Is the Saints' backup QB even on the roster?

Bobby & Seth discuss the Saints' backup quarterback situation, and air interviews with cornerback Arthur Maulet and linebacker Demario Davis.

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Welcome on an Howard soon Seth Dunlap the cajun cannon Bobby if there. And studio producer mark Menard got a lot coming your way this hour sound from. JT Barrett also Christian and deuce couple interviews one with arson our thermal let and another with. The Mario Davis the expected starting linebacker. For the saints here but Bobby. When somebody asked you that's it from his new generation millennial and Jen right right right. Bobby Allen and the tee on something I don't think he is. And JT now just the T if I say body only I mean that's key you know what that means. I don't know the team and like BT Martin did know that seeing busting out Martin I'll give me the T on the quarterback situation downloading. It means MR IOC mark knows there you know this I mean elected that the details that he has. Try to what the seeds that short for truth relative to our audio wouldn't advise anybody want the T on the quarterback situation that's what and tell the truth on the quarterback situation so. This segment out what you'd give us the T on the quarterback situation here being the acts signal caller that you are because. I gotta be honest I have some very strong feelings on this and it kind of sounds like not to put words in. And anybody's mouse here but it'd be local media that is kind of coming around. To a similar opinion that's. Time. Jason Hill. Not ready yet so we have backup quarterback to Drew Brees I think he's gonna make the roster in fact. I'd put money that he makes the rushed because he's just to bet on special teams right now. But Bobby I do not think. That's he is ready to be the primary backup to drew a sour notes that T here on this quarterback situation. All of the key is that Tom savage effects no he's not even on top savages level. He's not accurate enough. In to let it you know things haven't becomes second nature to him now you know it's gonna happen. We have played Jacksonville so embrace seizing game and yes that does this does cal. I can make plays that your feet and he'll run for forty yards video recon on this though all of these he gently and then that's pretty impressive. But when you look at that. Okay can you do this the month the month and have two months like Alison you know made. And they get film. You better about to make plays in a pocket nowhere to go of the ball. And I'm just watch and listen. That the about this. Pace of hill jiggy prayer that JT Barrett had an opportunity. To get off to great start headed Comsat. Heard Tom savage had this illness sickness I don't know toward a four hour bug grammar Nazi days you sadly yes he was out two days so you know. Especially these conditions you need to be dehydrated and and in all of us and he's stroke or something but anyway. Then I would do to have a two practice headstart. Which did not occur. And mainly because. Accuracy. The bottom line highly inaccurate and I highly inaccurate he is that's and it goes back to his college days robbing it it if you were watching and you don't know who nobody is the dislike look in the case when the Fedora ball where's the ball plates and all that. Tom savage. The companies that you Drew Brees yes or no we do that we troubled would have it's a game whatever I don't think. Tom savage is that necessarily better than Ryan Griffin from Tulane who would like gold now academies competing where Ryan pitch factory. Yet there are some now its existing and you brought that up because there's some people would've told me on my program pay on your congressman might. Surprisingly winded and play or get the state now and in week one but here's a so I got a whole show really on this quarterback situation. And towards the end the last week Bobby and I and I'm starting to think that the saints have a roster in place so much talent and depth. Everywhere else on the roster. That's in a god forbid here the unthinkable happens and drew gets hurt right then if they have a capable starter in place they can still be competitive much like. Philadelphia was last year without Carson went. As well zero there isn't I don't know what Lou Carson Liz got hurt. Big falls it started memory games you have to remember I don't know this NFL record it will blow I am I'm humbled butchered in numbers. They have like. Twenties exact gels and two picks on calls it accidentally and serious in yeah and his aides made him in the playoffs not presume that the sort of figuring gets sacked I'm just saying that's my point okay. Pulls the capable quarterback you don't have health falls on the roster no right so you are bore her foods opinion poll one of the options we have one who is going to be the backup quarterback to the saints here to Drew Brees. Do you think they look outside a house when it's all said and done there they might have to. I mean it. Listen look look how we broad pace and hill on board. All Muslims yet impressive pre season with the Packers. Obviously didn't know we on the would get on special teams. But value out and is that a done deal we've got anything invested in Tom sent. That being. The commandos that is someone will actually guarantee him which is nothing by NFL standards analyst Alex. So it is not a commitment. I mean to say back of a needless that we trying to worry about your starters but. I mean who Ludwick Helm when he was. In West Virginia we're training camp there 200000 guaranteed by the 200000 gangs that that that's. The that's like me giving him right I mean it is something that. NFL standards is no commitment. But like this that we had they traded him in the green bar. The quarterbacks I've seen right now they're not on movement comes level and one count gets over a older. But he never became man and I don't and lost that game to Tampa Bay Carolina it was a Carolina Carolina yet he's one of the IC 300 yards and so yeah obviously was a guy you've been honest how many could. Around you know seamless transition there for a knew it was going to be drew but right I'm talking about yet because you might need that guy eight eventually whether it be. It's most you'd hope. It would be born a month or a couple of games. But I I don't know all the guys on the roster all one dollars right now. Tom savage who gave you better a better chance. To win if he had to be that guy over facing you might you might say well. Would you talk about the winning in the quarterback but it taxes no he was to start in India well with the Shawn Watson and when he started thirteen games over as he night and say he wasn't it Billy well it was a good but. I mean he still. Was a starter real gain. In and you go by practice he just more accurate. I'm not saying is that it's there. But the state Jason Hill has been a mile are well. I haven't seen that there there was one point. It's one of those positions you've got to prepare for. A contingency here. And like I know that it's. The shot to integrate developer of quarterbacks although while maybe you could argue that considering has druse who develop behind him but if you look at teams like. A couple years ago in New England they had Jimmy drop lower than they had. Jacoby pursue that come in and when a couple of games Selig last year with Philadelphia the point is sheared. He never wanna think about these scenarios these disaster scenarios where drew gets her to every starting quarterback gets her. But it happens in the NFL editor of best teams the most prepared teams Bobby to meet. Have at least somebody in place who can keep things afloat for 234 weeks and drew were. He's gets hurt that extended periods sell you tickets are not as a tribute to tell I'm I'm telling you is the I'm being a real as air. Null. Is not going to be a special season. And you never Olivia UMO wanna say that. But no that's always Drew Brees means that his team and his value in. So what's a better example here. Minimum a better example but another example. Last year with the Packers you had Aaron Rodgers go out for who has a success and we have what they are the only way to do it erred Hundley Lewis Huntley was the hit all of that seems yes a guy who the coach said well he's he's developmental projects we've seen of Blake is this right CIA nobody could be good in the long run didn't work out very well you'll turn back the clock a few years before that. When Aaron Rodgers got hurt who came in for him but he kept the ship afloat and the it'd make it and into the playoffs I think me that was the year they made the NFC title game wasn't it against Seattle. If you keep. It is I want you have a guy the number two on the roster. Who is capable of winning you football games it can happen and its own. Shalit's on Bobble you've got to have the Ross are well it's not that you look at this roster and this is why sort of bring in the sub Bob you'll get. Every position on this roster right now except maybe tight end. They're deep they're talented. It really is almost anybody in the league. Well a deal like all of a sudden the cardinals decided to go Josh Rosen is bring in Sam Bradford. I mean I did this that this side I don't think. Because he hasn't done it. The Sean Payton is I've proven to me that. He can develop young quarterbacks. Agreement that now where that being said. You give me a proven NFL quarterback I think joint pain and take it to the next level you've armies in it says. So like a Matthew Stafford now I'm does that tell you lending can. He played even better would be pleased to partner who are current cousins. Alex Smith. I think probably name. Like Russell Wilson a million ordered an. So those Alicea left Seattle I think in a saints uniform while -- do have been better saw I look at like have a dozen guys. That that's why I say the replays of the Drew Brees is not even here. And unnecessarily it's coming out of college nick pulls a whatever might be. But that next guy I think Sean Payton can take him to a different level of achievement what they've already team in NFL. Well I'm not saying hall of Famer but maybe approval of ours on the because they know what it takes to win in the NFL right now. Put this in last season. This Chase Daniel new the off has been their Bradley cheese and you got to take a step back last year compared to when he was previously year. Probably the last time in a more confident. In a backup to drew was Luke McConnell now that if he could play instantly to a few weeks I think. He can get it done right now as a drew cam is one game. No Amanda didn't packers' season root canal is said 20122012. Text from the final four was it to the guy from LSU Matt Matt Flynn I didn't actually think it was went. But I just look it up what's Matt Flynn Samantha went a few starts they also had cynical Wallace who was a previous starter in the league on that team. Getting one start and getting your victories that's the difference here read that closely TSA have that luxury of having that veteran guy. And you look at Matt play in the with the senate packer record orders he had six touchdowns and a game in he parlay that in. 280. Start performance and Seattle you know because I heard you guys met Russell Wilson put if you look at as far as personally am getting beat. Matt Flynn hit the lottery yeah. What. Jays did you hit the lottery. Consider what they made how many times the end hit. I'm not Peyton but it is is is is that true images the way the market is because there's not enough quarterbacks to go around. But analysts or whatever it takes. That's why I say less of druze more. Whether marking it was Aaron not you still gotta run the ball and you risk getting him hit less as well ask not throw it 3540 times. Laura. 25 to thirty. His Internet and be productive that way. Take a break here one of the quarterbacks on the roster not all people think he'll make the opening day roster may be a practice squad guy held bill will get some chances in the pre season. Is JC Barrett the rookie the former quarterback from Ohio State University broke all of Drew Brees is records. Was it seemed very tears at the podium today and we'll hear from him coming back. It's a special edition of sports stuck here on WW all Bobby intercept Dunlap. And mark Menard back after this. Celso lab Bobby Hebert here Bobbie I haven't throw a name I guess somebody that might be available. In a few weeks once cut down scum in camp about Mike Glenn and his plan for players on the cardinals right now you've got. Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen those two guys almost certainly will make the roster can't Segal in and make him that roster what I meant. Well. My understanding in the past the saints who want to draft him. Big guys is that he's stolen Q 66 the idea of tall guys at North Carolina State with the Tampa Bay. Get the got a nice contract with the bears and now. And you the quarterback position right now. Under Drew Brees level but that's not our problem is for the competition. Sam Bradford Rosen Mike Glenn and yet the Dow would be a guy. To me of my Glenn it was in this camp. He beats out all the quarterbacks. Behind drew. Yeah and that's what we're talking about it hero and we're not just you see that ball on the wall though from what we've seen. The quarterback play other than Drew Brees has left a little to be desired I know just a few days in the camp. But that's overseeing so far these guys will certainly have a chance to impress as camp goes on. The rookie quarterback on this roster. JT Barrett just being honest haven't had a lot of great moments here he still learning on the job but JT merit he walked up to the podium spoke in the media. After practice today and by the way after that quarterback challenge they were thrown some stuff in some snow balls. I think drew actually lost today how to check on Ali McGraw real brilliant cut. He clearly was here's AT merit. That was JT bare its saints quarterback today after practice welcome back it's Seth Dunlap Bobby Hebert here. Ands. JC IE as a mid impressive but. When you guys guys that are likely just kind of trying to get on the practice squad Bobbie I'm a little less. Judgmental use that word of Venice is right as a kid who's gonna take a couple years to develop into DN FL type of quarterback. Well and and a thing. He would have the potential. Be that time quarterback takes the in place. Not a pure pocket passer what I mean by that. It's not necessarily. I'm a gamer and maybe don't excelling in practice because you have to go to do will that the you know last. For a number of years. Now the one positive needed to have an interception this practice. You know in you have to look at and a first time ran yes and I've brightest of the show on pain because that's why I think whether it's Tom savage. Pace in the ought to know by GT bit GT barren but there are opportunities go the first line is right now what I've noticed the first solvent to line. Now I'm not and then you look at the the whole second liner aren't third line no. They've left a lot and it's able to be desired as Force Protection. So it doesn't look taller quarterback play so. You get to see revs coming up this week of practice what is Jason Hill. Our web Tom savage all of sunny as it drew just that he Oki we note you know Google there and ending gonna have those guys running reps in the first line. Natalie you Cain you gotta figure mag cover tune in that's grew up. Is Bobby Hebert the key on the saints' quarterback situation. False start. 55 on the offense well number. You know or tiger football here but just really quickly look a little did it five. Senator senator remember that I was assigned for basketball the right what bolts actually I was senator Brandon and an author of land have been not very long at one you're nice when I was things that are it would seem or tied their tackle your side that your big center well maybe that's probably one of the reasons why did not continue my football career gonna continue to taste blood that's. Well off yes I was gonna get broken in half it outlets are a lot of football usually quickly though my heart's and saga is that everybody on the West Coast dealing with publicized and rearrested me. You guys steal fires long time ago on Europe in that Pacific northwest gap that is scary man and indeed fire tornadoes and or talk rice arrives on social media of this scare read scary. And here's an update on our blue runner foods opinion poll at WW dot Thomas a tight vote actually easily these votes pretty lopsided not this one. Who's going to be the backup QB opening day for the states. What in this 29%. Say taste in L 24%. Say Tom savage. Point 4% say JT buried and also 24% say somebody not on the roster yet. You cast your go to WW dot com keep yet. Updated on that are let's switch to the offensive side of the football here in the secondary guy who stood out in May be at times at least only because he's taken. Some wall ups hits Mary here's a guy are similar we're talking about here right left bold it yesterday. By taste some hill. And special teams drills Bobby pled. This is the defensive coaches and especially Dennis Allen Aaron gland and really like our thermal adheres second. Well I'm that they is that if you are a local member of the ordination I'm talking a bowel. Right here in New Orleans how could united cheerful all the Mullen took about a few good story bottom high school said. We know that the high school we've beaten before you born in 1970 some of those stories Miami you have bottom high school song abominable Bruin I mean that's right there you pass the bottom high school you know on airport. You know if you view on transcend their Indiana say it right there's a lot of them a lead that they would need to be advantage opportunity. And Memphis I still wanna say Memphis statement and University of Memphis it. Change I remembered as Memphis state to have a change happened Fiat I don't know it just gonna have a human along at a state Regis University of Memphis and makes as little like now yeah Austrians at university New Orleans whatever it might be you know you know these rivers in the city pit. You know oh winner that's fine branding I get a he had the branding that off amoled is one of those guys that. He'll never would be. A top to corner. You'll be I'm not hate group I'm just greater truth. He's not to be a top corner but woody asked excel at. With on the old is obvious thing what he'd do as president teams. Okay bee canyon potentially we look at roster spots. Sort of over the practice squad active roster can you be in a nickel OK you can you be that like. Third fourth quarter were to can utilize you covered here's what I really wanted to know so chummy want it was like for him in locker room when guys are talking about the hit that big quarterback. Jason Hill just laid on. It's the business in the locker that everybody. Well when they look at it as fair as it teams they'll. And in the is the what. A lot like not pays the bills a big dividends now and I don't think he was going to have to ultimately these just trying to do his you know they were shocked and afterward I don't want Americans ally got a bad blood there and hope we might not positive like will he got. That your low thing. Kate is that blue gray gloomy as the and he got jacked up its case and yet it was like wolves after he got windy that's why I still think Jason Hill. Can not make it. Are you could potentially not make it as NFL quarterback in place ten years and NFL waited through the states or else. This is special teams that any could be the emergency I am with you I think it's a 100% chance he's on the roster no doubt about it and it's not sure about as well. Said things that Google mine the special teams who. The wall with a cane is more have a west off the west off the gas so hard court twist off. Because he started using US a fellow like me would Arizona outlaws and Doug Williams Michael's the so we dug and also is Eagles. The guy in a Noah that's my guy. You know in my guess they know that discovered on I discovered him. For the special teams well you Jimmie did these are so. I they like you say it emergency quarterback. You think you can utilize T some hill. As of back fake punts. Fake field rules because then you have truly. Our appeal. A run pass options because he could throw well enough it's pretty sad and ended up to get. Yes is third of fourth and eight member and gone for now kind of the divas kind of knew we are doing. The past not open. But he runs the refers them. Joan and say I Miss America the rams are never good during the Fisher years but the one thing we did so well as every time. The Johnny hacker came out to punch you always thoughts. And ruled there is chance they're gonna run a fake and they did more than anybody in the NFL carry those fish are you there that everything else. Special teams they were all world just the threat of that. You know we guitar is set of retailers. Indeed she on a more like this agreed upon return team we've got to honor maybe stayed home because that might BofA poet. So that helps your plate coverage tell you might now according gets out of the return. Michael west off and dance are Bradford Vance these special teams guys and coaches they're gonna make the money issue and earn minimum write those those changes in the kick off rules. Post railing Christian Derrick in Deuce McAllister here. Earlier added camp we're talking Arthur mullah they had a chance to talk to mullet one on one here's that interview. Arthur thanks again some time in the aggregate data and that's us there. We know what's what's changed for you from you want you to. There's been more comfortable it is not what I'm doing that and working on things that need to fix an offseason thus was the best from outside the things that they told me that I need to work on and help you know tell me about that had been he'd be greedy as the something that I made substance thousands of college you know didn't come from acidity houses didn't have a you have a lot I didn't have a car Thursday's everybody was gone I was the only guy that was Q school and the captaincy Jimmy flew for the weekend to eat so. And have must eat and from there it is expected to be greedy man I'll have a somewhat split them heeded and sinister. Asides like my. Stuff on I'll talk about that indeed be room. Yet you knows that's the mentality ingredient also just you know just being in being hungry and does have and want to be better compete against these while receivers and everybody and. He talked about a job from here want you to. How is it picking. Route concepts or understanding down and distance what guys may try to do you know what do you do and then in the film room to kind of help yourself as well there. I mean a lot of men does this mean really learn and what age he's really talking about now he's at least fifteen plus years in this life. He's telling me keys but as a rookie actually there understandably come in and this year knowing the scheme and not have played the and that's how. As the Easter Island. Under this business district some that allows you play fast and it's real. A lot of times we say okay is that these into the bank he gets its hands on you know its fiftieth Bob how do you feel like he gives its owners deserve to. Yes season preview our big mess but that ball disruption like AG talks about an you know senate when you play fast. It's. It's just that keep you are taking place Lowe's past there. Don't base it upon return job is up for grabs one over you willing to mount a coup on us is the leave men they got to be in those specialist has been doing this historic palace high school. You know outstanding. So all the mean things were about covering what. I'm going to yeah covenant on some of the covenant kick seen on Sam who are returning to down a bill that's my job and slow and help this team and and in effect can do more room do. Our Samoa here what's it like playing again second year in the world as we grow. I mean it's a blessing but just more of a job now I mean. The wiles in the blows my first as a rookie and houses you know. Folks know what needs to help this team. What is Kurt Coleman into TV room. Man Jesus unbelievable veteran and he's gonna pursue. It's. Something that you've you know one expect it's like he's gonna push itself so it makes you wanna be Betty you know on says now that he's telling you something he's not doing so that's what I love about. Physically how do you feel as far as Caribbean neighbors say look I couldn't go out and play 67 employees and not not have any lead down and into play how do you feel this loss was pleased. I mean I feel good I mean momentarily so Lee's sense and that is Jeremy and as a scene I have the black the heat out and then and the the rest that I do have and just keep going and I have to have a high motor you never know when you know it's gonna get calls itself I'll be right. That was Arthur mall lets earlier today out its saints camp with Christian Garrett dues McAllister and cajun cannon is right here. With me Seth double apple take a break here on a special edition of sports stock when we come back equal. Continue to talk about the defense. The Mario Davis will hear from hand and we'll get to your phone calls she can line those up at 504260187. Defense the phone number. 260187. You can text us. At 87 B 870 back after this on WW. Odom back Seth Dunlap Bobby Hebert alongside mark Menard behind the glass is there recap what's happened so far the last few days. Out at saint straining can apple here from. New saints linebacker Mario Davis just a couple of minutes let's go to. Phone lines let's bring in Jason Jason got a question for you here like I am pretty secluded than geography here and there. I do not know where moss bluff is where's moss bluff pitcher don't add any association or more loss point Jason help. Well well. Talk about it actually nightly round leading into. It basically the only job that your probable basically. Well OK I know mosque plus or adjacent got a question for really cajun. Actually yeah actually yeah it could do you know I'm carrying out a bit about my thing you know. Of course that period happily it's no. Well cattle in. It does see how well reported and they're going to be currently being general. All right Jason and it is not even close Unger is that Timmy threw short top ten probably top five or six thinner in the whole. NFL. No Macs on. Come on. He's immigrated to all your friends. Max Unger is a stud it's and he's the quarterback you know with the line me even Zach Strief talked about the calls he made dog I'm not even a word about the cinema. A little more about brand they're actually mean then you don't think we're good they're you know out. I'm glad to be a little bit in order futures I'm glad they did well again Lugo that. Well it as an LSU fans local we would all wanna hear this but. William clap. Had a world class has his hands full. Would just competing with Tom Cameron who did get hurt today said. Now I'm bitter and extended his upper body that's going on cam Tom time camera now can. Cal and some men and what does that Tom Cameron and yeah confuse Maine yeah it is like your first thing in life they did anyway yeah Cameron Tom. Now okay will clap take advantage of the situation. We Cameron Tom being now. Because that's what you gotta do you get an opportunity. But. No illicit. Camera drama will clap clap compete could be competing and so are like Josh Hillary was meant in any you know on the same planet as Max and done a Jason you wanted to such on Marcus Williams to. I'm kind of glad that they brought after Robert. Appeared about. Libya account probably than last year. A couple other little you know. Or is she out cattle are likely to live in it you are rich in Kuwait saying you know need that impacting or. Right are deeply bill. But you know we have the deal now receiving corps you know. Good to pitch the EU equal. Other than intercede in court. Well we're in any chance of being written and. Yes of course I mean from a national respective everyone not being a homer and Atlanta are New Orleans that the as that the falcons the listen the bid double digit went team this thing it's a double digit win when he's eleven or twelve wins. Now the one thing I think you meet your grade point it's about the Redskins game are just in general. If in a shootout. That's not a good thing is very entertaining. As long as you come out on top. But it you have 5050 team UN one of those when it and that's not good you won a scoring defense. That you know like. We given up probably. Obviously mid 20s72. When he points event. That's where I think everybody somewhere between if we do that. Man I'll I got Chad does a lot. Now when it's 3227. And our. Some light now that's the twentieth fifteen cents that is what sixty. So that's letting it go we go wait him not you might win that he might not win. And thanks for the call Jason good stuff I will say issue mentioned Atlanta there well there's news today our friend. Writer for the Atlanta journal constitution reports that the falcons expect 60000. Fans. Out at the Mercedes been stadium for a practice next week so I say whenever it well well well but that that is done that and lightly it will 60000 that according again it's a reliable source their deal Orlando Ledbetter I will say this saints' practice next Sunday. At a Yorman stadium got to attack it yes we're not the size of Atlanta numbers wise population why right there's no reason that saints fans can't pack Gilman stadium next Sunday what out of our Sunday evening for practice rent. It if Atlanta has sixty dollars an air bragged as you that we should have Tony parlance they're without absolutely that that that's fair come in every town and that drum on my show obviously get on the gas every day's an impact we'll take a break coming back to Mario Davis will have that in her before you I'm Seth Dunlap Bobby Hebert alongside it sea special edition of sports stock on WW. So I'm trying to get confirmation from the Orlando Ledbetter some people calling let's say calling the falcons bluff word but they think is the falcons bluff. About it it was today the they said they were 60000 out and a falcons practiced today. And it's wheat from the Orlando Ledbetter I'm I'm cinema text and I'll find out that's actually have a and we were bombing our one and now what's going on any kind of free promotion Ernie thank not no action was even breathe it was five dollars that tickets. What's c'mon apple actually is pretty impressive titles. No what this on the Chicago Bears old school. You know with a 46 the Princeton the Super Bowl shuffle. Or to patriots. Are remember the thing is gonna to New England. It is the middle of the week and said it is raining and I don't light drizzle and it is raining and they're in between 12151000. Fans there otherwise the patriots in the saints' practice. And what I was amazed. To show you always do love Tom Brady. He go from one field to the other that is as like to break the united into an any drills. And Tom Brady's gone from one field to the other. And big chair in half but like you just threw a touchdown of some that they are they going crazy Google wall. Like they literally went from one building the other. It was like. Tom Brady walking on water like Jesus you know like. He is going Trenton one and one field to the other. And just like praising going crazy and I they follow Aaron rocks on the bicycle out of it yet during an als Al Boland musical man and look at is that that this is ugly without even doing anything. Tom Brady's gain closed them going for one do at that there in the end of pandemonium as is going green so I know we don't. The falcons credits -- try to disprove this I got a text now with you know mr. Leadbetter and see what he says as we promised those Mario Davis he had a chance stock to. Deuce and Christian earlier today out at camp here's that interview. To Merrill kinda can't now four days he plane. All over although line backing core woody woody like but the versatility as defense. You know it and it allows Lambert's roam around the place. And knows of judgment this is about you gotta space and covering. He stacked in the little box immediately so as elaborate as usual we'll give roam around and proud and they please give preference knows who will stand in my. And now men. We are great coaches and so will they need me you know and you let us to plug hopeful. Ultimately you first came in and lead. What was anything wolf this is different and ourselves day visit pass coverage than on actually. That you can run support we'll obviously you always have to be making it you know you weakness distress when I came. They desperately college all the world's. Rated talk at Coke will work I had to learn how to play in a box and you run Rostov linebacker you know solid day today there isn't blessed god I can't tell you can't tell me the ropes. You know how to you know deal. I've got bloated. And then you notice any games by tanks and they started straight Lambert that more than every other need to solving a much to lose and covers so that's less than a lot of my time. Us us like always make an you weakness or strength and so announced what was basically so you have young W covers. Now I ask you this earlier with the rule changes as far as tackling these trying to take the Helm another game. Do you get almost like more rugby type tackling how would you shoulder are or is it because you know it's instinct you wanna see what you hit. You flatter on the ball. Talk about challenges and it. I think is judging what a spirit would humanized down. And you know time metabolism he would down that's dangerous for anybody I know myself. I was I was told I grow up you know he was here. Knowing chuckle witches who was hated you know that which face now without you know I think that's what they're trying to stop. He knew the defense this year will you how do you how confident are you in the scheme in terms of how well you know this game. A lot is a similar to what I've done before some changes on the Danica I have to learn. We're we're we'll we got good coaches that they don't agree. Come here just at the delisting and the coaches. A legendary NFL family might Nolan. I'm meg coaches that Dick Nolan. Things offensively we. When big accomplishment. Coach Nolan highly dependent on the linebackers coaches that you had. He tells time and experience you know. The coaching. Think he's the corrosion in the bill known. Appreciate that manages about not a good condition and gave the whole them. We'll just they've certainly a lot of information thrown into and in this amount of time I have my instrument. Who's the the biggest joke currently in a linebacker who loses one's got the most comic relief. I'll know it's up rather out of Taylor and and create what we got a good movement we have a lot of fun. Kinda like in New Orleans and east throughout their New York alien worlds I grew up in Mississippi so I'm going away. Hello always rustle up your city he. Too bad I'm gonna just. What are some of the goals you tot he guys talk about about the defense would be you know last year he wants to have 47. To seventy T he guys can be ranked higher than. Paying you know we'll think about Reagan but we do have we have lofty goals and we know it's gonna take for us to Wendy's restaurants. We can't give up there's thousand got to go too early no got a ball away you know gotta be good risk zones. No we do do do those things I don't think you disrupt quarterbacks would be our. And tomorrow how many times coaches preach to you I guess every NFL team tries to do. From a Stevenson prospective. Scoring defense and others like you said taking a wave of global credit. Like he did do this all got a great chance to win that I as far as cumulative killings at Ford Field goals. Yeah we have a top scoring defense morn yards given that has to be that Wilson who. Yes this does what you. Gotta take Baldwin of the teams in the year it is the key the to the Mulligan here so let's go we wanna go out and got to monogram. Did you grow Russian defense along generally like linebackers. Grew up watching this week who some of your favorites. Man did book is flexing its here he's lost. You know there grew mr. Thomas and what an auto and just learned to appreciate the game Ray Lewis. His appreciation of the game. And I'm always I must have more as a hybrid and I just glad bags are lost linebackers would also like god likes pavement here read. Doesn't come down to boxer's job held but ultimately best for us. As saints linebacker Mario Davis earlier today with Bobby and Christian Derek we'll take a break for news coming back with more of our special edition of sports stock. We'll talk suit Scott Alexander primetime sports on WLA. And CE ST hands I unveiled my it NFL power rankings a couple of days ago warning of Bobby's reaction. To my top ten and your calls and texts Seth ebullient Marc hold that down another hour on WW all.