Rep Julie Stokes: 80% shot we get something done

Newell Normand
Friday, March 2nd
Jefferson Parish State Rep. Julie Stokes talks to Newell about the Special Session to fund the government. 

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Join us in this hour and I'm gonna go straight tour because a notion may be honored to a tight timeline which some votes coming up is representative Julie stokes from Jefferson Parish are welcome to the show Julie. Old and I appreciate it good adopting. And I hope things are going well for you been in our thoughts and prayers and I've watched you on a news and you look great. Thank you I appreciate that my biggest thing right now I wish we are precious time. It Orton we need to solve our problems that. So let's get to that right now there's been a lot of finger pointing back and forth and I just enough find things varying ain't it mystifying to me and in and in a lot of respects where the speaker the other day said. You know he was so surprised by some stuff that the black caucus had brought forward. You know and we've been fighting this progress of verses regressive tax issue forever today I wouldn't have been surprised by it where you. No not at all you know caught and understand it. You know barely. At state did not want to be any part of any new. And you know they started and that you remember the first I'm hearing that I am. Or even maybe. That's not new news com. You know I think just that little bit of out just how invested it where. In making sure that that's happened. But surely not to put you on the spot but I guess I will. Is that not to speakers responsibility. Well that's total war. You are. Tune to people. They. Imation and I think it's oh a bit beat up and and the governor Mitt maybe a bit. And it it. I. Made that statement it would eat me quit you know all three. With a lot of you know that they make speaker of the governors and then all of and it seemed like everybody. The idea of what I did. And you know Connolly and maybe everybody the good journal that he. And one of them and it you know what I am a bit moral. You don't think that our. And I. Well it is this just a breakdown in trust because it's almost like we're playing this. Poker game and were holed an. I definitely think you're right now I'm eight I don't see I don't see any are really in. I mean. I can't speak or any other artist you know. I think it now there's been very. And an alignment. Lot of bad Leiter. Got it. That idiot or they're all right and again. And I. It sees it you know send some ugly in their early underneath you know that a lot of herbs and and on a lot of people are. So and I think part of that issue underlying hurt or. Fueling that lack of trust has a lot to do it labels the you know it it begs the question when are we gonna move beyond this partisanship. For the greater good of the state Louisiana. And it's people. Position where I guess is that the frustration. Right now is rising to the point we've had a number of tax about this. If you can't get this done and a special session while charges forget about the regular session. I couldn't. Couldn't agree. It yet. But I mean you know are there people actually right in the play book is where you know. Coming. On and on the years. It. We should be about it'll be every bit we keep weekly press. Time and I think about. It you know all in battle up there. Weigh in front and I. Varied sources and I think that the partisanship is definitely. And at the you know. Not currently valued. And we need which generally. We see it. I'm not a week we want it would. Mean. Could be an insert. And and other people the other thing. I guess it is. Moral and chamber or without. A party much there. I don't wanna see a pragmatic we've been pragmatic crop. We need it meant into the message and you. There were. Certainly in the state and well in oral. Well. Well we Annie you won't even in your. Or Saudi every. Year he you know. And their weekly and that's not healthy. Yeah I mean when we start talking about pragmatism. I mean you know one of the key ingredients of getting there as is common sense. And you know and common sense dictates that you're not gonna get your way all the time especially when you're in a body with. What is a 105 members. Contrary is easy. On the night you know it's all about. And I think about the United States congress. Wow I mean we look. You. But. I mean there. And see. What are at a I'd say well look like even read your ears are spending it. And the her rep and I simply don't or. There and I don't mean overspending that. Ollie being the yet the number of Medicaid has recently. Rotten rock mosque by everybody in our lives. You know we do. That health care the carpet out here on the mock. And it all eat them there itchy and that your parents. On the way we are our pension. We have over here. At all and Shin Bet getting better known her reflection on her and but it current tensions. Saying it could get. More back. I mean at the big. Well when you start out equally evaluating the unfunded accrued liability and now you realize that those numbers have gone upn and we've we. In pension reform weak Greek crank down on what our assumptions we're going to be on our return on our investment and we stopped. Inflating those numbers now we're dealing with reality. Yeah and I think it. That we potential debt. You know at that point are. Twenty. And the open. When people well it. Is simple we knew. I'd tiny little bitty baby. And now from. And here sixteen years you know you name. We're in a pickle. There are others they and you try to. It is too high certain. You've got. Our state they. We considered that we at it again ever current dollar. We might put it in three point eight for every. Right for every dollar. They teacher. We want we want. Well in a rehab. Teacher. Is well on or buried. Absolutely. And as we went indeed it's just go on back to a commonsensical approach one thing about math it has no emotion and it doesn't want. Right. It is what it is in any gonna change. Erie social issues that people. The Portland. I'm. You know lead. We're talking about number eight and is long. At all. Saying. We're cut and the point where actual feature here. And I don't either under. Meaning the running around saying we are just there is typical court. We're at and closely and the people going way too. Much. Are we not been an. Or you can call it central con. Yeah. That being put out people. You never. And. Like you know I call it smokescreen politics because we just throw the smoke screens out so we hide the truth for the benefit of Glaus go to. You know continuing to. Propagate our our our message as as we see it and we don't wanna be bothered with the facts because the facts wrong and contrary to what we're trying to accomplish. And that you know everybody on all sides this is not one side and everybody on all sides is engaging in this. In this rhetoric in and we get no where we're in this deadlocked and meanwhile you know what I feel for of the college students trying to make a choice as to whether or not. They gonna get tops and it's certain level or they gonna go somewhere else where they're guaranteeing they gonna get it at that level. And in just bear that responsibility go that way they knew what to guarantee. And that's it that's a shame. And that absolutely. Is seen in fourteen. And it is very very. So well. I want it is 88. And that again. Where are forward an eight. Well you know I think on exactly. In rhetoric is that it has honored that it is staying at. Only problem is over. How can they. Fall in Iraq. Then there are people. You. Are there any year any number. There. Then you. Part of the odd thing. We chronic. That we are. You regret play well. We're at on an out and you know art. Is everybody. And. Well on it and in those are the easy choices Richard note we just had a one our show about this it as it relates to juveniles. And this is telling that 75%. Of Louisiana as young people wouldn't qualify. For the military they couldn't get in. Of ages between seventeen and 2413. Don't have the necessary educational. Attainment. It I mean a disastrous is that another third is too bad. And the last third have criminal records and substance abuse issues this was reported out yes that I. You know army when when we think about this and we're sitting in this body. You know making decisions about the future of our children some body's got to wake up so let me just ask you right now actually got a minute and and you gotta go. Or we gonna get anything done before the end of this. Well I think I think I. Count. And you know in speaking. About the peak. Of military. I wrote. In which strike you about that is that. They were always going to be ensuring. To our lowest. I'm the disadvantaged. And there that's always going to be. You know what the heck. But that statement. In that you really bad. And the Irish person and as the physical conservative. Where's the you know we've got. It basically. We've got higher and it's great got to make sure hope they simply it is. It got well and and I think we it'll. Reforms and you know I think I think we could easily. But I think that I. I hope so Lynn let me say best of luck and thanks so much I know you're busy and I really appreciate I know just for the benefit of our audience when it comes to the numbers. As you know on and we appreciate that effort that you put out. I appreciate that so much and that that no matter what it. That is true in all our. Dutch Julie stokes state rep from district 79 out in just from Paris thank you so much for joining us.