Saints-Falcons and prep championships

Deuce & Kristian analyze the Saints-Falcons game and talk with Allen Waddell about the high school state title games.


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Welcome to the fans of the pro here on us saints radio and it's you heard their Skye Alexander at university high 24 Dallas south thirteen in the division. Two state title game correction 31. Thirteen. Over Dallas south division two state title game it start to get ugly as Alexander. Welcome you and and reference to. And the phase of the pro here Deuce McAllister Kristian garic here on saints radio and Woolen industry isn't pro final hour still cut dissecting. Your chance to sound off on the saints and falcons twenty to seventeen loss of life goal. On the road last night Thursday night football against Atlanta Falcons eleven penalties it's saints nine resulting in Atlanta falcons' first downs and news. I'll watch in the film here the condensed version on FL game passed and and how good has made a tie tailspin. For the saints defense. Well yet gotten to play a lot you know of them the most and he's got the play is really be in via injury because he doesn't play in nickel and you know saint primary play a miracle now. When they go for three years he's on the field Ian Robertson and a decline but. His ability to read. Read play east and to be able to undercut them has been really really good and we saw a little bit of that last night. But we've seen in other games as well you know you think about Chicago Bears. As one more to the guy Presley has yet written Redskins game was another word he went with a big lineup so. He's done really well when he's had opportunities to play in a heavyset. Coming off an ACL injury from the see the chargers now Los Angeles chargers but it meant that say I'll watch them right now and he's cut all over the field of particular he's his best suited. To play the run game and in the spotlight well last night in about Iowa in the box he doesn't really really good job plan in the box. I've back to the phones we go who's been patiently wait a sykora opt out what's want Corey you on that read admiral they treat patients. Oh don't do or how you do it. Or all of and memo on oh paying. At the ankles and group and drew pretty well on that particular. And true. Well in across all it will let in are now in her. Second now. Letdown to. Me. Well we'll let me. May very well and certainly. Don't worry. Maintenance and home. Or vote them. Against the same team. Against I've seen that same play it's the same laptop has seen at least eight tracks mine and my life. That is absolutely. When you out of Italy and reinstall it some of these. Cote who drew don't agree what I'm looking here you go get the little little. And hit it bad man gone down to pack up. Out of town you're mayor. Make an ankle. When you capital lap back running not me we should. Drew and I'll put that ball in. We're not allowed back in little ball. And as we knew when that for completion. Of all. Great tool will agree well. He drew it right item and your old hat. People all Melanie you yet he could he'd gotten a spinal column and the great play ball. Daddy you're happy that our. Equipment and so. The ball well we're only eight game winning streak and you drew applicable. Rule completely. All agree what reason do jewelry and now want equity and there is little. Jump ship. But they wanna go it's OK you know. I'm Amanda they wanna go and be frustrated and let me. He he own interception he knew that it was a gamble for him to take that chance. Particular group that typically when you can kick the field goal and and go to overtime. They were playing to win the game 100%. And I and our committee that will the what do. Wonderful what an injury and and been essentially the letter that kind of looked completely but it kept it. Hopefully the ball. You know. That's not the only play that that was the deciding factor scamming Hughes went off into a lot. It is it's the plated decided the indoor game I mean it it if you tie if you get the fuel right before behalf. And Unita even discuss in this play because you're gonna kick the field goal want you down there. 01. Correct. One you know. But a planned job culpable because. It. Or for them. That I jumped out to vote that I jumped over his frustration and the other for Russia because I think. Do Zito if I'm wrong here. Like the penalties out injuries out the saints were I think clearly a better team says. We're river no doubt about it it's a better team I mean you look at the saints a first drive and and if carbon get hurt. No they they blew coverage on him they were going to eat him alive. Wood hill out of the backfield but you know obviously he got hurt on Obama on a screen pass and so you know just Sainz. How you called the game and and some of the plays that you couldn't go to from their standpoint. By the way and I'll watch that that play over and over again it wasn't targeting deal out of tomorrow went out flat it even spent rally he was spent. Yeah he was trying to avoid a tackle in the disorder and it wasn't one of these vicious intentional. It's so I don't even know that. Humanity we get a fine for that only because happenstance but as you pointed out to news. Usually you don't draw flight you're not gonna you define I think you're watching this it certainly wasn't targeting it was a out of Don Adam malysz I think it was one of those deals where. He just turned and it's gonna happen by by by this ankle which Alvin Romero was kind of turning in allowed Tebow Jones hit him in the head that wasn't. It didn't look intentional levee is. I'm trying to say well I mean it it's a helmet to helmet but he still runner. He would have had have been just right away turning and that coming out of the spin move when he spun. Then yell if it's hard to say away he was targeting hit helmet to helmet. I come back for the fans of the pro Larry Mac Corey Mitch Rodney Allen and Tony and you to a 5042601878. X 87870. Division two state title game uterus the high on top O'Dell south 3113. Will check in most Alexander crew. Call night game of the superdome. Here on state radio on W him well. Reduce our Thursday night football teams that the league. Players. And you just had keyword for who players players yes for the leak and new. The numbers look at the ratings. And not would the money. And right raced these money no. The checks are cut now how much more tick you an idea that's different. But the check is already cut. That's what you have to understand yeah the mortar better ratings are the more money we're gonna get legitimate get a base anyway that's already cut deals done. So do you think they'll they'll stick for us. Where you like and what legal advocates irony though the answer. That slow week Omid Reza the money a bit past the pain. What are you will only give up. To not have their game. Asked questions and that's what the players have to figure out. You know there's a lot of things that they're gonna have to try to fight and figure out now look to see them instead of going in and wanna Texas and it. How love to see him to have 53 guys active instead of having 46 gas active. You know made maybe you can call up to players from your print to squat to be active for the game. But to have it just a regular game and you know you talk in less than 96000. After playing another gain and it's at that that's that's a lot. How would you feel your place. Man for us and animal blood into what job but I mean Allenby but I wouldn't be happy about it. I mean OK so. Drew said you know guys put that buys you tell us what they put their bodies. What is it like so it Sunday let alone Sunday on this Sunday decide. New game I would not normally feel OK or ready to go until Thursday. I wouldn't be ready to go play a game but I would feel where I'm I'm I'm not bruised up. I'm nods as swollen. Went. I went to the chiropractor I went to the masseuse. I have gotten treatment I've gotten rehab and I'm I'm I'm not injured or hurt understand normal maintenance. I've gotten in the cold so he's what. Normal maintenance that's normal maintenance I've gotten in the colds or about gotten hot. I've tried to make sure did I've hydrated myself will Wear. Your body is back to normal where you can go out and function and and try to play a game again. When you move it out. For four more day eighties I mean this is at that's cores. We can do it. I mean there there's a couple of ideas that they do you know will see that given all about weaken all week and you know teams haven't two off weeks that may be case but here's the thing for typically when you play in late in the season if this was week three. Then the saints would maybe be okay. But when you're talking about what we thirteen fourteen. And what. That would that would light volume that's a lot of your body that's a lot he would tell me about you have to think about the amount of hits that this team has already had up until this point. There's this game as we three minutes a little bit different. It's a little while differ because your body hadn't been through warhead as many hits. That you have at week thirteen week fourteen what do we were in. Find that nine out of eleven years has shown in this they've been down there and certainly the need to vote when you need to close at the league office I don't control day. You know I know you don't gab about your area report are now I don't I don't I don't call places on pay me I don't go I don't controlled. I told the rub Powell played even listen to him. I mean so I told ability be careful of your phone be careful. That's what the bill would even listen. I told him what he needed to do. It is a bills. That Mitzi veterans who comment. Figured. That it showed the inside also. Some comment according to issues that the team basis. Obviously for me pass rush. Hitter than being down a couple weeks is 30. Three weeks in order. Yet it could be a bullet here appreciate it it is built a couple of weeks. And keep. So little something. Bill now I know he's ordered there but you know Padilla. You were the norm in in bringing him back. 03. Down conversions has been beat to refuel but this scene could put this season. Last week or distracting 30%. My my my question is. With all of these greens and they were a lot of greens this past game. Especially when you're dealing with people. Who got what 45 speed if it was blowing up screenplays leapt right. Their own sometime real saints only ran like three screen please look. Outlook tomorrow lose they lose and early at age. You huge impact on their ability yeah thanks billowing rent like three screenplay I don't I don't. The pro here on. Debbie deployment and dot com Al would tell. The teams who game going on right now division two state title in university high 45 Dallas south thirteen. It's Humana hand early art out early it's late announce fourth quarter Allen. So looks like university high density. Going over our sound. Anchors yet nature in the he's at work now is way up all this be the best game all week car division to do as though that he he came in undefeated in the now. Going up out there that even though and all our vacation Ers coming here is is 1713 game Selig is a few moments ago. And you I uploaded. I'm elated their chords and what quarter and nearly 4513. And I university resonate. You know they they have an argument to say they're maybe the best team in the league in this year. They have won this year over that apricot backers like urgent due tomorrow maybe. Actress who played her body title tomorrow will be left the leisure and it like fertile tonight and then on the Youkilis out in your right now. It's kind of been a our policy Italy a lot of turnovers a lot of miscues from bill Salley says victory. Alienated me and in the kicking game university. Touchdown. On sale at eight dollar in New York he Arnie short heel with. I'm. This bare cell that you know school and O'Neal years urged the high early autumn damaged. Julie down in the running game and a lot of questions about all year. Trailer and see that they ever got behind the throw the ball to come back it. That it it it. Al what they'll last analogy would tell on Twitter par or prep football roundup crew all the trouble pro football roundup that. Alley got a game coming up here so recap the weekend what's the got you so far. Now that's the big game you know and I'm glad our policy all of Egypt is back on the one weekend. Yesterday at of Latvia Rasheed program that offer by here at duke ish or. Welsh upbeat Alina earlier today when their first major chip in school history odd Catholic I knew I'd period. Got beat by another in the regular season that are evident not being turned around last night that there ain't seen no win. A division restate idol and it was a really really really want people well. See our football program and what Johnny who battled yesterday. Two to 113 game with what page I went and you know I think. A lot of people are glad that they back what it does not negate. You made some of that talent on your right here in the league high school football I think the crowd there are a little bit because the letter little snow. I'd rather. But still. The amount you have been here in the superdome I think that what you are really good at it tomorrow or matchup. Guys how are constantly. They coming up tolerable it's not that it's ore body now and barge to occurred while. That's insane have you eaten there a long time have you seen them in what's in and against melanoma line kind of like that don't appear on your in the door are able across lake it. It straight and Rudy pick up and I can't be part of it. Not been out here in the superdome it it will be very often not known if I don't know gone out the whole world you're currently. Alan I'll call five AC team's game two exactly console while we're at sports. Probably a couple of the economic and watch you wanna go there. I wanted to write this Long Island's aggregate one final modeling hear from mr. Acute state champion but in that spot in matchup iPod or an acute need Acadia analysts wrote I ain't. And not on bill stolen back in each AD and Oprah cute. The land back greet those on the road and went wanna cup is being in the country western growth. And you know topic critic great acres and you look up at citadel but again. And at least an. Opportunity to watch it equally and play on the stage door. Rather neutered so. Glad yet matchup tomorrow night. Locally and yet been on one of the greatest lines individual on. And they are mean in the legion are as well. Hookah Williams is drawn first seven miles an hour seven miles. As a neutral net. Eat tree just any Walker's Uga you're going to be bodily I mean I eat. Indian and the thing about workers all now on Bill Owens. You know that Castro earlier in the use all on air built or more. And they decided hey you know we're gonna let this course rob smartly and and they used you know they ought to have a lot. And on round two on the road is brought to curable 42 times so the ball and opportunity the ball. By age and kick return game as well. Backer. Of the program that you know as early for the last year. Holland beat a couple of years ago and won a championship. Overdue on here and then you know they set it back on this year. You all here and act one of the best Q and in Louisiana no doubt about it and act as insurance. I get cited policy got a couple of the he uses matchups before 7 o'clock primetime match. Sure personal data the dollar would bunkers are and their adult but the first round in awhile actually but it worked out that. The first years when they all that it gently. Though or a couple of years. This. An opportunity and in the back in the Egypt. One. That are on record used to do them. Other ethnic Catholic tot lot well in the final round and wondered at the the year Talbot I went out on the road. And not all. Very that you and I bought one most talented teams battling to stay in the country Duchardt. Out there and be. The point. Block upon an expert yeah. They are not. Like the man. Nine Kirkland democracy it's up in the car of tomorrow. Since the well. Com we would have a different champion every need and want. To register on Saturday. What they're doing in the top application in the products that are boring game perennial power caller that. There is unbelievable. And mean what are the last. Incredible. And their back in the adult in this year against the program a temporary rule. Utley short. Sword area. Or we. They're out in the topic. Of the year. Like lash your parking made a comment may not when record flat part. Is. Currently up. Higher so I mean the war one in the body all the feel like eat it. And then they lost on those players they all do turn around you right back in Beijing which began call it an incredible culture making it. There right now that Illinois. There that school and what they've done has been German obviously a good match while the eight ball early like sort of bury it ought to welcome. UG a very tight we're back on the board watcher now. Allendale algae wood dale on Twitter part of our pro football random crew state playoffs. On this week in the superdome. Alan I'll see you tomorrow and it should be a great 1 tomorrow at 7 o'clock on bill and accurate Brock I like it is likely why after Gartman. Of course. The king McCartney. Now I mean I just got to study Hartman allies but I I accuse you guys an outlook report needed him matchup. Look at sports it is well now I can't weigh in on bills program note. Quite well I'm looking forward to tree came down to a two is here diamond thanks speicher. I aliens. And and pro wrap up next here on state radio. Wrapping up here on. The fans in pro here and it. The saints lost than without Crist won the seventeenth UC Christian here with it and racing notebook. Go to Tony in Atlanta I wanna hear you know and he might be a saints and Tony in the AT Els who want to. No. Upgrade may Google. Eric who Barea. Added I don't own. Google Chrome are in. Arteries and human beings and pay the films about gay though Tony. You look Sony is really sick. You know and was ordered it amazes you about black if you don't if you go complained and you complain and as will be still. I bet he would calls next week though right. You don't column read. That's a lesson re and I said Thomas on aliens and Drew Brees yet lose something you'd calls next week. And need to. Hungry you'll you don't wanna answer you know what answer you. What. Well. We honor you are we persuade her to be all yearlong whom I have great bits between three loss in the Super Bowl we preach to them. Were you did sense that meltdown yea get anywhere yet to call us at all Tony. Kamal Tony Ubisoft Thursday night and all the sudden you get you feel squirrelly. A map to meet its own which you do. Grow and their content out there competing making out here cute idea Sony so network. Presaged on. Tony all of these falcons since it won't win they think they wanna suitable man jumps under is at the day's news now he Tamar ratings Tony up the ratings aloe and allowed you guys if there's one person so it was well known and I've got one person or listen in the land itself. Presaged listen don't. I do appreciate and I mean that they're the best that sows allotment. Mike admitted that he was well Mike here on secretly. In my. I. Don't got no. Eye test now is don't BI might you'll be okay tres. Yeah grabbed me wish you sound like now my he got a peak season of love getting yelled out nazis' is cold out that doesn't load issue got to deal with. Mary what about mom about it and we will opt for an out well or bag or a jury instructions call. And do any good. We're there. Well it's out of fort Drew Brees before the law of Moses and drew drew that win they gain. It. You know. If you know. My open might. It. It would have been something really special they have thwarted all. But almost not lulls all is not lost for this team they really showed some fight that you can I hadn't seen from his arm. And that was because so many guys that got banged up and hurt. Well the belt. The couple formulate the weighted all it did me out before it got about the. As I agree I agree to a 2100%. I mean in so you can clean up the mistakes even if the rift is gonna call a day away. Let's not have the the personal file which was terrible call you know against Sheldon Rankin. If if you don't have that call any if you hit the field goal before the half if you can't see and maybe one more score against that team. And not even close. Duce if it does happen like alone I mean like a move 141516. When they were seven and nine. They would because of the defense improvement they would have never been in this scheme like on new told. Yeah right so that's one of those things where you look at yo they have great resolve that usually good sign of a team. Edit it down a full remains so for me yes some of sick a mom I'm I'm I'm disappointed that they didn't we in. Because they were put in a better position but at the end of the day east deal probably have 90% of your goals still ahead of you that you control. You're not in a position where you need. Minnesota go out and beat Carolina and in next week you need somebody else to go out and beat this team. You go out and you win your next three games you are guaranteed to be in the playoffs. Period you might have to go out and just when you next two games and you're guaranteed to be in a playoffs. So looking ahead to next Sunday men against the jets you you expect most of these guys and got banged up on Thursday and be ready you know. Yeah I mean you'd expect you expect under speak to be bad acute spared. Can Carl. He said it was scar tissue and he didn't want to injure himself anymore so you expect he'd get him to be bad we know tree is out. Both the gals with concussions elementary and Alan Camara you expect both those guys will be back. Com. You know Alvin. I mean AJ client and I'm not sheer. You know it just depends on how how will he can India. But you expected of the 56 guys that you laws and expect to get at least problem back and in legacy that you get on to speed back as well. Go but allotment will see next Sunday a week from Sunday to Smith thinks that volume without enough like today you know we had Ngo earlier you guys be safe. Don't put those generators and how's the generators outside counsel wanted to just make sure I was clear on that. Node Carmen knocks I would Maloney and we will need any any other injuries. Several fire I'm out news today's announcement banks ought to call us thanks politics if we didn't get to you as far as to call. Sorry on totals high school games go look all those teams. Love one another stay warm stay safe. We out.