Saints back into the NFC South Division title

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, January 2nd

It's Second Guess time with Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier...the Saints lose season finale to Tampa Bay but still manage to win NFC South title. How does this affect a young team going into the playoffs? Can they beat the Panthers for a third time next week? 


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Good afternoon everyone welcome on another addition the second yes 08 team. First line. Right here so it's a casino beats got on the Mississippi animal. The news. Network. Work. For Wales was. With those night tonight though Obama's squad back warrantless Archie Manning. You own witness long we sites wide receiver. More. Tonight at the gas. Our. Gallery Omar. Saints defense that coordinator coached under Bill Belichick in. Statements now like to talk about. On the whole war the Indianapolis Bob. Disappointing we. Cross wards in the and Ashton yesterday. What happens normally don't watch you in the game that. It was the the statement the school board a lot of opportunities. In that football game put away early. Two. Penalties. I miss you goals it's come down in New York at the end of football game and certainly. Quote old Donald himself open will be known that what. If you cool a lot of people thinking gases and you know it uses that's a big difference between nine. Well my opinion this question marks you win that game we let the game with. What about next year. What's gonna happen in game witches and really run the rule calls. A plea speaking spot also all been. Miami beat these people a dialogue on in the return game not good at all that path records are running back. There is nice there William La question marks. If we when he tees season what. Asked about that play in politically Miami. A B two game one. Asked about why you go on Wharton app York we got to our Leo like yours guys in the back. Well and you look. I mean think about in the red zone. You only get 33 points I don't know though but now I'm not a couple of the red zone I'm talking about half yard line one foot line. The only get three points. Philip it to me right then that's yet to seal the deal. And you should steal literally. Right I should seal that game early in there yet to opportunities early in the football game. And it just couldn't put it away and and you come away with zero points and that. The thing had you picked the few goals and NATO are converted. All at 21 on for a touchdown you wouldn't have been in that spot you should and that's. And I think it. Coach O. Let the interim head coach he would have been more aggressive and it went far. Because you have to have the power to him I don't like you might see what they had coach got to take that approach throughout. But I think it was Noble's China played a percentages. To get that it winds having more competent that is the pins that you needed to but. If you look at the players also have to go to situation. Look at let's say you don't score you go for a port down the teams tied. That you take you to the fences that appeal that may be key opponent. Another kick there was some standing. You know not a touchdown drive it. They have to basically get about sixty yards to beat Google rim. And he you can lose it that way. When you look how. The heat finished ideology it is technique gets that we unite playing aggressive. But it was frustrating is that you were the better team yet. Nothing as a player. Jackson. Okay you get veto and pass. If you look at the situation. What did you not do is miss attack. Got to hang on for you light tackle. Yeah that that defense. You know you stop lemon hopefully kick at Google eagle in the overtime you know what's gonna happen. We can I give up a touchdown in that situation I think Denny Hamlin. Is with Danny aliens. I mean you look holly played in the that's what I expected from him on it clicked him. That's no technically better than Heatley in. It is a frustrating game whether it was out of Florida. Type of bowl game and it was more. Kind of golf ball game you'd have an abandonment that started they will be played in so it looked way more comfortable that Al shot challenges lately Paxson. I think oddity is what gets mask and all this. The backup quarterback beat you yet that back a lot you know he can't when you look back chatted. You know and listen Dave Iran has done a fantastic job. Coaching defense and Ellis unit two years he's been there. This one he got one of the highlight real because you got up back up quarterback makes some plays late night game to get Notre Dame backing it. Not at the guard now with the saints and that. With thing is still puzzling going to fall where. As far as you know we broke down the team. You know with the saints Buccaneers and a point after but. A look at OK anyway yet and number four seed and what you actually. Playing far and how it doesn't hit do you. So to speak and I could see a scenario like that weakness earlier. You look at them be that level force the now. You take care of his kids count line you'd have to win on the road a false sense that if both division at NFC championship round. That would be either you know Minnesota. Our LA the bomb luckily get a whole game at the falcons. Gold rose. And it's happened before. The number of course the has rarely holds that the NFC championship game. Since 1990 happen only want. To in the radio a 2008. When the fourth seeded cardinals hold that a number six seeded Eagles. Now all the time it's happened so. Think about that atmosphere with gonna have a wide open in NC. The one thing is that it's both in the Palestinian as the candidate who will blow you still that would that the. You can't worry about. What's happened somewhere else you got picked you'll business and stuff and Indy gets to the point of moss him about you can't beat a team three times more. That's it just as much pressure on Carolina. Because they out they've ripped. The time to guess it's like to say except beat him in beat him good you don't think it does pressure on them. You know if you'd just like to compliment you can handle bill and you can handle their party usually in the two games that you played against them. Well it and they can't you still play the same way. If you look can you that's why radically Cam Newton and Matt Ryan silly because look it can't you indicating. That possibly put his team to win the NFC south. He was fourteen of 34 against Atlanta a 180 yard. Mistake what was at stake and yes because he had to see that scoreboard that the bite my slates will will match up pretty well. Fourteen of 3480. Yards but he start out the game open nine. The following had a completion. And you know look he's not you know hot streak like article you would OpenId to completed five of them that the earth map. And it birds math that you pleaded with me it wait a thick water from the cap. I hope we get listed. Oh we get that back and then it very well happen. I would arm valley guy Greg all of that is my legs it is miraculous is yes we got. We have in place means Greg Olsen and two game yet that the tide in that. Our receipt of the night tonight and that he can't he used his security blanket along with the. In the past six games being miracles has caught forty passes in the things. Think about 40. That's a lot of catches going up against one team and you see. How they gonna try to match that up now feel will be back with more second guessed right out of his break here on negates them. Back here on the second guess you'll Mike that the U obviate them a lot of the snow was look at the you know. It's not right here in Hancock county Mississippi art definitely help ready mosque opinion poll. Who has the best chance to beat that's he represented. In this global the eagle. The falcons Panthers. Rams saints or vikings you give us a college viable sport six though. 187 or is this 877. I'll be honest we got that the vikings probably end up winning this whole. But I bet it's a tight race between the lights in the flights yeah I don't pick and is it is going to be in real tight between the like into the thing. That he. Read them where armor it. That you look along Vegas like in theory of the states like them for. Well they actually beyond shortly up and running and biking. Leniency OK yes. Looking at who that the chances. Blight that Nolan never hold the mobile completed its mobile Wii Fit but the biking it. All of the local council for like the buffalo mills. Now all that Iran would happen in the path that they keep voters who will win it. In their rules the AD it's in the army go way back. To win we we have a little bought it. Well well liked it looked like a doll and dolphins and this humans yet that that that that kind of you know like back Joseph cap and Brandon target it and all that close. You go way back and look at them. Whether it's safe in Iraq right now. I mean. We talked about this like. Right now let it was twelve report 115 when you lose who expected that no one we read a what do you mean you in oh Yates beauty camp. Report to camp starts this NATO that reckons that they are. Apply it to you. Maybe we nine in advance and best case scenario eleven would guess what they are evidence Clive. Now the little things that show a positive and negative. Ominous to witness negative. Week for me still have not stop the run. Now look at injuries. AT Klein and Karl not having him in the playoffs. Nick it yet it's what I mean by not stopping Iran. Is like average per carry. Throughout this season. We given a warning happy arts Iran would you vote is the well locate four yards. Okay to give up we're averaging three point 70 OK a little bit well they can't afford Garko was discarded though. If you look at it a lot of 120 yards. In the first half. Now adult Ollie had been out like that with a hot trying to sit at home. We we gave. That much rushing the football. And now we've stopped Carolina ready to pull Baldwin is at Carolina and trying to run out the structure where they started to hand blown. Not Jon Stewart I mean I don't know it back he's back on it Jack. In these critical McCaffery it's no what are run the bulk of the coach Ron Rivera that's what he wants to date on a plate to preakness. And do you wanna run the ball now. And over the negative. Now positive. If we said they can get through this and that this is critical. Now I'm even flabbergasted. That lost two games and we had three critics it ever okay laws. Occasions when Matt right mix in big aimlessly through the stub it out one number. Before both polls gave I think this as a go with that as they took away that mind boggling. That we are not able to win those gains but with a cup origin. If you look at the fate right now. They number theory. As for ineffective. Now Baltimore is the playoffs that when he jaguars actually. The thing that one interception. Not to pick in the Bali that that good sign. And being opportunistic if you disrupt the quarterback we haven't lately because in the back in most importantly we know while Lattimore. Now another thing. The quarterback. We think we can at least in the little. Parties. Might add exactly 42 that that's that's that it moles in the Sean Payton room. So that right there not camp to be away with thirteenth act but. If you look at that put that that part it acts. We around top five. So we hit that number on all of it out teams like top five get sacked. And and we topped three in effect the full ball well that's. That's winning playoff football with a wreck with a couple of you that you read this and did the win. That's the reason why Jacksonville in this ninth may yet who I don't care what anybody says there is a correlation. Between pressure and sacks and turnovers but what did Jack was he would sack wise. All season mall you know thankfully it's Campbell was worth the money to that woody brought him in an ever backside you got ATA boy healed one side. Jalen Ramsey on the other so. I mean it helped that works together if you can get pressure. And you can hold up the receiver it justice let's get more you help you edge rushers and if you can get pressure on the quarterback he's thrown a football quicker and you gonna back us they can make a play on it while it's connected. And Mike connected dots and you know twice as audio look at the quarterback hurry quarterback hit back to the facts. But all the signs. In the fifties and not not big but it's OK I don't know it's just a coincidence. The jaguars over fifty sacks this dealers over fifty sacks. Carolina. You know 49. Did you got the rams. That did you got Tennessee. Got the things. Okay and every one of those teams are in the Leo yeah. Yeah so don't let me just knuckle putt rationally includes. Active again and again those sacks and Malin yeah I don't care what you tell everybody what you take it to sack the quarterback hurry but. All these cities Bob's acknowledge the playoffs every. Every one album in that. That is a connected not in a topic you can see more morrow we're gonna be back with more second guessed right app that is CBS. News update. There on this edition of the that you Bobbie you're alive from super. Flip a casino beats it may not counting Mississippi we've got to go to big John in that city big John. You're not a whit about midnight. Good afternoon and happy you know how or use it to you big John you recovered yesterday. Oh yeah yeah now. I'm Gordon thought oh yeah and I'll listen and big John I don't know if you can that's. Or better watching gains. In the rules apple. A they would you saw those teams to order a square off with one another and early on he seemed in Oklahoma's disk that'll wipe him off the map. And all of a sudden Georgia makes a run at it Oklahoma makes the run. And did Georgia makes the run double overtime. It's the last. About like you look at its glory you know that. George Oklahoma gave remind him in the regular season the rams and Eagles yet it will go right there at California Alec policy liberals won't. Hadi was core of your football fan people don't like this mean well as the blog back and forth. Buddy rice followed and those Ochoa Alabama area on yet Alabama. Network news like and I know one thing is Alabama Clemson game this week in the eclipse I would just happen to the Rose Bowl. That that was. Unbelievable game to watch the Eagles teams square off one. God it was just an amazing thing for me want to do well the ebb and flow that he was just tremendous and you've got to see out Georgie it just. They were a little bit more physical than Oklahoma the Bay Area. But only a little bit more I mean to go to double overtime the way they did on that was an amazing play college football make it make you happy you and now football. And in Daytona Oregon. Is that at the end of last season. Go wrong in the Georgia area in Athens area. Georgia was eight win five laws football team. And people question in all could be Smart. He's just not a product that the Nixie but system they all bulls lost than Nichols they in his second game of the year. And you win eight games all of a sudden you see is being used ketchup buyer that it brings back in starters on defense. Eight starters on offense. But man I gotta give Kirby Smart a lot of credit. Because a lot of people nationally law he. He just looks like an assistant coach. You don't double B a top coach in college ranks wall the people wait that lack at a packed well and beat the end. SEC is Lian what are marbles bull team and I gotta give Kirby Smart a lot of credit people who wouldn't hit it strange that out of him Marc Rich. I think it's a heck of a coach Eddie did a good job but to. How's it comes to an end. And I think he's gonna be great at Miami. But it Kirby Smart. Did a fabulous job oh tuneup Norton this year. Now now I agree with that reasoning that in and hats off to curb and then watching that indeed the evening. You know I was one to pick one and over Alabama bought the club and help them now. But many great opera non productive Bruntlett grounds to Alabama is up. And spam and quick. And Georgia. The Oklahoma. It's not gonna have a need to figure out come the Monday because Alabama the look like he was wrong mentioned the other. As much about the buy them much like eons and the you've got to that he had to next they were getting his team prepared. And really quitting Google there and on weapon on the problems we need and beyond and loves arts. And so you. Well look the part of all it's so great. Not to be talking this Monday about perhaps in April of black Monday. Is it is a lot you know you know like that when the sides in the leadership of long. Despite you know with the suspension and perhaps the buckles the last couple years despite the sea of returning to wait. And look at the land that the rates aren't in the creek at our post season and then division champs but then that was really my hat or warm they put on in ample hips where Sunday. And I went and an opportunity now if you want. Who was shot patent claim it really quote the best web Sunday. Especially after it became apparent that the the falcons open win and that they weren't that they would be facing Carolina in the oil. Noah I think Philippines late to win. Well. They close the like yet they. Like. That was. Okay because one in. It. Bob. So now. I am now. OK. Now let me drive it. It may take on that he. So what you look at and yet that's not. A game that I'd say yeah me. You know. The trio. I'd now like well it is like street. Make it. Happen. You'd make our health. Rapidly lower but I practice. Well they. John is. What happened at the end game the coaches. That was on that wanted to be. Want it to win that game against her I mean. That's become personal. We did well out what happened in the incident in the first game. And her mind. One pain and did what happened and with so this. Loop between the goat. Well it's it's definitely going to be good spot next here reason that I met in line. Why not think he was playing it close and when you got. Teams went in Portland and now deep in their own territory lock on an out and you complain of height. And all side and it just it looked to me like the coverage and that the the defense got a little blue. And a little concrete meant to warm because they'd gotten more than ten point in really tight commerce and all the sudden. Receivers getting open that are that would have been getting open throughout most of the game that it would what kind of barked at they've really got to. I'm not well okay big John okay Dallas towards the latter part what happened in the first half when the box that it found that out there now. Yeah I mean and mean he would go to the united within the date James when it's been. Was one at a top three quarterbacks down the stretch as ours is reduction. That is another thing. You know haven't been a at the band's third down offense. During the last minute the regular season on all the 32 teams. The last month as seasonal wanted to play hard that's like getting your coach Carter you gotta tell you I'm autocratic. They are noble 13 down albeit in a whole NFL the last month that if these. Will yet noticed that a lot of times. On. The optics but I'll let that we got a break will be back with reports like it. Back you on this that yes you know like I am so with the because you know the and not county Mississippi Bobby does that give you would do when sports ball. In Cincinnati. Quote Taco Bell but when he minutes ago the bank rules and head coach Marvin Lewis agree that you're on it. My new year contract extension with the the Buick with sports are in that the that. Well but the browns sample packets made a brown family singles nimble money. That The Beatles might need it if they're not the cheapest team in the conversation out of 32 dealt with it. Bree and how. They get guys that may be on the edge. If it they out of cheaper price strategy apprised they have controversy and then. That's a look at Mike that the big wins that they had against all the order that. And how well they. That's certainly didn't hurt that hurt Marvin Lewis because I think everybody felt Marvin this would be that yes this was this one's on opium. Yeah economy is run there and how many years could eat Dublin well it is not a law continue with the angles and auto controlled. Everything including personnel. I know plan. Outline of me now who was longtime scout unit volatile we listen Marvin Lewis. What if yes how would you really good when he's got a great eye for talent for a coach who says you know a lot of time coaches that wears out. But you look at what lewis' and he. He brought the right there into the playoffs. Few years consecutive bitter row dispute now compatible with a well. In that game when they lost to Pittsburgh all index and next Bana who Peter Buck night football game I thought. Today that would be into the story but the big goes up because then that loose we're. Two more seasons so Mike and also had it done because. You know you look at. On there and all over it seems like at least every year on the average six coaches get far. It could be me be as the and I think like six to eight is that the pace we're. What page you're on right now despite the that that Lewis is gonna state instances that. Now what's the rule ever quit. Obviously you know look giant group we talked to have a baby arrives at night it's going to be a heck look there at bay Buccaneers. Well obviously that have a coach cutters cutting back didn't hear the rumors coach gruden coached in the raiders that potentially all of these cities the. That that board I don't bond. Because that would have to move him the NFL ownership group that they would have to pull that W you and you gave him part of team now is little. What would that shock you remarked David I would say that. That it got the quick shot when he walked Dave and Al it's it might be that rebellious art that desperate but I wanna have a big splash with its political laws they. You at all far. You'll buddy Jack yeah you'll basically don't hate it in the locker rule if you didn't have something else and in your appliance. Right if you did have gruden did the plans you signed Jack stood extension last year. I'll buy I got a question party when you look at antsy in the NFC obviously to me. What they want twelve games last year artsy the raiders notable that the pointed team in the AFC. Giants in the units in the giants that he what's it giants this immediate fellow war completely. They had a couple games put into the season. I don't injuries play apart but if we happen every football team but expectations. That this team would pit again in identical to. Yeah NFC east art is suitable to rev president and now we can have Archie Manning on late and later. And I'll acts Artie hit that Olivia that have to edit Vietnamese army unit. This season but it giant considering all the success. That pain in the I had at what Eli had to deal wit could you not you feel that you kids. Shall not Hubert more you. If that happens to you know yeah I just think about this if John Bruton and I think this will happen he does go to Oakland. Who would be the obvious got to pick his place on Monday Night Football. The man. So yeah and just click about it oh who would be good name guy that could actually step in that boom. And bring that type of recognition. Will have a lot for you on this issue right up that is written negates Michigan up here are our number one the second guessed you were gonna go to the longshoreman in Slidell launch dominant. In the huddle with obvious. Paid thank you Mike thank you Bobby he's happy new year you'd have to prove that media you know audible now bill. Yeah I. Mike and I appreciate you lament you you know my commute in the morning. You would you chat much dot com and I appreciate drive. Exit yet. It you be away. And you know despite the restoration of that mosque on the you know I think that the a couple of things that brokered the most. Would that we had that opportunity in the last few minutes ago now with that game away. Couldn't get it done recently reported we're back on the order of it and all commitment. That I can't help but go back to that fumble in the pocket learn and now and bring them by Clapton. As the war or we gonna you know I mean I got my equipment you both the all you call eight. Gamble with you use you know what you call. You know. Pico found. We got a target omelet with any remote. Yen and we we need one on what that running back cannot afford to lose that man. I know it and it's time that day. And damp like the other day got off. Campbell. What about the question of longshoreman you talk about apartments there is two different. So we can educate pain. And seed them and Iraq is different. Animals what you read Arnie Klein Annika all about them guys to do it. You know you perception depth perception how you feel all the bottom line is that what you feeling upon. UK catching it most of the time. A better. Paula blow. Liking and important and it. No well I tell you right now I tell you right now select Peyton will look at Tom Lee Lewis. You might have to go now back of the line I would not be surprised. If that didn't junior is back that have an opportunity in union. That Fiat are regarded now I think he he thought there also but he's also take it or retired and I'll let touchdown. Not a thing too is Mira has not. Now the ball well in the practice this hopeful you look at plummeted to earth as a punt return you can it would have practice flights aren't you Mark Ellis.