Saints, Bears, Tigers and Elephants

Who will be victorious in Louisiana weekend football?


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As Steve Galley Eddie tell us your gut feeling pretty good about the saints' chances to beat the bears coming up Sunday in the superdome. I know we got the bye week first by its not too early to start thinking about how do you like what can gut feeling about the LSU tigers taken on the top ranked Crimson Tide coming up a week from Saturday. Well I think it's pretty clear that Ellis she's a much more dangerous beast when Darius Geist is healthy I don't think he's fully there yet or he would have been able to pull away for a couple more scores but he's close. Having the bye week to rest up before Bim is gonna help us he's going to be needed if the tigers want any shot against the tide we saw Alabama shut down Leonard Ford met for three seasons we'll see of guys and Daryl Williams can fare any better. At least optimism is back with his LSU football team after three straight SEC victory. Hide to the guts to make stag gas as we look ahead it is a tall task in a big challenges Cotto put it folks what do you think. Do you think Dallas here's any chance to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Next mean 877. Reverse attacks mandate 7870. Salmon coach Joseph on the LSU tigers snapped a shot anyway another says though beating Nikki save an act you know. No chance. It. It makes Texas well about the future of the saints and if this is gonna turn out to be a special season now that they've been surging waiting for her row and on top in first place number one in the NFC south by the way checking the line in Vegas. It opened as the saints. A nine point favorite to beat the bears in the superdome. Coming up on Sunday about. The money isn't going all that way I guess because it was such a big line as a nine point margin of victories than usual to see. So now some of the casinos in Vegas have the same disease that eight point seven and a half point favorite either way there. Expected to beat the banners. I have expectations for a great game on Sunday and I know now that. This saints team. Has an opportunity there are in first place they lead the division and so they control their own destiny is on as they keep doing what they've been doing. Why is absolutely that's a possibility.