Ranking the upcoming LSU and Saints schedules

Bobby & Kristian continue ranking which games they think will be best this season on the LSU and Saints schedules, and look ahead to the 2018 NFL season with Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus.

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Two down to go welcome into our third hour of sports talk here on WW LI MF have been dot com the cajun cannon Bobby and are crushing Garrick. Or ranking the top 28 games between LSU. And a New Orleans Saints. Obviously twelve relish use a sixteen for the new world on saint right now we're at twenty. We'll get to those in a few moments blinds open at 50426018. Semi. Which came on Ellis she schedule really looking forward to the most which came on the saints' schedule are you looking for to the most final four. 26018. Seve text 878 semi for me. How like that eagles' game I'll like the fact that the defending Super Bowl champions are comes out sure you get me excited about Atlanta on Thursday night Thanksgiving night. But then Eagles game. And as of a potential BA really. Really good ball game in a really exciting atmosphere in New Orleans when they come to town for LSU it's always been right LSU Alabama. I think it's somehow pull off an upset and beat Alabama. And Tiger Stadium would be huge for the Ellis is Tucker so those are my answers on what viewers a 504. 260 18 semi tech's 878 semi big news at Wimbledon today Roger Federer bounced from the tournament. Marc Bernardin body is is is a big time tennis fan and a fan of Wimbledon. That's happened went. Maybe to Italy doesn't like we've been up to set. Yet 269. Different matches he's in he's put up two sets to none and only three times as he lost a match like that and that when that happened today. Well you know that would be must see devious four hours a few casualties. Here because you know like. Realistically look at the US open. In are different. You know the world tournaments. That the French oval whatever that that you look at Wimbledon that's cowlings who bulletins. And and I think. No lack luster. Excitement. About Wimbledon because. He member Jimmy Connors. In all eyes and Americans yes. The night rider or wrong who voted top layers of a role live look at this year right. That's right John Isner is in a semifinal is that the ninth seed. And and he gets in the semifinals today. He's going to play Kevin Anderson who's the AC neither of them have ever been in the Wimbledon semifinals and so there's a first time for both of them. And anything new about this match is a Kevin Anderson six foot eight. But John Isner a six foot ten so that's gonna basketball player's part it is court pessimism hard Serbs and again blot aces and not a lot of return. Love that the the Christian. Then Ned feels like it's probably had their share too worried mentally feel like it's at the chance at magnet you know when you charged in net are you trying to serve over another those are that bills are being. Tennis players but you look. Raphael Nadal I mean look at his ups and downs and how this isn't he's been in. In just winning especially he was dominant on clay and in. Kenny went on grass and I mean it's unbelievable. When a symbol lark. He's and he's not actually from the mainland listings from an island office Spain. And MA LL all RCA if I'm pronouncing it right. And and he has a complex on there to promote tennis it is like unbelievable cause that's where he came from and that's his background. So you look at individual player's life like for instance Chris Jenner and although. We all know Rio Madrid. Portugal. You know what he's accomplished he's like the LeBron James in the world would save you go to each country around the world he's probably more. Well no home that he Miller Brian James even though basketball as an international. I mean Chris Sharon dollars and net level you know Messi who plays of Barcelona from Argentina but the point being you know I'll be fine you wherever yet. Chris Jenner we're all those ninety minutes from the mainland Portugal. He's from an island. That is support of Portugal and they found him and now he's done no long look Real Madrid easily using this. Professionally. And my understanding. And I wanna say. It's 37 million dollars a year he's making and Andy call it. Is that a trade an of this if it is transfer. So soccer thank you Kelly would it would lacks unity they call it. When you go from one professional team to the next but I heard of the story behind the scenes and why he probably left. Rio Madrid. And last name even those from Portugal you know you play internationally acclaimed different countries and left Rio Madrid. The goody you've been it is because. The country of Spain. Was so hard on him on his Texas. And them. An exact number on I don't know why eighteen million is coming to mind. But it was tax evasion. And he had said always Spain's cities that was grew then you're trying to screw me. And now I'm a go to Italy they might be a little more friendly on my earnings as far as the taxes have to pay taxes. So you know with the you've been this series hole here. He's film he's still hungry I'm OK the all right. Is like your will be and if I thought they disagree. While I have a three got a pink colonial. India play via. He's gonna give back at you all day because every conversation is gonna turn it back to sock out yet hey he's done that these a year. I he's there and I actually I don't know every congress a client or your arm trying to brawl enters into a run I don't want my horizons broadened you do need to be combined no I don't want that you don't mean above brokers on the bubble again again the that is in the bubble you gotta get out yet again outside the conference that's about the whenever. Chris yeah I guess arguably you should embrace that dictated all the time about not soccer players so well we could mobile would have fewer united hockey team and a close up Talladega. He wants to be a jockey Alan August soccer glad he's too heavy for a jockey right now we have the it's the army against Harman a few files. Patrick America back to you this sport saw here on. WL IMF and dot com. There is the lame duck call you know and secondly for act. A laser lane Doug debts at the right adds a lame duck call. To you Sylvia sportsman show dear Duggan fishing expo at the Mercedes-Benz superdome to like toys to toys second call right now 504. 260 WI NS get a call. 2609467. Right now here they'd call you win we W to duo. Welcome back to sports talk Patrick no matter what's going on Patrick you're on W him well. Yeah. Actual will you buy at all. She your bank any. They became practical challenge is that very weak year com. No target and but at bargain make it the future here at Auburn. I think that game are we here. Tell. Well well taxes and a passer who would that being said. You know obviously you want Ellis who beat three know. And you had saved if we know we can look at a crystal ball they win. At least one of these games it could be two and one you want obviously. That to beat. Auburn. In the west of vs Miami. But how would you think that it's. A pretty much got to wait and see a good start if we two and one let's say you beat Miami. You beat sell these and an ending you lose to Harvard are you would lose the Miami. These studies and beat Auburn having either way. CU was gonna have a you gave me like. Oh well we heard two and only lost arm in this season's over. We talk legislate around break here's the problem it's if you lose cobra lose lose its. Auburn you know being Georgia entire scene I've been Alabama tires while his team to meet. That so they got 403 loss away. You could have expectations wire and it's not a reasonable condolences and expect you to win. It is to win what are those games. Whether it's Georgia home Alabama home. That if you are training and heading in the right direction. I'm not saying you know albeit a beat Alabama be jars and now we got to be realistic. But that Beckett you know sight of that type scenario. Where UN and he's wanted to do is that I I look at like hey. Can you somehow find a way to win if Tiger Stadium against Alabama or Georgia. I'm not plainly got Georgia know about elegy band's statement. And as I would take any day of the year. Because this is the way we are right now. Is that some how can we beat Alabama. Because I draw beat Alabama. And David Alabama that the big egos six at sixth and I mean it's almost you know how people look at Saban and Alabama right now but. Can you somehow find a way to win. One hurdles gains. At home against Alabama all. Or are George. Congratulations. To. Lisa gas Bard to a family four pack of tickets to that Louisiana sports the show dear duck and fishing expo with a Mercedes-Benz superdome. It's like tweet through the 22 listen to sports talk four to eight again tomorrow. For another chance to win do you divide at forty bucks. If your purchase tickets go to Louisiana sportsmanship dot com right now where the station that loves sportsman's paradise Patrick any Al Shula had meant. Loans. Art. Arrow. What. Lack. Art Bell op. Well I'll opting out. I'll be arrow again. It here. Well you know what Patrick I'll look at Mississippi State. As. Like when they're at right now that I would say I'd be disappointed relish you don't beat Ole miss at home. I beat his appointed you don't win at Arkansas. I think this if we stayed at home considering would occur last year I mean who knows it dimple and at Texas CNET. So. A look at Mississippi State you can get off you know to agree start going. You play in Mississippi State Bulldogs simply because what occurred. This is not the missile is stable laws of a few years how they managed to become its own because that are quarterback and experience income and it would a lot of confidence. I mean is so you know so what you got to the tigers Tim Rogers thing that. That can be awarded those games that Ellis you better pack Politico on the play. And because Mississippi State did put a wilderness Alicia last year. Getting back to our rankings of the LSU in saints games and excites you the most at twenty saints and ravens. At ravens October 31 Halloween. On 305 PM and it's we talk about it it's the only. Team that Drew Brees has not been there and only very real classy numbers like a could be the last time drew Reece faces the Baltimore Ravens. But they get a combination. Not only Drew Brees like you said. Whether charges are saints uniform Sean Payton now obviously is ahead of course things he has not beaten him so. I think that would be a gain that if you look at your resume and you look at like you know and you look back and you query goes hand. Can you believe me you know all these gains and beat the Baltimore Ravens putting that something. In every football player has their pride there ego they would like man we've got to somehow we got to bail to be. The Baltimore Ravens on the road after Dubai. Come October 21 and he's talking about who's going to be playing quarterback. I mean you'd look at the Cleveland Browns and you are talking about. I think his QB Tyrod Taylor Camille large actually to polarize the again. Asked at all being that he be too early in this season. That is still going to be gold with black Emma I think Flacco might is is is injury prone as he is with was back ailments he said. Arnold has buys all the that's what definitely track that Georgia like really seven games into the sea it's almost at the halfway point. So Lamar Jackson animated did say they don't use a two quarterback system. Yeah business you want Jackson yet that Agassi certainly is right in and look reason B 43 the next time the saints and ravens rules are scheduled to meet and 22 it is so. This final last shot he's gonna have it the ravens. He had few flavors synergy a year you know you would think so but again when I said this about an hour and a half two hours of who might be that. What I want to see in a final office of the bits of line coach for the saints. I want to challenge his team OK you know what. We played the ravens they've kicked out last in the trenches and you know you look at all the skill people what they're doing like OK and do this and that. But when I look at all the did he was alive whoa. Now we got man handled well that's what they heck yeah I mean that TC is policies that got him but an ad then hold holy not a holy not a they ask who went and aligned yet they had Ellerbe even. Call on on that defense they've just had Al number. And I still thing like. They made plays eventually they get takeaways and the drew had a gain money through a thing a couple of pigs and that to three picks. I think when that occurred but it was one game now one linebacker was here too and it saves in his group. But when you look at it like there are okay rerun the ball we need to keep the ravens all ballots we run the ball. We try to run. And a site like happy yard stuffed. And adding so all of a sudden we have to durable. And that's why sale would challenge to all the to be the civil rights can we win in the trenches. You know can we said to tell. And against the ravens that is not happened and open dozen years owed them played every year. But when they played the ravens. The saints have gone with the dolphins and the with a line. I played in 200610. And fourteen all losses on yeah eight the breeze. Arad number nineteen on our list saints and giants it's easy it is on Eli Manning and O'Dell Beckham junior going against. There was always fun ninety you know list he got sick one Barkley you know see him go over his saints number two overall draft pick. The sort of the giants win three games last year you see to me that's what in my dark horse and it's Aaliyah. That I think baking co begging over and out house that are not this yeah how how long the putt pin house Nabil Al wild card team out of naming it overtake. The Eagles. But I think. The cowgirls. The Redskins having the giants. Are better than them. It's a the cowboys like Kamal last in division while Lula. All have audience what you and we welcome. That that that would. It became winners suitable organ like that occur it is that your original authors who are still trying to figure out what he's gonna do. But the giants have they wanted to talk Cortez could be a tough game. Come the end of September September 30 at New York. Either right now I have the saints going Fordham law and indeed delusion to Atalanta aren't New York to start to see the first five days. As a makers were kind of the season there and am going to new York and disseminate got to go on right and September. Rick can slide out going back for you also know were eighteen and seventeen on our list this sports talk here on. WL IMF in the dugout. Welcome back to sports are abiding Christian here Steve tells all local football focused. At at PF that's underscore Steve joining us now they Steve hi bent. Doing great thank let me get. Good look at when I hear your voice again ecstatic is like and a football is right around the corner so good stuff that Steve tells all on how Stevie did you guys did among. All the analyst you guys do you know eventually won about top wide receivers on slant routes of Michael Thomas ended up making some of the higher highest piracy were ratings. Yeah I mean you keep up there a laudable for. He didn't really nice job. Of body use his body on land it and you know I think one of the things. For him coming out of Ohio State went that route running that was just really really an epic that work. One of the most accurate quarterback in the NFL interpreters gonna get results are because it bald guys were together yet parliament and as good a years. Now Steve would that being said you look at receptions and impact that you have just coming out of college and in the NFL and and Alison and you setting records and that being mentioned Michael Thomas for the saints. But Jarvis Landry holly describe the boomers between. Jarvis Landry use now par laid in a bigger contract with the browns leaving the dolphins. To light Michael Thomas as far as their numbers obviously. Or they'll Beckham junior with the giants and what he's done. I gets a lot of that attention but it when you look at because as LSU inches there and and also of Michael Thomas with the saints when you look at O'Dell Beckham junior Jarvis Landry and Michael Thomas. Just compare I yell break those receivers now awaiting their rat to begin their careers in the NFL. Gavin I think when you look at those three guys an adult he is healthy and playing acted that that they he's. He's the top guy in that trio and a big Michael on the subject the BB. You challenge him the way he has played people up couple years but they'll Beckham that. Special ability to play. You know with speed and went on the deep route at all though when it route runner create separation and women into that situation that they Egypt. The total packet one helping Michael Thomas probably just to tick below that. Art Landry kind of his old band when it comes to style and you either pure water deeper. Who does not get targeted. Attribute on the line of scrimmage a whole lot of that a lot of short and I don't know because he never really tested well and he's not really great athlete. There's a lot of people in. Well whereas teams these things that a great athlete I think LSU fans and beg to differ there because have you gotten a Barroom fight UN Jarvis Landry on the side. So I think he's athletic enough images that come on if you lose we Drew Brees you play the Ryan Danny Cahill and Nina yeah yep you know we don't see the look whose throw immutable law also. Well I'm not talking about it pure movement skills as pure cut and build what my point is that on the field. He's still extremely productive piece still making big app in the reception poll equated because he's getting so many short passes. But you know he's he's making the most of what he passed on in the short game but he didn't even like what are under walk up and for eight point eight yards a pop that a lot of short patent inflating those. Reception total IPC is very good at what he does a right anybody get open understanding the underneath stuff what do they is just. A completely different received a vote to prepare him to note though that. Well I think it's Steve so you look at then. That would that being the case in your opinion bendable what is gonna do it Cleveland meant Tyrod Taylor you know baker may feel if he plays. A look we Cleveland have paid him. So is that more like OK move the chains possession time receiver and the value that comes of that. I mean it was a little more than paper implies that when you look at the neighbors that they there have been. That we gain in the fact that. He'll be able to win from the slot is the alt. On the outside entity that well we. At some very big numbers over pro football back out. There are guys dug up in recent years so. Would glee injury in mat system. Concerned about news and from a production standpoint if Tyrod is playing that Tyrod. It a little bit more rumored off when he plays are pretty short passes as efficiently at the quarterback is going to be. But dropped the ball down field importantly the topic it. Is an epic. When you eventually take over. We will only reduce chart where it will compliment to stage are courting script appealed. The you know being in the middle field play at tight and so. They need to go a bit more. In which any type of production out of Landry then maybe. Be utilized well copilot court. Steve tells all over some of them pro football focus at PFF underscore Steve Steve and I loot. At the fantasy impacts on you guys do a lot of stuff of fantasy who were Celeron running back leaders of fancy points per touch. Yeah I mean what year. Don't have an off the almanac and look it up real quick Erica that's right up on pro ball boat dock Altman. I know to get mad at Alvin tomorrow. Here I don't know you keep that up that's your so good. I don't wanna once again anyway but he did not so incredible actually set the record. 40 would agree our number of basically saying how well did you do. A week from drop a line on your own missing tackles. And creating Europe Africa the Albert America is the life if he's in last year so. It's going to be up that maybe maintain that replicates it like Mark Ingram early on baby get more touches but. So dynamic in the past in. Well the way they used him removing him around playing a little bit wide receiver catching the ball out of the backfield. So what really good ball and project merit repeat sees it was what about receive engineers. Now us they would dead being said and obviously. They were up for the when you look at. Rookie of the year in getting everything. Done what what is your take all in the hunt a Kareem hunt and knew what he accomplished how would you compare because we want to be objective here. Because Karine hunt and you look at would how he exploded cumin honored Toledo and what he meant to the chiefs. But when you look at. Alec Comerica cream hunt I mean is it like one and one AR Heidi describe them as far as going into her sophomore seasons. There it definitely looked at what they do lefties and I think it was one at one. Beat duke. Kareem on the credit via 152. More carries than tomorrow so you additional volume standpoint you'd be able to maintain. News is rushing production over a little bit longer period time. But I like the old guys recruit table I was picked on coming out Toledo news actually our who greeted running back from your production standpoint in a year. At Toledo we ought to accurately as a rookie. And it's just that incredible talent but he absolutely worth a company mine is balance. Intermarriage slippery. That it it would help those guys. Four missed tackles and AO Camara was the best. On first Japanese that essentially it you know creating the apple dark art not a at 61 Mitt apple or as a runner about thirteen more than any other running back. Indiana now though I'm a multiple cut it again independent of the rock and I think that bubble or day. When you look at running back somebody Becker so dependent on the run walking the picket create if they're sitting behind the often the water they don't please walk. Perfectly but I think hunt in America showed that even when the line is in great problem that spoke. Now Steve looking at the quarterback position. Obviously look at then and c.s cell can you instill the panthers' Matt Ryan with the falcons and our own Drew Brees with the saints now when you look at productive quarterbacks that are now changing teams. You might have more examples but. Does look good and Alex Smith and they use a winner of the cheese now Lerner Redskins. Kirk cousins. Now Goran vikings. 4000 yard pass or now been winning anything. Well what is your take when you look it. Those type quarterbacks who are legit and moving teams who evenings gonna have. Maybe the most success. I yell analyze things going to 2018 season. Definitely when you look at content going for the vikings. He recruitment rumored to be doing your homework in looking combat situation he found it PO I. Maybe about one receiver corps Indiana fell apart they could be when those. About in the pilot making contested catches so they can treat those big plays even open. Federal relief programs while they do not veto it operation. Edit content from a numbers standpoint it's gonna benefit from going to a goal just playing indoors. Which really does help. Inflate patents that that it took a cleaner way to. Throw the ball all operating table six point higher in dole and it is. In outdoor games that they content took that into consideration there were a you've been or soda and other game. Indoor against Detroit every single season aren't what they typically content going to be pretty well. And done that and you like the chance and it was pretty could be spent. And the potential down passed game I think Alex Smith. I think will be good not great may have been distorted his career laughter it was a career even at the going to be very typical duplicate what we did were. Bold vision the pastor in the empire and a well he's been. Not really you know line Rutgers career I expect that there were a little bit and I'd be hurt a little bit odd fact that. Keep these play makers were so good luck here it's stolen might seem in Washington but they don't have the same wide receiver firepower that out a couple of these and. Steve pals although happy FF underscore Steve pro football focus is where you'd find of Steve will catch up via during the season meant thanks. Videos popping Christian as a sports talk with our list again. Rank in the top twenty gains between the saints and LSU this is sports talk here on W did well enough and aka. Bobby Christian hand here on sports talk Rick in Slidell is going on Rick you're on W him well. I'm a couple actually comments fall on Alex this year. And then I want to hear Bob say about comments I'll find out that the she showed that. Other regulation you gotta get a lot of people off a lot. And are still open issues there wide receivers you before. Short call or two passes. Prior to last year. And he broke out the basic way I think. I have you might be a reach but receivers that were out of the way this year brought him back. Averaged. Eight adequate or in back community they. Cordoba. On paper it looked like this are it is going to be there. News. Uga. Uga got common man. A couple freshmen that should be about work they were last year about. Tied it and they're going to be upgrade. They're being being urgently Alabama. In the DP. And that got the best are currently are here worker that. There a way and not a big change. Last year. They're they're defense and lie or as. Or worn out that ever happened four in eighty party apps today here in greed beat almost. Across the lot and that's what we're on the steel issue. Big bulk of people and I understand attempt schedule but they haven't Alabama defense a lot this year in the app pack it in a long. And that he's spent a lot implement it got to win them some ball games a lot at poppy I'll appreciate. All right rate gap when I look I'm not aware of either of these I have a coach who ran that they veranda there have the defense. Ready to rule. And I think is gonna come from week one. Now what's intriguing is a couple of players. That you look wherever they came to Town Car. I don't know and I mean pronounce his name right now Breeden with the heat Fo the heat call four hole co. Now that the transfer from Texas Tech. So you look at different guys in a rotation. Every shot larger when he's only returning starting that the agreement the bits of line. So when you look at several occasionally talking about the death. You know five star rated to about seventy prospect what collar Shelvin. Who did not play last season Dudack an academic eligibility issues. So when you look at would begin to be fit and I'm not worried about that then you talk about. Why receiver. I think this individual. And really if you look at Ellis whoever he was Dave had NFL. Skill set. And that none not necessarily that production on the college level compared to what they've done an NFL. We just talked about Jarvis Landry although Beckham. Junior but that to another Texas Tech. Transfers John I think I dials. Is it gels or gals. Giles Giles. Here's a guy. I know they gonna get his hands and a ball as we playing a lot of confidence. I could see him having. A thousand yard. Receiving tight year and double digit touchdowns. Now the one thing that I'm still concerned with him we kind of take for granted. Is the running back position. When you have. The running bags Ellis who has had. That I'm talking about amongst the best in the whole country. You say always just plug into a group with someone else and that's what I'm still. Concern when it. Chris I don't know what do you think with the running backs because look I think I think they're inexperienced legendary is guys. That's a big long is our man I mean call we don't have those kind of. Are always acting the experience level. Four for LSU there any trees the wrong spots the skill position play spots now. We talked coach Joseph the office why he feels really good about you should feel real good night I review I'm not worried about the defense gave Iran is gonna have them rated ago. Now the problem with me for me is to they have enough depth polity for some football and eventually you gonna be a ball game slugfest kind of ball games. He a million enough rotation guys in there and rotation. All the defense alliance if not if there's concern for me it's at skill position for LSU. I'm not unequivocally goalies get up there and say oh Joseph burrows is a definite upgrade over Danielle link you'd like to believe so but until I see him play. I'm not gonna say that. While and but the big games they're close. Look because hellish in the ball game. Well you gotta make fuel that is basically like an extra point. Cold Tracy. I think cold Tracy deviated X-Factor. To have two or three different wins. If you don't have much to when you have a game winning kick whatever. You you have to make it that's been that was a bugaboo last year and so you look Greg McMahon a full time as far as teams coordinator cumin and so. You look at Tracy nothing about is division to assumption. Not assumption must things an assumption parish Louisiana and that's where he went. He was 67 a 67 extra poised to December of two point nine. Google attempts there's only misses 45 of the two yards and along at 53. He won the 2000 the friend Mitchell Warren give that a top kickers so. I mean. It'll efficiency cold Tracy could be an X-Factor efficiency and accuracy this is sports talk here on WW well.