Saints' fans rituals

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

Tommy talked to Saints fans about what they do during games.


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Couple questions for you who do you think is gonna win on Sunday naturally York. Prediction and do you have any saying that you do that you think influences whether the saints win or not be a praying or. Some kind of ritual or so forth. And would you rather watch the game. With elbow a lot of people were yelling this party atmosphere. Or would you rather it be Jews do you in the TV in a quiet settings he can really pay attention. Robert no long ones mourning endeavor WLU Dylan. Corporate are you going to bore down. I'm doing well tell me about so much in the game Muehlegg a big crowd or deal like to kind of be alone seeing him pay attention. I like you know beer pitchers I wore a reward in your role that you. But. I get on the and there are some. Gains. You want people may know. It. Company. Pretensions you know right today. But the people oh. Yeah. You know when you do in oh. Or. Are they. While not. Scared I'm scared of what. Got me in the ship in the war. Old may hold him in the air trophy tennis in oh. That is so horrible Robert I won't even entertain the thought I can't allow myself to think of it in on main. Would you rather would you rather though play and look the saints had a bit get pass Minnesota first everybody realizes that. But they won't know when they play whether Atlanta or Philadelphia would be waiting for them if they win. Against your liking so you play Philadelphia they are you play Atlanta here if you had to pick one would you say. There Adobe one. Orchard at all. To get to 200. Hi Robert thank you lady called. You're welcome. You Tutsis exit when he eats at any Jesse Covington you're under the WL the morning. Yeah. You get right. Did. Right about now. Faulkner hospital emergency room gift card. And lines that. It's. YouTube that. Mr. in the game should. Yeah. And I think the scores are fourteen to. I Jesse had an answer uninteresting prediction if you get. Funds might it take did better not probably you would. The US about Minnesota 112 points texts that are coming and we watch the name of my counsel about ten or fifteen people. So we pass a bottle of tequila around and do a shot every time the same school war. I guess they DB a com. Another around Texas I can't wait till the pregame show and research showing highlights of the saints' success this year going to be very nice to see us. On a national level again Troy diamond head to morning earn double WLU Dylan. When you say to try. I have a comment about. Prefer to watch it yeah. I watch all on the dip belligerent screamed you all that well or this year. Belligerent you would get belligerent trying. Because they like art it's a line in 08. Away but when. Our record be gay and watch girl 008. And when you're 80. I'll topical and I'll watch it commercial. And I just feel like they better or don't want to. Typical diet or. I or here. Feel like I'll jinx curveball to right next special court oil it's sure not just more mail and about how. Oil issue question to would go ahead. Are right. Well. In it we wanted to barrel on yeah. I think at the same thing record. Oh well I beans I want to check out old school. Want dean Weber up all its current volatile. There are all it you're such such. And I heard of all all but it felt awkward but a. On behalf of the entire unit who dat nation mine I suggest you take a battery out and a phone. I. What. Do you find it lasts taxiing. On new union nerves if you know that Bo when I'm watching years. In a way it doesn't matter because the results are already in or do you do you get less worked up. Just like to work there are better for our medals and white but art. You know about every or deck. Watching rank. I've heard it said that I think there's something to be said about the advantages of the cardiovascular. Exercise of Ginn open moving around. Cajun nervous. Yeah. Do you want your bubble a lot of roll out year Wear out so that is so. A sort of thank you Troy who doubt says the best is it in new long ones they sister. Good morning to you I'm well thank you and how are you. I'm well thank you. Tradition. That. We. That we re. We credit. How's it worked out. Obviously a pretty good well this season. And yet we we. That they that they stay here and see things accurately and that division is. Okay I'm there and enter a partial. Will be apportioned to rate cut the week we are good but not. You know sister when we even when they were seven and nine woods is saying you enact as if you have faith and faith will be given to Ian. And you have face down on June at that. Yeah. There's a degree not in enough and you know ever slips out that you know. Balancing and absolutely enamored you know absolutely. Uncanny. I hope it doesn't happen thank Jesus or he had a prediction on the game. Yeah. So. I think the bank probably. The 09 I'll be right like Tim Candice and say damn Francis there. Thank you thank uses the best from new wall and you know. Some of the gum out of its traditions or rituals or superstitions. So many Texan in and said they had a hard time finding black and gold food to eat until he settled upon. Scrambled eggs and black coffee so I guess is black and gold. Ferrari you could do it that way about some black beans and something did there you go. A maybe yellow rice. A load this on Sunday morning the most is not chosen beer for game time I shot a fireball would kick offs. At a did you go on wall all callers. Specially when am early games you didn't take it shot about 1155. Now the case so of course they game's going to be. At 340. Congrats behavior selves now you got that big weight to the 340 Gekko a exactly you don't sleep through it. Chris on the I ten higher end Evan W on the morning. On a little alluded to lead. I completely understand now. About the superstition brick walls you are. Recently worked. Out seven week. Mom and usually like. Isn't like. Some or have orbit even more rate. And down its bet. I'll eat. It is weird and superstitious. Guy. But they've been at the time. Started it. Again radio in insult. At the update of it they will. Ought apple watch very tired game but. I'll tell. The work that spot will be Cold War or I'm going to. Wire act mortality and I don't panic ER. Ink out the that oil and but I don't. The and so. Equity. Com do you think the saints have any uniforms that are particularly lucky. Combinations at setter on. I'm trying to think you think it happened because of I don't I don't think yeah it where they're. Right. And of like geno are gonna win their purple also would you go white jerseys and black pants like last time or gold pants. Google they had to change a need to leak out then our league not being the first week. I let it decently and they don't know a lot like. Eight in the art app from the first game were completely different so I mean we. The people out there it. I hope poked a lull now but I think is going to be close. Oh yeah also. If you if you had your choice. Would you wanted to be like the NFC championship game back in. Owed nine miners whose ten actually by then it was in January. Arm for the 09 season where it's just so. You know I and it was just. Probably the most that I. The. I outpace and I had to act it. You know I. Like about. It the way we don't want. But it was on yeah you know so I took our blowout op I think they're more mail. Well that's what gets me Chris about that the finale the of the playoffs is that you realize. How high we're going to be. You know what I'm saying if if and pump we're gonna be if for whatever reason Atlanta beats Philadelphia. We beat the vikings and we know we got that NFC championship game coming up here in the dome. All our. Beds it clean out the locker season's over. I'd love it. We where we've been weeded out that the holes they use it didn't start erupt in an. The Arctic by that we know we we do not point. The eleven and hated all at the same time thank you dress. Giving bigger that. Day ago Tracy value. And I am doing well and you. What do you think about the game on Sunday and year rituals or do you pray CD you crush your fingers do you Wear. Lucky clothing somebody text and an earlier entries a year lady I'm not trying to be indelicate here. But she. Will she said that she anywhere any. Any other team's colors he even down to the underwear. So I mean it's a series. But she does say should I Wear underwear just that she'd Wear team color underwear just violent. What. Yes exactly dad just in morning you know. I get out tangled up and Tracy when I talked a woman I get all tangled up in that I just I can't you know guys like that have you met guys like them. They're usually nice guys don't you think. Am yet anyway tell me about your saints game day rituals. Well I use that in the Mardy is. Acting. Acting in direct. And. What we went hey wait a minute. Hang on your praying. For violence your brain that they not down to him is that what you said. Attend. To. The loony right now. He ran mentally ill. Yeah operate it. It the baby. Com how do you see his game unfolding in and are you certainly get nervous as I Italian. Imus had a hard time get a sleepless night and again as you hearing me say because of the personality of a Tracy. Her. I. You know lied. Early taste some and I blame wanna. I thought about that very thing I'd wanna say it does again you know being superstitious. But I think if you look at Astor. The 012 start. For them they go right this level is amazing and a and a great tribute to the team and Sean Payton but. With all that said. Do you see something kind in. Out of your colleagues say eight or destiny or karma or story or whatever where. We win Sunday the falcons win Sunday and then we host that NFC championship game here in the dome do you think that's gonna play out. Glut. I hope he'd OP can tolerate New Year's summit in south street Sunday and hoped they win and thank you for culinary. You may be good at. May go thank you Tracy.