Saints First Take - Hour 2

Saints Football
Sunday, December 3rd

WWL's Kristian Garic and former New Orleans Saint Steve Korte discuss the Saints upcoming matchup against the Carolina Panthers Sunday afternoon at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome.


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Yes indeed often run an hour to. Of the fans of the pro excuse me first take. Here on a secretive to some issues and wanna via double coverage into the pros I've heard that they like to do all sports saw I think it built Obama that they convertible to want to organize and ultimate. Our 21 date between gates eight beat the misstatements of don't count you down. Saints and Panthers at 3.5 today in a statement superdome college football playoff rankings. Are out Alabama squeaks in net for Clinton's as the once he'd. So the Alabama includes in the right here in the superdome on New Year's Day miserable ought to be huge in Ohio State did not give him. They accident five Oklahoma State to. And of course Georgia winning the SEC title game yesterday it's all our city it threes there at the top four final teams in college football by Alabama athletic unit knows it. Ridiculous shows you that event will its own perhaps next week that's. And distilling. If you hadn't do right now it's going to be close of the historic. See because of the tell them out. I don't know I don't is cant I just can't discount that's what I'm saying but I'm just if I look at this first bush is just from what I've seen in the past. Two weeks I would say and again teams are gonna change between now and then they always do. As a young team and guys and and and if things change but but nevertheless. The way those that the youthful posting is plain rescues and all they were policies play in the last the last couple weeks it's. That's. It's my prediction of sticking to it. When you call point after they were bodies. And a public it to fancier and probably a little upset I don't hear a lot of horse people think that you could barely talk and I want a lot of raspy voices on the point after that's how loud it should be. Today you say he's been talking about hoarse like voice were not like Edwards yes that not. No but let cannot that you like drastic cannot are quarter horses are hurt from where thoroughbred I don't want I don't want in America horse people CJ. On line for you want to be that we'll see to it. You know he's now at a big deal and he'll. Repeat it. Maybe the ball. Well. It. All. These. The making them. Climbed out and peel off all the. Since day let me just expletive you would you start him over. AJ Klein over Craig Robertson. Over even my body to a degree and an answer would be no I mean. Like the idea and admit I take out as well but the the I understand that that a big hill stories a good one right. The Matalin and Andre undersized but. He's an ahead of those guys he that he wasn't even I was. I watched him I watched him in the keys. He's hell on wheels I mean he is it big time effort guy he's. Guys it's tremendous physical shape these you know crazy works parties he knows the game it's tough guy. There's no question about it and explain the perfect position for him to play this game. But lessons unless we get sort of reel him in that could work. He's not gonna see a lot of a line back direction he's he's pretty solid special team guy and look that's. He's he's Korean. A good spot for himself here he's put himself in really good position so. You know he's proven himself that he can he can play at this level it's just that whether or not he's gonna get on the field at the linebacker position on that Reynolds and then on injured. This Carroll was cool on this earlier on debatable. Well. Yeah. His own and operate the equipment. You don't know. It was. The that are exactly the way we have one week but yeah now. I really committed a penalty. He committed a penalty is nothing official it's on the player's ultimate penalty. But but but one thing is what. Mine who lives. This day and that they would all be home and cream and that. On the net well. We. Ran and and win an adequate. Elvis well I like your enthusiasm like your passive now like. You vigor as well and nicely done ms. Carol. Very passionate about saints win today is Carolina Panthers. He now she's. She's determined. But it's it's just. I'm not organ whether. Like refuse Alec but she's just looking at is that I mean. On the back down a big deal for a minute I instantly elicits great story undersized player. He does fly around he's a total effort guy that's how he gets that but you and I were talking Steve. If he's the league for six years. It bounces up and down off the practice squad. He's an active roster but it easily active for six games a year for six years a he's got a pension. It'd be that should be about what he's expected to great career for a guy like that it's a great career as fun knock on him he's played in FL linebackers played in the National Football League. At the linebacker that's extremely difficult to do. In particular. Particularly on on this team in and around the league with. I just I just looked don't understand that there is there's this one is it are able or guys like anti KLA declining quite Robertson. This league is is full of the guys that. I hate that word over achiever presumably that's that's just. You your what your YouTube which it usually over achieves anything that. That there's this the use its political players that. But there sure will. And what they have in the gifts that you have to make the very best of what they have it and they and they capitalized on it and you know we'll stroke of luck gotta have some of that in and obviously injury free from time to time. Big time major players today and and sometimes when you make it that but look it's. It's it is that. Incredibly hard to make make it in this league in the affected you or make in this league uses them. In some faction at all. Is a great testament as to what you can do as far as football players so. Everybody wants to be a star and that's what you play but it means that nobody can beat not everybody can be a store so that. Look I want to be quarterback. Because what that meant many of them look. So I will pull a clipboard. I never does that so yeah so you know no one of your starting quarterback witness what does not happen and and I knew that much from the get go and realize that. That was a good viewer I was going to. Be successful and obviously football Majlis national football so. Everybody as a Mac users were expertise video with their. Times (%expletive) college football final four announced a one Clinton were to Oklahoma number three Georgia and the before. Alabama. That is the F final rankings and Alvin did he did a one loss team over a two loss Ohio State. Did you agree with the rankings do you agree that Alabama should've gotten in the college football final rankings 5042601. Except the techniques of the ticket eight Seve also saints and Panthers. We'll watch will have to do ultimately you you lay out the game plan as to what the saints have to do to stop Cam Newton in advantage for me. It is just that stop Cam Newton you stop enters his defense well Steve. They're they're they're stopped people obviously they were the number one ranked defense in the legal of that week three matchup and saints tossed about pretty good if you lose your schedule. Let's schedule it's been a last place schedule and they face of offenses that are quite prolific and and and that is boosting its office of so those numbers. And I think any with Carolina so those numbers are it's cute but he's gotten people in there get their forces took over the jets almost beat them last lieutenant not been for for because this war. And another turnover they don't beat jets. Well look. And B that's a matchup dealer in you can be. Look at this there's some times you see in this league teams that should be the other teams in because of what they've done their records and you find out that come Sunday. That the team that you expected it was going to be sort of walk over team just really gets kicked. So that happens all the time because of matches and people don't realize that the match ups and typically it's in. Obviously the line of scrimmage for the most part as to where those teams in those games are won or lost. But I think right now our offensive line please. If they play the way it did last week we're going to be in trouble OK I don't think they're gonna play that way okay. It has a lot to do with the rams and the fourth down you know. Four guys they had that rush the passer last week as a problem because they got some guys can flat get it done this week really is it is. Look there's Carolina hasn't got a lot of credit their defense is here because they've. They've kind of been flying under the radar obviously down here that if one of the radar because of this you know with the saints have done it. Look we can one sure they know the guy in the middle for them is the guy that that is. But he's one of the best you know. Those guys the that you could you could imagine in this league he he he makes a difference to Connecticut to want him. To do is peppers been around for centuries seems like. And he's going to be a problem especially for a program check on this side if there's a question and and it's going to be a problem and then the fact that we have. You know the guy that that I think it was Charles Johnson get messages out. That that bodes well for us today does that but but keep who's gonna make a ton of plays and and that whole defense is designed. It's such a manner that that they want those two they won Davis and they want to lead vehicle tackles and by and large they do. But we can sort of get that second level like we have come in passed in the past games that we've really dominate the run game with the facts that we have now. I mean it's Katy bar the door because if we get a good sound running game today going. Will be will beat them and will be themselves. The back for Joseph that you to a final four teams and so when he said the text 870 eights of the first think outside the Mercedes-Benz superdome say to painter's 325 to golf right here on. Saint regular but like count down to kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. At BTD they'll be coming up at 132 recently over here and join a nice crisp weather council's vote to cigar now. I envy them this is secretly ought to be that well outside of Mercedes-Benz superdome as we can find Steve corps former saints offensive line and Kristian garic here as well for first take. In between gates aid be right outside the saints pro shop our new locations this year to go by. How will saints football nice little crowd on hand all ready get set for saint and it is 3253. Hours from now. What will take on the painters and 830 feet and in that 83 record Joseph which would launch of of your on WWL. And it. They are you. Well uncle. Mark I'm mad. At them like hit and I don't. A bad advice and amp. Gallant got first off can Crowley's going to play as far as marks a lot of what we don't know yet another some reports out there that. Exited in the play he was limited practice on Wednesday did not practice on Thursday limited again on Friday. He's questionable I would be surprised if it's a plane Steve the impact ultimately be it. He doesn't play this game is ought to look at last week but I think that unlike last week it's the different office so if there's a game that he didn't. He would play gets the last time that we 3-D B and indices did well this offense isn't really let's hear like the rams where the governor Arnold. A lot it's not the same time look. Great players. You know make great plays and look at the fact that if he was out there and was really. You know if you play such a little that this deal with this injury that that is not good either sitting back or. That we can make some plays with a hey he. And they go out there and you know because a couple of picks is something do you don't know so. But if I had to choose I would say look with with slip. You know Atlanta's got a more prolific passing past intact and that this Carolinas so. The weapons they have been in Jones and subdue it and Kaman that are guys' names right now but that nevertheless those guys to be here or could be more with the problem. Coverage wise than those. Let your mind at this point so Crowley will be back music group play maker forced him so. Police if you give wanna back feels that there are going to do it. Speaking of at quarterback and particularly the boat all of them let them practice squad and released Dovonte terrorists who was your start. And we wanted to use your starting quarterback he's been released. It is good Alice Freeman went to equality was inactive for those two teams and on obstacle how. Can you tell me. They came crawling is not the better quarterback than the punting Harris they released him obviously an undrafted player from your bill out of fixing him. And I spoke with Steve I think the bigger thing is that they got that right. But the big thing is. Kobe political on injured reserve. With a concussion it shows you that I think that cope with leaders split last couple things. Well yeah the guys who. I sort of had the feeling of that was gonna happen anyway and I think it is yeah look with his. Who had cut the chase and and see if we can you know. We'll sit him down the rest here anyway so can take him out of the mix early on so. Yes I think that you pretty much did that himself with. Look at. There's enough never guys out there again I don't know. What to practice squad guy isn't what he's doing now you know with that of what capability gonna give you see him but. You can rest assured that they they polygamy for your reason. It's expected at this decided. Greg Olson do with a foot injury. Not going to play today against the wolves in the weeks that he's not okay that is expected to sit out for this ball sits at the novelist little reason why. You'll have Marshall out of while it's. As big of. Pressing you go that's more that's more book. David Carnell it is the it is it looked at its. Looked up as good a find weapons standpoint knowing ya know I understand I'm just thinking that at this point and that's that the current guy but nevertheless. Whoever else and acumen when they're back to prison system. Should have to Chris manner. Wednesday's policies that. You know we have community area new members are there so that it will and Greg Olsen who. He's recruitment religion admired Rangers this year so he's not planning its legacy that that vote gulf war. And like so they're Marcus Williams and Dixon and Dixon will. Baucus we have sink seek the out of his ball and how will they filled out will you pick the picture more on bill played that role raw deal bush that's. If you'll. On film you know I think. At this point you know lose it there interchangeable. You know and I'm sure that appeals to different flavors of that back there anyway. But at this point it phone bill seemed like these make it's a place you know in this in this spot so. C. And then that range of markets leads has I think it's something to be concerned with those disease if we get to a lot of these little cover a lot of ground so full of bills and not relate. The guidance that that. They can play center field as well we tried his rookie year you notice they moved to more down in the box this year playing close to lines from it we all know people Carl's. Impact there. But I don't know I think they're there isn't a pretty significant drop off at safety whether it's rough deal with playing today. Over Marcus Williams or for more Swedes or playing over want known on the Lucille. If we can make him more one dimensional with the run then that I think you see voters more on bill just because the roads were turned up aspect is that. That's yet to be determined. Steve court Kristian garic your first excellent open final four to six a when he said the text 870 eights and run across. The leaves him a lot of new reason to smile right here at losing a lot of outside of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Say to painters come up and about us three hours here on W him well enough but not the Atlanta on top of Minnesota early the first quarter of three to nothing. They went for the falcons think. We're supposed to saints on Thursday night football early scores Detroit down to Baltimore in Baltimore free enough and New England on top of buffalo. In buffalo it's really not that San Cisco to drop was first start over Chicago. In the windy city three to nothing so a lot of freedoms were so far in the early games they've debate on top of rebates seven to three. Jack's built on top of Indianapolis seven. To nothing in Miami. In Denver played baseball. The dolphins to enough that. Over the Denver Broncos Kansas City fourteen to seven over the New York Jets. In the first quarter along with Houston on top of Tennessee the first were three to nothing. Bullets over the final fours and so when he suddenly taxed 877 looking at the playoff. Picture in the NFC Steve yeah obviously over the next five games saints could end up going from perhaps. The two seed always go to the succeed. Maybe at some ground obviously tonight I have the tiebreaker over Minnesota or over the Los Angeles rams. They don't lady Eagles Eagles got to run away with things but they could make up some ground obviously they with a five straight here but they lose. Well one these two are both of these games one against the Atlanta won against the Panthers and they could be only down. To succeed pretty quickly. Well look at that time merely consider before this sort of put up or shut up time so. These games are critical because at some point. And I have to keep going try to eat when each one of them there's no question what should do each and every week but there's going to be that that the other teams get paid to. And what they're gonna come in here they know how good we are they know. It was a situation as it looked. They're right in the race it's not like there you know you're trying to be spoilers in this type thing these people were you know these these are teams it must be really good of Carolina Atlanta. They're right there there they're right on our heels so it's not like. We have this clear cut leader and and we have any room to coast there's Kinko's around this especially this. Next five weeks is really the tell tale. The Eagles on top of the NFC east at ten and one Dallas Cowboys at 66 Detroit Lions trail Minnesota Vikings by three games vikings on top nine to two. 92 let's say in the AFC north. The Nokia NFC south into that stand the saints in Kansas both Cincinnati three the falcons coming up at seven for ten beta for seven. Los Angeles the ramseys deviancy less than 83 in the Seattle Seahawks still on their schedule there down one game to the rams seven. In war in Arizona 56 courses though have won it since there is pretty much a pretty good look at. The NFC playoff picture and he got three key for the NFC south steeped in in this mix Rihanna we haven't seen. Yes that they're very much so. Looked at us there's no question as far as being the strongest. You know conference out there and it hands down its citizens out these messages with a record Christian. Idiocy it's Minnesota excuse me is doing that it nine to Buffalo Bills that's exit five Steelers lead the case he knew what nine and two over the Baltimore Ravens to a six in five Tennessee Titans. In the AFC south and into a tie with the Jacksonville jaguar notes that seven it for. Is that the AFC west accuses the keys that fall apart they are now 65. As a team that start out by when I like everybody you know analyze the City Council that is. Ian is you know taking over for the you know doing the patriots is being sort of the dominant team in the AC that when there was a new at some point. Just by the way they were planned and that fact that the teams are gonna sort of figure out the riddle. And they certainly did. That Andy Reid's been long been a long time there's no question he's got that team play we'll let. Really begin to get falters sort of defensively and then he's begin to sort of figure out the you know the running back situation with the young guys there and and and and also know Alex Smith thinks they can force him to do. You'd ever gonna come back in the pack and serenity did. Scott texts and. Steve king Wally he's pointedly today marks on a lot of war activists pre game. He wants to go it's. Also too often right now bill. Given a pretty good test well. Yes now that so often that it's Watson view via a defense is as well all we ought to those players. That's listed as questionable on the injury report the corporate cigar here. First take seats and pain is it briefly five here Huckabee did well enough that first day here's the court Kristian garic. Outside the Mercedes-Benz superdome and the gates a and several injuries and clawed and also his shoulder injury he's out there on the field. Working out trying to test its own terms CPE you know our BTD ability caught up with Toronto earlier in the week and here's that comes it. Toronto three to two run. No gain in the NFL with this in the NFC south Carolina's toughness what would you Seattle didn't sense maybe it's the different people and how they're clean compared to the first meeting there were so expect. Okay they've had a really good defense in the past several years. They have their identity and those who wanted to do overlook those two. Run by the way players that the U lined up in quarterback Tim Thomas play so. A bit hotel rooms and so we we could we please Gus Garcia noted we noticed deepest noticed filled. To run you know is as much as the game seem any kind of gets a little more positions demand slumps and do this and that and although medical school. Who control the last thing you guys did their new game. First I mean how how how important is that took them just in the game the need to come out and try to establish it hurt. At WWU. These division games always. Usually always come down today is also the needs of the legal bid battle over front lines. Who love to come orally and in. You know try to sell more. Can we look at the matchup like this but it. Professionals you peaceful future potentially addictive game we've got a beautiful all the time but there's just some of them flew when mussina is a division of gain first place alone. Stoked up a little more. Yeah yeah moon. That they know Lotta Lotta people approach games differently. Divisional games and certain opponents. View is a little action on the window regardless of what they say some version of the path as the felt loose you know and these weekends or below they're. Supposed to be. They found in Toronto thinking things to ensure you do over the course you you've made you change from before you do that we've moments we'll kick off. You do clean cut the same routine patrol says nonsense the Susan Patton. They were thing today come off prayer very. This is really go. To run thank you are probably key like Clinton. Think left tackle to run Armstead was the Sylvia earlier in the week and I try to give the go. Today against the Panthers as. Well that's going to be we get him back that's do you play today. And he's able to the sort of complete you know the whole game. That's good if they. Plus for us. College football final four rankings have been announced its case to President Clinton and number one Oklahoma to Georgia three Alabama at four personally want to. Vs four right here in the superdome. On New Year's Day Clinton taken on Alabama rematch of last year's. National championship game Oklahoma and Georgia will face off India to source three matchup whose mysterious team of these. War. Movement number one to me. The one that they've got a ring number one really knows what it took me aside and look up to say that from the standpoint of what they. What I see in the line of scrimmage. Defensively. Defensive role wise they're the only team that I've seen at this point that that matches Alabama. Defense for a wise. To be that wins the majority are games a college football and that's the fitness of the devils true look at. There's a mile and you the maker may feel listen you know gonna make some plays and and the look and see what Georgia's done. And how they play. And there's accounting they bring their defensive line is another one that's that's you know one anyone beat. And that's why I sort of think that when this thing is all shakes out I think if you sequencing. And Georgia proper squared off for the national championship and that's just sort of way I see those two. Dominant defense is. And kind of what they're they would do. Look around the National Football League the New York Giants pitching Eli Manning you know and we for you want to sound off on this. I certainly did on double coverage I mean is is how you treat me her two times bowl champion. Quarterback and more importantly if writers and you should you tell me. They your issues are at quarterback for the New York Giants quarterback now give you that I had to that's not offensive coordinator. Not anything else that the result puts a line. They have struggled and you can tell that this is now sort of one of those feature reactions and look at I thought Mac to do. From the get go was really no reason you know never really. Was able to take control of that team whatsoever I don't think he ever had control team he lost the locker room because only you were at the locker room. So. Look I think he uses at some point try to say that this is one of those majors that we take it to see if we can right the ship restore the score but. Judgment mine mine I think that was one of the things that look you know. And to get nothing that moments genome wave at the same time you say look. You can compare those two guys and see what he lies don't over the years it's not his problem. It's not as hopeful that that that they are where they are about Eli like anything else look you're quarter basket get more here. Of the credit when things go good he's getting your publisher of the blowing things go bats of the look at him there kind of using as the scapegoat is point and they've got. They've they've labeled him the wrong guy I mean to me that was it's. Were choice about Eli Manning at season's end up doing the right thing now saying all the right things either sports you know so. But once that season's over concentrate immediately street you know I don't be I mean I I just think Hugh well a guy I look I think that. I think ownership will probably venture into this you know it would be it. Things well written and I would say it was ownership and approach them with the coach about this deal definitely a change nickel back. To get a replica. Earlier the workings of past but I can say at this point after after the look at it its policies we could think about something and when did you begin to say it out loud. And when you hear it out loud you think who. Maybe not okay and I think once they did that they realize that and it's probably the greatest choice we made here so I don't know what they're gonna do is of the season with what happens at the end of the year and look. You know for a follow on those under the guy can play in and the fact he's he can play a lot of I was this little. They even oppose the city to play the first apple would let you know play this. I've eagle ice or use its lead but it's good for the game at that point. I'm just I don't know about the right they just don't think it preliminarily give the guys hook and tell him that right. It's. I NC stick with the guys that she's always stuck with. Because it's really not his problem at this. You get a bigger problems in this guys in front of him first and foremost. God wouldn't is that they're at running game there still own. Saluted they've they've got a much bigger problem than it through Eli Manning's not the problem. Wrap up our first our second hour they'd stick fans first date here on C three UST court Christie Garrett. This is W well enough but not to open our Rolex contact two hours and 27 minutes of the saints take on. The Carolina Panthers right here at Mercedes-Benz superdome first take. When he Galilee and things off the spotlight count down the kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby there. And we keep the building come up about thirty minutes we'll find out next hour. Also what makes Steve pork chicken about today's matchup lucky bikers the quality ticket if you were to the conversation 50422 so when he said the text 870. 87 XT court procedure in between gates eighth in the Beatty and nice little crowd and it's this loosely kick off I like it meant a lot more energy around them. That's indicative of the time of year it is it's sort of guess what the level of Q here is that what he kept coming here in the next five weeks so yeah you can tell the people a little bit more excited about. Sort of what's going on the fact I think it's a little bit later kickoff time makes a big difference. Forcing itself that's align its deep chord of Kristian garic. First thing rolls on here on six radio on WWL EM after the dot com.