Reputable Help for Opioid Addiction

Newell Normand
Wednesday, October 18th

Newell talks to a caller who’s looking for help for a family member who is struggling with prescription addiction.  Newell and guest Dan Schneider give information on who they can contact to get their loved one headed in the right direction.


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Rebecca we're talking about the mobile Lloyd epidemic issue and and joining me in the studio. Is Dan Schneider ego was the subject of an article justice for Danny how a small town pharmacist caught his suns killer and then took down the most notorious pill mill doctor. In New Orleans. History and we just heard from an eleven key. Who wrote writes an incredible book called drug dealer MD how doctors were duped patients got hooked and why it's so. Hard to stop. We'll go to it will go to Lionel will talk to line for Heather and shown that how we you have there. And I'm calling. Or do. Is struggling with the current medications. I'm probably find out. It seemed like in the days there's real lack of hot as it's been a hot there were taken. Harry now we're only now. Is. How the people they were at high. So. I'll bet that that's a question is is there any where applicable. And somebody trying to help a family member opposite such an attic he. Where delights are looking at that act on my way. Well and others a number drug treatment facilities throughout the state now let stand talk and a second. Typically when you go into the hospital. They're just trying to get you stabilized. And it's a three day period of time and more often than not that on the notations there's going to be some kind of mental health component that you may be a danger to yourself or others. And so you're in for observation and that's why you get released. More you know that that the issue really is is that you're gonna product have to go into private health care provider network. And in order to get that done Daniel and your observation. Yes or should do more how would contact the same Bernard sheriff's office did have a new program it actually helps. You know the parish places that are available for treatment. And you get some assistance there at all information. Yeah I most of the law enforcement agencies now are very receptive to. I'm working with folks to try and steer them in the right direction in fact. At the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office to give an example. There was no social due east talks facility in the area back in the ninety's and we actually helped fund one. And I came from our own narcotics officers that were re arrest in the same people over and over again and they said this is crazy. We got to figure out how to get a way to help these folks and we. Worked it out with a human services authority and it was a very successful program unfortunately like everything else funding went by the wayside. And so did the social detox facility we wanna hear from you 260187. Or texting 7870. Will be right back this is dual Norman on W Dario.