Rex Tillerson has been fired via twitter

Newell Normand
Tuesday, March 13th

Pamela Faulk, CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst, joins Newell to talk the divide between the President and Rex Tillerson.


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We're gonna continue our conversation as it relates to the determination and of us secretary of state Rex Tillis and then join us as Pamela fox CBS foreign news analyst welcome to the show panel. Absolutely it could be here today. Huey Newton Vermont but. But not to be fired. Rather than just resign. And to be fired by Twitter at that's a villain he's Twitter they're calling it. Yeah you know. Everybody looks for some stability in and it seems like we have anything but that Gary Cohn resigns. Rex analysts and is now terminated at the reason I bring those two names up in the same breath is that both of them dealing with foreign policy issues. And now we have this completely total re engineering of this. And mr. Pompeo although. It you know is is. Probably a little bit more learned the government process is not going to be in and uncontroversial noncontroversial. Candidate. No that's right now he's certainly don't the government certainly get through confirmation hearings. By that question is who's running the farm policy in this is right. The North Korean negotiations for a meeting in day to eight weeks away. Is bladed at least in principle waited yeah I can juggle and president tribes so. So many things now there wasn't a lot of love lost no question between tellers and and and the president. And game it's obvious they relate the comment that was ugly that dealers and may signal and deny it. Trapping more about it in addition and there are a lot of policy differences but differences debate different climates in different trade. They differed on North Korea and Iran Syria and Israel. So and president rob mentioned the Iran nuclear deal this morning when he said look we knew we had differences. On Iran so. I think your going to the end of policy team and I'm part of the testing is just how he was pulled it. Spokesperson was also told. With in the last hours Steve Goldstein that he is where is no longer needed so. I think we're gonna feel pink slips in the next few days. But don't you believe. In I do at least anyway that he was doomed from the start we had Jared Kushner B and assigned him. Duties overseas we had a vodka that chance. We had any number of people over there and none of which I am now and Niki Taylor and none of which answered or communicated. It's in a significant way they would Rex Tillerson. And he was kind of an island at the sea and then he also gave him the mandate of making the State Department more efficient. Strength strand lining out. And so he was taken all of the arrows of doing all of this and being the change agent and all of a sudden now. You know you find out he's terminated over tweet. The bright way and that it traveling back from Africa. So. He didn't. Person that he would not where he would hoped this day. And maybe that's why he got of expressing that the banks put too but part of it is. What does it mean for the future army Mike Pompeo was name is mentioned as a possibility as well as. Tom continents and Nikki Haley but it might prompt has to be at topical whisper for a few weeks at least and down. And I age he no doubt that the part of the question is. As CIA director with not a lot of flights between himself and and president trump what what's next. And I think you're going to mean. Somewhat spontaneous. Policy decision making. In terms of farm policy and try. You know and and in part of the failure I think the president in dealing with North Korea has been the ramp up in the preparations. And all of the diplomatic back and forth between North Korea in this country. Is all carried out by the State Department but yet he communicated very little with Rex Tillerson about it in fact he found out. Over the social networks as well I guess in the media. That our. Country right. You know and and it doesn't look like it for more we're able to determine that they had any conversations about that's the path that they were going down. No exactly and I'm and it didn't did defendant. That verdict came up in the South Korean group that delegation came back from her career but I mean there's no. There's no inability to communicate is secretary of state when he traveling. And part of it is that. What. It was tough it was doing in Africa where is. Trying to independent different message after a comment that comment that negative comments that. Trump made about Africa. Which that I won't fail this year but you know. And and Denny finds that this is going on so I think. I you're going to feel a lot of that policy people. It is really. Bringing order to end on a home national security leadership I think it's. All what do you know how people who is now. The Pompeo as the deputies who now becomes the news CIA director for performance. I think that would get the president give kudos by. And it's banned interrogation. Reopening Guantanamo that's all going to come up at her confirmation hearings although I think they have a movie right generally. Absolutely well if nothing else we know that there's gonna probably be there is continuation of a lack of stability and what's going on because this in my view this is just not the way you treat people when you terminate those. That have made all kinds of sacrifices. To serve. Our country thank you so much for join us. I think that's certainly what has talent and it just arrived at this State Department has thinking as well did not. Channel fox CBS foreign news analyst we really appreciate your time with this.