Remembering the hot mess that was the Celebration of Life festival

Friday, August 17th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the craziness that was the Celebration of Life festival, and talks to Harvey Jesus about his big party at Rock N Bowl this weekend

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I'm sure you've heard this service information about to our top sewage and water board officials. Getting races. Several officials with the sewage and water board received. Pay races. How absurd is that desperate to turn this is just this is so typical of government. When you get rewarded for doing an incompetent job. Maybe we'll talk about that is next week I wanna get into that this afternoon but that is just it. It's a typical. And I'm sure you've heard and our news or the story a little while ago on Southwest Airlines is going to allow. Horses on board if if you need if you need a replica comfort animal with you that they're gonna allowed miniature horses. Look miniature horses are cute they're adorable they're tiny. But compared to like. Majority differed gigantic. I mean. You're not going to be able to stuff farm. A minister Horst under the seat in front of you or the overhead compartment is going to be just sitting there are standing there a dummy I held. And I boarded the chances that it would like you know lifted stale I mean. Medical I I see many chores are there are adorable. But like I can't imagine something that's sized feet. Part of part of it and airlines flight I Sunday afternoon. At rock and bowl it's back to the bounty. And for those of you who are new to the New Orleans area and there was a time when they. Everybody. Went to the Bowery at West End on Sundays. And then after that it was divorce in their for a long time there's been a tradition of going out to where I stand on Sundays and I had a great time out there. Back to the bounty the reunion of of people who went to the bounty is going to be Sunday afternoon I think it starts at 4 o'clock at rock and bowl. Harvey Jesus and fire was one of the bands that played back then Harvey Jesus and fire will be playing. And back to the bounty on Sunday afternoon rocket bowl party welcomes a son Devin W real Harvey good afternoon. It. You guys this tell me about I I haven't been I know this is this is taken place before tell me how crazier gets. Our man we've been on about 78 years ago and it it was tremendous people coming in from out of state. I mean any answer about it and well on taxes. Lol. And it used to go to the Bonnie. And does and it but the ears it's not a place that I don't play. But somewhere someone someone mentioned about. You know an out of body in Columbia about it when you hit it. It. I it is a look it's it's amazing that people can actually remember some good things about it as a brain cells that were killed that afternoon. That is true I mean it in the it was evident. I think actually you know people can afford to go out back then you know. And it is an average it was. You know it was safer paperback and. And Harvey this this the this back to about the events. Sunday afternoon starts it to 4 o'clock bright stars for. Read this some this benefits Operation Smile and on the you have some mom you have some personal ties to operations on. Get a feel for the Euro granddaughter Caroline's Cuba on what the crap out. And well you know this is the children upon clip lit up from that moment and an outlook that Alec. It is is basically the same thing just to quote a hole. Manage capable of these as she was it was nine point. When it was not my old report should it would it would to do surgery on and what is the time. We had a feeder certain way in and night that it was actually. You don't find the species was stuck in the top better that particular law they have in years which she's I mean she is adorable. And you can't really really well she's gotten pre K. How is school you look at fought that. Is and it touches my heart when is the commercial. About that operations. Mom and up out. To my daughter was an expectation. Is that that is. There's. An agency to Chile as possible. The class keen. There's that local so it's some of the proceeds from some of the proceeds from the is that then. Are going to that. The children you know and is it is you know it. It's just a tragic thing that he and you know them from it breaks my heart yeah. There's five I've seen those commercials to an operation operations file servers are really agree charity and they really do help and and then there is help available when I mean there there is something that can be done Brit. Unfortunately so many Aziz says official position on cane in Third World countries where there's there's no helping and doctors from Operation Smile go there and help them. Although I'm one of the candidates and because you know like it's that would let my baby girl like that and I yeah I'd you know it. I have four bullet little ranch as it was six year old boy girl in the studio. And it's like it's like we live in my life again Mike and I think for any think their children come out ready. You know our it was just think about this moment over you know we're having back to the bounty. Reunion and it's at rock and bowl which Harvey Jesus and fire. And so here you are today Harvey Jesus is a grandfather. I mean will you were when you're back Donnie did you ever envision yourself being here now. I'm telling me you know when I think about it I have my moments if they got in my I have been doing this for so long but if that would slow that it is. And that's the thing I'll bet I would let it get it's absolutely it is the spotlight. And think. Well you know at. In and it's just leading more important people all the time and keeping energy out. Here's a here's a here's a Texas is duty plays at Moshe LA you should come hang out there you think I can go to emotionally he's attracted me to cougar emotionally. I. Mean it's not easy for me to find a cougar memory because I've been here at. Yeah. All right Harvey Jesus great to talk to the policies Sunday we're gonna be out there I'm ever gonna do some on some life FaceBook fees are Debbie W already are faced or faced or will love we'll bring it to people live. Back to the Arab accident Audi a Sunday eastern rock involved. Pop up like it meant at its second. They have abandoned opening on me. You know back to get Bryant Allen and a short circuit you know one of their public. That is an audit board and you know play it is that. Guy you know who followed him in and we got to come on up that but a lot of people he got it when it did well you know at the end of the great talent that they. And that. I don't you know people. People may run into some of their exit you know me you might ran into some mighty used to date. All that. You might run into more than born. And you'll probably meet up. I. Had a. Pardon Jesus and thanks for being is a CA Sunday. All right thanks I here's a text. It says so. Scoot Amanda Shaw is playing in Bay Saint Louis tomorrow sixty M are you coming to visit also. No I can't make it on I would I'd I'd love to and and my thoughts were to do that but. You know I got a busy weekend coming up since game tonight to attend tomorrow art tomorrow evening. I'm gonna be live on FaceBook W every already a FaceBook for the Molly ring most concert itself fort hall. And we backstage with them in different different phases of their their their transformation from ordinary people to the Molly bring lawless and I mean they're just such a great eighty's experience and it it just are a wonderful band and they're just so cool. On dish they travel all over date date date tour and they're really great what they do that's tomorrow night at Southport and over again will be alive under the W over radio FaceBook. Tomorrow evening and then Sunday afternoon into Sunday evening will be attracted a brownie. Our celebration had two broken over Harvey Jesus and fire. All right so I've talked about this anniversary of that celebration of life this Woodstock type pop festival in Louisiana. It's so it was northwest of Baton Rouge. And the chaff liar river where is part of the setting there. I just wanna remind you how why old. Baby boomers war. This is the original anti establishment generation had this tough festival. It was insane. I'll tell you about some of the stuff that happened when we come back and fewer they are I'd love to talk to your. Our numbers 2601. A seventy text based 7870. I'm scoots clincher whether states Friday and we'll be back current temperature of your realm. This was Ted Nugent before he became political lack. Ted Nugent N and the M boy Duke's journey to the center of the mine to. Yeah they were there as a celebration of life. All right so the festival of lights pop festival began on this day August 17 1971. At the cypress point plantation in point to pay parish that's about fifty miles northwest of preparation it was hot it was. Over ninety degrees every day I mean people were like passing out that that wasn't the fault of the year at the festival. At one point they ran out of water it and water trucks command and were like desperate for for water. But it's how crazy this Wallace a lot of people got in the chapel I river. It because it was so hot but then you know this was a time you know back in 1971. You know this was a time when people were you know streaking on college campuses you know taking off their clothes and running across the college campus course you know our generation never did anything wrong right. I mean that's like my generation so critical of younger generations because we never did anything wrong. No matter what were running around naked on college campuses and entered the streets. So are a lot of people got naked and got in the champ Florida there were three deaths at the celebration of life one of remorse from ma an overdose of methadone. And the other two were because they got caught up in the swift current of the chapel or river and they they drowned and their bodies warnings and found right away. So. This was just it was a mess. He's. I gotta tell you this the security. They were tired. You with a security I mean that it's okay they did have they did have. Police. But the security for the festival. Was three motorcycle gangs. Led by the galloping goose is a New Orleans. Who referred to themselves as the hell's angels have to south. They were stealing money from kids they were stealing food from kids to open to kids and they were stealing stuff from the kids. And not some of the skinny differs. When the river and make some of them were were beating. Where were chains that was the security force for the festival. There was an area that was known as cocaine row another area known as smack street. And listen to this there were an estimated. Thirty different kinds of drugs. Only two of which. Could be smoked. One of the popular items plastic syringes. A dollar piece. Decent size. Lid of a pot. Not promoted as a really good putt from Mexico but it was actually our homegrown and Indiana. We're say it was ten dollars. LSD. 75 cents I hit. Synthetic mask when he passed off as organic. We're 75 cents a hit. Cocaine pure Peruvian cocaine fifty bucks a Graham. That changed in the eighties and it changed today opium. Seven dollars a gram. All of this is going I'd like this is what I love about this. This was the baby boomer generation. Now does that mean that every baby boomer did this but this was this was a generation that sometimes is so critical of your generation to act like they never did anything wrong. And as was also part of our conversation when senator we talked about August 15 being the anniversary of the Woodstock. In 1969. And now we're talking about this said this celebration. But let's go ahead and as a as a resident as a generation as adults. Let's go ahead and warn young people and try to guide them as best we can't but don't act like you've never dated eight. Because. You think drugs are bad down drugs were bad back then too. I know things are different. And Reid have guns back then like we do today so there's a lot has changed. But today's establishment. And don't under estimate how wild and insane. And it's just. Anti establishment. Today's establishment was when they were younger. Now the Internal Revenue Service from the came in and they were just all kinds of fun tax problems are financially it was a mess I think it was supposed to be eight days I think it lasted just three or four days. But it was just I mean it was this was just one of those events it just on showed how. How are just insanely crazy young people could be a from Saint Bernard Richard you're on WWL. There. We. I was going wonderful dialogue. Just got back it. My group. We actually. Are. Animal. To get. And we're. No Smart guys. You let up on all the drug talk about all of well. Well. You know it. I did well on the rupture on. Everybody was in there and then it. Why. Him. Are you remember any of the music Richard. You know well. That it. Matters. Yeah yeah whatever. John Johnny red. There and it was light. An image start lightening in the you know light air. Variety ran that. Richard you don't appreciate you sharing your experience Revis and number I'm glad you made it through Raymond you're on WWW there. It was there who you it. It's seventy. And W that the threat we rode motorcycles there. We got there. It was the beginning of crazy Cray Cray. Didn't pick it streets named the she's just. You know. Barrel while laying cocaine. Like that you post it design. With the drugs and how much they cause it felt like it was unbelievable. Yeah I mean they had signs out likely to like duke like this is the special today you know really like electing a disk okay where you know where we're selling a jambalaya this is the special real but it was drugs. Exactly. We we found the law but Beagle law of the language that yeah women LO and the bank. We've got this dialogue and that people on the other side of the river. And another bank. And we try to go there was so bad. The law started taking as the way down the river. So we ended jump off that swept into the bank. Almost. That's mysterious killer Raymond I'm gonna have to leave it there thanks for sharing your experience for this is if you would they if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 260187. The united Texas State 7870. And I know some people are tail gating right now the weather's not bad for that we're gonna talk more about that when we come back I'm scoots on debit or derail. Sills was there. Restarted on this day August 17. 1971. The celebration of life pop music festival Stephen Stills. Was there an art I wasn't there but I'm sure this is one of the songs it here he sang. Here's an update on our blue runner foods poll I should a teacher. Be allowed to. Keep his job as a teacher. If he is also a professional wrestler. The place apart of a Nazi character. 73% say yes 27% say no give us your opinion. At WW real dot com here's a text is calling Ted vision a political lack really necessary. What does he ever said about you. We'll see I'm a patriotic Americans are hesitant to say something about me for me to be patriotic very honest about Ted Nugent he's a political whack. Obvious what he's stupid things he said about. About others and yes so I deem it quite necessary to referred to occasions political act now on there just is a reminder. Here's a text Escude I just feel compelled. Such attention today to what you know how much I appreciate you I'm an old new whirling in school teacher now living in Seattle to be closer to my wife's family. And has spent on my summertime off listening to you every day. Your my daily vitamin till keeping me alive. And well thanks dude it's you I listen I appreciate that very very much tougher mob town Billy welcome to WWL. It's been done them and people were another big group of pride festival. And they were all over the place to another draw and he didn't bring up too much there was a large abundance of parish. The fact it was the only time I have an eight hatch proposal is quite a bit better. It that this was at the celebration of life. Could get and I. Know that's a that's a different festival I was that it I was at the New Orleans processing that was in Gonzales. Ever been trying to Barry's guilty isn't the and it will remain close. And should. Yes Billy that was that was so Labor Day weekend 1969. And you know obviously I wish I was there there was this other celebration of life festival in the 71. But I was at that New Orleans tough customer I remember well well I don't remember where. It's incredible and had an incredible list of people that's. Or did well that was right after Woodstock was so it was serious hard Janis Joplin. It's beautiful out and. Can you teach your cars transited. You know probably cure and that he had beautiful and Janet just happened. Numerous people. Thought it was peiris while I know art and unbelievable event not a united still remember though that the poster and I remember all the names on the poster does. It's amazing that bad is that group gathered in one spot here in Louisiana. You'd think that's why I actually thought that was the one you would target about that this it was an incredible fast. At the bottom of little problems do they have been abducted John Anderson. Yeah yeah directed chime and the world to assist the Borough. And that there had been the candidate no comment. What are Rosa Brooks kind of there's a lot of the people showed up at this festival once it got. Yeah you gotta hear different than what can. But I billions in net. That's us all right it will. And incredible festival right here and who's right there on the its variety and. Hi I have what I I have memories of a dream they're going up I appreciate the call. A from Hammond Troy got time for quick comment welcome to our show. Sure. I'll get. An idea how are you aware. A couple of weeks ago. And. He the other group despair or war soiled pants. Where he was supposed to be. Really. Yeah Ted Nugent. In. A political. Yeah I mean I don't think you scientists are described mr. as a political one. Word in mind. How are. Well I know you can make that argument Troy I appreciate the call I have to move on audit chamber Brothers were at the celebration of life Todd did opened up on this day. In 1971 in point co pay parish and a source this is one of their big songs. I zero hole stay with us I'm Scrooge. We'll be back in just a few minutes effective penny Burnham and hers does our art our traffic here into the WL she was there she was at the festival of lights will talk to her about that. When we come back. Under visual. Eric burden was there. It. This is the anniversary of us to do botch a rating on it chapel via. The celebration of life. Pop music festival in 1971. I'm I'm getting some text from people who are are very defensive of my Ted Nugent and I mean I think it's interesting that all these people were defending Ted Nugent is just political OC is. I'm wonder if these same people would be OK with all of the other celebrities. Talk about politics. And they the answer is no because they're hypocrites because on very big there's a lot Ted Nugent because he bashes the last. But they don't want to left embarrassed arrived but their theory is that debt entertainer should not talk about politics but yet here they are celebrating. Ted Nugent as a political I got this text he's a political activist. Saints up pregame coverage begins at 3 o'clock coming appeared just a few minutes with fans first take with former saints offensive lineman Steve court and says Dunlop. Petty Berman does our our traffic and how petty you were acceleration of life. How was that my husband. Myself an hour seven month old baby girl you took a seven month old maybe two celebration of life we did when we're young hippie couple can yeah. We know we didn't get to get there and my husband had to work. So we. And then we have to combat Sunday afternoon but we had a tent and our plea panned and all that stuff it was. A really crazy adventure. Had to be but I mean I wasn't there but what I have read about it is just it's it's it's it's insane it would issue memory of having a seven month old baby. Well she is great she slept most of the time. My that we heard chambers Brothers and I think armed Tony Joe White. Polk salad in any song you mean that's an idea he played I think he must have played. AM shift. Because that's the one I remember the most are a member of the chambers Brothers and I remember him and then. We left Sunday. I mean you had defined a little place to pitch in chants. And and they ran out everything they ran out of water they ran out of food but we need that is leading go on Saturday until Saturday so we had. All of the stuff we needed to and. We walked around and lifted all the other crazy people there I mean and I didn't get close in the stage of my husband did. Bob went up to the stage in a state back in the tent with our daughter but. It was it was hot to it was a miserably hot which is one of the reasons why we left early in the morning Sunday. His overnight it wasn't bad and it rained remember how it it was muddy. And it rained and they were peoples women in the chat after we left. The. They were in there probably under the influence. Pot I have probably so hey you know and I don't want people to think they just got in the river because it was hot no I mean this was a time when people want to take their clothes off. And and it was a Ricky it was on the riverbank yeah you know and so it was like why not there's a picture somewhere. Of an eastern airlines. Flight that left. At that time it was more so an airport less the airport and flew low. Over the. It was crazy skit I mean it was packed and you know it it was like. The week before UN even sure where it was can because they had to keep moving. And it ends because they couldn't get their permit system and it wound up in some guys pastor on them or Kansas spillway there was it was it was it. Interesting events when I won't forget. I appreciate you sharing nursery they had. Paula you run WW audit time for quick comment. Yeah I'd like to defend. They ease up audit that does vary each year polite. He's hit. When I made several rock special note days and wait too much leash let I are only good memory there was a lot of drug. That part of your. A little movement was just starting but at Spartan. Our I would take those days. Over some of the very selfish. I get lifestyles today and I am under no now I guess I get little cranky. But you lead that you that you can get Albert's you don't ever have to saturate all. But this very. And they're probably more than the people that and never found their body but just the that would be pretty that we can that city like world that you are good but you are right about that. Yeah yeah I don't view it that is and as. Some make it out. No it's it's still well is it you know I guess my my point is it did you know I I I quite often hear from baby boomers today and tonight I'm among them. I quite often hear about you know through these young generations and criticism of millennial scene and younger generations and it's okay if we talk about the things that were a mistake but let's not criticize younger generations and act like we never did anything because we did. I think you're right on that point and not back and use all nine market. At I've fallen and I appreciate you sharing that witnessed by very quickly Franken got time for our fans come you work security celebration of life. Yes I didn't go there is security but I ground being in charge of the perimeter. Everything at this stage and what happened is. There were a page produced a tree and they forgot the pale the local politician well and get all the and so when you open it up they. Three day festival and Chuck Berry was the one that gave the best elements of the week yeah. And it was really credible. But that hours and management thing that happened while we were waiting for the gates VO but while trying to figure out they are politicians. It's them that is in charge of the parameter form. He walked off with all cash receipt for the day. And he disappeared and so I called again and that we're sister disappeared and by an area that we charge for. And I went out of being charged addressed the two for everything but the stage. Now one day. I was on around checking everything out miniature they okay and some guys jumped on my that would in my car program car page up that good and how it's a four letter words to him and it was just as we were passing hells angels. Well I was talking at them and Paul now alms and they circled around my car and made me stop and and I got out explained that what was going on. And that's the key to be actually in the audience. He was beating him in the other whom I guess I'm not a secret. I'm glad you're OK I got to leave it there will be right back on WWL. Our sinks pregame coverage begins next at 3 o'clock with fans first take reformers say it's offensive lineman Steve court and assess Dunlop after that is some bond like countdown to kickoff. At at the gate at their Mercedes-Benz superdome between a indeed. And then it's the game and then after that is the point after so we're gotcha coverage to source its trade goes on until midnight tonight. Here's a Texas says is your typical your typical W resort to name calling. Yeah I need to be a little bit more like president trump when it comes to that in and not do any they collect I don't think calling on television a political whack his serve really name coupling I think it's a pretty good observation of sort of tradition is. How we got the Covert coming appear in just a few moments. On this is another very interesting anniversary it was on this day in 1969. That Hurricane Camille. We're starting to bash in two TO Mississippi Gulf Coast. And divers in Pensacola at the time didn't hit us very much dominated your world has to some degree but the Mississippi Gulf Coast are really took to your. To destroy hit there from one of most powerful storms in history and what you've come back congratulations. It's time for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest in the code word this hour is edit. Text ED I T edit 272881. That's 72881. You can win a thousand dollars next cohort coming up right before the top of the hour news during transfers take at 5 o'clock we untie it 4 o'clock. And we never charged protects the individual plan Texan generously apply please don't Texan drive. I want to thank Dianne Newman our program director our show producers tell Manassas and three part of our show and I know we don't always agree. I'm screw ups intricacies game tonight be a lot of stuff going on this weekend will be back on Monday have a great as safe weekend. What you New Orleans.