Red Dress Run prompts Scoot to "phone a friend"

Thursday, August 9th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about tonight's Saints preseason game, as well as his own preparations for this weekend's Red Dress Run. Friend of the show Amanda Shaw comes through in a pinch

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Oh. It's game day and it's a pre season I'm now but it's still it's it's game. You know one way to look at this game and a lot of people don't really understand how serious this is. The first game of the pre season. Is a gateway game. This is the gain only do this season. There are young people who'll start watching this game tonight and then get hooked. And don't watch every game this season. Sometimes to collecting their shores sometimes neglecting their homework sometimes neglecting their personal hygiene. It's the gateway game. Taylor it's the beginning of the season and that is exciting and we have a lot of excitement here Deborah every wrote because of the changes that have taken place. The new voice of the saints his former saints offensive lineman Zach Strief. And I'm so looking forward to him doing a play by play he will be in the Booth with former saints running back color analyst Deuce McAllister. This is this just gonna really I think may be set a new precedent for on the creativity in the in the Booth. And to die in Newman our program director Chris Wright and our. Market manager they were responsible for this on this innovative move and I think it's going to be great into doping too harsh on on sack. You know that the things that Zach doesn't know he will learn the things that Zach knows it can't be talked to somebody. So I think he's going to be excellent in this position and I also love the fact that with this high profile position of being the voice of the saints the play by play announcer. Zach Strief is gonna bring more attention to the offensive lineman. Because you're usually it's the guys who has the you know de de de fund the climbers positions like quarterback or wide receiver or running back they're usually the ones that did do the collar stuff. But here's an offensive lineman who's gonna do. And I think it's gonna be awesome and he's just he's such a great guy that I have I wish him the best. I'm also we've got testy courted since Dunlop for fans first take a starts at 2 o'clock so we only have a show for an hour. I mean I'm not even going to be on your long enough to get in trouble today. She's just gonna disappoint. On so the pregame starts at 2 o'clock kick off is at a 6 o'clock and then after the offense first take show it's on the new pregame show the the about like talent to get off Wyss of Bobby a beer and this time Kristian garic is going to be part of their Christian Garrick also will be with Bobby a beer for the point after. Until midnight tonight right after the game so you'll they'll be a lot to talk about a lot of new stuff going on. And I I'm I'm very excited I'm not only excited for the approved a play by play team and a in the both. And also excited for the saints and there's a lot of reason to be excited from Metairie win welcome to WW well. It Palin. On that is completely defeat and start even they're creepy and I'm in my mind you it's look at the gateway game. You know where I hope someone mentioned get back in it denture. Didn't think once and caught it all in you'll patched up Courtney I think console. 29 and faxed creek it's going to be am at this. Well that's great and Lynn if you wanna call me closer to the day are you call me and we'll talk about which are closer today give you some publicity on it. I shall we open our op. People of interest that male critic Debian technique that you got TPC. And it got comp perspective coming. Origin. Is saying thank you. Yeah you know as I mentioned this a couple of times in the last mayor of weaker so I am so excited about this moment because after the super ball or you go. It's over. And this is empty field. There's no more football resume on Monday Night Football. There's no football on Thursday nights in certain emotional on the weekends it's over. And you kind of feel like it's never gonna get here. Well it's here we I mean we made it is starts tonight in Jacksonville. And we got all their coverage right here on their behavioral AM FM and every if you don't dot com. Let me would I can get serious this afternoon at all we're going to be the pregame before the pre game show host begins and I hours look for reasons not to to get too serious so we're not gonna get serious on this afternoon. But I have an update on the lemonade stand robbery in North Carolina. Deputies in them and road North Carolina have arrested a suspect. Who they say rob a nine year old lemonade tender a seventeen box at gunpoint. The incident led to. More than 200 dollars in donations and know what the hundred dollar riding lawn more donated to the to the kid he was he was selling lemonade to buy a new law more. And lows. Offered him this brand new writing on more for a 11100 bucks. Tony Underwood to tie is with the sheriff's office in Monroe. A North Carolina he says they obtain security camera footage and it showed a person that matched the suspect's description. And it was in the proximity to the robbery scene. And so is there are trying to work with C a north Carolina department of juvenile justice to obtain petitions. Charging the juvenile with robbery a dangerous weapons possession and also possession of drug paraphernalia. Traficant Royce is named because he's a juvenile. But I mean I'm glad they cut their kid because you know. I mean my god what is this world come to if somebody's trying to make some extra money selling lemonade. It eliminates stand as some punk comes up with a hoodie and a gun in my have been an air they're gone but it's still a gun the perception was stick I was armed. And robs the poor kid of seventeen blocks. In any way to kiss turned out to be. In better shape now than it was before. I wanna share a story were few. They are I'm gonna tell you it's really sad. It's sad. But it says. So much about animals. This is why we love animals. And again I'm not trying to devious downer but I wanna give credit. To this animal. Maybe you've seen this on the news spreads. And in danger orca. Killer whale. Is still clinging to her dead calf. More than two weeks after her newborn dot. This is a twenty year old whale. She has been seen carrying. Her dead young calf. Off the Olympic Peninsula and in Washington State this is in the Seattle area. The cast died July 24. As of the image of a mother. Clinging to this dead calf has just caused emotions are all around the world. They have now spotted another member of the same part of three and a half year old whale that is emaciated. And they think that this may be on a cast on our little our young killer whale related to the month. And they're concerned that maybe she's not getting the attention. That she deserves so they're trying to find her to potentially get for meditation and to increase our health on benefits. So I just I just put this is why we love animals. This this mother whale is still carrying her dead. Calf around. I again I wanted to share that with you not to bring you down but just to show you why. We love animals the daily FaceBook video is up it's on our FaceBook page WWL radio. And it asked the question. Do you follow your saints rituals. For pre season games to. I mean if you if you've got a ritual something that you do for every saints game you commit you have to do this. But they're not gonna win. It's it's almost part of the game for you. Do you follow that rituals in the pre season or do you just save it for the regular season. I you could be involved in that conversation it's our FaceBook page every every radio it's also on the SO TA scooter Amir FaceBook page. And if you wanna join us with a comment about whether or not you follow rituals for pre season games are numbers 2601. A seventy. Recruit 5042601. A seventy our text is a 7870. So I'm planning to do the red dress Ron on Saturday we're gonna be live on W dual radio FaceBook from the red dress fraud. And the party in the French Quarter and yes I'm going to be a red dress. But I really still feeling going out and buying one because it's not like I'm gonna Wear. After the red dress front contrary to what some of you believe. So. I've got my friend Amanda Shaw a small number. And I'm. I'm gonna call Amanda right now. And I'm gonna Astoria son. She maybe has a red dress that would fit me that I can that I can borrow. I mean I can't fill it out like Harvard and yet there's still some big socks and a top part of it anyway him a couple of political Amanda Shaw here just a moment obviously she's got a red dress or to borrow. I'm scoots her coming right back on Demi bureau. Eyesore about thesis superstition sort of a peace there rituals for the saints game here's our blue runner first pole. If you hadn't gained any rituals. Deal also would do those rituals. For pre season games like the game tonight. Give us your opinion by going to our refs are to be a hero dot com. Very quickly you know I want to respond to it I'd attacks I just a moment ago what is certain talking about the story of feed. The of the orca bigger killer whales did his son after two weeks of two weeks now. This on campers born dead. And for two weeks the mother has still been carrying the calf around enemies just it's so sad but this is why we love animals but let me share this Tex if you. This orca is carrying her dead baby. While we have mothers leaving two babies in a hundred degree 110 degree car wash you go shopping. Then getting mad. At those who tried out the papers. It's true. We've got to orca. That is so attached to her. Tech cast are she's carrying around. And who got modestly because your cars. Alright on a lighter note I'm reduce red dress front on a Saturday. And I don't cod black dress. It sounds so weird doesn't it you know I have avoided doing this because of you know what some people think that the and I thought volume give anybody. You know recent if they don't analysts say look he's wearing a dress served to Patricia Stewart you know what I decided I really don't care under do. My friend Amanda showing choices under every of your element Avril. I'm good where you know he you have every colorful clothes and I thought there was a possibility that you had a red dress. Yeah now. I think. In my closet that Larry do you want to come out. I am I got guys. Well you've got more than one red dress so wound go to Amanda Shaw is just to play dress up. I have out by. Now I'm back a couple of red rat. On him. Is okay I'm coming over this I've got a very short showed today sought come over this afternoon at a table we'll do Amanda. I'm I'm I've we'll bring on Skype call home are did you manager has social media guy. And we will do video of this and we'll post the video of me trying on addresses. On on our FaceBook page and tomorrow. We strap their Aybar is. Posted and I would take all three and we can just listen dude that's a very good idea Hulk I'll take a couple with a two or three with me and then people can decide which one. Which dress looks just like. Leon. I think it's a great idea. This is not gonna do much from my image for you know I mean I really don't care distributor to Riviera I think it's a refund okay so look I rule on. Tough over by Anderson while. And on terms of justice and order a video that. I see in a bit. All right. OK. So. Then I should be fun. To realize thought. Are you able Mobil posted it and you're maybe we'll do I'll I'll I'll I'll try and I are a couple and then we'll decide which one it looks looks the best. But wait a minute which would what's the best way I don't wanna look decorator and address. I mean are more like I don't want something but like released its well I mean I went to a kind of Campion. Silly out and scope looks pretty good dress. I don't I don't want that kind of image. Com. I'm not gonna Philadelphia commanded us. Mimi were still some socks in the top part of her something like that. Here's a text hey scoot red dress up option to read T shirts so worn. Size larger. Then the other stretch it out. Stretch out the neck. Of a larger barn and stepped into. The neck. Be using it. Using it I guess under underneath or using it as a skirt. I'm in short the sleeves. And now you have pockets. On your skirt. While you can Wear shorts underneath. You know that sounds really complicated and meet somebody really put a lot of thought into that that is. Much more than I would've. Thought about. Here is a text that says so auctioned off to dress you Wear for the cost. Who would wanna buy trust that I would Wear plus it's Amanda stress targets and have to buy it from her. And it's it's it's a red dress Brian and it's it's a party is gonna be hot Saturday afternoon. I mean in my even rained. Companies gonna want to address. Here is I Texas says I'd choose the coolest it will be hot Saturday yeah. I mean I guess like I don't Wear dresses so I don't know but I I I would assume that there are benefits to wearing dresses. You know there's like I guess the updraft to me I guess it's it's it's a cooling thing and by the way guys. You know supposed to Wear something underneath. And I've heard that sometimes people don't. And you know when you're drunk and sloppy. And you just kind of you know. I don't know and if you pass out victory kept in the Gurney. You know if you're not wearing anything areas and says what kind of kind of weird. Our if you rejoice in the cover this afternoon are numbers 260187. 87870. Here's a text. My ritual for games is to drink early and drink often. And I will do this for pre season games regular season games the draft. And all time in between games well OK I understand that you know so you keep the ritual going where this puts the cells they do keep the ritual going whether it is a game on. Or not gonna get an update on our blue runner from its pole. So the question is Syed DUID have gained a rituals and you all so. Maintain those rituals. For pre season games like spike tonight. 75%. Saying no but 25% say yes. I think that's interest if for pre season game I mean just a matter. Drew Brees is probably not gonna play but he probably shouldn't play but I mean I'm not the coach so. That's the coach's decision and the coach in and breeze they know what's best for the team and and what's best for them to do so what let them decide for. You know I'm just I'm so looking forward to the season beginning I'm looking forward to the saints. Tonight I get our pregame begins. I just about a half hour from now we've got a very abbreviated show today we start off with fans first take with a former saints offensive lineman Steve court and assessed Dunlap and then sued the spotlight count on to kick off now it is where his son Bobby a beer at Kristian garic. And Christian a body will be back for the point after after the game and that goes on until midnight here on WWL. And you know those guys are Christian Bobby will do an unbelievable job assessing. Assessing the saints assessing what they see. And these are guys who who really know when they they studied the game in the studio players in their familiar with the players is so we will have a lot to talk about after the game. And sometimes you may see things in you Napoli sure what you're seeing or. You know if if you're thoughts are right about a player or situation. I listen to those guys for the point after and they will on that confirm I hear your thoughts about that. Here's a Texas says so my daughter used to picture of from the red dress Ron. For her wedding announcement. Well it's interesting I mean I'm gonna do that. How would use attorney announcement but I don't plan on getting married. I yeah I tried that it. Didn't take for you add true it was my fault but that's. That's a topic for another show. If you enjoyed it's a numbers 260187. With the news coming out a text is 87 87 here's a text skewed you have committed yourself. Mandy is so awaiting you you promised. I've I've worn a dress. No one will question your sexuality yet all the deal lot of guys out there are precious to them. Sad day in our pop culture calendar favors song is today in progress tonight. 1995. Grateful says singer and guitar player the legendary Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack. While undergoing drug rehabilitation. And Jerry was only 53 years old. Some people believe it targeted Jerry Garcia and they're Grateful Dead date they just kept touring and they they wouldn't stop and so god had a college Jerry home I don't know whether destroy an opportunity to some speculation about to happen anyway today we remember Jerry Garcia. Who died in the state in 1995 here's an update on our blue runner foods pulled if (%expletive) if you have a game day ritual. Do you do those rituals also during pre games. Like tonight's game. 58% say no but 42% say yes. I'm in a surprise does it play its shares leads to pre game. Pre season game so you still gonna do that interest to get a shipping in my going to our web site. To be a bureau dot com here is a text that says so. Scooter who cares of like your image you just got invited to Amanda show us house you win. Collaborative coverage after 3%. Here's it takes anybody if you go commando can address it will be easy to sneak off and take a leak. No look I cannot I cannot support urinating in public because that is against the law but I think dispersant does. Have a point I here's a text that says a scoot you have come full circle from posting skirt mornings early in your career. To running an address. When you will be. When you will be hoping that there will be spur more hoping there will be no score warnings well that's true we are very early in my career I've got to do it's her warnings on. Every morning and or during the morning show and I just wanted to warn people about the wind in the skirts and you know there's a chance of some thunderstorms on on Saturday so. I'm one of the things that I would require in the dress would be addressed it would not be to see through if it does get wet but I am hoping for no. And hoping for no. Storm warnings become what I'm I'm not look I'm going to be honest with a mechanical commando. There's that would be a little bit tacky and I'm I'm not prepared to deal with two young. The possible consequences. Anyway I today is the beginning of their 2018 football season today's game is the gateway gained at least at this season saints play the Jacksonville jags in Jacksonville. And I've I've I'm excited that this is that this is the first game of 2018 and there's so much there's so many reasons to be excited about the saints team. However. I remember a couple of years ago when a century cream prior I met on duty was to maybe just three years ago. There was so much buzz and optimism about the saints. That I thought I don't know you don't maybe it's a little too soon to be taking this way but there was so much optimism. About the saints. Making it to the playoffs and maybe even winning the Super Bowl and not only from saints fans but also from sportswriters around the country. And we had a terrible year and year. I think it was one of the seven in nine seasons. And so you know here we are going into this season. And I'm I'm glad that Drew Brees and Sean Payton's saints themselves I don't think they take it as seriously as some of the fans to. But this pre hype about you know this is the year. You know that I've seen traditionally over the years that the saints the saints win. To pre season games in a row of people certainly irregardless of this year nominees. And the players themselves they don't they don't buy into that immediately. There's a lot of work that goes into this this season and a lot can happen. And you know injuries is something that everybody has to to deal with it so you know part of getting to the playoffs part of getting to the Super Bowl. It's not just talent but part of it is it is lock. And you kind of have to have some luck during the season but right now there is really a lot or reasons to be a very optimistic about the saints seem. With so Drew Brees being where he is in his career older but still just very very Sharpton and everybody just does great things about him. The wide receivers the running backs the offensive line. You know this system this is an area it's not sexy for team to build. Tough offensive line that's not sexy. But that is so crucial to. The other aspects of the game. And I remember a couple of years ago Dallas Cowboys worked to build their offensive line. And it wasn't a sexy thing to do but that's when they started to have some really really good teams really good games. So this is really import we've got a good offensively and then the defense. And you're hearing so many things about the defense in that has been truly one of the weak points. Of that to the states. Last few seasons Sid the defense would just let things go. And and not just not live up to with the performance of the offense so. If you were optimistic there is every reason to be optimistic but also on our pop culture calendar today August tonight's it was on this day in 1981. Marie James pleaded not guilty to charges that he imprisoned and tortured and sexually assaulting a woman in his California house. He said it was simply four point. I'm Scotia hang on if will be back on WL. Our wonder what he means by that pay a lot of case went back to school today and that meant heavier traffic this morning heavier traffic this afternoon on both sides of the of the lakers are going back to school where you know what phrase still. It's still summertime. And I mean I remember when we used to go to school you know closer to Labor Day. I mean it's August the ninth accuser going back to school and then there was a big changes saint Tammany parish because there will be a resource officer. In every school and also a metal health on top professionals to ought to tell the kids. On don't look at this as any kind of I sure fire way to guarantee safety but I. You know I think it's gonna cost four million dollars to do this I so if they can find the money and they can do it. Duel it. But it's not the obviously it's not the ultimate answer here's a Texas says said the Big Easy mafia saints fans club. We'll be watching the game at cougars tonight is slightly off the pre season. So you guys are gonna get all dressed up for the pre season. That's what I did that hooters it's a fun place. Nice scenery. Also when you look outside it's nice scenic here's a Texas says senate this year for the first time my Brothers who will be doing the red fresh run with me. I'm and I get to pick out. The dresses that they were aware in the Ron plus I'm also choosing the outfits they will Wear ear post run party. They will include two twos. And my my Brothers and two of the most. Core. Man I guess all two of the most hardcore Marines. You've ever seen. I have never been so proud in my life. Do you have my Brothers alongside me supporting this cause it really is a good cost. And I may not run because you know I mean I do the treadmill on a regular basis in my apartment building that. You know Saturday afternoon sending to ethic a source of eleven. I'm not crazy about running in the heat not crazy about running a red dress. In the heat. So even if I don't run I'm still gonna register to light because I want to get to the cost. And the red dress Ryan I think last year. Collected a 150000 dollars. For hobby I charities and for nonprofits. In the New Orleans area so it's a worthwhile saying it has become. Huge are starting to study in LA yesterday because what's with this red dress front thing. I said Ben it's huge. I I I have looked suburban streets. And if you look Denver mystery from any kind of high perspective. It's like it's like a red river I mean all you see is red it's just it's it's it's crazy. And I DN but I differ. Warner dress Mitchell this year. Here's a text and if Amanda. If Amanda strikes out to maybe Angela hill has something for you ever goodwill closet. Well yeah maybe so if you're just tuning in I'm I called my friend Amanda Charlotte. And said do you think you have a red dress that would finishes and I think that got a couple watcher Kamal for try a couple. So we're gonna do that time and a girl Amanda after the show which ends are just a few minutes. Try to cover addresses. A tells really weird. But I'm gonna do that and opposite what we're gonna do is videotaped it well on videotape to breed of recorded on the phone. And we're gonna post it and maybe we're gonna give you a chance to decide which stress I should where she made it sound like she's got a few. So I'll I'll model coupled addresses and maybe we can open it up on FaceBook and you can decide. Which stress. I ultimately where. Here is so I text that says is if you have gained a rituals. Dontarrious so our blue runner for stole. If you have gained a rituals. Do you also do this rituals for pre season games. 64% say no 36%. Say yes give us your opinion. WW dot I can't here's a text skewed I don't think they know Rashad issues pre tags as you mentioned no I didn't mention that they I didn't mean to imply that they issue break tags. But if you if you need to break tech and you don't have your registration you need your registration to get a break tag. Did you title leader bracing if you don't have that and you need a copy of it don't put off getting the break tag discarded you know re shopping get those things so then you can go. And their breaks I want to make sure that we're clear on that. The daily FaceBook video is opt Eddie it's about whether or not you follow your saints rituals for pre season games and you can or join our conversation. And every of your own radio it's also the SOT a our FaceBook page we're just a couple of minutes away from another code words are you gonna have a chance to win a thousand dollars in cash just like texting the code word to 7288 wind. And also our pregame show starts at 2 o'clock. Kick off this at 6 o'clock so we got a lot of pregame it's about to start and we've got the new saints play by play announcer. The force of the saints former saints offensive lineman Zach Strief in the booths with former saints running back Deuce McAllister it's going to be a great night. I'm scoots table be back on to general. Our pregame coverage of the first pre season game of 2018 begins in just a few minutes. I may have made a mistake I is Steve accord is a former series offensive lineman he's part of stands first take Zach Strief. Is in Jacksonville is part of the play by I made a mistake on that just proves its library of Steve Courtney is why were for his duties coming up next with us tests on transfers take. Steve when it comes a pre season game new players have rituals during the season do they do they follow those rituals before pre season game. You know I think a lot of it depends on how much of you realize you're gonna play. I think if you're younger guy. A lot to their long enough to have. Kind of ritual or anything in an issue it's maybe sort of do that collagen you can protest something new concern hello if I had any rituals. Percent I think I have a lot of things follow to that key. But did you or did you do that because you felt like you would have a bearing on your performance. No I think you had I had had more to do with me about making sure that I had had everything in order in other words out and I had to be organized a certain way and so. There was a certain order that did everything to make sure it would forgive anything that was sort of important what I did it will be like. I got to ask you so what do you do with a rigorously what do you what do you presume this regressing to address from interest Ron Allen on Saturdays it's us and he's a big party people put on red dresses and go party. Now you've never done that no amid a red dress for you I mean who would make a red dress for you be like bawling. That you mentioned like overly pumped sources for some emphasize to them on a. We have they have them because they got trainees and according to known where those 200. Zones that you were for us the thing I can tell you that apparatus and toward nuclear. All right does Steve Kohler foresees offensive line are coming up next for fans first take its time for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash conscious code word of the hour. The Covert this hour is here tax HE. RE. 272 waited on that seven to eighty point and that will make you eligible to win a thousand dollars text here HE RED seven to. 88 point. An extra work coming up right before the top of the hour news during transfers take add to 3 o'clock and we never charged for texted individual plans text and data race may apply. Please don't text and drive when I Diane Newman a program director our show producer Tom Manassas and Allen said Jenny. And our studio producer Ian Hoch and sank you for being part of our pre show will be back tomorrow for free for all flight eight coast states. What do New Orleans.