Saints big favorites to beat Cleveland

Friday, September 14th
Dave Cohen, in for Scoot, talks to WWL NFL Analyst Mike Detillier about this weekend's Saints-Browns matchup

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Dave don't interest cute on this Friday welcomed the weekend glad you can ushered in with us here on WWL. In this third hour I love to put everything back on the most say if you wanna talk about the quinnipiac poll that found that 67%. Of American voters sub port NFL players right. To take a knee during the National Anthem but only 47%. Think they should. You can do that appear on the fund's holdings stay right there. Also wanna talk about this new report that more and more Americans are quitting their jobs why because they. Think they can do better elsewhere there either quitting and then going to find a new job or they've already found a new job. And they're leaving others are going to their current employers and saying it. I need more money hey nick stepped treatment on that day. Make me happy here because. Era is right now and employees market there are more job openings than there are people looking for jobs and the demand for good workers is in high demand speaking of good workers. It did chilly day join us now here and WWL RN FL analyst. Man I appreciate your being here because you do work detail often. Thank you begged him to deny that raised. So the rules say it and not talked a couple people and now August but insists they. On in the alt few businesses that if the only gas prices would go out. Well without enough qualified people to fill jobs. And video many industries that the problem. And it's all over across the board but so many of them had been involved in the alt fuel business for years have now. Gotten better job to out west. And their feeling is about coming back with you put this rollercoaster. Dad every night I said not jokingly when we. Had the discussion earlier about that the average raised in August for employees across the borders 3%. I told our guests hold on Ashe technical want to come on bots out. Come on and you and I'm gonna gather of his strength in numbers will negotiate as a team but speaking of teams. The saints game. You know it's like people lost their minds after the saints lost the opener to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being ten point favorites. And it seems like this game has such a huge spotlight on it. That is if they lose this game the world's coming to an end but if they win this game it doesn't mean they're gone to the Super Bowl does. Yet the and that always reaction. Good. In game one. An ice bowl please. You know influential solo work so. I think what happened here that disappointment. And the massive disappointment was. You don't know bigger. Cities walking into up twenty to interrupt you won the Super Bowl. To this year yeah the team went eleven and five you won a first round of the playoffs you came within one applicable at the NFC championship game. In the offseason you added these pieces. You've spent a total money electrical minutes safety Patrick Robinson at corner. The mountain hood Davis linebacker. U spent a first round pick and a future for from pinnacle Marcus Davenport. In this is which you got. But it if you track history and we talked about this allot. For what reason and shot at a look at this. From you know the 2013 year it was the last few days teams started out to you know. 2814151617. You're zero and two and started you'll own one. Yeah an even though even though this did the players adopted the slogan proved them right it seemed like they knew hey we've got to do everything we can to not. Make this a lie that we are a great team not making it a disappointing start to the season not go into like we have the last four years. And what happened is related Nichols on defense Kamal when you give booked for PA points. Old really not really fortieth because of those horrible pick up the scoop and score but still. It was so disappointing to see and so the reaction is that the other part of it completely good and built it a try to show there. I mean excited about how high. Yeah well they they didn't win a single game last season so it's high isn't marked improvement it it's not a lost. But you know what am old. You know felt like a loss because they got six turnovers in the game they won't last five in the Chernobyl more had a shot to win it late. And the ball didn't go any higher than you knew that we that we need to. And so you know it was the most problems we have today we put out. My brother brown raised a tie game in. That. And and that human man you know more that we have. Could not win a football game commodity it would apply. And so you concede that this was so focus being put the signs that they are ready mentally. You can say well picnic was all of this and that you know what that that's a middle point in the game days but that's not a physical mistake. That's a mental mistake if you run out of position. And a lot of time. It's you know his first game probably other teams too but. It under this administration he a year in year out go into well into well into Owen Taylor what's up that. And that's that things salt and at the look at ignorance hate most of the way we prepared. Put opening weeks of the season isn't right the changeup because we can't do anything about practice practice as would ideas pre season we know all. All 32 teams they basically do the exact same thing. So also going to be done dip from but the mindset. Because. Human nature will bet you think you can do some things and want an idea of the patriots a great amount of credit for. And be EU lovable you know there is no middle ground here. All between him is that Bill Belichick every year gets his team's sole focus. On and gain. Pig gained two games and Randall Gay told me. That when he was would the patriots the start this season his career that. We didn't even know. People play any games to win to reinforce more when he was well on that team everything's focused every week any that we came into the plains. And the 2009. Season which they won the world title in the championship. He said shelled talking about weeks ward five and six and seventy you know me a couple of guys with them as a coach. The do that that this has. How about we want to wait yeah any sect you know he's. Don't won it but he says it's still there it is lines that that's what. Makes Nick Saban we use in Alabama makes we're Belichick is in New England. Their ability again as a seeing. Well you know focused but you're not gonna win every game. But I think it yet there's a pattern you're right when you aren't you going to do. And you write in certain pattern that has not been broken and as we did not focus you about a football team in Cleveland. They're 99 and a half point favorites Mike what do you think's gonna happen in this dance. Well up at 3020 site also. So they're gonna cover and wind and I would not think the browns it will look tussle. You know listening to Sean Payton's son titans won in two against the browns as a head coach with the same. I think they give them what counseling is game but I know one thing. John got his opera because on the Wii play and across Gregg Williams the former slaves these bids of Courtney that's no problem. Now last time we played an entire company lost to him so well I don't know one. We had a grand jury or there was a ransom last and the by the browns in las but he was with the rams at the time. Mike appreciated when you be at least a little rest before you gotta get back on the radio. Have a great weekend goes sense that you wrote appreciate it might to alienate here and WW allied next year calls. Take calls on the safe stake calls non healing during the anthem take Karl's son. If it's time to quit you jobs find a new one that's all after this.