Safety at Mardi Gras

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, February 14th

Tommy talks with Newell Normand about the challenges of maintaining safety during parades.


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Lucky enough to have Noual Norman and they say that seriously because he's got plenty to do is he preps for his show but we want to ask you on new lockers. He announce an out there on saint Charles avenue working with Christian Gary Hall in the parades dancing in the marching clubs Mundo tail and Ali's. Pete fountain all of marching groups come and Diane in Zulu and we left before Rex or at least I did. And though she sank in man you hate to say basking in the afterglow on Valentine's stakes of this entirely different connotation. But I was saying and how great the weather was and I presume you had a great ride in. Artists re rod was the grand Marshal Argus and some of the biggest crowds we've had in Metairie and alone time on so it was really a good guy. So as a law enforcement. Official former sheriff. I don't think your former sheriff letting you be a share for the rest seal life split. That's a discussion for another day when it comes to something like this is there anything law enforcement can do. You know you put your operational plans in place you look historically where the hot spots are where you've had. I'll repeat offenses that occur in a lot of that is just based on. Good street level intelligence about. Certain folks that are in certain areas every year you know the other day we talked an air that you did I did about where's your favorite place to go party drawn families go. All the time and with that comes conflict and that's what these seem to be all about the victim and her no one another their relational. There's a conflict that starts and unfortunately. They end up pulling Ghana. So this was denied like one guy saw another in a different gang along around this is. From what they're saying confrontational in terms of a spot or something. The preliminary information is that the these these were conflicts between groups of people know one another now what the source of the conflict. Turns out to be I don't know I mean investigation is still in its infancy. That will begin to reveal itself once they start talking to all of the witnesses but let's put it in the proper context. If several million people stretched out over seven mile parade route and then sell. Has one of these shootings occurred about a block and a half off the parade right so if you were to take that first block ring. Of the route on both sides. You were now at 21 miles. Of rotting that you're trying to police. There are not enough assets and resources to do so I don't I think it's amazing that law enforcement does the job that they do yeah. So at the end of the day. You know when you put your operational plan it's to put yourself in the best position to try and avert some of this activity knowing. That you never know when a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend her two Brothers. Or two cousins. Getting miffed at one another and end up popping caps won enough. And and that is the reality. And unfortunately for us the good suffer for the bad. Everything's going to be focused on the shootings. And not a whole lot about 21 miles know that 21 miles of people traveling safely in happen at time of that life. And it's amazing that we don't have more of these conflicts Celtic is you have at all. Money drugs. Women. Alcohol. Yeah now and who knows you right and you know so and year out therefore an elongated period of time. Involved in all. And you know and I wrote in a parade in. I mean I walked a parade route the other night in in downtown in a cutting guys Fata stopped in the way anyone spot for old. A long period of time. I could have been loaded because there was so much marijuana and and in in the air. In those shoes you see how all of these factors and a look at. Not just because I'm coming from the policing business. They do. A heck of a job I mean think about this you bring their officers from two in three different locations during the event. Staging them and moving him down a parade route. To supplement all of the forces that you have in those particular areas so and it. Start area clears they put him on Abbas and bring on to the next area and went out there it clears it put one Abbas and bring them to the disbanding area. And they've just been at first parade and and go back all over again I mean you know so when you begin to think about it in those terms it's quite attached. And terms of expectations if you look at the way society is abandonment grinding. Did deeply philosophical 1 morning after money grub but is this really any different then. I mean the norm variety it's kind of crazy to think just because people have a good time on a floats in the and the people in the front with the kids and so forth. That sounds like designer Hammond is it happens every day in society under every different circumstance. Yeah and you know it's something that occurs all the time and then we. We would love for to be Lou what why don't we just all how to reflect on our own and take responsibility of our own personal behavior. And you know not do it. Next two or adjacent to a Mardi Gras parade where there's all kinds of and some people can be harmed or killed. By virtue of yours silly activity and conduct fine thank you Noual appreciate and they talked some more about this on your show at 10 o'clock we're.