Resolutions & Saints

Tuesday, January 2nd

Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? Was the Saints loss to the Bucs a blip on the radar or a real concern as they prepare for the Panthers? Can the Saints beat the Panthers for the third time this season?


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OK I want to start off with this text they just came into the show. It's as scoot I just left it deems to store I'm not gonna name the storm but it's a big store and lakeside and I just left blank. At lakeside mall. And a clerk they're told me teenagers are having intercourse. Doing the nasty. In the fitting rooms. Well because it's too cold to do it in the car and by the way where I mean that's not the right thing to do but obviously it's it's call I mean if his COLT. It's cold it's where if it was a windy it wouldn't be quite so bad but this call it it was bitter cold you know I was walking to the of the Jack's Marie are New Year's Eve and when I got close to the crowd the for the magic drug is concert which it was kind of really cool to see imagine dragons here. I don't close to the debris and and you get into the crowd and man with a body heated and everybody around it really did warm things up and then you get right back out into it and when the wind is blowing off the river it is Coles and you've heard the forecast there's a slight chance of snow flurries. Us also of pot to lake but I very early tomorrow morning at overnight and early tomorrow morning so. I don't you might wanna set your alarm for certain time 3 o'clock 4 o'clock whenever and I wake up and CDC additional floors and nothing's gonna. Classes are going to be any kind of winter wonderland but. This is very very cold weather and take them all the people who came down here for the Sugar Bowl and they may plans a long time ago for Clemson and Alabama. Think he will be in New Orleans in in in January at the beginning of the new year so it's not going to be that cold. Puff it certainly did during that COLT and I think. When the weather gets like this I think about those jobs. That people have outside. And when are we shall walk into the station a little while ago from Mario apartment. I acrid help think about some of the construction workers that I saw working outside. In this whether it is very very cold. So what this afternoon we'll talk about the cold weather and we'll also talk about the saints losing to the box in the closing seconds of that game. But you know the saints. The saints. Have to stop talking to thank for being in the NFC ourselves by the championship so this is a good thing. The saints kind of I guess in a way back into the NFC championship but hey they're there and some experts are saying that this is really the best scenario for the saints. So we can talk about that L issue lost to Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl. And that raises some questions about two about L issue but I just crush ice ice of questions about. About L issue you know there were times it looked really great this year but there were times that's the missing people on the field. Didn't look so good. Also later in the show we'll talk about CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve. It's being criticized because one correspondent Randi Kaye was lives. Honey pot party bus. Heading to a pot party. To celebrate the arrival of 2018. At one point she put on this this gas mask bond and by the way I saw I saw one of those gas mask bombs. On sale at some producer calling head shop. One of those sir shops it's also a kind of self on our canals they've got a they've got to they've got one of those gas mask a Bronx for sale. I must have to was a sold out by now. But here's my question is a consumption of alcohol. To bring in New Year's Eve is is part of the celebration. Then is it wrong for pot used to be part of the celebration in states where marijuana. Is legal. CNN has received some criticism for this hour are wrote an op Ed blog about it which is on our web site. It WW dot com also why I I did a video on this and closely you can. I've viewed the video or some people don't use a video they just look at the headlines for you might wonder if you do video. And comment get involved in a conversation and that's on our FaceBook page WWL radio. Also on the soda scoot on the air FaceBook page Biden actually it's not up on that we're yet but it will be shortly some go to WWL. Our radio or FaceBook and you can get involved in that conversation. And give a chance later you can also check the year sort of page. And I'll have it out and it just really fascinating to me to time to to reach some of the posts that go along with some of these videos. Also here we are at the start of a brand new here. This sort of every new years a time for us to think about how we might like to change its it's a fresh new beginning it's a new start. So. Do you make New Year's resolutions. I mean it doesn't seem as popular now as in the past. And I'm not sure why. But what is it that she wanted to do. Or stop doing. In the new year. Have you actually made a New Year's resolution and and be honest do you plan on keeping it. And can anybody think of a New Year's resolution that they made in the past. Last year five years ago ten years ago has anybody ever made a New Year's resolution. That lasted. That is has changed who you are today and you're you're you're better today because of that New Year's resolution you made. The last year or five years or or ten years ago. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about this this is one of those interesting afternoons because. The day after. New Year's weekend this is a time when a lot of people take off some kids are still out of school. Traffic was really really like this morning hopefully will be light toward your afternoon commute going home. So this is one of those strange afternoon so we'll law have a lot to talk about the if you wanna join us for the comment about anything. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every code 5042601878. Tech's number precinct 77. Here's a text. Tells listeners. Don't run straight water. It's during. Hey I'm not sure what this means I'll I'll read it eventually after the break our you know one. Yeah it's called cold day. It's Rod Stewart. And Dolly Parton. And the song is baby it's cold outside. I stood in the afternoon graduate this year on moral 53 WWL FM 870 Debian zero AM and stepping WL dot com. Our security is a cold Tuesday January 2 on the bad news is the saints lost criticism and play offs. And they wanted to ask yourself because the falcons beat the Panthers kind of hard to pull for the falcons for gender hope to talk talk and interpret the Panthers. Bad news is LSU lost. Bad news is it's cold. Good news is on people are protesting the government in I ran and maybe there's going to be some good that results from that. Was the saints lost to the box yesterday was that a blip up son it was that a blip on the radar. Or real concern as they prepare for the Panthers that's are pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. From Slidell Cecilia welcome to WW real happy new year. Oh. Have you ever made a New Year's resolution. Have you ever kept one. Tell me what New Year's resolution you made in captain makes you different person today. Well and get out of that scene out on unity crews are about myself. Couldn't it is. Relations between me in my. What I would what we've. And we've got it behind me and I did it. What an excellent I want way to town now violin and and land now. Behind me are. And Bob. Disgrace so tell me about the cruise alone because I've I've I've been airborne crews and I've always been intrigued with the idea because I tend to be kind of reclusive. I've always been intrigued with the idea of going on a cruise alone. And I didn't intend to one. But now with me an act. Truth. And he'd be an Kapanen you. Couple things on the moon and the earth and I of all even the that. And negative about a man and a. Did you beat anybody. Our moment. You got. Time. That all good well good for you army I love here in the story so it was your decision to just letting go and and move on and you did. Art that I Cecilia thanks a lot and very happy new year up from Metairie Ronald you're on WWL. I grew and ears seemed you covered. I would go. Which you idiot about. Drug use. And you'd and iron all radio. And our region. Earned in there and now people in charge. And wind shoot it well. But that you don't wanna say where you've been caught that alienates feet. But but you know so so but everybody's different and ends and some people have the DNA may county has the the genetics to. The addicted once they start something they can't and it and other people. Sometimes they the abuse something for the wrong reasons so. While you might know more call it a disease course today it's something that is that some people are born with these days the the the tendency to be addictive. To think I'm gray who is. Hopefully having so these. Big companies in the world currencies mother. Good now. They irresponsible. And that now. Here and I bought it and I know and demand. There's smoke if you're not being in the letters. You can play it. On. And I either yes or marijuana users from the talk. As it does sometimes all people sometimes people older people you don't have their speech slurred and it's not Kersey smoked marijuana. Don't know being. Able. Earlier audit and you can. They're out there and is good. Comedy is good. And they go. Phenomenon known Ronald selective if kids get off its kick your butt brought all these kids get a hold of marijuana candy and it chances starts to Paris awfully good around I mean I'm. You know I'm not gonna claim that I'm not gonna blame. The availability or on a candy for adults on our kids getting all the candy and and a lot of this you know a lot of this is true but don't you know a lot of this is. I'm in is deals not as part of the anti marijuana campaign around the country. I'm greatly keep but the point I'm not against it for people. All critically ill there are needed. Here but that cancer is smoking. You learn before. Constant yet they're going to be the continent achieve again it make you an hour. I'd I'd I don't know I don't know I I I don't know I don't know the answer that question can we run and this crap because. It will make it. Well you know I'm very much I'm very much when I'm very much in favor of legalizing pot I'm not a pot smoker but I'm very much in favor legalizing pot. Because. If it looked as if we can. If we can deal with alcohol being legal we can deal with pot be legal to me that there's there's that it's it's there's a difference in fact in a lot of ways alcohol source fortieth and pot and again I'm not a pot smoker. I just I had I think there's too much hysteria about. A pot being illegal in this country. Well it. Here young people Will Arnett. And doing my age caught. I did Ronald I have never known anybody I've never known anybody who was a teenager. Or anybody who has an adult but couldn't find pot if they Watergate even in a state where it's illegal. So the idea suddenly legalizing it means that luck if it's if it's legalized you might even be better. Two of my arm that might be a better now that might be a better way to keep kids from getting it. We have alcohol is alcohol is on sale kids are still gonna get hold of it but nobody talking about getting word of alcohol because some kids get ahold of. Where did cigarette. Kid you don't. And get. A good thing okay Ronald don't we we don't talked about we don't talk about outlawing cigarettes. Are. We don't talk about outlawing all cigarettes I mean some people do. But they're legally on sale the problem. Ronald is not the problem is not kids doing stuff because it's always did stop the problem is being a responsible parent doing the best you can to keep kids from getting it and to have laws in place that prevent. The open sale of items to kids. Yeah but things have problems that change not a big group is it. And today. My grandparents went 80 you'd have come. They which you and dale which you could say that parents did this and then they'll. And the so called it's called well yeah. And all that and Ronald OK but road now look okay now you're bringing up a whole different topic I mean we've talked like fourth are different topics. Well I. I mean I understand that that look if if parents think they can't discipline their kids that is the parents fault because you can't disappoint your kids I mean I guess I guess so tardy hearing that I get tired of it are we can't do anything we we we can't. Discipline issue can discipline your cage you can even spank your children if you don't know the difference between spanking and beating your child then please don't have a kit. Really give. Up here. Are. More. You did it he can. Comment on yeah who what did you do the British what would what to do it. Is you know could. Come in here. Pretty what do you do when you. Already did you stay there. An honor but that. Cheat on this. Well Ronald. Did you did you okay this is exactly what I'm saying you did your job as a parent. Too many parents are not doing their job you figure it out and you do your job and I'm proud of you and I've got news coming out so I have to end our conversation with just have a happy new year. If you're on hold stay with us if you wanna join this conversation our numbers 2601. A seventy. And it checks ember is C 877 assists for your text here and mortar calls. When we come back the point is do you do your job teach your kids consequences for negative behavior. It's actually a beautiful outside this afternoon how bright it is very cold take you just heard freezing in Kenner right now. We're talking about the saints lost to the box. That was not pretty but the falcons beat the Panthers so that means the saints will be hosting the top of the of the Panthers. And the Mercedes-Benz superdome at 340 this coming Sunday afternoon. And the saints did end up winning the NFC south but not in pretty fashion. Was the saints lost to the bucks a blip on the radar or a real concern as they prepare for the Panthers that's a pretty most opinion poll. Give your opinion by going to our web site. Every if you don't dot com we're also talking about this during the second day and I'm feels like a Monday but it's Tuesday already so my short week for many of you who didn't work yesterday. It's so January 2 and this is the time when people are making New Year's resolutions. Have you ever made in New Year's resolution debts you kept last year. Two years ago five years ago or ten years ago have you made a New Year's resolution because that's what they're supposed to be about. It's supposed to be about changing yourself. Not only for. The immediate. Time that you make the resolution but is supposed to change you. As time goes on. We supposed to be a different person as a result of making this New Year's resolution has anybody ever made and capped a New Year's resolution. Here is a Texas says I'm screwed in 2016 my resolution was to lose weight I lost 75 pounds in 2017. I made a resolution to start lifting weights I kept them both and I'm totally changed my life. In 2018. I plan to get even more ripped and healthy. He should be priority yourself congratulations. DJ Euro WW well. Scoop at the tape you're did you pay and personally. Solutions such as one comment about your rights do you the thing about it record that you played back in occupied by late. You want this kind and and Ingram and which they usually are. Our web and the way. Next week so that and change. And then he wouldn't actually even of players that you've got to negative. So that I wouldn't change so that. That. That's. Him try not to win I don't think that. As well as. It was. Let's begin with the house. The division. Which is just depressed east I think it would. The plate so. And solutions. And 64. And forty years ago. I was invited to be used minister Eric church. So robotic scripted and argued that it isn't. Changed so you resolution today year. Was too. Stop saying the Portland forward. That begins with and you view of things and stop using. It for no reason. So a Condo audible when it came around our reinforcements have been given out and limited the good. That's been at which point about yours and I never ever said that word that one time. Well those words. And it did change but when did you and the people around him I was a business owner and one's mine apparently so that wasn't using that anymore. Took about six months as it gets on the day eventually stopped using it around me and hopefully around this. And an odd step. My friend and and people are probably use that word really stop the and it went well as nine kids. And I think that was spent on you know changing as being different. It can't be at their local mr. and maybe a small part and in that. Well that's that that's interesting. Because people do tend to react to us who's in in a concert with our our. Our way of life our our actions in the things that we do and if somebody doesn't curse then. You know you may be even if a self conscious have this feeling about an may he may be it's not a good idea to curse around them so I I get that DJ and and you know we do use. Those words are useless words are sometimes. I'm not proud of its sometimes is just the to date the best way at that moment to. Our tour events or your frustration or your your rage or anger but it doesn't mean that it really makes anything go away and it's really it's not necessary and if you think about. Profanity in general. It's. It's a way for people to communicate who aren't can't find. Intelligent words to use. Don't get frustrated and an opt out come really close to breaking that. But and so opinions and it is now you haven't benefited seniors cabinet it's forty years don't do it now and I've been. In other cities and you know on certain guys Abiola and of course the. And just the thing that's what it's for years you have been married for forty years. And our prayers and. And what we believe in the Catholic practiced with nickel regalia. Which you had to go to before you got. There was a couple of it was in that initial what to do you merit and how to do things and he says what would you wife. Our. So and we organize what you can about holder and while he bargaining and he says you know trot out the tribe to raise you voice. And trying to using curse words and I'm an amateur you know that's. 42 years and I've gotten any minute discussions. And I had never. She had never used a curse word in our conversation with our ship. BJ you're good man I appreciate the call very happy new year. What to pre K material before it got married but Tim. It didn't take. There wasn't retain assault is. Partly my phone partner of anyway I'm thinking if you you know you get into an argument you hold these are the sands. Less chance you gonna get hit I'm stood we'll be back on Debian Euro. Do you think it's possible. They coach Payton. But the Bucs win. John McCree just telling me a scenario far calling timeout it's. Don't the last moment because they found out that the falcons had beaten the Panthers and understanding what that scenario would be. That they wanted to aired the box go ahead score. And beat them. Best case scenario is on if we beat Carolina in the playoff game this coming Sunday we hope the falcons beat the rams. Because we'd rather play the rams brittle player falcons in the ramps. I if we beat Carolina. And we would played Philadelphia and the falcons beat the rams. They played the vikings. So at this point I guess a lot of people are cheering. For the falcons. I mean I know this goes against your DNA I know this goes against all the you've been taught all that you believe. And then if we beat Philly. And the falcons beat the vikings and the NFC championship game would be in New Orleans the saints in the falcons' Mike can you imagine. That game I believe this is the I believe this is this the scenario and do you think the Minnesota Vikings have a chance of being the first team in the NFL to play. A Super Bowl in their hometown. And with the NFL's rather that not happen if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon it's colds are numbers 2601 a seventy. What is gonna get to this afternoon together 2601878. X 87870. Michael you're Debbie WL thanks for I don't. You know I'm good. Yeah probably he then our local. To it and slocum tied closely. I got a fourteen year old. We'll Guerrero. And I think the problem with parents say they they're not close with their kids. Like you know it's it's a different generation that and I think it's important to be quote was more or Mike in the median. Look at Gore's story tonight. I wanna smoke pot. You gonna do you know I can't keeper and house forever him you gonna do it. So I get comply smoke and make sure she's okay she can handle a all. You smuggle pot we smoke pot with your fourteen year old daughter. Absolutely. You were teach all of us have ever do you teach not a smoke and share. But it would be the answer and we wish you could. I this I think this is an interesting strategy Michael and I've often thought that to parents teach their kids so many things throughout their life by keeping them safe but they don't teach their children how to drink. And if you do your kids can roll off at the age of eighteen or nineteen and and and he she's gonna start drinking then one night teach them how to drink responsibly. Absolutely. And every one. Ultra clear that I know they all smoke pot they also need behind their parent in Ottawa had to kind of relationship were located. Where everything's being done on my back we have a live would tell me area are on you know this well wanna do. What's it about Iraqi give in my life experiences you know this is real it is. Michael in what does that came to something like sex which you do the same thing with Ruth and mean not that night you doing that wither but would you or would you want to have sex in front of you. Not absolutely. Not not not I don't know I didn't I didn't mean info or have you but I mean I believe we should be open about that. We opened about. Two complements a lot. And you know a lot acute or around that age do we talk about that we have. Soccer I think a lot of apparent lack of that honesty likely in my Generation Y. grew up. I don't really know my parents they don't really know him you know don't sign. And I think it did there at the line you know what did you kind and you wanna keep it real light. Our ears Michael much on your iPod I gotta get to a break but I do an antihistamine. Is there anything she does this wrong that you discipline reform. Oh absolutely. Absolutely. You know I don't approve a journey gaining it right apparatus smokers smoke pot the jury alcohol. I window I broke down in in a lot of cases I'd rather be around somebody stone that somebody has drawn Michael I got to move on I appreciate the call now and a lot of people are of listening and a lot of people are questioning your parenting. Strategy. On I get it. But I don't know if that's the best course every everybody has to decide what's best for them and their kids. I'm scoots his curiosity was this'll be right back on to if you'll. All right it's a cold Tuesday afternoon January the second side is skewed the wager with us on this a chilly Tuesday afternoon. From uptown Robert your Honda VW all happy new year. Amnesia. Skiing trichet should two and you get jobs keep a level a lot of people different. Different ideas on we're talking about this afternoon. Which the the idea legalization of marijuana. And we'll point out that. What what the last caller was talking about being open with his kid about it I think that's important in. She could a lot of you'll get the wrong idea. Of what you know what it Girardi is and whether or not it's I think a lot of mean I don't imported political senior figures by. You know he would. For a lot more time people were distorted everything about securities. He can't do it people we do that are bad. And he just said it stigma. I mean I'm not a pot user right now but I used to Allison and out in under patent. You know and it'd actually be all the time then then you're not generally do a lot like that doesn't mean can't. You don't Friday night stand and watch me beer you know is that going out and drink in it young twenty. Here are not always that's what we're really struck me about the criticism of us CNN for having this or correspondent live on a pot party boss in India Colorado going to a pot party New Year's Eve it's like wait a minute. If you if if it's if there's open drinking. New Year's Eve to celebrate the new year and in a state where it's legal what's wrong with open marijuana smoking. On New Year's Eve I I don't get it. Brighter day in and did people. It is on crime happens got it all mean hardly anybody's you know it's been in we have Friday night. Going on to confide to people's. And it. I think it's an well one thing that's really struck you know what. Is the fact that. You know during prohibition of alcohol reason Martin IKEA. A lot of crimes. Crime organization Israeli get as much power to their money from the illegal sale of alcohol. And they see he'll war rotten our mock cheers and those that are more nations had back in time. As a direct result of the money at their real it was a leap from there was illegal and Robert people people were there. On what's happening today with this there are now with a yanked where their money coming accustomed aren't. Only illegals and Robert I have to I'm sorry have to leave it there thanks for calling. If you run hole stay with us we continue the conversation right after the news.