle. Yet you know those running backs are like I've always said the Ehrlich. They're like. High performance racing car tires. Yet to change in Austin you know but I don't want her but but yet to change amount often and you need we need about three or four good ones so that got ahead Maria. You know because you're gonna get a flat every now and then. Straight it's a six. First take here on WW lower joined back. A Scott Alexander and Scott's get this little inside. On how preparation Joey Jackson oh. Everybody listen ends wondering hey Zach this is his first ga user and be with this pardon his good friend Deuce McAllister. So it's how the preparation don't take is behind those scenes. Although it. And people who looked into the doing Gaby United States which see it to be. Because the banter between these two they give an insight. Synonymous well beyond me not a regular the color player or play on eighteen and that may have played recently but yet two guys. Once there tuchman decades the other Joseph retired. Of course just an. Arbitrary all the time but that was the player and he's gonna Apple Mac so I was listening. During the scrimmage and you know I was in the Booth. Of some apparent match going to be the news broke yet they're gonna bring a little different to a topic that span the law now report myself and you know or is that you know you know put put. I tell you this gotta I I can I know exactly what's gonna happen because I'm goes is that cool enough already know that. I'm telling you right now he can tell by what's happened and if he's able to listen to it in there and he's able to get a clear enough shot from what's going on as far as. And you know either checked downs or whatever he's gonna know what to play as and that's really gonna help that that's going to be you talk about unique situation that's. That's going to be fun to watch. These. And the tradition here ago. It turned out I take the second we have a great TV broadcast of the art that they. Lot of parent down and then they listened and watched on television that turned out there that Libya. Well it's right turned on the TV turn up the sent us. Yes indeed I think about the two battles we're gonna talk about later. Scott and you've been out too many of these training camp practices the battle for the backup quarterback position which I think just in this league today with the injuries of that position. Is incredibly important and we saw what happened last year and then also the growth for the return jobs were shopping compared to the bachelor and we still don't have a front runner that. Well I must say this the first thought the quarterback I think it's kind of funny how people are well around member. On the the first day camp that first hopefully make people fortunate people. All that made the mill dates and go command and they can't. And I kept thinking you know not that I had been there maybe you know it's on the success. Accused the there are factors that played and that team is. Made for awhile. Certainly on both sides of the ball. And now you see what concept is is is running with the unit. Opened and the field that he notably quarterback media has more experience. The Tate and they'll they'll. All the that the people that world were taken now accounts is that it they priest he's gonna make shake out Tom that that was more. Cool under pressure better right now I'm in my opinion. Feeling in the regular Easter agreed that era because irked by. You can have a better chance of winning big game Tuesday if aren't that she went out in the game and then putting tempted but taken out and make this gamer girl. He's going to be on the team needs eleven too much is not just a player but it would the good thing he can do. Three in obviously the special teams who have began of people he's got the great side. But the matter they keep two or three quarterbacks in my opinion I think they're going to keep every. And take note going to be more an emergency guys so no. So you guys I'll tell you this it just you think about it some illness. He if not he's the most physical quarterback in the league hands down I don't see anybody else wanted to pound man on kickoff or punt coverage. I mean the guy is. Oh career for a guy and he's about he runs elect for three something forty. Which is incredibly easy it got to forty inch vertical you know a guy uses those athletic skills. To run them feel there's anybody thick block him. And then he's kind of got that explosiveness about him because you know obviously you can do those things in and run that fast and jump you've got some. Like twitch fibers in there and I can tell you that that he's the most physical quarterback I've ever seen in my life so I know that it's it's funny if you have a guy that can actually. Played it. Uniquely finesse positioning quarterback in the same time ago come over par and you know it's flatter the guy that's catching the ball is debts as the media goes out there. Would you know children died and music and we also went more deterrent to do that it didn't it didn't work out very Mort that the phenomenal athlete you know that the take you know bring the different dimension. At that hold a position obviously they are but you can do comedy you try to get three or so season and sometimes they turn the game and give fuel and make make you twelve Ford and eleven spots of that is. That's gonna be another reason it was going to be you know table as far as return go that is recede and and Erica they're going to. Figured out now it's one thing that kept the pot in the regular season they don't want guys. Who. Children before on a regular basis branded tape. I've yet and great years in buffalo and and and this guy can give you ten yards of return I would say at the moment. He would be a good time lately louis' electrifying. He can prove that he can. Hang on every par I mean there's not a more than twelve on you know throwing everything. It's just not seen. Turns on them back around. So Sean Payton doesn't they'd be you can catch every single ought not making that point the when he at forty he's gonna put you back there you know these electric thing. Mostly about adjusting about that too going to be fun to watch on that on game and that return of things start to get titans' season. You're gonna see number 41 because there's a chance. He time hands and the ball gets in the guys' hands. It's curtains and I had no clue when it matters he correctly what is when it matters yeah I agree with you yet they tests or that's a nice guy and he'll fall back on you got a guy that can break and you know that you know has the skills or select and he has more than one couple weeks here it takes a couple of returns. You know week just to sort of see the ball and you know watching him and things like that that. He's east. There's a eligible to learn now he refused to return a box. That told me just. And he surged by. Now I should. Hey Scott oh great or command I'm glad to have you part of the game day crew again this year and I know you are gonna do a fantastic job as everybody in the Booth this season thanks so much for joining us and they give our regards is that induce never but they aren't. Exactly they didn't regard though a. How and why so please give. I couldn't ever get Robert Carroll big a pat on the back to thomas' and I am innocent of Iowa Iowa welcome to a man I'm glad to see it and I'd be reviewed yeah Scott Alexander you can watch. Jim every week on primetime sports on CST TV. And also WL eighty ED TV good stuff their live from Jacksonville usually during the season. We're gonna have Steve Geller in that slot Steve prepping for his first broadcast issued didn't want to. Upset that apple cart as he gets ready for his first ever job well on the same side by anonymous data and then there at. He's he did color poor guy probably got butterflies I saw as does their entire II remember my first play by play about a broadcast I'm very vividly. I have never silence that we had a break for CBS news and local news when we come back your phone calls lined them up saints fans first game day 50426. So 187504260187. UW WL. Phone lines are open four of 5042601870. 26 so 1871. Of what we hope is 2324. Of these babies. As the saints season gets under way. Seems so. There's this new helmet rule that is all the rage Aryan Nations a people are all enraged more than underage about this the new rule basically in a nutshell says. That's. Danny contact initiated by lowering the helmet whether your offensive player defense of player whether that's an offensive lineman. Whether that's a defensive back whether that's Marshawn Lynch. Trend truck over some guys Lauren that Helmand. That's going to be a penalty and depending on the severity of the contact you could be injected now referee Brad Allen came out this week he's one of really the more prominent ref freely he did the one of these I think AFC championship game last year won the championship games last year here's what he said about this. Quotes we're gonna have to get library and frankly in the pre season. We're gonna have to throw many flags and then go back and say no this is not really what we watts in the pre season. We want to air on the side of putting the flag on the ground. And Dan evaluating if it's correct and put their city's sand and basically they're gonna throw much flak for this so it's and then that try to get players you see this and angle back and say okay this is maybe something would Monica also we're gonna see a lot of flags in the pre season. So is going to be yard sale to yeah hours and saw the rat. I don't know why there's a part of me that. You're the head. It's it's is a former player. I don't know how that's gonna play out from the standpoint of of in the trench how how is that going to portray itself I mean. There's times I wish I I would have to go lower on a guy. Then take him up high and some times and in doing so. That means mom I'm gonna have my head a little lower now does that constitute that now that by just committed a penalty. Sounds like if you initiate contact by the by mother knows the letter of the law there yeah yeah and so on they get the same time. I'm pulling out I'm trying to I'm trying to get in front of safety or cornerback and they're like cats if you know anything about it cornerbacks are okay. You can be right in front of them and they can turn to smoke in the matter split second and it disappears from. So we were always taught to throw on them and I you do that is you throw their belt level. Doing so you can throw some of these belt level in which your body and usually end up hitting about that needs. As you're sort of you know flying through the air type thing and so. In doing so there'd be times that that. Little guy would sort of get in the way and his in my head what it is it or you know might normally it is. So at that point now now we're talking about OK now. This is apparently now it's a 34 defense and I'm regarded them going out on you know just to Britain just sort of based block L linebacker. I have to someone get my body in position to take death blow and for myself to deliver a blow to move that guy. If not he's gonna hit me in the chest and he's gonna crush any so. Now is that apparently on him. For parade would be now says that's the other wrenching part invite and it's not just turned even listening out there it's not just the helmet to helmet hits anymore this is if you lower your helmet into the chest of somebody. That's apparently now too. You know. And look I understand why they're doing in and I and home I don't know I can't articulate this very well for them struggling with this but it. It it's. That that that's gonna put that's going to be a problem just from the standpoint okay. How especially on the defensive side if I if I just flipped the script here. From leaving office a player in the pros when I was playing defense my first couple years in college before they. The movie opposite lines that was not good defense line. How do you play defense at that point let's get bush saying how do you like I just and asleep right guys already are. You know the they slant these things from the standpoint of of points points as what's exciting in points is what the public likes I I get that to a certain extent but the same time. There's got to be a ways did defensive players can still do what they're supposed to do best. And if you take away this is a cow disease that that they have in possess which is makes them the greatest. You know part of your your team is four hours a functioning unit to stop another team. I don't know how they can effectively do that mean that can't dispute it. Grabbing you ankles and like allowing anybody wants this to turn into arena football why is an insult is like you just. Wonders what to do was grab the guy Michael due to the ground amino I don't understand sort of how they're gonna. You're gonna damage export in such a way that you're not going to be able to. Have. This ferocious in the seventh in the performance of its guys. Build himself up to be and where they're trying to get faster stronger more explosive to beat this much more violent football player. But what I said right there is a panel. Yeah you know they don't want violent football player anymore you wanna kinder gentler football where it's gonna derivative program on our staff that are gonna do what god damn you brought. Yeah lower it's going to be very inching to pay attention to all pre season monument ran Allen is on the truth here than expected tonight a bowl load of these sites we saw that in the hall of fame game even supposed to be. It's gonna be like for a half hour game yet well I mean that the hall of fame game I was like three and a half 345 was always a that's gonna and it's only football anyways you're talking about the second third street and that's a thought. And I and the thing is it when it does is that bad. Prevents the younger guys. From really be able to go out and show what they do this maybe this kid came out of college from a smaller school he was a terrific hitter you know that's what he did best. And now all of a sudden he's gonna have to like sort of step back and say. Now I gotta try to figure this out I got here based on this toughness that I have and now I have to back off on this. Now all of a sudden hey. And none of my mom make this football club because I can't play this game the aggressive way that I was taught to play it now I want to say. I think maybe you just. Echoed everything I've heard from players so far they need clarity here and I don't think they're getting clarity yet but that vote rule as early. Also reviewed and around new petrol and see how they call that. If you're on hold the truck and Larry and everybody else to see you hold New York calls and got a question for Steve you wanna sound off on the saints. This is your show 504260187. Events the phone number. The tax line 87870. I'm set Dunlap he Steve courts this is fans first day on saints radio WW. Our blue runner foods have been employed WW all dot com what saints transitional battle you watching the closest tonight. Backup quarterback. Fund kick return running back linebacker role Lyon and overseas vote in Korea that have or not blue runner but it didn't love me some. Thirty Davila doc Gallup data that Gloria. Top of their lets kids because they're got some questions for court she just heard the numbers this is your show let's go to truck and Larry. Larry what's going on. That. How you doing buddy. To all. The people and well come and that that's. Did. Yeah and now on is that the all of them thought he'd spent you know what I on the. Larry you know what ever is well that if that now that they're running back C takes a pitcher you know and offers a much dead he breaks it outside because it turned a corner. And he's gonna get hit and if he does what normal running backs do is they kind of get their pads over their toes they get low. And they get their head down to sort of protect that side didn't know the ball on the outside are all that. But he puts his head down and strikes with that as he's hit and that other player. I can be a heavily on the running back now there's to me. There's going to be a huge problem that is I'm just telling you right now what's gonna happen is. There's going to be somebody is gonna get a a third one or third to. They're gonna get a first down on something and and it's going to be an egg in a game type playoff situation whatever. And they're gonna call flag on that and their guests that back and there's going to be. There's going to be huge problem you wanna hear a role that I think Seymour Steve. The missile Muslims not I don't like this change greats you wanna hear one it's actually in the books to be lemon talked about thanks for the call. Larry on this one so now. They are treating head first slides. This same way they are treating feet for slides so here's a scenario you got a quarterback let's say it's fourth and goal at the one yard line late in the game you need a touchdown to win. If that quarterback. Dives headfirst into the end zone. That they call that down to where he started to slide. Just like a where he started to die just like if you was sliding feet first that's in the book he got a lot of play yesterday on NBC sports and pro football talk I am telling you. People are going to be outraged because. Did this isn't the officials problem this is what the owners and the rule committee changed again. This I'm not making this up visitor fake news right now on the books in the NFL. If they quarterback dives headfirst they are treated the same way. As if they are sliding feet first he got a quarterback diving for a first down head first diving for the end zone diving for the pile on. That's no longer a touchdown that's down where you begin that slide and it's absurd and insane a one. How many times we see Drew Brees is that yeah. When he grabbed me takes the snap from from the senator from behind senator takes one step back and he jumped story stretches arms out to to break deploying them. I I do this anymore. Where he's diving and it is he's diving out he's diving to the ground yes I'd like reaching the ball over I guess wouldn't be. But let's say but is I mean he's diving with a is. You know he's he's Nigeria got his hands I mean that's the world this was and we will as somebody I believe it was pro football talk to our partners there. Annan laid aside that's that's crazy and I don't know if they didn't realize this can you imagine no. The outrage we don't have a running quarterback here let's say can and we'd love it here but obviously saint you can imagine Cam Newton late in the game. Dives for the pile on scores winning touchdown and he's called down do you imagine the outrage that Steve. Day. It's not. It does not football I mean that's you your your scrap and claw and fight for every single that you get these guys are put it on the line. And they're diving forward because they're within a dive in practice you know to get the I did okay and they're dive in and game because they're trying to win the game. And they're gonna get called as a penalty on I don't know that's going to be area. Yeah I it's absurd it's something hopefully it'll change here before the regular season starts one more real quick call. Keith and met tree Keith you're on WW off. Check probably. It's I go there. Couldn't go in and other than that it. I. Like the pot a few a lot of he can't put. But you know what and yeah yeah. That we are correct. Agree on that and that we want to walk from college football bullet you want to cross aboard and the this year. How many people are not good road circuits. Are MVP. Talk about to hear you all and I talked about any topic so it's seven on seven and this. That. Would do. It. You know like I can tell you this you know you bring up kind of a good point keep him I'll I'll tell you this I think that if you damage the game. To the point where it becomes. Someone on watchable because like I said before. You take away that kind of violence. That. You know speed and that. You know big hit an all kind of stuff you know some of the hits I agree akin to you can't just spear people's stuff like Devin the same time. You take a way that kind of stuff for you got running backs that are out and put their head down because or get the extra yard to do those guys they if you take this stuff out of the game. It's not going to be it's not gonna resemble the game did that we've grown to love and and I think you're you're right I think it may cannibalize a lot of what's gonna happen with the NFL I'm into. And I'm really concerned thanks for the call Keaton Matt street here is the rule straight from the league's online rules right now currency pro football stock quote a quarterback does not have to slide feet first to be considered giving himself up. Regardless of whether defeats this in the slide his feet first or head first as long as he gives a male self up he should receive the protection afforded to him as a player. Now here's what elite spokesman rusty Maines told ESPN earlier this week. It's a big change this year because if you were runner quarterback. And dove headfirst you could if you're untouched but get all that slide if you went head first now you cannot. The reaction to see what happens at the goal line yeah it's going to be entry to see what happens the goal line indeed. Thought my drove Emporia you're going on matter anything saints 5042601870. I'm Seth Dunlap he Steve court mrs. fans first take on saints radio WWL. Welcome back to fans first take on stage radio WWL Seth Dunlap Steve courts we're getting some sex same artist can't be true no it is true here's more from the article. On pro football talk. Quoting from them. It's easy to see how big of a change that will be in the past the quarterback ran the ball on third and five easily slide feet first Monte picked up five yards. But he slide head first now to pick up the last yard abuse meant by an opposing defender after getting four yards now there's no distinction between the beat first and head first. At the goal line. The same thing Natalie interest and talk about that more next hour are you ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars in our inner on national cash contest. The code word this hour is shade. Text shades is 72881. That seven to anyone text now on you can win 1000 dollars cash. Was into the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour now through 6 PM. 1000 dollars is up for grabs when it for your wallet good luck. From all of us at WW well we never charge for text but individual plan text and data rates apply. Please don't text and drive. One more hour of your calls and text saints fans lined them up it's game day 504260187. Beach. I'm Seth Tellabs Steve courts on band's first day.