Ranking the top games in the coming LSU and Saints seasons

Bobby & Kristian rank the very best games in the upcoming LSU and Saints seasons.

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Take a walk on the wild side here this fourth and final hour LB embodied there. I'm Christian Derek Moore and artist master control coming up Regis program professional boxer will join us big fight coming this weekend music group. Over there at the Lakefront arena. Yes Lakefront arena Christian businesses. Saturday night a you know Lakefront arena. Against Juan Jose Velasco corporate alternate writers from Argentina. The WBZ's. Super lightweight. I think what is this won't be as lightly that yes this is only has been under particles. He's considered. The be program. Through got a boot. He's homeboy. Is considered a top 140 pound fighter in the world while. Not Louisiana not United States. In the world he holds the number one ranking in right now in that division. You've heard this he called ring magazine. As well as he has yet. So a lot of know this is going to be a big time event become a pity you know Lakefront arena. Come Saturday night Christian. And look what's what's unfortunate the sport of boxing is just faded away. Now me grown up. I grew up in the Tyson there you know Tyson was that at at which it got beat by Buster Douglas and and George Foreman. I Evander Holyfield I mean that was as time where I think boxing going back to Frazier I'll leave it all mean it was a stretch there. And then this thing agility change that. Because you look at New Orleans in the history. Of boxing. I'm gonna embodied in a bare knuckle. You look at New Orleans is wanted to ver please the boxing got an 1870%. In a long ago it's a great sport especially for down here Alec. This is a perfect venue is that every city to host that well the fight between Jim mace. And Tom Allen and being called the first heavyweight championship. Fight the bare knuckle Aaron. I wanna see if you go right Daryn candor on the riverfront Niigata statute and that is it so there's a lot of history in boxing. Here in your lungs you look at pro rays are 21 and no. Chris and I just thing if you local. Sports thing. Who wants to see the best that are best in who's representing. New Orleans. And Ingram is inning Louisiana and go support him because there's gonna be on ESPN. This is that no shady little. Back Alley event. I mean the bottom line is Christian. If you've got to reach his program he knocks out people. He's been and it's there in the past five fights he's got a combined ten rounds with three wins by knock outs and two by technical. Knock outs. Now the gentleman he's fighting. You know Christian Dave from Argentina and pianist in his seat. You know does he really is not thought away from home right and he's comment who got bruised back yard. So 140000 guys are lightning quick and powerful lightning quick that's all these like about the they'll you know the other way to super. Super featherweight super lightweight championship this you gonna see some serious serious speed and power. Well you look alike a 140 pound man they are so rib is so tall but you talk about the speed. Yeah I hate you gonna see that. Christian. That individual could be fighting a guy that probably weighs 5060 calls warned him. To that does that and you know my tutor report guys who forty menu and hit him and I think you have that Andrew got to. Regis pro Greg joins us next our sports talk on W two well enough on the Dhaka. Give back to our list the top twenty. Most exciting between LSU and the saints in terms of games. Bobby Hebert crushing Derek weigh in on. Regis program professional boxer beat by this weekend. And you know Lakefront arena at eighteen on a list. The Steelers and saints December 23 two days before Christmas 3.5 to go often. Every four years the saints and still usually tangled pretty inching games saints have 13 out of four against the well. If I can recall. And I think it was a very entertaining game. Probably the most impressive win. A wanna see in the superdome on Sunday night. When the saints. Way with the come we were to win in New Orleans yeah. And multilaterally game that and then also. At Pittsburgh. When I say it was coral forty some points. So you think about Pittsburgh and that. The Steelers are not the steel curtain anymore. They're offensive team. They might have arguably the best receiver. Running back. Top five quarterbacks so. No I could remember Drew Brees have an unbelievable gain we exploited them in Pittsburgh. Scored over forty points and then. Come on we were to win a wanna see Wilson and I football against Pittsburgh slow six matchup that was we saw the double reversal Reggie net and big leap from that leap so we give you for use a win that we play a lot of thing was even that far nobody more recent. So is yet. They they they they lost two and Heinz Field. The last the last should they made Heinz Field they lost. None of the saints the saints in a win it's abide as a furious comeback the work they did they know we scored forty some points yes Steelers tried to come back then came Karl intercepted it. Yet as aliens and has that and that's sort of saying to me the last two times he played Pittsburgh. Those two of those fans is a lot of them Louisiana probably did get to be frustrated. Because the saints. Score legacy of forty some points in the road that he wants and that I thought boy we know they might added his appointed season. Was that thirteen I don't know they just want ten. What do Sunday night game guest host wanted to exhibit that they claim that it's clear that division 1014 and eighteen Italy to. Well bag game was our miss it exists between ten. That it was kind of the point is teams this season but that was the most impressive when a late night talk much when he fourteen. Yes and I come to a fourteen so that I yet. Yet all Christian hell reality. I'm notes when you talk about organ U I that I didn't Marius say about the disappoint season but ultimately. They have scored about two points when an ounce and a couple arm and leg in writing and and this field is legit. So you look at this you losers still legit so my game. Two days before Christmas. Chris of that can be place uniting a flight right is 3.5. CBS. As CBS's argument on that note. And so that the battle BA game that. I mean who knows could be playoff implications. I mean I I still think when that's gonna come about bogus thing to the stimulus can be in the playoffs. When you play disarming because the C. You possibly be playing for you wanna be a top seed them wanted to see. The week prior comes in a sixteenth saint at Panthers. Monday Night Football fair. The first shot in the world for the Panthers in a minute claimant almost two out of the final three ball games right they don't lose it separates him is that Steelers game. So I have them sixteen on a list December 17 Monday Night Football saints at the Panthers. Well considering is the first time they'll play two says the saints swept them in three in three tries last year. Quality you have to win one and those in on the be realistic because I think Carolina. Is that good. That whether it's like Carolina the last game. Simmered at thirtieth at home in the dome. Now my understanding that could be noon 325. Hour reflects gain depending on. What are cars you gotta Wear one of those but he Krista this is something that I took in my notes announces. Look and and now. When is scheduled came out and nothing about this. This scenario. A road numbness in my notes to meet the things can lose two of the last three games. It's still window with the ages. If not Tennessee's could be eleven and five so once the cancers among the Steelers. Yes in are you winning one out of the last three. But you still win double digits you ten and fix. It not eleven to five. Now think about this let's say you haven't agreed the in all of this and it comes down to the last three games. In you'll win one of 290. Go to the playoffs united noble NC. But he's still plastic and have a double digit winning season. Advance maybe eleven at five Kamal when you Kagan right now by UB his appointed because you always want in this season you know all on open on a high note. But again. Say limping. The saint developers seem to do this on nine and on my what do we do lost the final three games or gay. Yet. Laws the final three games what happened once available so the bottom line is can you get to double digit wins. But I know this year that would be enough. To only have ten or eleven wins double digits even though you would nano and a high note because I think this year morning anytime initially created Drew Brees. You have to have. The number one seed at worst number two. And MIT twelve of thirteen wins similar because I think I've formally with Philadelphia did last year. Was a big part of him getting to the super mobile. So in other words if you look gonna be Eagles. Aren't a bike it's whoever might be. Can you forge those teams that come that Mercedes-Benz superdome. To continue into wells verses you having to go win in hostile environment on the road like I get there right now I don't care if the Eagles are suitable chants. We've played Eagles in New Orleans we get of beat the Eagles now on there. I don't think so now the reason why I say that. And look at the vikings but the bag came out that the Eagles what the viking. You know one thing. I know we my I don't know. One meg game. But we had a lot better showing in a vikings offensively. But I know the and they got pregnant tarts dale lit up by FAA CAF headed and they have stud safeties that all. So that's why I'm saying all I think to say shoot it would make a difference. To play New Orleans vs Philadelphia. And I think you could win at Philadelphia. But how about game or Bolden is the bike is it. Does still edited in a shootout type game and offense when I had to hang with the Eagles how productive they work. You were that that second half comeback for the saints in the divisional round against the Minnesota Vikings I think they showed. The Eagles Lola hey this is the blueprint if you're going to have success against the Minnesota Vikings does what's gonna have to have to do look I think at that point. Considering the game plan Doug Peterson who I I'm I'm highly Fonda as a play caller listen. I you know when he parlay data to head coaching job. It was unbelievable. What Doug Peterson. And frank Reich and they would make fools. And if it and I think it does matter who's the quarterback. We've put into quarterback indecision to succeed. That's why frank Reich that they had job with the colts after the fact because. He was a big part of what he did from that position. So what will what does mister -- it will what does he think it. And maybe frank Reich might go to do this with Andrew Luck who has what how did. If they did an excellent yes so I think that all came into play. While frank Reich was able to parlay that success in their head job with the Indianapolis go. Our next game analyst at fifteen grams. Verses the saints 3.5 to go on November 24 the rematch of last year were the threats got to get to the saints out there in LA. Since and have much going the other tell ya that Al McNamara. Went on Erica marijuana being close but viewed all of Ina said this over. And over again. That's going to be keying critical for the saints those hidden yardage. Yeah man that's that was the return them apart return return. Payroll Cooper. He was not only approval would all pro. That might have been payroll Cooper's been as gain of the year. But those pin yardage and Chris I don't know why does is burn in my brain. But feral Cooper all Chris say had a 178. Return yardage and the saints had zero. Why. That's two touchdown I don't I don't care of you playing in Los Angeles. And a Mercedes been super at all. On the special teams hidden yardage. You cannot be asked her husband's heart is 78 to zero that's two touchdown lead and I'm Karla and I know showing being as well aware of that. And Yahoo! can maybe be I'll federal Cooper coming for training camp in the return game two we are Morgan City Euronext. CBS news update. President trump had a stick in the dying for a long time ally at the NATO meeting in Brussels Germany's own controller Russia. Ended a tweet tonight he referred to a German energy deal with Russia saying pipeline dollars to Russia are not acceptable CBS is Major Garrett. President trump and German chancellor Angola Merkel exchanged pleasantries for the cameras during a one on one meeting but Merkel. Who grew up in Communist east Germany told reporters earlier. I've experienced myself Gallup part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union. Consider our country today made independent policies. And an independent decision. While not calling on the president to apologize Illinois democratic senator Dick Durbin said mr. trump doesn't understand that NATO alliance. So what the president is doing is antagonizing her allies. Anyway. Embracing. Traditional. Enemies and foes. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. Welcome back to sports talk coolly off. And Morgan City was going uncle we are you're on W grew up. Sacred about it and didn't include a guy. Leo made a solid growth market you know but it is well made out of. A guy that that's the best thing you can never win one is binding and yes he won. On Tom Fitzmorris who show according. In the game and Jarvis you can do a free plug here who deal because that stuff. Is like at whether or anything quail tomato. Mandates. What does it. Salinger's. Listen. You can put it is between two slice of bread and don't have the meeting I loved grills grills sales that analyst that I idea. I did anything in that in in case of good I mean. But curry on that things that I give. Are you wanted to bring up for more but I want the dollar deal last night was spoken about. Player that would not protected nodded and and and that. But not know what about this what about players that would drafted. And it will cut pro and couldn't make it like Pierre Thomas it will only Paloma and that became dominate them and of themselves. Not mine have one player in particular that was drafted in 1950. But they are still probably Theo. And that confidence and they didn't eat and not played one thing they'll the year you strip that. And he walked on to game the following the and it became an awful for him to be on the law. Oh Johnny nine. Chris I don't you know Holland though that. I don't in America as the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can't Jim pacing cut Johnny nine and I brought that up to him. Assembly you know missed the thing. A semantic does that always mean the right decisions. For a Wendy the Pittsburgh Steelers cut Johnny ninety can't view. I would say that well he went out and related to cigarette. He like back to back he's insane well guided light. Knowing this you're doing your contract dispute Yancy was trying to attack me you know just keep that in my back pocket you know. Management don't always make the right decision. Cologne Johnny that he has the right there. It speaks for itself what he did it was oh yeah locally I'm glad you brought and a Ryan I don't know. What department do about what market is a few I mean. If people talk about Tony mantras right OK the that would be a good project go to bed and a but but listen. A player gets cut from the team he goes to another team and really had a wolf in a hall of fame level well. And I say that Tony and essence Lotto but in essence though. Drew Brees was he's not he's not actually cut but. Come on a date anyone having to do them the charges said no well they are well Brit I know but. There's your there's an example for that they actually resemble but that's not an extreme wings and no right. You have to be out now cut. I'm not cut and then he goes to morals and ethics in all oh about LeRoy Glover. We explain if you. With the user whose draft pick with the raiders it's cut at the one year. Picked up a New Orleans has seventeen and a half sacks a year well that might be a great example Christian because I have to look more into that as far as his contract. And what came about below right Glover yet La'Roi Glover. The best of Reza flat out stud. No look I there was a contract issues and Oakland they just flat out cut up all of them La'Roi Glover is a Johnny nine is example. On the davis' side below right love us just having the pro football thing he was a fifth round pick in 1996. Fifth or sixth and oh easily easily graphic. And then oh all right lovers I'm laughing with all right lovers about it as one Jeremy. Mean program as you put the seventeen and half sacks on the interior yet on the interior not Davidson been. That that's why we open our interior guy. Like Sedrick Ellis we all excited when we dragged him mighty USC had six acts we hope Sheldon Reagan's did six sacks. Can you imagine six times three. Come on. What it and it Jerry and then you notice saint David's his cake and that was started 2000 let the dogs out defense yes. And it corresponds with that heavy loads will nominate an accompanying column I was at an Darren Howard on the outside. You Joseph Johnson was still on that joint John yes. I was Noah had because of dropped no. That was very style that's Italy's. Tim hasn't had a bill the defense les IDS for sure. We are faceless and that's that was up telling. Jim Haslett. Was an outstanding coach Jim Haslett knows football you know Jim Mathis problem was. He was trying to be too buddy buddy with bridge that the players. You gotta be a Dick he you gotta be a jerk. You gotta be jurors. You've got to be where. Listen it's my way or the highway. You can I'd be like all like you know I'll I've been a player. I know what you're going through you can not do that another great example on text line and eight Sony's having Nikko Rob Ninkovich cut here -- new laws that we does that goes on does they haven't hall fame career like Johnny Unitas. The success he had no shot. They don't tell you as the number one mistake he did. A dozen years being the saints coach I can remember. Asking college green to question. About Rob Ninkovich and Nelson to what you may be keep them because he also could be the back of the snapper. You know we actually deep snapping this season gaming is the chiefs yeah he had Kabul was that legit. He can actually decent. All that but that's a thing that they were they audition a more as a as a long snapper that they were the past record ninety heads of an analyst fashion themed yes it did there isn't his first year though. I've Al Morrissey towards the gate an an in New Orleans and Miami. That might be wrong of that but I'm just thing in her top in my head. A minor occurred but come on his through the pages speaks for itself he married a way his vote the West Bank girl. So you on his his example -- yardages been friends relieve them Aaliyah scenario Romney giving is a great individual. You talked to a reason I've stuck cubs now. And we talk to let out of all he's done Indianapolis he's under the united sat down there good studious he has totally humble he's not to based guy in no and a house I was sit next on like man he's not that big you know you have to have though I'm telling you the thing is you got to have instincts. A nose for the football. And you've got a built to run a little bit of grit to get a good grip and and you gotta go to run anticipate all that stuff. Though you'd like man it is do you must play football you know but if he's slug. Line. Good phone call we all got to stock got us talking a little bit. Get back to our list of the top 28 gains between LSU and the saints sixteen gains from New Orleans. Of course twelve for the buy bagels or sports talk here on W to a the saints play the cowboys. The what used to be America's team to what is now Americans to. Well. This in America's team against 20% to more patriotic would be the patriots vs the cowgirls the cowgirls have a one. Anything. But it. A significant win my point of structural doubtless well yes as significant win in saints history when the hood and nation was formed. The simmered at tenth 2000 six's and united football prime time. And the saints put Wilbur reported two to seventeen who was the hero of the last on assays for the cowboys remember. CJ Spiller. The only play he made in the seat uniform yes and as swing route and I will run overtime and overtime went yes I do remember that he is 2620. Melissa. While the bottom line is things one bright and and listen if we have and I think we are getting to double digit win. So it is 10111213. Wins what are those winds have to be against the cowgirls on Thursday and they've. That's some pretty epic moments against the cowboys seized a member and tweets and they played it when Malcolm Jenkins stripped. Was Dez Bryant. Well and help on Reggie Bush lawyer the EA EAS is Malcolm Jenkins is not dignity as anybody to give any day now right yeah I'm really gave a religious does. I was six don't outnumber LC is a dog flag and I had a stomach virus gender barriers that adds I had an hour away I had had a really bad stomach virus. That I work that night. My dad came to me on on the trip a book club on my dad I need help others give your picture. Follows all the tool it can also use and use in the bathtub. Iso at a attic it was bad so why did you go to salad you plug yourself I know I took some ammonium Lyonnais ammonium. Sainz on Tuesday seeking that are about their whole week out I don't need to get to know but the point being if they Malcolm Jenkins with a strip. Knowing held rate Reggie Bush had a formal order award is a inside the red zone in the yeah that I was that was one of Malcolm Jenkins his best plays. Maybe as a thing because it's significance of that play. Gave him the ball back yeah Lance Moore down a sideline went out of them yeah. How the big it was a big moments saints and cowboys the jets' number tallest LSU at Florida October 6 at noon. Gainesville for the second straight season because of that storm issue. A couple sees a couple of years ago. This a game that I think if Ellis she's gonna go somewhere that your game got away have to steal this game. Yes yet to win even notes on the road. I don't view Florida obviously it as charger. You know looking at the SEC's story in Alabama but. This could be a gain that. Here you have to win now when you try and again it's. I don't know double digit winning season nine wins. Maybe going to double team routed through when you are yet to do win at Ford. Look at the same schedule now outnumbered ten. The first three games are against its assault open if you will be considered Tampa Bay he considered Cleveland Browns the New York Giants. Two of those three teams have atop pad top two picks in the draft. Teva didn't do much at five wins a year ago but did he gets tough real fast in the laptop that's number ten. Week for September 3. Well you gotta split when Atlanta when it. You know and obviously I guess that I was a rough there primetime. You wanna win on Thanksgiving night. In the Mercedes and who were all so we had to win one I would take I would take that. When things every night purses. Sentiment at 43 and Atlanta but it would be great to sweep them. But it that's why I still look at at Atlanta and New York if September the first five gains I doubt they went. If we agreed to a be disappointed. In the states of foreign Lana five and oh that's their expectations. I think to get off to a great start. Before the you know the bye comes about and and you gotta go I'd Baltimore. Mark two which were refers to. Yeah. Even though you lose to Atlanta at Atlanta. And U2 and one at that point. I'm not considered. By the bottom line in this war important come things given night that you win and home against the found the two generally split. Number nine on a list of top week gaze between LSU and the saints Redskins. Vs saints are two great tumor last year that epic comeback they had again unbelievable residents and Kobe clear for first time showed up at a saint uniform. Alma Tamara had a crazy juggling catch for a touchdown that was a while game. Yet Drew Brees had one of those gains that one Flanagan drew res it because that time we come back bullet to eject kind of effort. Now Drew Brees might break the all time record and surpassed Peyton Manning on that night. Simply because his averages rural with three yards a game. Drew Brees is gonna have directly whether it's. The Redskins at home. All right Baltimore right Minnesota you won on a winning note. He can really celebrate. But we'll might go to a month in November. And Drew Brees will not veto all time passing leader it will happen yes and before November comes around number eight LSU at Auburn remember last year they were trailing Auburn twenty to nothing in the second quarter came back to beat Auburn was number ten. In a country that was probably their signature win of Tony seventy. Oh what routed out because he you know coverage term a chart and all that it would it went into a guiding it fell issue. Would have played Auburn ten times they might win. May be. You know two or three times out of ten would then only that one game it's on accounts. So. Yeah I think that would be. An upset if they win at Norman look at that as a laws. LSU Texas say NM. November 24 Jumbo Fisher's does in the Fisher give playing against his former team east needs east B office corner and perhaps could have been the coach in 2015. Well and now look at me and am. I mean. Until they beat Ellis should be got to prove me naked approve a community can be you know she LSU has had in m.'s number. And I just think in their trenches Ella she's been able to man handle on the overall. And Jim wolf Trisha R&R knowledgeable Fisher. And M has to actually do it before how many give them credit. How over LSU whether it's adding ameron Baton Rouge and it's at College Station so I don't know they gotta do the first forum and you credit. Wrapping it up next here on sports talk about me Christian. On W well. I wrap up our list two record number six Georgia vs LSU it's been awhile since the dogs came. To Baton Rouge the runner up all year ago. Losing to Alabama. Falcons saints Thanksgiving night number five there were twenty seconds seven Tony can double talk about a dollar a little earlier as well. Of course Miami vs LSU at AT&T stadium in Arlington it's the opener it's it's kind of. Right as dollars and to set its own exactly. Listen I don't know. You gotta win. And the cowboys classy against the hurricanes are you going to be in orbit to see. You'd be both of them. I think LSU fans is there will watch over to tigers this year they do that. Number three saints and vikings and vikings. On Monday night are and I that's gotten out of this anymore just given by what what happened last year we know you don't you don't win I don't. Now look at that nugget of I don't know yet digit gains over good succeeded no pitino won I don't know what an oath eagle now we're playing in the superdome as the and we can be dividing Eagles saints at number two. November 18 here in the lead and beat the Eagles. Listen. I just think that the adult thriller vantage to make a difference. You know come November 18 verses and a beautiful velvety and Pam am in the government your own number one it's LSU and Alabama and look. I know Alabama is owned LSU. But it still it's a new year it's in your eyes still honestly that's what else you can look forward to those like you said earlier I think you wanna get them out. Everybody's pretty much happy entirety well I think got to be relive. Think if you gauges when one between. I think Georgia considering their expectations. In the SEC east Indian national championship last season yes and force in your he had and you beat his charges are Alabama laurels and yet it is intended Christian. Then then those. So much what occurred on Tuesday. But look at LSU form relishing baseball players. Will make their first all star game appearance next week a look Erin Null now in an Alley is Bregman. The World Series chance that Aaron Nolan. His eleven into a 2.4 ERA his whip Elwood is a win Christian walks hits innings this is one point 03 deported as Smart in the National League. His eleven wins are also tie Purdue atop the league as a 116 strikeouts woods is Singh's best. In Major League Baseball the new look alleys Bregman. Nineties by and ended 302 ready for a seventeen home runs. Due to an army guys in Twain nine doubles and congratulations. To Aaron no the Phillies in algebra when Astros. To be a part of the all star game next week but no real resolve and I'd be able.