Remembering Pearl Harbor

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, December 7th

Tommy talks to Dr. Rob Citino, Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian at The National WWII Museum, about the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.


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President trump earlier tweeting. Remember Pearl Harbor. Data live in infamy quoting I guess Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And age it is one of those days that changed the world and and the amendment woke up that morning. And Sunday morning and Pearl Harbor had no idea rule is about to happen nor did the world rubs Tina Jones is right now. Samuels a mares stone senior historian at the national World War II museum good morning senator. Tell me I guess the underpinnings of this 'cause I'll I love the beyond all boundaries. Exhibit because it gives that the narrative from the beginning to end of how the war began was obligated in both Europe and the South Pacific. Uh oh what was happening in this country at that time and I can't recommend that. Highly enough but did do was oil really the backdrop for all of this rob or is that a misconception. Like I mean the the modern world runs. Especially on oil. I Malia and distrustful any single called explanation personal the past as World War II atomic. Yep yep. The depression certainly and and some countries are trying to produce way talk in their well. Dictatorships and they can Cochran there and and and doing your certain. In Japan will work were trying to do an agent or open up the shooting or China that is. Tried all wrong there giant giant neighbor across the seat. In the panic panic bought down in the war and began a program may be with the United States. Was blocked but victory. How devastating was the attack. To the US navy into the war effort and how much today guess you rub digit handicap us going into it. Report so I'll. Over one note though that should partner that aircraft and over 2000 US military personnel so by. Stretch the imagination of the Japanese attack in art morning girl are now. Something to look at in terms of which were destroyed our our. Apple shipped wheat was hit a tickle article are but thankfully our aircraft carriers were out of our cars and so. The Japanese hit our our panel should extremely hard but the Pacific war improve over the N per month. Would bet these aircraft carriers floating air so. A panel has arranged you know but Scott Stewart she's fortunate to. But it aircraft there the aircraft line up the back as potentially rain so and so. Aircraft here from there were it became the capital should be cheap if you will the Pacific war thankfully. We will oppose but again nobody should look at Corel. On how important was it. That. The war in the South Pacific or how was it flawed. In conjunction with the war in Europe and I guess I'm asking is one could have been successful without the other couldn't. I mean I think when it even even before we got involved should be more international situation. A lot already. Churchill wrote the world about potential cooperation. Both the look at the world situations that you know the real enemy furious stretch to democracy globally. Not Japan but Nazi Germany. A potentially much more alt country sold the war agreement. Well what moralists that we would devote the line would devote the majority resources to beating the German now that apple it worked out. What it would involve going to be able Japanese and in the summer 42 midway stunning American victory. Partial Japan defense perimeter while now. Meanwhile getting the Germans were proving to be pretty typical we really didn't do much in 1942 and so. I think you see more more resource being stalked over to the Pacific boy what what but the president and the minister we wanted to do. And that's just the way or if they go again or plan is going to be put in place. McCleon Colleen your role on the richter your plan ball or you're becoming a plan BC unity. And as Mike Tyson is ideal plan to get punched in the mouth. You know Mike in Korea. They are absolutely yes I did you leave excuse finishes first organizes their reasons. It's an old joke rob when it comes it will first off you know I know they get that the reconditioned PT boat and I think it's the only. Actual PT boat that was in combat that you can take a ride on. But how important are the PT boats when he came to. The warns South Pacific after the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Serbia. Check the the Pacific Ocean is huge body of water that's number one. Gigantic week with which all inside ordered. Carry out meaningful military operations map theater so you know that your grip here together you quicker Belcher propel him into another kind of Ochoa. But they're they'll have to be smaller craft that can range far and why in. That can get in the coastal waters it Japanese shipping and get out for a for the Japanese and respondent. That would potentially the tap or PT they were they were fast and lightning Cabrera also ships afloat and that was their job. Getting. Want to strike to get out before any damage done as we built a global payment PT boat or 19. Piloted. By Kennedy. You know it is a stalker along and where they happen to all wheel arch Japanese ship. They weren't so serious stroke and the crew you want to nine president candidate Bob so that was their rate they are the Arctic and beat. In terms of the anticipation. Of the attack on Pearl Harbor. And the immediate. I guess Galvin is a show another country. Is that something that historians think would happen again today. Well in that sense I did I I think nine a Lebanon and perhaps that unity. Maybe so steep after 9/11 and needed to lap at while we have unity pull our Purdue. Spent the entire 1930s. And forties are trying to get Americans used to be ideal but dangerous or much of that war. And we can't all the copper over. Aunt Pearl Harbor you know and so the debate between isolation and pensions. Pearl Harbor and at that debate. But I'd like to thank you ought. I'm an optimist about the state of the country. Current agent and I think Americans do pull together and trying times that top line and all well. We get a picture to the outside world. What are you going now right apparently can't stop squabbling internally. But when did you think that can change. Yet have like done OK I can say about my brother but don't you were you got trouble. That was. What I was fortunate enough to add to be able to visit Pearl Harbor and and see the memorial over the battleship Arizona in the tears of the Arizona witches I guess oil drops avoid elect continue to seep up to the surface from that ship. Com what something we don't know about the tank because the attack when you go. You just if you if you you let your imagination run you can almost imagine the planes come in from this way in from that way in from the other weighing. Com is there something that may be we think. We know that wasn't true or just the opposite something we don't know that is true. I think generally now no parole like anti aircraft of screening all. Yeah initial you will term it is this some kind of actors or carry out that many say. I think that's not a pretty well known you can get done. Right you shall over the years. I think generally known is that the role these little Japanese so called it submarine one or two man crew played early. Might want to as many as I about it sort of go or it might have gotten to Pearl Harbor. Couple torpedoes. That. Or before the actual libel the Japanese aircraft. But it's unclear it's pitch black in the in the is in Pearl Harbor and very early Sunday morning. A certain midget submarine got it and grounded. Beat that today at the beauty of the war and expert. You let that ward destroyer according to a fighter out there. Never were able to find that two of their life report. In nineteen in 2002. I think remains so well. You know. If that information. In now where there's this Japanese unit trying to get the Pearl Harbor medical data command real quickly. Maybe it could've been some kind of all the work very moment that aircraft came over. If you know anything work with the military intelligence which does work. Treatment back on the trigger event to be shifted to analyze and I default we were eating natural we get. Out there. But I don't often think that I know what an opportunity earlier. The very it's a very sacred place the Arizona memorial it's. Very historical place and it's hard not to be moved when you go out to anyone. And you don't see a lot of picture taken in full around there because they'll run off the naval and tell all you'll weigh. And likewise and even ride the boat over there and those other tourist attractions where they say. Want you to maybe do this Indian navy do they tell you what they want you to do in you'd better do eatery in kicked off the boat which. Remember that you are memorial Berry wobble with dignity this great site so it should be treated. All the dignity like the deal. Each cemetery in Europe you know it is what it is great. How many the people who they think are still in the Arizona. In the Arizona beat the total number of book of American debacle are worse now we think somewhere don't want 400. Actually go all out half. I'll bet number is due to the explosion and Riviera on it so early on so we're talking about figure below one. Do you quickly we're out of time I'm there to bring it up earlier Robbie guys anything special planned over their today. Well we have our normal and that's been before and have the pick it up Pearl Harbor commemoration event as we do every year. Would have a Marine Corps than at present the colors and beat them remark could give historical all you. Mobile capital of violence and replica after the vote gave their lives are. You know that the opinion people out sure the big. But but more than map that that you would participation that human story he individual who went through this or abort. As a makes a special thank you rob appreciate your time. Apple. On Robson Tino says Samuels a Marie stone senior Syrian and the national World War II museum.