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A Podcast Has No Name
Tuesday, August 22nd
WWL Radio's "Game of Thrones" podcast returns as Seth Dunlap and his cohosts Mike Styles and Christina "Stina" Molinario recap Episode 5 of the the new season of HBO's hit drama, titled "Eastwatch".

A game changing episode for those both north and south of The Wall.  Was this a trap expertly laid by the Night King or were things too unbelievable even for 'Thones'?  The hosts agree that showrunners and writers have mismanaged one big plot, while they diagree about what they've done with another.  Seth has a new favorite character, and everybody is coming to grips with Dany's big loss.  

This is a review-only podcast.  We will have a special finale preview edition of 'A Podcast Has No Name' on Thursday with special guests T-Pot of B97 and Kat of Bayou 95.7!  Be sure to join us then!

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What's your name. Who are you. Dylan the go has an. We are no one. Podcast has no name. A WWL radio game drones podcast with your host Seth this Dina and styles. What is up a special first of two episodes this week for us a podcast that none name incest and south next to me in studio here. What an episode. Beyond the wall a very polarizing episode as well as not just here in studio but. I think out there as well from everything I've been reading the past 48 hours or so. Against reminder upfront here like we said last week we're going to recap. Beyond the wall in this episode and really dive into it deep. And then on Thursday we're gonna have a special finale preview and predictions podcast we're also gonna rain couple special guests in on teapot. From B 97. And tasks from buy used 957 a couple of sisters stations yes I think what you lady dominated here. I. Kind of like Lester they're drawn aside there's it's gonna be really fun Serena saved most of our predictions for them although you know in my begin to some predictions here. And don't let Beckett is oh well I'll. A little feet twelve feet. I talk as well please hit me up on Twitter that sets Dunlap and go policies that hash tag WW wealth rounds to interact with the show's send us your comments and questions from the mailbag. That we do each and every show. Okay. Let's get into it and I don't wanna go in chronological order of the show I kind of wanna separate out. The two sides stories from the main story. Beyond the walls so let's talk about what happened with socks that an aria first at very polarizing. Plots going are and what's your thought it says it. Is. Yeah so. Or let's recap what happened we can agree to some so ravens note that we saw are you find last episode was she confronts Johnson with it and I. That scene was really well done so when they did that. My hopes for how this is gonna play out. On screen were pretty high. And she kind of confronted our Hayward dad great story by the way. How she first heard shooting arrows with Ned watching overhead. And it solves a completely off guard she didn't did not know what indie world to think. When she found out the Daria had that agreement. Lol and this ball that the Security. Council are pretty that the corporate jobs Jill justice. Let's just flip the script on where the hell is wrong with you. I don't know I don't know. What you know X stances on its list. Of what their problem in this. You know I. It's understandable rob understood immediately and he got that letter he wasn't like dam's ends she's got a Bentley was lit up welcome marches south. He got it so rob can understand. I think what. Bothered me about the most was that all of last season. Our artists Carrie there are as Billy towards becoming more. First let's let them baseless name and her sister of all people and I thought that you would think that she and sister and not just. Almost happened. Spray. I think that's what I was we were talking guy off the air. This show has lettuce at just. Empathize and sympathize with these characters and just understand their view point from their level and just having Ari and do all of these scenes for this episode that we feel like we don't know where. I just I Kiet this song on the same leveler understand where her my processes that she's just taking feminism to lead every dark place right now because their roles in general really are fair you cannot twist the rules for your crazier that. Christina and I hate. I think we're in Israel other parts the episode of this one the obvious that they scratch my head don't want the world's going on here I don't I don't understand our is and gamer wife she doesn't understand she went back to winter Phyllis she can reunite with their family ever heard I think this sobs that has just been. As plan would put it needing by the fire in her pretty dresses. Just doesn't make any sense I. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist but I a haven't a hope that they will wrap up this plot in at least eight Sam guy. Sufficient and satisfying way this next episode I just what's going on right now doesn't make sense maybe because announcing the end does that make sense. He just as there is saying and I'm hoping that. Ryan. Is just not. Being in just one layer would. Area. And where over the but they underwent three insulin. I'm hoping that Bryant case kind of settled assists released. And it's maybe. Yeah lone wolf for the exercise and hopefully they. There and then just honestly I think you mentioned this last week or stand. And I think you're right I think a little finger in the books at this point is probably not here anymore and I think the focus really is was going on. North of the ball and with Danny and John and so. This really just is impart a sense than Arian little finger story right now but they have to have sunscreen time death that your. The donut people they the northerners they understood what that did whenever he means they can action. And so. They knew that it was also are sees apple so songs that mean Ari is so good at playing the game faces why can't she realized that sounds actually telling entries. I don't understand that right I. Almost. I was thinking oil but what if Horry was actually defeated by the wait. For the I am not let this is actually the weight in the only thing I think you know without make a lot of sense that we're equally smiled at Duckett had argues are usually umpires start going on. He might be thinking that was nine. No you are and you're not our day you know you're no one but. Because she had as seen in the river lands with nine near you note I'm here it would just after out area. So that would have been cool to see like I'm here really chic. Loria leg of the deadly turns into the wave and I don't ever remember this comes yes that that would remain cool in the evenly on the an arias to at least that fight. I'll go to nickel bet that ought to fund but I think because I'm Eric and sniffer out that's just. It's it's just a bad plot and I think it's gonna be arson but I'm thinking. Maybe at the dish the writers here and the show runners to know what to do with our because where she left off in the books and made. I'm sure obvious enough I'm sure they obviously have talked to George RR Martin about where. Her plot goes maybe not exactly on point Armani mr. George knows where everything's going to this. Yeah. But okay so. Little bigger inner seeds in this again talks about brie and ends look. I am getting tired of stick like I said last week but. He is still be master manipulator of this show of this world like he has been since episode two. Of this series he really has been and he is playing both of them like to settle and I'm I'm really so. I do have a problem with Ari is late at what was going hard Obama's sister but I have more problem. With socks after everything she's gone after warning John and everybody else about little bigger. Mean conniving minds that all the since she goes right back a little finger and start trusting him this is where it gets a little fishy for me. What I think. Something is going on here that Tsotsi is planning for there is no way that she. Breaks down and for a little bit little finger and calls him man and bins to his women does exactly what he wants her to do this does not make sense was Sox if that is how it works out. Like I said with the Jamie brought thing. Coming up in the river like a mile and a half to come back on stream if that happens I will be the first one to say this makes zero sense but it's nice when I hear often yet because we haven't seen it play out the whole way. Maybe because this serious just and so grades and doing these things I'm willing to give it time that I had. At a non answer yes it does basis and I did not rhetorical question Torre and if leaks and is afraid that her crazy little sister is going to murder her. She sent away her pony cars I literally don't understand. Yeah I think that baucus. She's trying to play the games and there's a stand theory that I really behind hoping that REM songs are secretly pulling against little anger some crossing my fingers that I would. Make the only sense for this entire you know. But I think that and sciences and little thing here comes up to her and says you know very nannies to stemming. And he's trying to make her do the opposite of what he wants her to do so a cake heat since she could stay kill aria force on. Or she could protect. Aria me protect thoughts that sun's up from being killed by aria really I think it's the best thing for sounds that do because that she's sending her right hand man her hand to you went to king's landing to speak to the being to speak. For more than an hour to this. Now I. That was a tough one for me. Bit she's got a sense of south I mean John is basically says arcs Pincus threaten no less than sanctions got to send somebody south whoever represented of that would be. Hey just a little thing here. True element or censor it goes out that's on. That's what it holds or see this is still think to remember I told you that I told you this twice in our episode one deficit to recap. I can still see somewhere along alliant a seeing that flash back to where her little finger told that sir see I wool and bring users nor I will not return til I secure the north for a view. And I could see us ending with some kind of crazy. A bullet in the flames here curt death of multiple starts up there with little bigger controlling everything I could see it I really could maybe that's were added that the us. Maybe hopefully Ari it takes a little fingers base because I don't really look to see him in season lately he's Ehrlich act that I only got in dreaming and are you taking someone's face and. Little thing here would be great days. That happened because that's the thing I have a good base he does is that the very good kind of trusting bit. I try to handsome but you can tell a series of this Omnia may be chilly maybe lost he has this is the Indy she knew something about that mustache. Look at what is the lets you. Dragons on a quick scene a very good scene while my favorite scenes actually of the entire year. Terry and Danny finally getting more one on one time to talk and talk things out tearing gets his moment with her. And it was bloods and explains you need to calm held when you're going to meet these other leaders you have a tempers she is like. What's that. Separate until late that they that pitted his stunning public the other guys the only quote in the dragon I later inside the whole meeting by the way. Like I thought Danny deceased calm down and seeing she's a listen to reason but I am. I think with what played out here she's going to but she does have that little light rebellious teenager still time. The only thing normal of this entire episode was teary drinking play let's get real but I do kind of sympathize with Danny because. The entire time here is talking yet he's making sense but then he starts talking about plan B what's gonna happen after she hits the current. She crippling to nominally his dorm or high guard he is thinking about the now get your head in the game. I see both sides. Now it's what does happen with the succession. There irony here and then I see John on so worried about her. Like I don't think they would be bringing up. The idea of like who's gonna succeed Danny and then her reject that idea without it coming into play. Still to get checkups guns are all out almost I don't think she makes should. I don't I think maybe she dies of dying and death you're making us upset. That I thought I had this. There's irate I didn't I didn't wanna believe it until this episode and now Ideo. So. Is she there and vote because by the don't wanna get too far ahead but like me be seeking. Half her successor. I know his story knows that she's you know can't have any chance that he Canas adjustment. That he might be heard John my apple. So I don't now the only thing that I know with her. Even though I do it's meant to see everybody died at about dot John was gonna dial that is adjacent to the bottom of the pros lately I felt that. Talk about how this using the show anyone can die at any time. But now it's a show almost debts. I don't know little or nothing I don't understand and it's been so well. We haven't had main main characters die annually OK but we could also argue. Then maybe we got jaded because. Three deaths really we had. And added raw and and Joffrey but other net pennies characters. Brutality can kind of say it was kind of the all that I relish is that that was more heartbreaking dropped me really yeah. These I think are streaming got canceled that screen still Hoss yeah it's definitely an outlook. So let's get into what had. And so what everyone not screaming at the TV whenever an Ayers is taking up the dragons are teary and hop on the island I was like that I think oh. Ninety. Analysts. And incidence is there and grant you that looks for real by the way she needs to Wear what more she. Low ball off the ball off and a big elegant dresses success and hold us. They were Illinois that are lag yeah. I lose her Taylor we haven't seen that Taylor in the show we need this I know limit was on Sunday she sews she thinks she's so we need a sewing with the saudis play. Yeah regulating Illini do better if you gonna do it the better also all of this group out of this does Evans the. Serious look silly ridiculous that I'm. Why are this Sunday scissors yeah. I'm also a governments are. That could be a web series I didn't mean his podcast of the Saab is that there. It negotiated filler until this early in any car and tell her and you know. He also did OK yeah. A couple of them. As great okay season Avis will now be called the saudis scissors and. Let's go beyond the law finally. Hand this episode started off. So well I thought the pacing was beautiful I was loving but walk. Beyond the wall and the dialogue was fantastic and some people are saying it was cliches I shot opt plays well. So at UCL linebackers read some reviews extreme comments made a probably read comments. Control your views don't say our ads is bidders in the same thing now what four seasons like so they are more like him or torment. An important job and Zora right there answer was fallen an interest and because interesting to see. The background of these characters that relationship. To each other end to see that candlelight scene to see these different parts. Of the story and these different characters come together and to see them interact is really fun really interest me. But while the unimportant. You there's only seven episodes Latin. Another. The note spoiled are still alive. And you know I just as I feel like it was like exit responded bluntly what do you like to see them develop the strife between the Starks is Islam. Lawrence that it. You know it was very nice to see John end. To the Mormon has that moment because it's been like an elephant in the room for them but for me honestly is ever really. Sailing oh I had your dad's family's sort by the way but why didn't he give it to Lee on the warm line. I'm so happy about it mallet and the stupidest thing for incident I mean ice is no longer in the picture he really needs some O'Leary's you may because the sword is bigger than Atlanta. That's OK day. Windows I think there was one important dialogue whenever it's Harman was kind of giving his aspect of why. The financed it and abandoning you know because of his pry kind of gave John. That people's standpoint of why they believe that sometimes you sacrifice your price and the need for the greater good that's for good purpose for the better than people then. Doubt I'll. I agree and I again I saw some stuff Samuel is is to make any sense is. Tora always says. He wouldn't be in the knee but he's never outright said that Manson was right it's not have been resolved as friends die so I always kind of thought that torments. Did wish the Mets would have been company and saves you agree at all those friends of thousands and thousands while Winston died so I thought that was hit Torres in the hounds had a good EC world. Heard there that's all yeah. And they're part of the on the wall asleep in the first couple of minutes when they were talking on how today. All the while is will thing north of the wall to stay warm in generously. Oval the release of an IP find other ways to look at them like are you trying to angry. Illegal aliens are gonna this especially as priceless and then tore it all feels that he's not very bright as me after that produces. You agree isn't affiliate out of injuries and is. He is those dollars and amble he's the feature error of the storm islands. Now that's all I'm still I'm still alive generate the attack. Good moment the broker brotherhood. That's. What the brotherhood here. They knew this kid for Blake you what a weaker whatever it there was in showtime. Or three I guess westar OC time. And it and sell off to die and they just sold them off zoom it melts under him Soros I don't think she is mostly is that you actually did. Any got late in the process that you're enjoying being and winning your pattern yeah network L as widgets on him out is complain is the grid. Thanks Chris and I don't think gender analyst bill holt late start the episode he was like. Full on Harry Potter book five where easily all of his lines in the Booker and caps. Accused he was inching and I'm glad to handle and down on the pound really had his day except for when he was throwing rocks. Like any time his time speaking of dust program. Well. At all. So that they don't know the lake was froze or anyways but what does that. John Barry cool moment them by a mutual respects and they said. Re doing this why are we going up here at death is the end. Isn't that death is the enemy in the I always wins is such a great lion but we have to fight to take the others are freezing. And I both agree that that's enough. Can't think that night king is representing death. You know he's kind of a on that brings sentence that he is a great enemy. And we do have a stake in a drink there. So I don't ice follies it is says oh they sidecar. I'd hold my tong because I'm still so on that this is the sting is. Mission ever and I'm glad they addressed it a little bit with period and any when she they're talking about heroes and you're not hero and he was the atmosphere of India at least give me a break. But this is this mission was stupid and I understand that it is the whole reason so they can have this little suicide squad. Retreat north of the wall and I've accepted that it's fun politely it's still like. I wish they it seems a little rushed in to. I don't like it was OK I agree a citizen philosophical point here before. We get and to be there isn't this whole battle. IE it is rushed. But it has to be rushed and Ben often wise in the writers had zero choice about this contracts run out. They don't want to do it after seasoning they already plan out the episodes that you have a choice but to Russia I fuel forum. But I think we just have to get used to it being rushed and times beating up like what we saw there I think people are used to big election season one season to win. I was really slow you know it took weeks to get from point a to point B. A whole season's really came to get seek it from there are people making land it I just think that that fans he'd take a deep breath here. And understand that were speeding up time and just getting a relative relevant plot points because let's face it we have to reduce or not we have. Five years to spend writing a book by its its like ten years now. 10% in between books four and five and I'm with you I and I'm not gonna be one to complain that people can. Teleport. Now basically. Put it just almost as lazy like instead of waiting for a rape me come from gentry. What is flick while just after they let the thing had a conversation is on the episode. And then she she just shows up. You know I mean like it just seems I'm not met the logistics I get it there's only so many episodes less but do it and it's tactful way. Where motives and logic does not. Logistics the actual like you know people's purposes. So. Question on that and we're jumping ahead here a little bit but. They never so I almost took this as interpreted as you will we never see that rate in getting to dragons. So what if scenarios and teary N had that conversation. Generics looking out that when she says I don't like I realize that and she didn't wait for marry them maybe. Ideally you'd pat is stupid so you know what I'm leaving I'm gunning at you island race so maybe I kind of suit like that and the way they. I guess paid a patch together the timeline haven't made it looked like regret the reason but. I think there's enough. Again interpretation of your own in this that we can kind of it kind of makes sense of course it's amnesty showed nothing as the economic perfect time once since that's. I also thought that they were on the rock for multiple days. That's the south. Out let's before we get all the way up there. I wanna say I'll say this for the yen but because we're gonna talk about him in the spy. I need more Barrick on Darian. That dude is bat that skew me more of them blaming slower to his talk is eye patch like I. Not in love with the guy not like physically but I'll look up and pick Eric today is no. If so I'm glad he didn't die because I'd be more him I want to see more of him in these fights it is so bad ass is one of my favorite fighting scenes of the. Whole series makers not to mention that his sultry seeding speaking voice. And I would love to listen to an audio book tape with him married and absolutely it is very good. Talking about death sentences that you had eight slate says he's his own with ease on the leg is it. It stirred something in me not erotic like yeah but it there's something in me as well and he has good character. He must have a part. Of another part of player they would have just let them be instead of one of those faceless people that followed this suicides clawed up there. Like maybe. He's cool under the water or maybe easily pushed off the cliff and knees and Gholston. Whites so he you know he has another part to play maybe he'll bring some back up able to use his last liked to bring someone else. We're debating. Earlier I mean this is his last slice and yes that relieves that lies sleaze that can he give his last life to someone else is dying. Let's get them. That's it requires you learn enough from Soros being around them to be able to do some of these. Read her into his hole for just torn apart and then just keep on stagger on for eight miles per hour. So they get to arrowhead mountain and walk through now what is the bullet and coming blizzards and Peru really. Cool scene with the bear. Almost. Revenue it's like I'm glad they didn't take it that far that would seem like coached in what the Rehman did. I'm so it in play on to law before us just gets a port Charles pour Brando's that is yet. They'll mauled by this bear they shot I knew where it though like they only show up in the death scenes like where's does random breath clip I'll wait he's just in this one scene where he's dying or else. I did watches how did Watson has taken its time. And I was like OK so are these Brando's there they they they do show up I thought anyways you museum like walking at certain points at the I don't know these two or three people but you're right it's like. You know. Only the brand is that which I thought was weird it. Maybe it's a timing thing I do is I'm I'm with you guys that I can that's weird maybe him. Massa just hear what he wants them to die. The bear was cool. The pounds I don't know why he's such was the Booth but that's where I earlier. Like that that he is still afraid of fire that doesn't mean it is doesn't like fire and he's not gonna change for anybody. Well designed to be good ally to the Maris and dragons. Sometimes opposites. I loathe it found that I cannot wait for the clean gamble I can't wait for him to reunite this answer and aria. What is seen what does that how McKinley resolved arias since the tension is yet and I pleasures of the both. As oil or where we're seeing. Like politically involved in this nexus that you go back to the the pre season trailer for the entire season Allen has this sort of looks like he is now in that arena there and with the sort out so I think we're getting me being able teen idol to so I think he is it. The pulling off the. The burlap sack off the armed the white. Is he was kind of in charge and it really packing up. On the dragon he he puts shelves this thing they don't carry on that exactly was the light to carry onto it shoves it down easily knocking it still is that and he helps on that dragon but he seems to be the one that is. You know he dealt part of this and easily ours is my. More sensed it clicked for us. Because there's the hatton has his space and he's gonna turn until why I don't food for thought I was thinking that as well win for him to turn it. Yet when he when he died early I was I was thinking that the lowest is going to turn until light and that was going to be the way I thought that would have been more. You know a little bit more dramatic because she like this like it is this thing you know but if she saw old play excellent that's new. May capture this Wyatt a little scouting party and it just got to know that the media there actually organized army looks like yeah they've got. Headless skeleton from Brown's class they do have some sort of organization and that scouting party. Was out there and they find out it's big it's huge we find out that you feel the whites by killing one that turned them. That is a massive reveal why that's so yes I heard about in the books they know that the books yet know how I don't know anything about them but I mean. I think we know how well. The living have a chance now I think that was that was the biggest reveal for the whole episode for me. Like they have now have a strategy. Killed masters in addition to any earning employees as energy so a gathering. So we get to the frozen lake battle. Again it was so well done up to I think the final. Twenty minutes or so of this but John turns after this season descending avalanche he saw art on the nose looks companies those jet Mitterrand. Run the generator run that put off by how how far were the aid from the wall I ticketed and it. I have great lake. I have to run rate. Well I think half a day's walk. Like they're not partly the white skin just goes. That's the beautiful thing about these guys time is on their side all they have to do is sit around and wait they have all the time in the world so I mean they're probably half the days. And a half days Iran I think I cannot get a. I definitely didn't think it was a full days via. So that's why a thousand viewers why did you agree that they're so quick now wall and the rough more where at all. That is that is that is thought held them off the kinda held didn't they ride horses. North of the law. It's two point. That and a navy keep a low profile I was thinking meet people I think it would have helped if they were on horseback. Yeah and laissez bots. Well that's your question I ever thought about that on this so called for horses they humans do all that money. You know me I'm all of our banner ads and that's why this up so it was also very upsetting to me. Even when we heard you listen to the director's cut ends. So they explained why they did what they did with them ending up on this island base says they had played out so many different battles in the show they didn't want a repeat of something they had done before. With somebody getting cotton or trying to figure out OK how do we how they survive this and they ended up on I think a poor design. An island or at least. The concept is okay I've I've just how was duck how it was done. And everything that transpired from that moment on Mosul Illinois. I really elated and built like it humans on the all league over the ice you know they didn't you know this night and by the way it is officially be knife Cain now at least in the show it'll at the Maris as soon as the night king. Didn't see if he's willing to sacrifice these whites are on sale lightly and just be cold lately autism zombie all across this. Yeah I know I'll they have his time like the best option for them to do is sit around and wait for these ten guys to freeze themselves and then they have ten more guys to add to the ranks let's keep on month and they at all. Keep that in mind so that's what I was thinking at first likeness at butts. After words I started thinking about it I have a theory but I don't wanna tell you this theory about this I think it's pretty good one to lead talked about the rest of the rest of battle. Do you know although weapons were sitting in Orleans. You know in order that they were. I was like OK then that now that you know calls you down a little bit because so why go through this whole mining dragging glass. Thing for a couple of episodes and dragons so everybody is it. We're at now is on tour with that because John had earlier in its field at the flying the flaming swords and then Hamer. Yet they had for. Torments sword was. City and the talent when he drops the hammer when he finally an attack he drops and realize that he be at a city and it pulls right of civilians. Dragon last so and then yet the flaming swords or for us and obviously the weigh in steel so and by the way some of the random as it looked like they were wielding incident. Drag us is they went down as well. So then they get stuck out there and we agree it's a couple of days like that's kind of what a picture to show the sun going down some sun coming. It's how what is it 500. Mile was a thousand miles of dragons on from. The wall does that rate. I have no idea I don't know I think when they and the season one they says a thousand miles from winter felt at king's landing dragons Ozal north laws Lamar Somerset thousand miles give or take. So take your dragon if she flew pretty consecutively probably couple days there it. So Dinara has finally shows. And it's the night team is ready for her and remember this dude is thousands of years old. Not president dragons he has faced them before. And he knows how to kill them Tillotson is now. Since I've only to the writers a little bit of time for things play out. Now finally the scorpion. Makes sense into why they did that because they had to do that show yes dragons can be killed. By conventional means or can there armory there the drag us armor can beat pierce by national means. And I think maybe I'm wrong but I think they did that and did that whole brought shooting him. And driver and into the schools to show that he can be done before this. And to train troops on I mean you learn how to zigzag if he didn't have the scorpion and I ain't that all we would have to get dragons that's only practice. It makes I think this is the first person actually zigzag. Late in the show think I don't Ricky did you know I think today yeah yeah. So everything that's transpired here or weak us scratching our heads you guys wanted to randomly rants about this bright and in my theory. I mean now bites we understand are not mindless creatures they can strategize they figured out that it. The rocking go on top luckily we can take one by one so we don't crack the leak and it's kind of thinking internally these things are just going out orders they kind of have some tactic to them. I. That that experience that Santa Rosa I was so that I don't you're panel Dow's picture you just screaming your TV incessantly well. I can do is coming. I've thought that we're gonna have a nice stretch in Minnesota as he didn't see phases starting point towards them or socially oh snap it's this is it. Like we are gonna lose address in. And I think I feel not bad about it because. Danny doesn't feel that bad about it sacrifices are gonna be made for the raiders it. And it feels bad acting she does to I think she's all of Alec mentioned just like we're gonna take amnesty to just murdered my baby she lost she lost whatever kids. And yes he's pretty heart broken foot. There will be casualties in the a problem in the war. But I don't eat greens is late at first I was mad that. But why wouldn't deny king. Throw it at the dragon with the dragon queen on it when he's just sitting there but. If you look at it looks like bleary not believe in they're saying the Syrian. This series is flying to the night skiing so he asked to take him out for its so. That's looked like the look like Ukraine towards drove on in season so it drags it and the camera up and liberate the angriest man yeah. I get back on the island is okay. Terror is often the air and yes I mean it is sad but I'm excited to see what this. I strike we talked about Callas. Screen before on that drew on screen all my ascent Greek situation at my heart and they showed real overall I read all is well. And so dramatically you like goes down into the ice water with as little as I as close in his hands a little in their ovens. And that is Leavitt that puddle is there because we don't actually he's still alive when he's going down and then as he closes there's like a big one of the dragon on the I think Donovan dollars ala. Emilia Clarke. Played it. That scene and so I thought and Machida back to the law and sometimes she's been in previous seasons I thought the issue is one of the week or does it. She's angry at this is shown her strand apps and her fifth were like going like facial expression my facial expression Kurt. When she is slate so. Word got shot. Who like who I also Lou I'm on really hard on him bullet went. He. When they killed the dragging Healy turns around they owed. You did not kill my girlfriends. Baby nobody gives yes yeah awesome and he's put to him a couple of big they have had looks at each other a couple of times yet ended but the face it she's like she is almost wore worry about Johnny getting him up on things like car gimme ahead. And then he like he's always an awful like. Hero mogul like Roland is sacrificed himself quickly. And own and they need to starts taken out. Blight so they can escape and then she just seems so harper and while off. Was everywhere you look at him like come on stop yet enough killing to turn around get on the dragon lady didn't I guess he's a couple its rights of these whether or not and let's. There were gonna get swarmed by these wise that was and a half. John and then he goes we see him go down the bottom somehow make it out even though is gotten multiple whites while. OK so I give it a little thing is that the show's famous British rising people out of the water on it hurt when they have been plummeted with like serious danger awaiting them around. You know they had. Davos the black water battle Torres and experience O'Leary is Jamie and brought a police train and now John the Peru's lake I think it's George. They went into the water dirty and they're coming out clean reborn Greenhill. Eating your on. The season. Stray I guess an update I'm Deon dove off the ship as well here and I like that like that. So finally we're cool and saves today so we get a closure to cool hands. And I would assume I was OK with that as I would assume he was scouting bad big party the whole time he was a year on the periphery. Of their main army the whole time that is why he was there's a gimme that's why he would why it was he their courts there wrote. It beat out. A lot of birdies but a split any fair. There was time to get on the wars doesn't come. Hell there's no time. Like twenty seconds later are secreted in a county is ready oh yeah as he can't go past the wall so what happens in a story about it. I don't look playing the. Not that delicate the flames. So he gets back on the about that eclipse just getting so everything we didn't. And they are talking outsourcing and I mean it happened like you know he finally says on the bend the knee in the ship these fine. There's these wounds she realizes probably he has been resurrected to have a moment hole and it anyway. It's like the. We get unknown personally David Cook and I think that's why I don't think they should have explicitly the conversation that. Like oh my god you guys came back to life I've not lately she might think that he was like. Attacked by someone in need it but I don't think you can stay chilly she realized now dead. You thinking about this view being the perception from van. I thought well. Now I know you're an apologist annihilate them via a mobile well depends yes I am an apologist for sure and I just really tried to admit I haven't. Opposed to understand the I'd I hate the new thing that happens with the only TV shows and movies but games. Any thing media wise now that people just pile on the creators. And the this Shep errors of the shows and games and did take yes and it drives me absolutely insane especially when they haven't. Finished their vision OK it's everything happened. Like whether we're in the chain. What was happening here had to have the how they have the arrows. So I have it here. Chris as soon as smile and the front yeah the same theory as good as he early years as the want this is the one again so. Everything we just talked about we talked about like lots of coincidences happening right. We know that the night skiing can net ward and see you. Past future into other places. Well losses for the second time I am convinced that this. I think he knew who. That dragons were there and that a dragon was going to come north of the wall and this was a well laid trap. To kill a dragon. They had the change there. To resurrect its this was all part of his plan this was masterfully executed this is why have the spears. The jobless this is why they were waiting didn't want to kill people there he wanted to wait for the dragons got there. I think I think this is my theory on this I think it was again he knew what was coming because of his abilities. He laid a trap and it works. The fund theory I don't think you'll be validated or proven wrong either. Why are we sure he's a dream see here. Well he can CBS he went into me Blake wore in the brands business. 10 the Grammy Awards into his present day right. And he was able to see him. There and he mark tan and he Martha the I don't know if that means that the night king can. Do the same thing I think he's just resident. I think he's just aware of the greens here. Blake Neely Ned stark when he. When brand goes back to the tower of joy and he calls who's dead he turns around and isn't seen one in on the liking. Did see grin and he grabbed him gently by the hand. That's cool that it's getting K I don't think I don't think I can hear all good hiking I don't know if he can travel back and forth in time decease. Iraq you're dignity right and I'm not one. That is dodges my own personal theory. I am that is what I'm going to view this episode I'm viewed through that prism as I look back on it like this was a trap. By Obama to even the balance of power that he knows he cannot land right now and now there's much more even. To dragons on one and the dull the army. Yet is the dragging and be able to breathe fire ice with the question blue fire maybe. You'll have to just read a very short story from George. That's horrible drivers did you really think it does it children's story. And it's adorable. Every Christmas we agree it's our kids the ice stick to do that via laugh. But I mean now I know who the third head of the drag and it's. So that's kind of terrifying in itself at the end of the day it's Israel or in between brand and the night king because both of them have some powers that nobody else where's. And we need Seagram brands got to have a big part in this actually in at least in the books Euro on. As it was the original protege. Of and blood raven. And he opened his third guy and that's what he's like the clothes. And he just uses his power for events. He's like a rove protege Kyl like he's like the Darth Vader so he's actually a bigger villain in the books than he is in the show. Flood season the third dragon rider is the banking via. I think is Dorian I hope we can lower that I think -- gonna work its anti war that his shy hopes I think that's going to be like the day revealed. That. Now that we're totally. Herrera we're in the senate yeah. Plain weird being devoured by these flames. OK wrapping it up let's go ahead and look into our mailbag really quick I got a suite from our friend Jake Madison national logic on Twitter he wants an ho. What athlete can run as fast as gentry. I. We and maybe Hussein bolt. Besides the restaurants like this coming in all that gear in the snow. Passing out lots of training all you know rolling the a couple of seasons of growing that a lot of training and yep let's answers questions not O'Dell back in junior and now. Global. Map doesn't have a fantasy draft all the stuff that you drafted that I addressed that on Sunday that's great. Our hey let's go ahead and hand out some awards for this week and talk about our best death. This week's best. I feel like holy. Best of the worst death as well. It was kind of be beautifully sad death the blood spewing out and I am an amendment beautifully is just the visuals. Him fall laying in screaming yeah it was. I've do we they were going to kill dragons some land glad they did like that and let it drag out just a little bit and corpus Marion and by the way. Did paris' crazy brother who turned on her now name that dragon after them through dragon the Syrian turning honors. My boy actually now that you mention that that gives me more fear about senses state because of what happened to her dire wolf it was killed by another start. Just saying. I don't. Oh that's the data plays careful not my favorite debt I guess. Only the key here as you put in states that arose because as how to play it as a lot worse ways he can go. The huge yes you know slowly drifted onto this. To the after elect who's got the lower. Month going to be vengeance article hand. Beloved uncle Ben says the rescue of the cool weapon by the way I was gonna see more of that plane in an excerpt for alias lists. Cool outside our best survival lots in this. Constant. Use this week's best survival. Get tired party best route now. I have one though man I was so sad I was I was looking at my TV I think SX he stood up when Portman was being cold towards the water. I've got one don't let it go I believe he is getting goes sometimes it. I think the crowd help lead by the way that just me I could of swore that I would never thought he would say that but he cried out help me right before he got drug of the way. And I found it to their resting you know a little out of the audio that. Orlando with my best survival of the. I have written down every single main character on here I mean I have to get to enter on for his sagging. In these agro dad's hero but I have to emit over the years. Yeah I love how you know he is being attacked by dogs and got saved by the pound that was amazing. To death this weekend they're upset that we have a depth problem on the show now reservist please we. There's got to be big debts coming in maybe either coming like in last season a little of the best episode last season wasn't the penultimate episode it was the finale some Edward Bynum. There will be until cliff hangers. That's that they sent and episode is going to be called the dragon and the well. Wouldn't it will be no quick fix and Greg and in the world could refer to Danny and John but it could also referred to John's parents. Lee NN radar so. So hard says these claims these I don't know. Does he stand. Larry really end up there they are the video clips of my stroke on his. Red river is failed. By the thing goodness for no cliff hangers anybody watches the Walking Dead that is the worst part about that show they go to the Macs on that with season ending cliff hangers that are is atrocious on that I did it. Work it like today's world of spoilers they. They tried to that would John and we were all spoiled you know region and I didn't look up what happened but everybody is talking about oh John John this characters backer what's. Course historical isn't finished yet but you can use it there is they are. Kind of blessing cannot kill some of the people love it make me love this elegant I mean I still loaded slowly. Making her may get hurt mega star Tyler I can taking effect finally let's. About our MV PG. When you can't thinking from queen for your time now this week's most valuable power grab. Yeah I didn't you hear those are any time you can only as a way to travel. And executed it in my mind game to drag ends the night keying in FTW. My MVP. I'm gonna go I have to say your best Steve Eric pointing out that the creator. Is can be killed in all of this creature is eyewitness. But. Of photos and it is stuffed very 2016. And BP has had a young men and I'm surprised but I'm glad that it wasn't because it's more fun mix it up like. He's gotten and S and dragon yes and we don't even know if it's like blue fire red fire doesn't matter. Danny keep those flames away for me the big. Man I could just wanna talk about what I think that dragons and dale. You know agency as well this is why I also think it was a trap because the giants went there as well. Right did not want them to get burnt to Chris did not even notice that before you capture that dragons haven't does drag is ill eggs in the first episode on the news the first scene because the first team was aria with. The race and you know second Atlantic. Or whatever and analysts. Yes they have like a slow zoom in on the news. Giants yes the opening scene of season and besides the cold at an idea yet it is after the credits so. I was also expecting knows so well that there instead so maybe those them in his giants are gonna come back if not next episode and. Next season I think. Oh on it is for my tone of the fire I think we've seen everything Tennessee of the army at a bit this year and as my prediction anyways. I really did that's. I'm sad. CNN south as well as podcast as a name but river that's not it for this week Thursday night we will be having a full. Predictions. Podcast and finale preview will bring in again teapot the united seven and cast. From volume. 95 points as well. I'm assets malevolent what are. Visteon honoraria Michael Stiles knows styles thanks Leslie everybody serious shirt this podcast also hit me up on Twitter or use the hash tag. WW all roads lead to questions comments and read him in the mail bag and our preview. Podcast.