Saints Face Tampa With NFC South On The Line

We preview the Saints-Bucs matchup with Scott Reynolds of Plus we talk about the NFC Standings and how they stand today.


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Yes indeed simplify welcome into the Wednesday addition of double coverage here on W him well enough dot com. And of course Tim Zimmer a master control Kristian garic here with the until 1 o'clock cet the lat has the night off TO or are. For the holidays full lines open final four. Tuesday so point 786878870. The saints walk into a trap team. In Tampa that are for the regulars is now buck principles that is chipped it did a separate jaguar people long line. Debatable excuse me our party our party in Moscow people on line deputy economy calls final four. 260187. X 87870. And I don't believe in track teams too much but this is the one yesterday on their conversation because. The Bucs played the without it's pretty tough also. The chance of freaked out but I just think it. The clutter in the rumors that this will around. About Jon Gruden with the bucks I think it spells doom for Buccaneers team that might heat. Mind at least four Wheeler for us for. Books I just think that it's the team that. It's a cool Adam the last couple weeks a lot out of them. It's how hard they played without the four and 1516. Loss to Carolina Panthers on ways. That was bit bit. It's deflating for for franchise that was trying to please Willard trying to look ahead. The next season under mark potter set seniors there. You can all the reports are coming out with John grew immediately to. A possible job opening at ten male one place. I think that that's built on Duke's I don't either ought traps. In the National Football League does this ain't no it's about they notes atom that is the opportunity to play for citizenship which. Some kind of step on this will be it. With the operative where people. That is ultimately I don't know if I am by the fact that traps happen in the NFL quite like maybe fans think it but if eaten. It you know like filth revival for. She's so when he semi tech's 8787. Giants has been Eli apple quarterback. The remainder of the season one game Romanian media giants abysmal season. And you heard landing college not call mile orbit. And talk about how he's been cancer locker room so accuracy. Comes about does he wanna see more players. When does a player that a case of someone we can all relate to. When does a player or somebody employee. That is in year you're work force in your building. That is a pull his weight or her way and perhaps that there not do what which ones do or are you a team player. Which you view which you view which you called out which you'd like tell the management animal which collective -- down their own it's it. With these players. And National Football League had he. Sense of oh I can't call people out. It's not the right in news media it's about the team throughout the organization but I also think it. It's not all that different from your non. Want to work environment if the guys or gals to their doing their thing report that way were gonna be a little bit. Hesitant to call someone our teammates out. I think it's kind of refreshing and National Football League when there's thousands Indies dollar line they knew we would do that it is. They could be ostracized. In the National Football League in that locker room for two weeks ago so my question news which you do it. Year workplace if a player or O or in this case. He. Team member in an employee. Wasn't pulling their weight would you be willing to go hey look boss. Disguise and do what. He was asked to do and tired of hearing his weight eaten. You can tell me what to Ali how you would approach that which you go through an outside party or keep it in house do you want. FL players to speak out about these things or do you want him and keep in house and in the locker room and bill. Say two Islamic knowledge highly critical of the apple first round draft pick a couple years ago out of Ohio State he's been suspended by the New York Times the final game. Oh the arrows she's fallen through a final four. 260178687. Rates have come on the program and a lot of action for Scott Reynolds maligned lines at pewter report dot com they are the ones that are. Spinning this Jon Gruden to. Ten main union for Chucky and it Tampa covering the debate books as the up publisher of pew report. Dot com James Moran covering college football and baseball attire for tyra dot com check in. On ocean baseball knows football in particular the tires on the football gridiron. You don't Notre Dame on January 1 and it it's it's useful also Malia 10 o'clock hour. We'll take a trip to Vegas route Michaels at Al Actel. LV on on on Twitter with securities and it's easily slide at cal sports LP on Twitter and again for which talked dot com. Which ones at ten point four lines open final four. These are still point 78 X 877 and also the saints are bringing back full back John through an oft injured reserve. And they have placed John Hughes the defensive tackle on injured reserve so. I don't want for one deal there and Jon Kuhn has been around the team. Since suffering his. Is by seven injuries torn biceps injury. Over their wanton so it's that it's good to get him back he'll be up and play at a pretty ruled down down the stretch here. Perhaps in the regular season finale also into the post for the saints trying to win their division title. On Sunday at 325 kick off year on c.'s radio points over final four. 260187. Texts eats Emmys have real estate walker into a trap on Sunday RD can dismiss it also he won he won a seat teams. Like the New York Giants in their locker room airing of grievances and fuel as the opponent ended. For the the size or referenced but you won't see him call out employees that are not lived up to the standard. Which you do it in your workplace. 504. 260176787. Double coverage here on W him well enough gore some of the unsung heroes for the saints defense. Saints team in general the turnaround eleven at four it's legal for twelve and four. This Sunday in Tampa welcome back double coverage Poland's opened a 504. 26018 semi tech's 8787 is Drew Brees is it a guy like him Jordan isn't meant to detail how to marry catcher wrote Collison 04. To Zito when he semi tech's 87 the eight semi behind the lines a little bit come up about ten minutes here the phones ago. At 5042. So whites only 6787. Mitch which vomit your Lothian coed on that do well. Unsung heroes I would point to. Break into the middle and I knew motto. They're doing a lot of dirty work terror ties are. Tying up the scorer in bringing a linebacker. Outward asked about Heidi and I think that's an issue and that the tripping calls for. Third down conversion challenges. Gary Bourne age that 303031. Year old. Heidi and do it and. Not healthy you have what he's not healthy. Water healthy. He's been made tougher for awhile now he's mentally healthy. Well like that it that height and is. Holding a lot of issues it is down not having James worked the battle field I mean these. Winning back screen and wide receiver. Greens well theory. Susceptible to speedy linebackers but what they go out dirty bird did to a no I mean that is more data directive you have speed of light packer. That is going to be a problem moving forward. It is you who will be I thought talk about on dual show and that is ultimately that. You know not having that tied in the near Dallas and down the seam is going to be deal eventual undoing of the saints in the post and put. I can't do nothing about it right now that just can't athletes who else. There have been fortunate that that's the issue but I really think retention and Nevada and in the middle. Really. Don't get a lot of praise but. They are doing go to work and have made. The big difference. Without a lot of praise and thank cut. L Avic before you comment. They're they're doing the dirty work those guys talk about I knew mine and also rank him but I want to ask you. See saw he's seen the giants' deal with with with Eli apple in accounts can't phone out. Which you wanna see that go on and you're you're you're workplace. Absolutely not I mean you handle it man to man in house. I mean. You know you don't do that I mean I mean bill alive and well. Well I mean he's he's just talking to other you know pay the space in the locker room. Resulted in mono mono you know you'll tickets to media in your little laundry and just. OK fine but what they couldn't do that though would he trend that will will your next MP. Well. And or even though we always meets revolving a situation where. And that one employee that maybe. Just kind of rubs you wrong way it does one do with a tool that doesn't wanna do that team work if you'll. And doesn't wanna buy into the team concept so what it. I've been in this situation personally and so. Talking to management related a lot you can do you mean. If some people just. Like that in a kiss. You know. Probably or innate in them you really can't do much. You know. Going out about locker room to the media. I don't think that that the way to resolve it being only clearly he has his he way to you know. Wall wasn't going where. I get away at it resort forward pollution. Second year player doing that I don't know I mean probably the great player. But his his debt I mean. Lucky thirteen for nineteen years it is. Yet but it and in that he's if he's like he's doing what he's he's doing the whole team thing shouldn't he I think it's column. Have a deal and it counts like I'd say if you're doing your thing witches. Admirable in a lot of ways you're you via the team guys Simonyi is Al's isn't. On the same page and you have a right call ease do opening question. I just feel like. Every organization every. Company as there are 10%. Those Temps are guys that don't wanna do. Will have whales is front and that is that do their job. Though polyp in his day but went out and samples of Wales slack and also being a teammate Eaton. I think in the NFL they don't have a choice though whirls and perhaps the media and apathy. Maybe expressed their frustration team you've been there weren't they about coach. All of the lot while we know we know that inaccurate news is train wreck well there. Honestly the battle played but what does that say about cam and just a leadership federal agent that's kind of bond mutual because. But I picketed science I think about a class organization knows that. It's not known for not since this though the mile to adjust situation not a giant situation that. Yeah. As you point your usually citizen jets not necessarily yet the giants' it's it's not odd that. And I'd start with a modest sales all right how I feel with one of my teammates were not doing the right thing or not. Doing what was asked of them will how I handle it and I think I would like to think though all right hey look let's have a conversation that they don't want the former listen. Then next the next option for me it's boom the next you know command. I'm a chain of command guy like you know the Marines and he's he's ego once that's the other button. And if a locker room if he can't get a Vatican's former our live up to the expectations in one of the to a Seattle enemies Iranian Lockerby. Well. It's been needed and it I mean don't they have three corners. Ended during see them. Pageant one guy I mean yes. Apple and then. You know had to do all right now what's been turning beer you know between city that we could have been and you're by. Haven't read it corners been disputed during the season I mean. I don't know at this. They're a mess of their new York and the giants are a problem. Bet they yeah I. I've been seeing what the heating how we come out I don't wanna face the topic again I'm like. You know the season that answers them to one. At that spot that's resigns as they tell you this season. We aren't they in that idea what you are killing you mean we had massive problems with the tight hand through the years and I don't know. That that's the big question out. There. Able but dammit Statesman's festival well I guess Pattinson issue. It's ironic that they don't have that in states have attended also. Had some throw at some struggles facing. This this season. A fixture dates at NATO if you just joined us Sony video. Rant and decided to rest all the starters because. They're pretty much locked three Seton cutie and he can be no worse than foresees so they like their matchup anyway. Here's what I worry about the youngest team in the NFL. Your rest your starters. I think it Jericho off not progressed yet enough. In his career where you can say right. It's time sit him down because it knows and it failed by weakness you know election time off. The one post talent for Maureen fan I'm a little concerned about this coming off welfare mama I'm models as it is ultimately. You've gotten. The thicket like this is so young team that I think it. That can be anything that on on you know on. In on does the rams Nam. And I don't like this from Orange fan I don't like the idea was the only team. Up resting those guys guys like tiger early understand he's India conversation. To be the MVP of the NFL this year. Man Jericho office in his second season he's sees much football's akin. Now want him rated ago for the post season in the regularly go is have played this season finale against. Though the 49ers and I just think that. For young team that run the risk haven't some rough Ross said then but also the idea that. You can go into a post season losing. A losing note that I think that can be a bit of a psychological difference for a team that has. Not been used to used to winning so ABM over thinking and medium over read it but. It comes Sean McVeigh IR reconsider this RO Lisa I don't agree with the decision ultimately. It's his starters with such a young team. Going into the post season but was seated if it plays out. LB my concern thanks to its next 48 point four and 878 at an excellent Oprah final four. It's no lights at 8687 eights of seniors these update also. Behind him lines feature from a few moments. With our report dot com Scott Reynolds but in the end it premieres and publisher of the pre report now I want to talk about the idea. Jon Gruden would come back I would love to see John come back to the Buccaneers. I think it's a right I mean if you're Dirk potter a few other a few of the box. Then it's obviously not work in gene is when says that talk about. It's a bit in mature for his. In football eight point three and I think he needed guiding them in there and be a quarterback naysayers. Quarterback guru Becton. Immature young quarterbacks and make them. Army teams was that a better player in maturing and he's obviously Richards lost his cool a couple times this year exits and injuries. I like the idea of the prospect. Jon Gruden come back to him here's he's guarding their real honor. It makes sense to me because it sounds a senior in in Tampa in that area. It kind of makes sense I wanna see it apple. What was Scott Reynolds here a few moments that pewter report dot com. Also pew report on Twitter and publisher of pew report. Dot com genes for India at 9 o'clock hour also our trip out of these Ralph Michael's. Act now sports LV on Twitter and can't wait to talk dot com it's double coverage your bouncing radio on. Debbie deployment and a console until a final four. This is no white semi tech's 8787 on them well. I want to back double coverage here on sinks radio black maltego on the Buccaneers 325 off the season finale is scenes trying to win the AFC south and now Scott Reynolds. At pewter report on Twitter. Andy covers the box and he's the publisher. For pewter pewter report dot com Scott Howard and there area. Good what do you make of these I think you guys are are confirming a lot of these reports that Jon Gruden might be taken to the him bay Buccaneers next year. Yeah I think that a distinct possibility that late. You know aren't happy with. With currencies has gone you to look at her cutters first year as the head coach seven. Expectations were very high. All right this year than many had been. Expected really in a playoff berth for the skiing. And it really can be expected the season that the thinking with the capping. Instead the Buccaneers now looking probably for both of the saints went as expect a tour and related Oprah for in coaching hires since firing Jon Gruden and 2000 were made to look at. But anymore it's for three years two years of great cheer at a two years of appeasement that two years of dirt better and I think it cutter is is been released on the next week probably as early as Monday. And I think that he will be pursuing Jon Gruden full speed ahead. So what's done. I think it's pretty high edited speak with the job on that inspired the book coaches association headquarters here in Tampa. Right before the start about training camp and broke the news that you would indeed return. For a return to coaching. This year and you know you can have the instruments subject but we learn in that we can confirm what. You know Rappaport reported that they did in the he has. Been putting feelers out there around the league. In getting it at the former coaches. To see if there's any interest in coaching within again. We were asking for recommendations. Submitted the coaches that they you know league. And I would not be surprised if he has been putting together. Coaching staff. Think he can get right back into the swing keep in mind of the group. Has been away from the game or about nine years picture that being on the subtler Cullen played in coaching scene he stayed extremely close to the game. Through yet PA and not just true. The Monday football. Our games that he called on the governor and before that like Rico but also withdrew and quarterback camp. Our programs here it is an anecdote trek ever since he is. Very very down into the college in pro football scene it has been. Forward that in your deputies that football. Scott why now though like while the sudden is right through. Couple reasons that I think. You know we look at it is personal life he had a couple of years coaching it's on the care with these school a part time basis. His youngest. Is. And Jason is going to be here next year. And look what it's going to be opening it executed apt to live in Tampa in Tampa ever inspire. And so I think that you'd you'd get the Buccaneers in his. He was born in in Ohio that raised here is that once the running back coached for John okay. The group watching listing and in that is being inducted into the culture of potter just two weeks ago they were electric Jimmie Giles. Doug Williams. In John McCain's big east. Yeah he really feels aren't stringent in the Oakland coach looks at street court and she will you. And that the more importantly from a personal standpoint. Yes you don't get the itch to get back in the scratch because he hasn't had the chance to develop that you know quarterback that. The young store franchise type quarterback. He's worked well. With older veterans like rich kid and squeezing everything it in the Oakland scene with Brad Johnson went into mobile to go out to get journeyman types wouldn't be able to. And bright receipt inject RCA in Tampa that really has not had a chance to develop that. That young quarterback he works what quarterbacks I think that that the one box and check. He's got a guy but he really really like here in Tampa gains Wednesday and they feel that he could take it to the next level in check that. And now Scott Reynolds here at pew report on Twitter cover in the bucks for the money's the publisher of pewter report a comment. James Woods and does it lack the maturity though that I think that it maybe the Bucs would expect at this point in his career. Yeah yeah I don't know any you're talking about his reaction that you particularly game. You see he's frustrated that it is frustrating these Tampa. I'm Natalie has indeed not played well at times. He you know he's he's been under siege like couple weeks and moved into the starting at the lines. And he really felt like he recovered that fumble and not Julius Peppers not at I think he's right and it was incredibly quick help. The Gretzky didn't immediately signal for Carolina win. He painting that the law national the ball. In and I think that the you know outburst you look at what quarter it was a pitcher. Perhaps that would you know he Tom Brady do an attempt to stop the that the thing on Tom Brady's forty years old James went just twenty victory. In an I think that the senate that would be looking upon the standpoint it's the guys and they receive the he's good at it. Fire that the burning competitive nature about a you know it's. Outdated at this roster was happy as passionate as games went and is. The Buccaneers would be making the play portrait there's been some players that need to be. Let go in the scheme there's some players that need. An attitude adjustment. In that you need more of that fire like James would shoot well. So is their cutter Donna this week. Robertson John Bruton. Well it is done it eclectic Jon Gruden did not come back on. Seen in its its C ultimately it's called feeder turn partly down. That you know that it could be a possibility and a do you think they'll whip is mini games that the Buccaneers are lost in a row. And in the way this season has gone it just seems that their content where they're cutter in the play caller I really feel industry actually read the all play calling. That poor clock management yet there are some things that that that there are. It needs to get right in terms of being coached in its not just. You know the that the political and on and the team. Scored 22 points per game last year which in there everybody complained it was just like him in Cambridge jail. TJ lightly that the insulin shot Jack rapidly in our. In and also Chris Scotland. So there's you know an arsenal weapons yet the scoring has gone down this year 22 point game last year. You just two point eight points per game this year includes adding in the direction. That in the bleachers sense that. And you know you know what art of body which you have a person to replace. The person you're firing. On that list and the bleachers are like any other polar they're not waiting for the person in January to start all of the stuff they've been. Actively you know seeking ending their their research. Behind the scenes probably now we're out of the app. So I I would suspect that they have pretty short list of names Jon and of course at the top. So how do you feel the blazers justify the fact that you're still paying Lovie Smith you would have paid their cutters well. And also pretty big salary that to bring on Jon Gruden. You know it is what it is that people they would actually not very amateur or two million a year but look at that occasion so they are under. Six million dollars that. What money did I enter the medical care are you a billionaire and you know right now Buccaneers are operating in. 151000. People. Well below capacity is drawing a B 50000 people per game to opt out to stadium. And the way you. You know which you get the money detailed these coaches look deeper and Jon Gruden in the electric by the crowd give back that legitimate sellout. You're gonna be making billions of dollars extra per year. Just on had a couple stadiums that were you could pick that's the difference. In a I think when you look at that it would but but that definitely it is. You know the bleachers have have hired. In the first two coaches they hired were Tony Dungy in the second year he took it to. The playoffs so wonderful play out that the second day they had with Jon Gruden. They treated for him after firing that maturity people were so that orca who aren't they they draw like flying without papers he gave Joker. Three billion dollars. The botched draft picks. It would lead in the first your ticket Super Bowl so they were used to. This quick turnaround success from their coaching hires the cabinet that these last four hires. In the the other team deliberately like with a little is done it you do that you. It would the real incident you're one which on the day it's day one. Scott Reynolds at pewter report on Twitter cover in the attentive look at mayors and publisher of pewter report a comment Scott. So is it is do it for inclusion in these these these last two weeks for a that the box. Take a lot of them loses a close game to in the fountains and also the the Panthers is is it one of those deals where they're coming Alon here. I don't think I think that they. It did it really is leadership team included gains in the fight passion you have a journal court and a stalwart leader look on it David Kwon Alexander. It because a lot of pride or players on this team Cameron Britain double. That you know they're playing for each other they're playing for the Brothers. Perhaps to playing that is coaching that. You know it's not like they're patterns hated and disliked by this group I don't think he's got the boast that the talent. But it is now you know like her and taking the fees and mailed it. Did it rate in these last couple games it lost a short victory the victory. And loss to tip your but reports are that they had. It it very close game here that have gone down the wire they have cannot write they. The story all year and that's why I think Jon Gruden it is it is looking at the Buccaneers peer to go back on. Your. You know a couple of breaks this way that way couples that are called. That you timeout in the bitter local kicker you know wait for. You know from from really turning these around from you know from the double digit losing fees to build when he sees potential order. And and I think you've seen just like the impact that compares it. You know in with your two targets of didn't element deepened according are out of work wing is getting to play a lot more. In Canberra would differences before the awards this year and so the Buccaneers got probably top five draft pick coming your way. You know couple Brighton in free agency in the draft that at the Buccaneers. Could be that turnaround team they would cease mixture with in the coach. Scott Reynolds does not appreciate it. It if follow at pew report on your books. It publisher of the pew report dot I come back to counsel plot lines are open final four. 26018. At me 76878. Sunni and come back here though. What's going on look back double coverage here on state radio Thomas the apostle who comment here on WW well thanks column. Yeah houses you know so you have disappointed Milan column. Columns music has. Period about the and that this is an and when caught early exit. Agree and I disagree Thomas I think at this point where you know giants are in lean year an organization or. A company has this issues. Where you'd be and he hired me notes it abilities and the right guys all. What you want to employees that the players their employees they're not like we think of them as some sort of body Qaeda individuals are just robots in general but there's just like you and the same frustrations that you guys. When it comes employees will. Odor. Here. You have a one hour OK so what do you mean but it but it but if your job if management isn't doing their job. He of those what he'd do you called you absolutely do. It. Oh yeah yeah and they say yes and in particular is slated business and that is yes. This again and background to pick and some little. Book she she called him ignored partner. Yeah cause. OK so yeah upon because speaker okay because it was too rapidly in. Here. Are in in the fact that. There. Even if England are caught beat. Or call one figure. At a Provo. On people. The adult be a value about. A year your money there you're on air scenes are. Well no you're you're due to result in Iowa. Ukraine balancing. I don't want to say like you've you've changed the idea the premise of the argument which is which is difficult to do in that you put it today if he's in his second year I just think that. Okay fine he apologized but the same time it need be said because what with the giants Tuesday was the news they suspended Eli apple. For whatever reason for for what reason because he was called out because the management said. That was an admission by the management of the giants saying yeah we think it is right we like apple. And really mean may be. The same time there's enough. I'm out so he didn't mean it like it appears that you Wear a bra. It is that. It's. Thank you did indeed taken it well and thereby be in this position OK you know ego potent because. In favor of evil principle when he again important to them. And a lot of these. Okay. He could have been. What they called out. Probable. Now I don't think you do an agreement now colonel Steve Schmidt ebitda. In order and it means. That economically. So. What if what if the does hear. What. Do you. Hope and yeah. I want emea. So if this week's 1860. Son. There's been them though I'll gain the ease while so. Don't think now speaking to date as Leo okay with this. In the gulf war. Let me nuts. And I go. Out. In. About wrong place. At some point I don't hold somebody accountable at the management isn't isn't willing to do that and the players have yet to slick employees do little time of the workforce. They if in Vienna bad loss at this model themselves accountable. Our other team members accountable it's okay for the for the for the team mates you'll pay for the employee hey manager. Hey boss. Your messed up its alright in my opinion I think Italy that counts. I had no issue and when he called to news. It was a week two if it was in training camp. I probably would have a different stance but at this point in the season he's gone out what's already known. He's gone out with a man Carty knows it just didn't wanna act on it so shame on them. Don't seem landing Collins she won the man of the giants for not seen an owner not acting earlier picked for the phone call Thomas Fuller to open at 504. She's so when he semi tech's eight semi semi double coverage here on W. Saints fans as a black. Old New Year's Eve less one. The Buccaneers in Tampa on Sunday won't walk over such a litany of first take. Former saints opens the lab as the court myself and time taken. And from wherever you are detailed Eaton are taking in at 130 join Bobby very BT keep all of you for about like captain off. He comes at 3.5 with the best play by team. The likely team in football that was the saints him Anderson color analyst Deuce McAllister. Silent supporter myself precinct error after the game's sound off the point after with cajun cannon Bobby America. And BT team they'll be alive from forming go oh go go eight new. The bar they were assigned warehouse district 869. Magazine street corner of saint Joe's streak to nine. PM that's ten hours wall to wall. Saints football on Sunday seized radio W well enough and not comment also a member or you can stream sinking line on your laptop or desktop. If you just to witness John Kuhn brought back. Saints fullback often injured reserve also I would expect the saints look at some full some so quarterbacks tomorrow as the saints a tunnel for death and and a regular phone here. He'll Thompson's fifth round draft pick from the giants. At a Texas is going to be in for a workout tomorrow. According to a league source from the world saints are working out some players. So it'll look at the seeing players tomorrow Anthony if those workouts but also the saints can and put him in Buccaneers Sunday. In the superdome thoughtful eyes open final four. 260187868787. Game. We're also talked about landing Collins and New York Times on out Eli apple. Via first round draft pick of two years ago from the Ohio State University. Sustain this for the found in a season I kind of like this we had a conversation. With Thomas there before the break him. I I just feel like. It's okay for players to air a little bit in the third order I think it's refreshing because so often meet these carbon copy the answers oh in. You know the sky's gray there's no issues. I think they are obligated as an employee to say. This is messed up I don't like this to slight. And you your line of work you'd want somebody how I would think you wants by the same day. It's not the way I somewhat signed up for its demise not living up to there. Responsibility or their job in its okay to say hey look this guy's gonna get it done. In the NFL when you're playing for millions of dollars in playing for jobs it's certainly indicated that you might differ eaten tell me at 504. 2601 A semi tech's 870s having double covered rolls on into next hour. You'll hear from saint GM Mickey Loomis also sees correct Drew Brees next here bouncing radio.