Roy Moore loses in Alabama

Wednesday, December 13th

What does the victory of a Democrat in Alabama say about politics in America? Are you disappointed or encouraged by the defeat of Roy Moore? Is his defeat a pivotal moment in American history? 


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Yeah this is going to be a really interesting show. This afternoon. And I hope we mobilize. The same kinds of people who were mobilized. In Alabama. Great song to open our show with some sweet home Alabama Roy Moore lost. But you know this is not a time for Democrats to get too cocky. Because they won more because. Of more and vanden. And what they represent. Then they did because they had the better candidate. Now Doug Jones. Who want it was really really close for Doug Jones who won. A Democrat. First time in 25 years Democrat has been elected in nine in Alabama so that is a very significant. And as close as it was it's it it's it's almost like a landslide because the Democrat won. Jones won 49 point 9% to forty point 4%. By two. To have a to have for Republican defeated like that in Alabama makes it almost a landslide even though was was was very close. So Jonas has has of a very important task in front of him. If he'd. If he caters to the progressive left. He won't be reelected. He's out. If he becomes more moderates if he's Smart. He'll be a moderate Democrats. And you'll do the work for the people Alabama because a lot of people voted for him. They voted for him because they didn't like Roy Moore. And and all the people that stayed home and didn't vote. They essentially voted for Doug Jones. So I think this does point out how important it is to actually vote. So we'll get into our windowless also I'm gonna explain. What a phony Roy mourners. Because he pretends to be this big cowboy. Roy Moore doesn't even know how to ride a horse. I act and explain that at the coming up in just a few minutes. I Doug Jones was a winner last night she in the senate race and here's part of what he had to tell he is Saddam supporters at the a pep rally. And Roy Moore. Had this to say. Blast my aide to is for a c.'s concern it ain't over. That's who we've got to do is wait on god. And let this process play out I know it's like we can't wait and everybody wake up 11 o'clock ha. So they're all prank they're praying to god. That he didn't roots. So if it turns out that he really lost is that mean that god if it it didn't hear the prayers. Our guy didn't thought it was right one I mean again I mean this is once again you know using god as an endorsement. You know it's it's up to god we're gonna leave this up to god and I mean a lot is left up to god I get that. But it's almost like Roy Moore saying more you know it's it's up to god and if you know it if if we don't win it's because god didn't want me to win. Which would be the case of course you can make that argument. Have doesn't wanna works and then I am already hearing some some wine is about to voter fraud. Really. Well if there's voter fraud we'll find out about it. But I don't I don't think there is I don't think there's enough voter fraud to. Have our sway the election there's there's no indication. Paul that so you know let's wait here's a Texas has got already spoke. It's true we spoke last night. So we'll have to see how all this turns out the big loser in all of this to me. And when I celebrate the most out of this. Is not a Republican Lawson a Democrat once I celebrate. The fact that Steve Bannon is a big loser. I mean I've been honest about this on the show I don't like the guy. I don't like you strategy. And like his politics I don't like his agenda. Now he could've won but he didn't he lost he pushed really really hard for Roy Moore. So what this means to me is that the alt right. The far right. They're very very conservative right. The Steve Bannon minions. They lost. And president trump has said this morning that. He always knew Roy Moore was gonna win. Sent out a tweet to that effect earlier. So it's meaningless if president trump endorses. If he didn't endorse Roy Moore but now says today cause I knew he was gonna win. He's got to be upset with Steve Bennett for sucking him into this. Endorsement of Roy Moore. Because president trump has now. Endorsed two Republicans. In this race. They both lost. President trump does not like to lose. He should've stayed out of it but apparently. Steve Bannon was one of the ones who convinced him to get involved in this. And then yesterday we were talking on the show about a comment this Steve then in May at a rally for Roy Moore. When he said that there's a special place in hell. For you Republicans. That. Don't support trump and don't support. More. You're not the ones going to hell I mean if you go to hell it's going to be because of something else. Now because of that higher security are going to help but a second because you didn't support the president or you support Roy Moore. I'm bright part radio today and listen to what Steve Bannon had to say. We've got to get the dose to the these guys I can't tell us tell from people every day. There's no magic wand you have to out work people can get out worked millers and I guess tea that their ability to get Al votes that's for it comes down to. You know I think he was bigger than that I don't think venomous or recognize that it was the message that was defeated. I put up a video post on FaceBook ties or do most days. It's a Demi if you already own FaceBook it's on these stewed on the year FaceBook page count as well. And it's some it's a video about what we're talking about and how this was a defeat for for Roy Moore and to be honest with you I'm just I'm I'm excited about this because. You know I'm a radical moderate. I'm on the guy who has just like many of you I have very very strong opinions when it comes to issues. But I don't buy into the right and I don't buy into the left that doesn't make me spineless. It makes me like many many many Americans. And it's time for us to rise up and make a little bit more noise so we drown out the far right and the far left. Because that's not what we York that's not who this country that's. And so you know let's talk about what this means and there's a tendency for. Those on the extreme right. To be very very vocal. As well as those on the extreme left. But whether it's commenting on the FaceBook post getting involved in in that. Video conversation. Or calling our show. This is our opportunity to prove that there were more of us. Then there are of them. And there are. And more and more people are registering independent. Or no party affiliation. More living else also had a big voice in that election. This is indicating to me that there's a new active segment of the population. It is going to be more and more involved politically. So don't just let the extremists speak out. Let us speak out. And that's who we join the show every afternoon. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Tech's number 87870. All right. Roy Morse a phony. The guy can't write a horse. When I I live in mobile until now ban on under pollen count here in the Eastern Shore in Daphne. And John this is a few years back column for slate says late eighties around ninety. And it's I was on the air on and WK RG FM and also WK energy TV channel five during this good report. I had a beautiful horse. I had to register quarter horse. Tell me a stallion Ashley beautiful. Golden golden. Hand power amino coat with a white mane and white tail. Beautiful course. Here's a sound. I wrote the stallion with a hacker more. Which is a bridal without a bit. Which means I had control over the course. I also sometimes wrote this stallion. Pared back he threw me once OK I learned my lesson. But basically I just wanna point out that I know how to ride a horse. Drawing more it's like a comedy sketch. When he gets on this horse he's trying to be really proud indeed it's like macho dude I'm riding a horse to go vote promote sale. On yes and how to ride a horse. I mean if you look at the video he's got split raise he's he's put on the horse with with split race is supposed to hold the race to get that portion new. That the person on his on his or her back pennies a girl opposite the horses famous sassy. Knew that that person did not know how to ride. He had no control over this horse. And then a horse takes off. Aliens weighing back it's like he's not writing against foreign Moore was a phony he doesn't know how to ride a horse it it's a comedy bit. The other thing is when he wars cowboy hat he wore in sunlight. And real cowboys. Don't Wear their hats inside. If you wanna join us of the comet this afternoon our number is 260187. Gary Kurtz final four to 601878. Text number 8770. I've suit we'll be right back on WWL. And you notice your players aren't in Europe. As Roy Moore. Steve Bannon. And the alt right. Is the loss by Roy or more in Alabama is that a defeat for the far right that's a pretty general opinion poll. It's close to 53%. Say yes it is 47% say. No it's not. Dealership he by going to our web site WWL dot com dancer nor is a Republican analysts and he's a former advisor to a speaker of the house so Paul Ryan. Here's what he had to say about pennant. The idea that banned in Ken like sort of select the slate of candidates that they've they've abandoned bag backing this alternate take I think that myth has been punctured. And for the president I think it's a reminder. That he is this unique political animal you don't mean the idea that people could become mini trucks you know there's this idea that all just run like trump brand and I'll win. It doesn't work. If you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. In our text is a 7870. A for Mississippi Charles welcome to our show this afternoon. It's been barely know that ruler more about it. They cowboys sure the. Well I mean that's look the guy doesn't know how to ride a horse. Been brought sort of a double in this commercial bus. All which is what what looked at the special counsel FBI investigation into Russia. Optical illusion that took place between Jones campaign rushed. Yeah I don't know that much about that Tom if there's a need for an investigation of that then let's let's look into it come again I think their town. Yeah you can you know you can find out support of course is who put it special prosecutor. That allegation divided and made that Biggio people look collude with the Russian missile kitrey. Let let's see. I mean if there's evidence there than there should be an investigation that's electing that's all I can tell you. My question I appreciate the call because there's evidence there than what they're being investigation. A from Kenner David welcome. You don't seem them. What that guy that that that support Roy Moore of Bannon yup they want to recruit more extremists candidate to run against Democrats in the 28 election. Given all the money I've made with that point recently I'll be glad to send him a huge donation because the Democrats would certainly take the house. In the senate back the beginning of the trop revolution they end of the beginning of the trop revolutions started last month of Virginia. It increased geometrically yesterday in Alabama the American people can be gullible. But they know that being lied to and played for fools. You know trump promised that to protect veterans or Danny Hoyer of the second. Guy in the house represented that the Democrats said earlier today that the provision in the tax code that gives veterans the tax employers to hire veterans. Well that's being eliminated in the trop Republican pacts bill and furthermore Trump's campaign that every campaign stop. Duo increase the taxes the carried interest rate poke fun managers make in billions about world guess what they get that tax break. Nothing of the sort is repealed and the Republican bill so trop had just like you lied to his investors. Just like he's lied and cheated deceive people who work farm he's still on the bank thing to the American people and the American people saw the wise up. The Virginia and Alabama elections all the proof in the putting. Gamble we'll see what happens as time goes on because some you know again I think it's so way too soon for the Democrats to get too cocky because I don't think I don't think Doug Jones was selected the greatest candidate. But he was better than Roy Moore and so many people who were supposed to support the Republican were so discussed it was warm more that they stayed home. And then I think there were 22000 write in votes. Which also contributed to the election half of saw a Doug Jones from in Israel now here on WWL. Yeah slow your I totally agree with you all and so. The Democrat. Should stay humble and hang their head. Because we do not have any say. To cheer about. Some obvious victory is. That does for the year pending obvious that treats or elbow. But that Democrats really need to well. And pull all boys to general way. A reason for them to bail out that's not true the other guy could be defeated. You know Al it's a good point I'm I'm going to call us you know in the mid term elections of 2014. Our Republican candidates ran on the idea. That they were the anti Obama party. And it worked. They want. But at some point you have to stand for something. And by being the anti Obama party that helped them a lot at the time but you know it doesn't take long for times to change. And the Democrats have got to figure out who they are they don't know Republicans are having a civil war right now. So this would be an ideal time for Democrats assert figuring out who they are and Doug Jones this going to be a big spotlight on Doug Jones. Who in many ways is a liberal. Democrat. In some ways he sees. He's more moderate. But he has been in in some ways when it comes to abortion for example. A very Liberal Democrats. Well if he goes to Washington and accept way. And votes that way if he sides with progressives in the global Democrats he won't be reelected in a couple of years. So if he becomes more moderate. As a Democrat. And represents the people of the state of Alabama regardless of political affiliation. He will not only be reelected but he will also -- percent this movement in America that continues to grow. 2601 ace every text a 77. Welcome back to abort your calls and text I'm scoots on WL. And that's where most of disarm. Stuck in the middle of what each other and it's really it's it's it's it's a good place to date. Because if not I mean think how difficult it is to be a true true. Republican in every sense of the word. Figured how how difficult it is to be a true true Democrat. In every sense of the work. Typical. Most people who claim to be right or left really lean toward the middle on many many issues. And that's why I love the show. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tech's. 878. Seve were talking about the that the loss. By Roy Moore and relate it to me this was really a loss abouts the the Albright it was so it was so. A loss. By Steve veteran. It was a loss I guess also by the president. And to me this is a shining moment in America. When you think about the people of Alabama. One of the brighter red states we have in this country. I mean this thing is bright brat. They didn't allow. The Republican. Based on character. But again I don't think it was just the allegations. That led to his defeat it was all the other stuff that started coming out about how Roy Moore feels about homosexuality. You know you could have your religious police there but. You know when you start crossing go from leaching into dictating politics. That's a really scary scary thing. When it's. I doubt about Muslims and about somebody the other things that he. That he did it and didn't do in his hand. Removal from the about sexual harassment and these were things that really did contribute greatly. To his his failure and it just goes to show that Steve Bannon and I think this is this is great when this happens. Steve Penn is known as big and powerful as he thinks. And at the same time president trop is not as big and powerful as his ego might make you feel. From Slidell dietary welcome to the show. Don't you back in the big guy won the great so now some moderate. Get real lack. I hope I didn't Sorgi was more moderate I said he needs and. Well you know like I'm an adequate. Mr. because. What he'll want to. Get re elected. Because that could. Vote. You don't vote he is just get a book. All Democrat. Well. Carried by Deborah Terry he's he's he's appealing to his constituents what my point is is that is that Doug Jones. It it was elected by a lot of people who don't necessarily like progressives and and didn't wonderful free Democrat but they did anyway and a lot of Democrats got out and voted. You know that did the state actually is is pretty evenly split between Republicans and and and Democrats even though it's perceived as such a bright red state. But tie it for Jones to be reelected for him to be successful he's gonna half to appeal to all the people of Alabama. Cedric Griffin and here's a guy in the Louisiana who is appealing to his constituents and that's why he's getting reelected. That does it mean you're more can meet you may technically be one of his constituents but if he doesn't need your vote that he's darker until zucker worry about how he votes you. It can kill boat and you can't beat a little. That's a that's a reality I mean that's that's the way it is with with all a lot of different people. I mean it is right there are other you know and they think about president truckers president but that doesn't mean that he represents. All Americans. I mean he's he's supposed to he says in a bunch but the president is not is the president in fact this is one of the interesting things to come out of this election the president and we've talked about this a lot. He feeds a small base the president doesn't think his basis that small but it really is. And not only that but Steve Stanton has has has been popping up trumpet tell me and you need this is the big east of the people who get to get you reelected. Well from the very beginning we talked about how on this show. How president truck is not gonna get reelected. If he is he just feeds his base because his base didn't putting an office. It was all the other people who voted against Hillary and vote for trump for change the order for trump because he was the alternative he was in non politician. Well a lot of those people have grown very very disenchanted. With his behavior in office and those of the people that he needs to win back if he wants to be reelected and I don't know. I don't know if he can't I mean let's say this should be a wake up moment for president trump. It should be a wake up homer for. The Republican Party. And both parties have almost. Mirror images of of their of their problems. Here's a Texas says son student just tuning in forgive me if it's already been joked about. But how funny is the old saying play Q and or she rode in on. Yeah on that is so very appropriate today I if you're on hold stay with this if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601878. Tex Amber's a serious every I'm getting some requests. From listeners. Who want me to play songs for Brian Moran and Steve Bannon like god I'm a looser by The Beatles time I don't ever committed to that. And you know I thought about the song loser by Beck. But it says I'm a loser baby wanna you kill me. I don't think Roy Moore should be killed. Just happy to win. And I I love that this election. At this point put Steve better news voice. I was coach we're coming back on WL. Yet this this political BS from my Steve Bannon about the all rights and this on my ideas on American being more of an isolationist or nation and it it's over. I don't think it's gonna come back but it certainly is so over for now. If you enjoys with a comment on numbers 2601878. Text is 87870. Doug Jones a Democrat winter and Alabama last night. I thought Roy Moore was gonna win. I was surprised here's part of what Jones had design. I just don't know what. And Roy Moore. Has not conceded the election. Yet. They coach are still coming in and we're looking at the may god bless you if you go home may give you safe journey and thank you for coming tonight we are not over. And that's a nice thing for him to say content you know take care have a safe trip home and got bush you know I've been icing for it for him to say it's gonna be itching to see Elvis or how this plays out I. I don't know if anything it's going to flip this election but hey maybe there's something it's gonna go on. The Alabama secretary of state has been interviewed by a couple of the TV networks. And he doesn't see anything's going to change the outcome of the election but of course you went when people lose they automatically sequel something's wrong because there's no way. Did my guy didn't win. And they were people who thought that when Donald Trump point because something's gotta be wrong here this petition no way there's no way Clinton would not win this. What this is just proof that no matter how strongly you feel about a candidate there are others out there your you're not the only one. And just because you lose and you don't understand it doesn't always mean something is wrong. Reverend Wallace welcome to our show. So look due to an opportunity is open as a good topic and horse reversible and certainly there are people well I'm alterations. Nationality they came out you know what was more. This hour with an obit right. He's out of time and artists think he's a Republican order out a little low is equation are there a lot of great Republica and complement to shock I think he's a class Erica was on the stand up considered. Elmo this type of local politics coming ala Alabama all the years he put servers there. And and I've got that Democrat voters know better are you you you'd you'd it every action on themselves to be. The great democratic polity it once was. Under the can do in the off because they're so they've promised prompt a problem in the and our young men about federation etc. so this. Portrait so you know because Ian Kennedy wrote premiere so he's not looking too good these awful lot of respect in the commute to because he made some bad that is well. Time at all we can whom we can but you know I mean accident. And as proof that that arguably. Beat litigate and so we we're we're a great country Rio locked Libya via while. We got our country and honesty on the to be inquiries as. Our brand Wallace part about it I've got to do to break and I appreciate your call and I mean I think those earlier really kind words and I appreciate you contributing to our show this afternoon. If your whole stay when this will be toward your calls are coming up we're gonna continue this conversation into the next hour then in the 3 o'clock hour hour talk about this just. Saints season ticket holder who is suing the saints. Because some players took a knee in protest. The sky Imus have a ton of money. And this guy must be looking for his fifteen minutes of fame because this is a mean this is a stupid joke I mean it's it's got to be joked. We'll talk to a dog sincerity attorney about that we'll take your calls on that a little bit later. Also Vietnam people going into the rock and roll hall of fame coming up in April and announced. One name. Has been ignored for far too long. This band is finally going in we've got a song from them coming up next on WL. Bon Jovi finally getting in the rock and roll hall of fame they'll be inducted and April that the induction ceremony at the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland. Have a feature some of the music is some of those who are being conducted throughout the afternoon. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll we got a big shift in the majority. The question is is a loss by Roy Moore and Alabama a defeat for the far right. 61%. Now say no. 41% say yes and you can give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. There's a lot to talk about was this time election in Alabama and this which really more than an election just about Alabama. This was about American policy. Six and even though we're individual states. We're still part of a much. Bigger political network regardless of the states they're wearing it. And it is true that Doug Jones had a lot more money to spend then Roy Moore. But you can't use that as an excuse if your for Roy Moore because Hillary Clinton spent a lot more money than Donald Trump. And Donald Trump got elected. So it really has nothing to do with the amount of money it has to do with the message. And Steve Vander Starr trying to cover his putt. By saying you know hey hat's off to the DNC they did a better job of getting the vote out to some degree that was true but I think the message got the vote out. And it was Steve Benson message that was rejected. And I think this is a very positive moment in our country because Steve Bannon is only gonna make this country worse. And any of his ilk in the political arena. Starts to gain traction. I personally think we're in trouble. So to me this is a great moment for every American to celebrate. Of course not everybody agrees. If you wanna join us for the comment 2601878. Texas a 77 times Cuba coming back.