Saints are not underestimating J-E-T-S

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, December 13th

Steve Geller and Dave Cohen talk about the Saints taking on the Jets in the dome. 


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The agency review on your radio on your home game morning welcome to wind as today. All right I have been searching high and hello I'm not that I am a better but I'm just curious what Vegas is saying. And while many sports books in casinos are not yet taking bets on the saints game waiting for the injury report to come out today. To find out who's playing and who's not. I have found some places where you can place a bet you ready for this. The saints. Our sixteen point favorite yes so that's you this morning it was blown away by that number six team points I don't remember the last time I saw a team favored by sixteen points. In an NFL game but apparently the jets a really bad and Denver shut him out last week. Yet and not only that meg game they also the jets also lost their starting quarterback for the season so bear up and down year it gets even worse. I'm now they turn to lay fourth round pick from three years ago embraced paddy who has limited experience in coming to the superdome. We all know how to get pretty raucous and there should have a tough go with the superdome crowd I just don't know. If sixteen point of I'm a better if I'm willing to lay that down on the saints. I think I am I think wins inexperienced quarterback who has really know. Ability to deal with the defense and pass run pass rush like the saints are gonna bring. The line for the objects that isn't very good to protect any quarterback whoever it is. And the fact that Denver. Was able to destroy them the way they did in Denver's not having a great year. I kind of liked this season high sixteen act got to think that's. It may be worse than last pot I believe me I'm hoping that's the case I just think that a lot like I got steered money Saul I be afraid to lay that down. On a sixteen point swing on Asante both take about I'm just saying it how I feel I'm not a betting man I never met Adam football game and our sales and on anything I can't personally control. I will say about the Broncos to while they're a year is been dismal and offense is not good at all they still have a solid defense so. Shutting out the jets' offense wasn't that big hum. Of a surprise but dumb I don't I don't know via the saints are a bit banged up I am waiting to hear from this injury report today to see how how which guys will be back or we have a Kenny the car oh with a B Alvin Camaro back in the lineup for the saints as he Beckett and the concussion protocol all those are going to be pretty key for this match up or drill assays may be rest them. Ahead of the Atlanta Falcons matchup. See that's another thing you need those guys in this guy and anyone awake is you got to play Q divisional games to wrap up the season. After this text come and an 87870. Steve Geller one person says rookie quarterbacks always have a field day on the saints another says this is a classic trap game with the saints being such a big favorites. Do either of those things to worry you. With the saints favored by sixteen. Over the jets. And it quarterback plan for a New York that has little or no experience. Yet to meet that whole notion they trap game you throw that out the window right now one the saints are coming off a loss to Atlanta has so they're pretty stuck still steaming over that. On the way back game shook out plus the division standings right now are so close to tie the Carolina but obviously hold the tiebreaker since they swept the Panthers. And the falcons just the game behind me coming to the superdome next week. The saints all all the players in the locker room on Monday when we do get to talk to a more basically saying they know all they have to do right now we have now. And they're guaranteed the top spot in the NFC south so that's their focus. You don't think they're underestimating this opponent or even worried about who the opponent is. Do you really believe that they are in the right frame of mind that they just need to go out there and play their best ball land. Yet their focus right now they don't care who they're playing or what what what team it is it's just all about winning out getting that top spot in the NFC south.