Remembering Billy Cannon and analyzing Joe Burrow

Bobby and Kristian reminisce about the life and times of LSU great Billy Cannon with USA Today's Glenn Guilbeau, then discuss LSU transfer quarterback Joe Burrow with Buckeye Sports Bulletin's Mark Rea.

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Yeah I got the marine haircut back to two down to go yeah Alan Johnson off man's house two hot. Yeah yeah yeah so would cut it yeah is several and a winner. And when Al Gore outlook again had a little bit long odds become longer and you have it currently natural natural growth. Chris your view that a goal we probably could have drew you know he has the marine that two people were stunned in here in the office often a UN here Friday. But I got them Friday if you look. The toll this person I do. Firm but two years admire long for a while. You know you remember this Erica from. Oh yeah years ago you know make it in the morning it's obviously nice paint brush and Coleman. I don't mind keeping me keys we cool. Remembering the life of Billy cannon. He passed away LSU legend passed way over the weekend peacefully as home publicized. For those that maybe don't know much about the weekend the o'neals and obviously I am myself laugh at him watch him play but his impact. Was profound on the LSU program Clinton Gil below joining us now covers Elle issue. And assays for the Gannett Louisiana papers USA today's all at hellish in between on Twitter and Glenn. Obviously he's famous that holiday Iran. Is that how we run. But we heard about Billy cans paso duo was a first he thought of this for me that's what was ingrained in my head was the Halloween money is illness. Justice system. Louisiana he's so we're so worried. In Robertson might fit in. A bank. He's. Got. Yeah we're very union. That they it. On stage in. You choose. Program why don't live picture. You know movements and you know. Tuesday caught the very top people. Younger extra it is time. Came back. All aimed at corrupt and so again so. I can. You know Glenn I think if you fifty years and older for sure and go. That that was like it didn't matter what L issued warning Baghdad in the future whether it was Charles Alexander. That I hopefully we don't Hillary and I'm just naming a couple of guys in the and William Lynn a far net. And I remember I had that you know obviously you know he always reflect on when you are in school and obviously winning a national champ Jimmie won the Heisman Trophy. Anything yet and let it Barnett great. But he's nobility can. And you know out of sync and you hit back from a lot of all the folks especially in wouldn't it is special also. When you look back in the day is that priests steroids. He can bench 400 pounds he actually weight lifted Jimmy Taylor said that. And then here's a guy who can. A run with the vezina yet a hundred yard dash is that a hundred meter. But it also can go Windiz sharply competitions I think that's a lot of people don't realize. Woody was able to do and how diverse body was. Being a two way player Nellis you can ally against him and Johnny Robinson that nobody players there one at that time a level. Well of course you know he's very. That two on. Almost drove them to go belly camp was born a lot back to back in the sense that it go watch during. And he also. Realized look at the stat. That you through oak twenty cracked answers in this corner. A lot of people rant and cops are all. At that time student so there's they're pretty. Very versatile and and Albert or who who would decide to want to Robbie how historically that's been embellished. We got like Billy candidate in the late fifties and that was just a golden time at an LSU. It and it in the electorate you and it ill. Now glee and when you look at also. You know realized because we knew a good. And you tell you know about them look at album there foam. Billy can't be any team in the high neutral we wanna village use the the greatest player in the conversation. Did play in the NFL. Global what are you talking about he played in the NFL he played in decades. With dog owners in the raiders simply. Against the Packers in Lawson is suitable. And and about was Anderson Al Al Davis would he thought. About Billy canyon oh we all know what he did it would Houston Oilers. And they beat the charges are winning the championship in his input one as soon as to a real issues. But he is actually a pretty damn good tidy and in Albania in if not. The best idea was in the conversation and what he did in W George land. Exactly I don't know that the straight in my bed at least here in group B games. Figure out watch like an article call or go into and most of which were you know outward game. So Aruba are yet to catch the purity. He's eager here in the hours since the chips they're well. What or they're back in unity which are then with the raiders or Cologne this career and thank them. Glendale low here on de vita we will talk about. Billy can't pass away covers LSU the saints for Gannett Louisiana papers and USA today at LSU between. Bodies body wanna Nashua more. Yeah that now Glen when you look at it now we talk like. Billy cannon but now the recent history ours this past weekend Joseph Berle. I mean I don't noble what is your take when you look at the quarterback competition. And I'll like Ellis telling a Christian. That I don't know this day and age of quarterbacks are playing in the and I took it doesn't matter what you did in high school we got to go competing you gotta do any college football than you got to do in the NFL. Nothing's promised that. You look at this draft for instance to dominate the NFL draft for the thirteen quarterbacks. That were selected played for multiple college teams look at baker made feel. You can even look at oh recently Dallas is that men murdered. The and you look at Danny ailing big getting drafted or so it just saves like that that's the way it is look at that Alabama right now. Lola. What I heard he went the national championship you got the freshman and a Hawaii's. So to me hey go very compete. And the big guy in this I don't lie and the U Dolan be given anything you wanna actually earn a big new teammates who respects you more. And I think that's where we at right now competing Myles Brand in the RC's. And in Joseph Berle and made the best mandolin. Oh yeah and I'm now. A national future. Transfer quarterback or stay right you so much it's much more more prominent and you know go. On it was Pollock and graduate orange. Quarter because EE loss that quarterback recruit from Alabama should know. Yeah so I was sort of surprised. But it it was important that it get that he has no marched. Because they're in the quarterback's. To that old course at some talk about it. What returns are about as an idiot enough. To talk lately it just me or transcript or borrow name and number cooler at. NATO. Balance 41. On its stock on the and also dramatically. Improved their position beaches. Of the three quarterbacks that for a jewel in detail or one. Out that small group. So and and you console there. Program though I'll and higher. There's a lot more continuity than analysts use opera version or shall I thank elements that help should. Ugly when I was surprise is. And and realize this you know you look at this that's what you do in high school as a passer but. And is looking in his body to guide and everything in but he rushed aborted 2000 yards in high school oh the competition when you. Would miss the football Ohio that's. That bodes well because well all of you we all know how important global is in the state of Ohio. But. What is your take as far as. I mean did this deployed. Our enemy you know your opinion. Jobe moral decay but does it mean you're gonna be Georgia Alabama. That he might be yeah is that the point I'm making like he can be good that doesn't mean he's going to be Alabama Georgia. Well not all that jail because that it that it. They curtailed the so the first domino roll up I don't have it up Cuba come back. And that pretty inexperienced and bloggers and regalia. That art. And you know a lot of experience are not Dell tech to stick. Transport and I would call quarterback you know so. Dark holes. They've been out there. You know should overrule. Is as good that John Edwards originally agreed he's he's strong. While it. Huge transfers. He's going to be a much or certainly can't run you don't want to touch to Columbus hockey world. So that's of interest and the other side of what war eagle and you know what anyway are on bowl he's he's right challenge lies it's going to be shouldn't you know. Glenn gill both covering LSU in the saints for Gannett lose them. Papers USA today at LSU between on tour we pursued the time many in the insight things Clint. He's going to come back for John I'm basing loosen you took 504. 26018 semi tech's 878 semi this is sports talk here on W him well. Caught about the the news updates you'll hear from saints coach Sean Payton at the saints all famed golf classic earlier today. Out of sync our quarterback sports bog body Christian John a base in Lewis was going on John you're on W duo. Now thinking. Yeah. It may and it could be and wall. Albert B and with ogle back again. They. Do that we'd. Put the Jews. Yeah I got to yet the idea of being narrowed it does you Omar's sausages thanks for. Yeah Everett broke. The news they can only be. He called Tom Fitzmorris food show on the big Agassi avoidable was nobody more troops on it. And it was a bit. Well. This will do. It it's just a variety of mystery problem won't GDP and it being good for me. Okay I'm unlikable or TV guides it. Okay. Everything was great Papa trust me. We believed our ourselves. My nephew graduated Saturday from where is definitely not schooling now we took an untreated you know over. Oh awesome lie appreciate that sort of Donna see you wanted to talk about. The states suitable chances are you all they don't want. Want to know him a debt for the the party game of the saints. In new audience that first game until. It may be so I would. Did the Miami Dolphins didn't. The big game we've played it down into most would be an Indian. Elaborate game. Who. Yeah its date and and so we just we use appreciate being I want suited to do when you went to details. I was out there. Indeed it is and so. All right those that don't you getting that number probably what about a trend is his incumbency. I think we enjoyed that we can do. I do grant I really don't like to grapple. It was it's paying it yet but it's being healthy. This difference John about Alex just said. Every talk radio show and every now 32 cities are saying the same damn thing we can do I think we duke there's only about 165. To six that. Truly have a shot while they are like get a big job would agree that this Christian into worlds one. Now now now. I think they have alleged case to compete with the saints if it's a radio station in Philadelphia. Are in Minneapolis. I think he even Los Angeles so well look at who's truly right now expectations. Like late listen. One of the giants V is that is they were last year I don't think so. But. I think the New York fan base of their sports talk in a new Yardley Amanda giants got to prove it to me. You know that dating and given the path. Where you might have different cities. Where on the 'cause like you being green Bay's nice people so in Milwaukee they'd probably say well we got air rising quarterback. Still being mean to be could overtake the vikings. Lesson. The Seattle I don't know even though you have Russell Wilson so the point being. Is that everybody. Might wanna save their damage and if he would die hard fan but if you're truly realistic not everybody's in the hunt. They just not. That you truly have the haves and have not now was challenging John. Is that NFC south. The falcons in the hunt. The panders and Han Wi in the hunt that being the saints. And the media is there got to prove it to me. But I still think you know it's our about tough this way are tugged his path to get to this Ruble are the play offs. I still think the NS he sounded the top dog. When do a good time bodies and it is a top congregate got it in yes in a seeded top comrades and an Indiana sees how the top division. John stick around because next our units who are way too early top ten NFL power rankings. From our sports team Bobby Hebert deuce myself said the last Ron Amadon Mormon aren't. All contribute to this piece you'll find out where the saints are ranked in Newsweek too early. Top ten power rankings poll lines are open. At 50426018. Semi tech's eight semi semi Joseph Borough transfer quarterback from Ohio State just two is Joseph borrow. More Correia managing editor for buckeye sports bulletin. Would join us next hour to our next after the news to explain just to his. Joseph Barrow and how he could fit for LSU possibly. So all the quarterback woes of the LSU dire stick around sports talk rolls on here after our CBS news update a local news headlines with Chris Miller here on. WW well. Coming up we'll get some insight on Joseph borrow the quarterback transfer from Ohio State to LSU Patrick in Metairie first. You on W dual Patrick. Com undergone at all. Yeah I didn't know at that point it out there have been very. Very cute quarterback gets the last decade. Coming to yet to see. And doing well just just right out the back. You know at Auburn and yet he started out or got in trouble. What you. And edit now Padgett Whitney's saved the best ever. And Jean-Claude. Canyon was that down and think about what he did humorous at Florida still did you beauty goes public junior college. And it would he did Auburn rolling your day went. And I'll ousted a penthouse. That Baghdad on the house and enlightening or just to show you Dominic endless. Absolutely yeah you know that. Mean apart. Right you know opt out but think about about how are. You know I couldn't he couldn't be near the yards. What went to art on the court but sure all. But all quick check Kelly you know two years ago. Jack Kelly Arctic Clinton. Get that you know get used to eat out or whatever you. I don't fly. Right ticket for the trouble on and and not at all. Sure all. Of course now. Our. It can work the point being that if you look Disney and AG and war Patrick takes a phone call corset tight but his remark re managing editor of buckeye sports. Bulletin at mr. ray BSB. On Twitter or mark were one and a few provides an insight on a Joseph borrow and exactly what would he could what's what is skill sets are. What he did it at an Ohio State and loosen behind Dicky Barrett but got a quarterback is Ellis you get it. At first Motorola told openers are generally not. Yeah. You know he's just point and there are epic refusal. You know maybe. Jordan personal work or our. On. Speaking he went to study if you lose mystery football and he ran for all our current parolees urged. Well the only a three story because point 84. You don't number X school. There's a Cirque girls. Her history he never cracked restoring order. He was actually going to be back last year at this point in spa Perkins in the right before the city's. Actually actually who you know I like to be you'll tell you exactly what you didn't. We know literally. Give Dallas Clark but doesn't give LSU fans very much hope we are on the Georgia and the better our. Well the dull and Marco along those lines are Christians saying in you talked about the recruiting process and look rivals animate three star now. Go look different ESP and maybe 2:47 am forced to ours at the point being it doesn't matter to come with vision we've gone against in high school. Because Ohio is very similar that'd be sell more high school. Party night lights like Texas Florida and Louisiana all along with the sound it is important. But I just look at who offered him. I'll look to Iowa State. And okayed its bill you know big key and I don't Camaro and okayed Cincinnati Vanderbilt. SEC West Virginia Virginia Tech. So it's not like all of us and as the okay Ohio State. University of Michigan. Alabama USC. McGinest and appoint them make it to act. They understand exactly orders and hear it like point five off but none of them firm did not want from college user. Electric what's happened years. You have a school where in the mix in now perhaps it is and so it's not a fla. And you as are they consider remark factor in early in the martyr. System here for the last three years and you know market mart produce tracker in the open court products. So a little while societies. You know we don't know exactly what he is executive and and you might not you know what are person in your career. You know I think he's I think he's changed because it. The problem that we just don't know I mean he's he's had a change. For whatever reason he didn't take an honest. And not maybe maybe it was a year ago. Now changes scenery whatever and a lot of times I politically correct but how Smart as the to me seems likes Marty graduated from school cause lot of times he looked in high school they put the best athlete at quarterback. And that five things to do. They don't really learn how to played a quarterback position. So can you grasp what demons are trying to do have the right play on the right time. Oh what is your take as far as his football intelligence are. Just as his intelligence overall us force trying to grasp. Because he's got to learn a whole new offense the season to be here before you know and he's competing it's public guys had been around Cogent and anger with spring ball what they're doing. It is Joseph burrows T Kyle liked. Could Joseph gets to reveal like go Peyton Manning or whatever that OK I'm gonna study at. Given a playbook on the glove there and it's become second AG teaming. Where understand what I'm doing that you transfer that. Not only being a leader no huddle but actually make it plays that know what I'm doing on the field because understand the concept and I'm nudges guessing. Well okay you dropped candy and Peyton Manning in Tony's news or. But I intelligent EE at the Smart kid Miller anchor for him going to be street apartment. He's coach's kid. He knows football he each agency the bigger picture. I liked the way he looks he was real heroic at all honestly and this past spring game it really detained. His arms you're not grow our. East east seems to receive and feel pretty well he's not one of those guys protection that it may be puree two Olympics chocolate. Think he'll be yours and progression. Com. You know you're playing against them as it is you as an expert split. You know articulate it and their milk he'll compete future asking about is the mentality and consultancy. It's a closer look at the. Mark Rey managing editor buckeye sports bulletin act. Mr. ray BSB on Twitter mark I gotta go back to Jordan Jefferson comparison in recently see better arm does that mean stronger arm more accurate are both. Well indirectly either the person is Africa last aren't yours actually record record Earl. You know is not a member wrote statute director you know he he camera and he's not act has just lost. Burglary in its New York he's not going to be. You know those stationary target. You know coast and just which are. And again I you know I think. Think he's going to be here. But you know there you know what you can tell you that he's he's gonna hear bill issue and been in years ago development rules in the worst shape it's. Yeah yeah above our AMR guidance. I said this earlier that he can have success. You get the job done that that that does not mean that you gonna beat Alabama Georgia. When you look at the supporting cast. But when you are today you look at dollars and big game country. Look at dad Danny yelling at Purdue he does guy draft about a New England Patriots do you think he can beat bit and Danny. You know I think can be. They think you know it depends on the church and he gets in you know look I'm actually it's true point politically it's another. I I'd just caution you know LSU rancher thing in. He's going to be Cam Newton. Would be great mailing to that he was and the integrate many B start on Thursday. All right Mark Gray here at. Mark are Emma gray BS beat. Join us more we pursue the incitement thanks. Thanks mark there goes mark Rey managing editor buckeye sports Bolton will step would come back for Corey Slidell what's going on Corey will bring you back. Here on sports talk on W two well. I welcome back Bobby crucial sports talk here Korean slight Ellis will Cora you're on W them well. Yeah I wanted to give a prediction this year I believe. It did just this is probably a major present last year. An unlimited Honolulu last year the money that's gonna go over to announce an hour now. There and it is like troops. And I aren't you already retired. I'm sure. LL bulls' best of Drew Brees is healthy we got at least two years in the tank now totally. Wanted Tony to anyone 1890 call according Drew Brees is healthy knocking out a better option. We'll do. A netbook my prediction I think this year is going to be saved against its oak. There is truth which is Parker and blow the ravens. Yes because Tutu dinner verse about dying I think for a long. Directors and have the right coaching and two players at same time. And and Jimmy. Legislation on paying. Day it's easy to meet you player. And make him a cubic YouTube superstar. Sawyer who you call who you calling mediocre player to make assumes power. And that automatic. Moon can. No longer a normal part of ice age issues. Any player OK but yeah yeah who illicit. Jon Gruden. Shawntae jogging jogging and have a lot of respect of one another. Their friends and that would be an intriguing. A great Super Bowl in that would come about. But. Listen the raiders are not on the same level right now. Sorry raiders nation here's and a little look at the raiders fell all the map the written word about the San Diego charges. An annual budget on I said this you throw mud in and sees how do you may have seen in the AFC west. We charges Brock will not a week out a memo though. The chargers well why the Broncos deep visited she's yet but Chris secrets they got a problem offensively the Broncos let me go that its last song is in the league it's not as strong as is our city is secrets you know listen I know I'm I'm I'm listening yeah OK okay it's not as is not a strong. Okay as the NFC south of saying okay what kind covered top to bottom strong and AFC west in the AFC. A guy the I'll know that that that's what I'm saying I'm. Your point to Korean in the U is I'm not ready to put the raiders in the Super Bowl oh hello there the more poorly I want to see how John let's not forget. He's been away from the game pertain years the right adjustment period of readjustment period I think he's gonna have to go through. And the National Football League I think the world of chuck is a coach and he's a fantastic coach but I don't think he's this year for the raiders Corey. And it looked saints that's very very possible we'll see what stood a long way to go got to OT agent about injuries gonna play out training camp. Pre season etc. but we're doing this early prediction we're into our top ten. Early way too early power rankings. Next hour he calls a 504. 2601870. Text eight semi Tony Bobby Christian yards sports talk on W well. I won't go back to sports talk our way too early. Top ten NFL power rankings. Go down cajun cannon Bobby bears listed at the Eagles at one vikings at two rams three patriots for the saints at five. Rounding out the top ten in Jacksonville Jaguars Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Falcons San Diego Chargers when Bobbie speaking highly of and at ten spot the Green Bay Packers. That's say San Diego yet typical still not over yet. Last thing is Ellie charges even their rulings on de LA rams bandwagon because of that also are team that they have something that sharper charges. Chris what he said he missed three field goals they missed the they can only go 12 to three games last strategist exude a field might mimic a preview fuel ignited sevenths and it benefits eleven to five passing better and it just shows you how close that is that went in loss margin it. I think two AFC teams in the Shawn Watson is ready to roll fuel on a bed now everybody's betting. All over. Put some money down on two AFC teams that can have a great chance. That being the Houston Texans and though Los Angeles charges. Where would you put the saints in the way too early top ten NFL power rankings Bobby has an F five let's check out deuces list Deuce McAllister. Eagles are one vikings at two patriots three seats for jaguars five. Rams 6007. Steelers any Packers at nine charges at ten. Where would you put the saints in the top ten way too early power rankings 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Also. Here's my rankings top ten power rankings at the Eagles vikings and saints at top story. So you got this thing three. Yeah ahead of the rams and patriots okay that that does that thing that I can tell you. You know and editing consideration and we did not do that. Is like I'll like out chances I don't care who is the vikings Eagles rams whoever's in NFC it's in the Mercedes-Benz Seubert. I big it is that close. That's why you gotta be you know Lloyd C to have the whole popular advantage. Whether or not you gonna rivers and NFC miserable and in Atlanta in the Mercedes been stadium so crew Chris to listen. I think in a neutral site might give a slight edge but I know the dual dual advantage. I think makes that much of a difference. To the saints and I think is a disadvantage. If you have to go and Philadelphia. At Minnesota. I just don't know about the rams the rams don't have a whole pillar of Jimmy don't and the end of fans as the socially than they don't care but I just think. Those cats that they have a deeply together I don't know begin all stars to play together. All of ourselves and I have that's why and the rams oh now rated for something fishy is should be higher based on talent of all no way is if now can you please everyone now heard Aaron now roses grown old. And Aaron down our madame akin to if you guard or sinner. In the National Football League a dead that's that you might call in thing always barely any got to fight now that no. I am telling needed that good and connect double team everyone. A dumbed it through an area down or that good. Only the Baghdad disrupted. Lou go back to my list I got four of the top five teams in the NFC this goes to show you I think. Of the NFC pro oppose how tough it is right Edison new might say that yet the page Christie got about five while he's couple reasons why I'm breaking the best teams. Grosso of conference I think those four teams are right now more powerful stronger than the patriots and patriots are going through a little bit about. I don't see if you but I embraced it in OT Tom Brady united his shoulder elbow to use a list something amiss there with a pages organization. Can you imagine if listen. A bit I'm making a big. And nothing about is can you imagine drew reason or short apologies. Aaron Rodgers national rival in a war. Yeah unaudited out. We'll continue with our top ten way too early power rankings next hour where would you put the saints 504260187. Which put him ties three. Slowest ten other that number one team in your estimation. In the way too early. Top ten NFL power rankings it's got a hold and you'll leave office next hour the KG can embody their crushing dark here on sports talk on W to do well.