Room service is going extinct

It use to be a luxury, but now, is hotel room service beginning to disappear?  It could be because of  the changing food preferences and lifestyles of today's travelers.   People are not wanting the traditional room service food.  

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Hearing from WW wells demands are in the news that fewer and fewer hotels are offering. Room service anymore. IA did not know that. I did not know that room service had become a thing that many hotels side is not necessary or not worth the trouble or not worth the investment. And Ireland and they must believe travelers don't care for much either or don't want it that bad. Yes I've only ever order room service and once in my life. Not really short the appeal there is just now I've never is down to the hotel restaurant and yeah and again if you don't we've you know if you want me breakfast in your contaminants in your mean your rumor in your underwear. In whatever it is you do or do not want to Wear by its. I. I've never done and never ordered breakfast. I think once when I was traveling on business I ordered dinner food to my room. But then I was like where I sit T eat it to the tables always too small. If you have more than one person there's no way you're sitting at that little bitty table they generally provide in your hotel room given desk offense suggested that gas gained. Well I know right now also on the bed that is so uncomfortable to sit on a bed and here you sit on the foot the hurting potentially messy yeah where you for your drained. Is it on the footed very actually a slide up and put a pillow behind incident the head of the bed. I've never understood desired or enjoyed room service Lilly works for staying in a suite and they got an actual. Dining room. Yes and actual big old table at least a table big enough for a couple people put their food. If you're traveling alone I guess that little weird BD table often it's not even like a tall enough to able. So takes it it's every it's every folks do you care. If hotels get rid it of room service. Most of them apparently are doing it. Yeah I tiny frequently. New message for only once. Every other year or so I take corners sometimes every year depending on him like this my vacation cycle. And I know a lot of people order room service on the and unless you're in one of the big suites. There's no way to eat in those crew the crew rooms are small the hotel rooms. So I don't know where people eat when they're on a cruise. Bank and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room wants to my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary of that was a completely different situation to native table. But yeah I. Empty and the cruise ships it's apparently still a big deal room service. But in hotels text mandates 7870 do you care of room service goes away. From hotels apparently fewer and you're doing it and refining it's a good way cut costs. And a thrill that is no longer necessary. You're very high maintenance Dave's has one text message today it's 7870. It's not that big a deal only eat in a hotel room. High maintenance really discuss that and it's uncomfortable and awkward and weird Eden hotel room. I just don't find there's any reels racers space to do it especially comfortable does that make me. I maintenance Moses in the fifteen years that I've been to probably thirty places I've only ordered room service twice. And it was breakfast both times only because my wife. Didn't wanna get up and get dressed. No says when I travel I like visiting different restaurants and not staying in to eat. That that challenge you face though is if you're traveling alone and that's the only time I've ordered room service. Was when I was out of town. By myself. On a business trip. And you know we have the social stigma about going to eat dinner at a restaurant by yourself. It's just feels weird people look at you like your weird. And I just don't like it to me dinners a family meal you eat dinner as a group. And it I just I don't know I just feel old stranger out of place. If I go to eat dinner alone in a restaurant and BD got to sit at the bar or you get a table by yourself. With the Cuban stood up or you're just a loser I don't know. Once it's okay if you plan on your phone and do and I can think for some reason. Panel make the rules books several people who believe that it's because. Others services that are now available. One person says changer in service to overeat service yeah I'd be easy to do. Another person Texas today's 7872. As I use that semi found a sign my favorite restaurants close to the hotel that I Matt. And accuse them deliver the noses room service is very expensive. May be it's okay if you're extremely well seek yeah I got to imagine you're top of the line hotels you really can't teach Manzi places. I'm probably gonna continue some form of room service. One reason from certain room service is going away is because it requires that tells to coordinate with the hotel restaurant and truly the hotel restaurants don't wanna deal with that are re bothered with room service. Told different business model. Our trouble lots as a text message and no I don't use room service or rather walked downstairs and pick up food myself. It's cheaper so I have very few people are upset cheaper version of the tip anyway when you pick it appears that's another issue although servers will tell you they still have to prepare your food box it up. Put in a bag get your grad year napkins in your silverware that to do a lot of work to do it may think you should tip them. Even if you don't eat at the restaurant or have it delivered to you. So that's a debate that will continue. Speaking of past tactics. Apparently there is a lot of people angry. Wins self checkout that's increasingly popular many stores. Just looking at a FaceBook hostesses join me and telling Wal-Mart. If I wanted to check myself out I'd stay at home and shop Amazon tiresome cashier's. I'm not sharing this and I'm not liking it because I love self. I love being able to go to restore in fact I went to all improvement starting gets in drain cleaner and just last night. And it was much easier up his mind one thing I want to be the self check out scanned it put my card and paid for I checked and less than twenty seconds. Even emailed me the receipt and not to stand with my receipt so it was so much easier than waiting in line. And having somebody else do something I'm perfectly capable of doing. You feel about self check. I definitely get water to being sign up for you know doable grocery trip and better putter on the belt and have a go through someone else ring. So you gotta by you stores that define that ballots how much self checked out verses how much. Man and registers they need our folks love it now takes mandates 787 did you care for self check out when you go to a grocery store. A home improvement store or anywhere else now where there are offering self checkout lanes do you prefer to check yourself out. Or would you rather go through a traditional check out so a lot of people taxing us say they like self check out if there are only going for a few things at the store but they don't give them a whole bunch to buy somebody else text essence a did you ever consider that people your putting out of work just wanted to use self check outs. And that is this text I think we should get the employee discount if we use spell check out.