Reports from today's Saints practice

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, August 17th

Bobby & Deke talk with Deuce & Kristian live from Los Angeles about today's Saints-Chargers joint practice.


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And good afternoon and welcome to sports talk he indicating can embody a bear time Deke Bellavia coming out later in the program going to be tell like alive looking indicates again and I. We'll take a step back and we will hand things off to the West Coast. Two off. Group which you say game day crew because it's almost like game day John practices today between the saints and the Ellie charges today and tomorrow we'll hand things off with Christian induce and let them take it and they'll break down the practices following an embargo now welcome meg the end. Now with our thoughts on today's black eagle present because obviously they would there. Operating jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot com. What area do you wanna see the most improvement from the preceding game number two with a few out there. Offensive line defensive backfield special teams or how about a man police we need better overall defense all of canister vote online at WWL. Dot com in case you can you can break it down and certain ports is likely kind of broke down. The first team defense and the numbers that they had in the three positions they faced. And then overall but improvement wise from what you saw Bob from first and to Ian. What area do you wanna see some improvement. Well I think it's every pre season game. Candid defense be in the scenarios especially in the first half. We'll make those guys insure you count on in as the game progresses those other guys basically turned his big roster. Can you take that next step in the morning it's a better quarterback can maybe. Foursome three and out candy continue. What they did. In the first game. What I mean by that. The third down efficiency. Yeah this should be is that this is not gonna happen. But third down efficiency the browns will only for a fourteen. At 29%. And the saints all the is even worse three of thirteen point 3% but I'm not aware of our offense this. We are not doing that before. Says Sean Payton and and drew Drew Brees came on board. Veto who's the number 13 on offense. Whom the New Orleans Saints. Big guys over a decade. And you know is right behind him the patriots he knows and has the most first downs. Since Sean Payton and Drew Brees we Drew Brees and held him. Is the patriots in the saint or second so that's why even though our offense is only point 3%. I'd bet that to me at that rhythms that there especially when you look at when crews involved but they've divas can build upon that. Begin you you consider Warren a best defense is. If ever I'd say. 3233%. And I mean not only person three Niles but you're stopping drives. And about their outstanding again Deke average gain per rushing play only gave a 3.2. That's all winning football now what I like to see the number one thing. Can we get to take away from. You know I I don't ever it's a fumble. An interception in the way they did have its own special teams just some area. Aware as to many times that we're always in that minus category in a terrible margin in. And what we basically had a last game against the browns lose two fumbles lost about the quarterbacks. Now they had a fumble but the ended up that being the browns being close to. This doesn't change what is the regular season are pre season. When you are moving the ball. Sustained drives our offense again. The red zone efficiency are you getting touchdowns. Not on defense. Could do better in that area where let's say. Philip Rivers is. And he did this against. The Seahawks last Sunday night. On the first drive he drawn on the duke got a touchdown. OK you going it's a great quarterback how about. You know he's got to do first downs with Bulaga. Bamba dull brake force of Google. I'm not telling you that it is they need to be he did a year and coaches talk about red zone defense. What are you doing a third down and obviously the takeaways so coaches that are refuted things. That I'm looking for them to build upon. And whenever. Like cable Cairo and the leaders I can jar and and the leaders of the defense when they're out there and you have success against the one who's been very successful like a Philip Rivers are some interest in the seat. How are not defense do. Today against Philip Rivers and practice. And then you're gonna see oh because basically Philip Rivers that Drew Brees comes Sunday night. Is that is that third pre season game where you see the stars and an open alas a bit. Come Sunday night they're probably gonna get twelve to fifteen plays it. If drew has a long drive to go crosscourt tires on the intake among the game saving with Philip Rivers but if you have a couple. A three and outs. They knew that you won and earned a high note and that you would have still kind of rhythm. Offensively so they did defense had a good showing. A stretch at the beginning. Not even looking at how how we gave up deleted the end we came crawling Bryant but. We can't have that kind of start again no that's gonna help beat comic did you actually do an intriguing situation. I'm gonna come back and odd game day crew some are important cursing Garrick Kristin gave one on Toyota and the great when Deuce McAllister. They won't take it and we'll give you today's practice report at the black and go practiced against this it. The Los Angeles don't take awhile Bob denied San Diego but the law and policy jog. As we go to break you know his crazy looking hat you know historian and they want to Los Angeles charges before it was very good chart as lands all over this bailout Los Angeles did they moved to San Diego and was there forever now I guess you can say they're back home with. I don't the last day was spent days that that's still a rams fan base there but you know with the chargers need to do if they win. You know they go Los and is fans as they kind of casual day your job on that charges bandwagon and the rams are doing anything that's way of winning newsman went and no doubt about it. I will come back and we'll give it to Christian and do still get breakdown today's practice out on the West Coast sports talk continues. On WW at. I can and before we go to Kristin you know do she got some over the the not against him yesterday he takes he has city that is disable. So there is this is from 3839. And eventually you will we will be right. He just needs to breeze that anyway. He says give us some love breeze of pass that's your favorite thing to do well just keep listening I will. You can have become that they'll be coming up around a mountain the grooves in the letting him. It is not an opinion we got the skids and a wall. All right. Will go out to the West Coast where on game day crew today was at the joint practices saints and the charges testing Garrett and Deuce McAllister has taken with. I've mostly very much like from Orange County California and that's Los Angeles dues McAllister Kristian garic yours wrapped up. They wanna practices well one of two practices against the while Los Angeles journalist who want columns in the club it is but. That's working today over their nice tree facility and nicely settled tree detract from my bellicose in its high school coach Mason community college as well. But before you to the nuts and bolts is what about the guys that didn't work today in particular caught between a ticket in juniors two players didn't practice day. Com and I don't know if you Nestle read too much into that though I think that their view it's more what Kobe for coming off. I think a pretty good shot early in training can't work might again at a dollar a little bit and that they're trying to ease him into this. Yeah that definitely thinks as well and you know any time at a player comes in which they rid Jersey and even though he was out of the reactors he and in a few practices. And especially mean these. He he's good to go so. I would read into it a lot I think that they understand you know they they got. You did you do have a player like home just deal. And Clay Harbor or word to the tightening in three of the ideas that they had. Have been lately you know and it didn't participate so. Had a number of guys there were out. So to speak in you know I don't know that would have helped effort. Overall though maybe ultimately what a player to. But you know. Did have it looks a little sluggish yet didn't have energy that they needed. To be able to come out and compete. He's pretty good team you know I don't know how many games they will win but you know a pretty good team has some talent. We we talked about you talk about durables and Melvin Ingram. You know to you better be fit to me and in the league and you know whether it was a romantic or or or zag you knew that they both we're gonna get pretty good work and that was the case. But one thing I can say eighty. Nolan Nolan is saints team and in an Indian around show on it and listen in a number of players. This wasn't a practice where they went out it's scripted to Canada beat these gas as they wanna say look. Whatever we have Meehan offensively. It's either going to be good enough we're just gonna run it and if it's not good enough and are gonna stop us. Well there was a few time that it wasn't good enough you know because a felt like that would do was look oaks or whether it was pressures. You know the saints just in pick it up and they had a guy in the back feel three. A few times on would you talk and what often are too often it's. And at that cab you know. Analysts got the Spaniard Albert got it down so it slipped as runs football. You know up and debate and whether it was marking a moral Adrian Peterson you know I didn't see a lot. From home Camara. Tomorrow night's round it was I didn't theaters like him if he normally has two or three right black man did you see that who who was there. And you know but. Yeah I'd ask him accurate right game. You know on note he had 11 option but he did really viewed on. They they they went to empty a couple times but didn't really go to him. Tightly and outstanding practice you know to what the saints. We talk about it from often standpoint where they really excelled was seven cents. You know they've offensively this XL seven ounces of whether it was neat whether it was Fuller you know whether it was even Coleman. Not Mike Thomas abused abused and there but that it. That's expected in LA is to the point now you expect him to go out condemn it and do that in I don't wanna kiss if you had. And it was on five yard come background and the ball was a little behind but you know. I'm not gonna beat him up on that but that actually holding up a fuss at him about me Matt you know the guy goes out completely dominate and you know that's expected but the if you got to be disappointed. It's taken what she needed it and seven notes that will all once. And combining it with team you know whether it's first second now with its third now it's two minutes but it didn't translate. You know there was innocence and aware. I don't know if Coleman and and taste any news or is on the same page but it. I'm you know it's almost like he stopped on the ball or he he he was expected it to be other inside. And you know there was another interception. We're drew in the two minute situation what ball gets stiff he's he's he's obviously you know. A good Turkey ocean off the plate for. On this outline of where he hits a Coleman and covered him next play he comes back you know he's about it Tommy Lee in the Dow right there to gloat to be able. But put themselves in positions or seven ball is tipped they take it back you know basically ball game or whatever the two minute situations oh. Some things cleaned up you know when you look at it from a defense standpoint. I felt like camp would have probably had three and three have forced bags. You know he's been outstanding in the game that cap on he won't. Barksdale. And you know. The other decent at the end really flat as well you know whether it was Mohammed was and it was Okafor whether it was. A market. You know a puppet dog got pretty impressionable will what will gather a little bit more after after the break. Our own twelve saint players miss some practice today also backed deacon Bob sports hi guys will come back to Christian and do is right out of bottoming out news is they are. Breaking down today's joint practice. The New Orleans Saints taking on the Los Angeles saw it as more from the West Coast at the bottom of the hour news. We'll get local news a negligent hands though but first up eight CBS update ten more. Saints camp chronicles wood off crew out on the West Coast they're all there the rest of week including for Sunday. Night's game the saints at the charges puts Al continues but first a CBS update. Black and go practicing with the Los Angeles charges are very own game day crew. Santana import Kristian garic Kristian garic one in the all time leading Russian New Orleans Saints history and with the Ole miss rebels. Andy McDonald it's 46 color analyst Deuce McAllister we'll hand things up now back to the West Coast paid out to get away. For you back right into the nuts and bolts of practices been the detonation was very well represented Haggans body to be strong as the F out thankfully be proud. But the strong presence of and a nation and a criminal autumn from LA I just. A couple came down from money Montreal Canada but for the most part. And yet he had about half an active today and it stands. Yeah I definitely think so you know I'm particularly when you talk about. On Thursday you know and the be able to come out to practice this either for and I mean to see the players that they. They they watch and you know just talking to a lot of them you know they were there were really excited. You know one I think they're excited to have charges you know they're saying it. And told to be able to watch a little practices wouldn't talk to mean Jim recent enters into and we were talking to one group and they relax and have a second practice today so Domanick hey they can't do that in imported and you know true to the days that they were definitely excited. Still on if and one of the many of twelve states that missed practice today. It's not good for him Mia Farrow the injury is but he slot now that depth chart as a player that he's built field. Well that's not good in the sense I think he still makes a team that's not good in the sense that he won't be in rotation. You know because Alex until all meat out of options and relief work in. Against another quarterback to give them different looks. OK okay but he didn't really well and unfit it. And original and and EE tail. Of the boy Madrid and there. Antonio Gates K gave him almost like stardom and it was just start move in basketball and Philip Rivers is placed called pulp per reform. He's got a lot of people like that and being gates. An Angel on did a pretty good job in coverage. You know you had a lot of the different materials we focus today more on via. Seven the warlords and 77 didn't get to see as much as I wanted to. With the office to lock on the of the won awards that they do not just because of how they split the practices you know it was you two fields and you've got. Sent off until one side you've got faced these principles once oh. There's just too what's going on to do it watch it. All. From and it's still employed so we just focused on the the passing it. Part of it today. I'm illicit tobacco wanna read you know some sort practice recaps. And here you unit here median and outing and indeed talk about it but ultimately this is not so that is all that. Necessarily alarming because it did happen what a good day for us it was space but. It looked like you said the call on right back at practice and it looks like San Diego cut purposely. Gates's scheming for practice yet well I'll look through purposely got no idea assumes a lot of course gaming and the saint I mean because of the saints literally. Flew in yesterday. Jamie and you know to show how probably at a meeting. If if if Ted and in which cracked you know there was no scheme no implementation. This is what a team like subdued and all of there was no game planning for this group you could tailback some of the looks that that was not the case for Indian ago those were some. Think that they had been working owner at least looking at and they wanted to put in and you know. The same stroke saints struggled with it whether it was up front whether it was you know just some some some miss matches. That they took advantage of and you could tell that they do that that was one of the planes a lot of the plays that we saw home run. Numerous times and even they ran it last year was the pick. They ran it a few times today and I think you know if the states are really looking at their place. They were played at different than they did today I mean but it was 707 there were probably two passes that they pushed up the field over. Over ten yards you know there was in route. And and there was one I think it was in the gates. That Williams put a pretty good hit it on that was of a flag route about that that everything was you know 123 roll or it was. Under under five to seven yards as far as a kid it was concern in the saint would have been a round ball. The positive for the C sedate him running game. Yes I mean I felt like that they can run run the ball anytime they want it off elected they could they could have really random volume retirement rewards you know. I mean now the net and on the hero you know Dovonte bears I've got him down for three pluses. Where it was a it would have been incomplete and I've got more Marshall at a board now for. For one play as you know now he doesn't have to to. Minuses and it was just because the guy either caught it easily or woods and you know closely contest you know art and let had a plus he's got two masses you know he. On a fade route. EE EE try to squeeze that got to this outline but he was able to receive was they would just. To conceive fight you know meant that Taylor talked about him. In Iran game how the State's defense really whether it was the first or the second unit. Control the running lanes you know on the east and far ahead of sex. Al so for. Okafor had a saying you know. Just real roots in a two minute. Man that the whole house now showed back up on him in drew was able salute salute salute to grab it in and to be able to complete. They angle route to Mark Ingram but you know that was one of the things that. EEU you can't have two happened PJ PJN com. What are the seminal willow wanted to. It costs seven on seven. At Upton I was two minute two minutes and minutes essentially at captain. He played it perfectly. Perfectly. Now he's got to principally guess UNICEF I mean but he's in perfect. Blows situation where the light the ball surprised it did army because he was like I did aqueduct stratosphere senior you know an aunt and I mean EE try and it did hit him. Squarely I mean if he gets it would embody the he takes it and plus yards going the other way. I mean but I thought that he EE did well outside of you know some coverages to. Mitchell Owens showed up and Ian you know fort apple or loss he had and it's impressive whoo man. I mean. It's hard when you put him. On Melvin Ingram you know it won't want to Waste Management team sitting without at least. Haven't Appleby of pummel order rush him back in to help also gave him Nate. Big deal got got some pressure. Mohammed got some pressure what was instinct. And we saw this look at two lane but you know for the most part with the second group. It was a Opel and watch them 73 Jason Giles got a little work in at tackle. And the news. Tree Hendrix. And Mohammed that that that's that was pretty much a second line and or unit. When they were born teen stuff. But with the of these has about referring to that we saw them or and I saw a little bit today was that read outlook and so it's K you know its its rank and and the team Okafor and or. On the cob yeah. The cost and allotted were no on him I was out today. And so they over the three downs and so they head. Two of them back and I think it was a Alex and ammonium. Climb in their for the most part. And in they've got the three safeties in three corners you know and so we saw onto a little bit. At two lane and you know they've they've they showed a little bit. Today and I think you know they wayward it's pressure out of that for a and I think that's one appeal partly you know little bit. And in in certain you know third down pass to waste. Yeah I am also they had at one point and some pact if either of the with the caller NASCAR NASCAR track it's Okafor is actually kicked inside and holy dollars and right next to normal on that plane right defenseman. He showed us some different looks of me were start to see little more dimension to it to what's been installed in the saints' defense. Yeah and so another thing though they got to clean that coach Payton was not happy was good god open for mobile phone Felix and times on think it was twice woody and twelve Gaza on the field you know and I know they're rotating EU in. But they've got to give it cleaned up who's in who's out and you know. The chargers took advantage of them. On on one of the in the red zone a play like that saints lined up late and on Bill Gates over late he tries cocaine now he almost knocks the ball out. But even get there enough time and you know they. You know just got to clean some those things. He's dues McAllister a crushing Garrett live from Los Angeles here's a saint wrap up practice today. Against Los Angeles chargers. Back at it tomorrow the sports talk here at WW well enough and aka. Getting opt outs. Getting that ballots from our crude it is deuce and Christian although on the West Coast covering the saints and the charges practices are reducing Christian though did today's recap now do a rejoins us now teasing Ken I know you have a couple questions for the great. Yeah. Deuce I could remember. Not just one session. But a couple of sentences in West Virginia and up in Boston. Will look at that Tom Brady verses on defense when there was. You know 101 our past skeleton drill grieving team. How would you rate would you witness from Philip Rivers and you totally defense is pretty stout. Against the run had a good showing. But. You know you and I we'll watch him. We see Tom Brady do hole drilled to a twenty reps. Where the ball that he returns to ground they would have been reporting for Tony but they had a couple of drops. How hot it how did Philip Rivers that he looked like. Unlike franchise dominant quarterback out there against our defense. You ordered troops on the historical note all what did truth I'd been dulled sugarcoat anything all of the truth. A. It it looked really really unity live lack of sprint out quarterback you know the one thing IQ and they you know accidentally pushed the ball up to feel army when he got into the rift zone oracle rose today. Overly impressive legacy he would gates war. I would have been probably. Twelve yard touchdown on the social somewhere and I made it locals would know that. You know. Q&A I'm mr. Allen. The egg you cheat and Alan receiver Nikita and elegant and Agilent. He he he took advantage of the secondary as a whole. As a whole you know particular to women in Britain don't put seven on seven. Home. You know Phillip and mrs. Now things change once that he went to team. Because there was a lot more pressure right whether they were asking him that it was Okafor. You know there was a lot more pressure in and and he couldn't just get the ball all. Pushing it down the field I mean but for the most part. You know he completed every throat as he wanted to were oh. Practically you know drop it off underneath now they do. Here is another tight unit has ruled Egypt that they like right. You know you try to hit him a couple times but. A few a few of those times he did hit him but you know they were able to. Dislodge the ball being the saints know whether it was a Williams or bill they were able to dislodge a few times but you know. I had to give it an edge to someone it would have been Two Rivers you know particularly when it was seven counts or when it was wanna launch torched. Now dues so I don't know are kind of view this this way where to saint stars' organization where the charges are rat. Yardage chart is only five to eleven last year but I think this about right on right now we're looking EST yeah when he came out of their rankings. They had the saints 23. And the charges 24. Now you look at how the game of fold the last year only played on the road. The marais was told it would a win but what do we do I don't know these data charges gay was the bubble we took it away in SL wanna see it play a pretty seizing game. Where we are creatures of habits whether you force of fumbles. Arian has said that the ball can we do that. And not be like after the clearly game minus two maybe to be blessed to. And I think that would bode well also a thug Davids is common it's that we could take a winnable. Well what it's doing it goes reality format head coach over I guess and Jacksonville. Is the new defensive coordinator and you know he is probably more running 43 defense and what they've done in the past. You know traditionally they've been at 34 right Steve and so. They don't have the full complement of players are they need to eat yet to run that consistently. And I think they'll probably water reason that you saw numbering more pressure and blitz the saints normative and you would have done and just say. They look let's put skills skill and see how it mixes but. Oh well overall you're you're disappointed but maybe some of the the enthusiasm. And and and just that the wall to form a saint but at the end of the day I think you know. If it was a game or if it was something on the the saints have you know probably better talent up and down. The Iraq's outright. Much Florida did do over the mall woods Goosen getting his take on today's letting go practice sports talk continues on WW.