Ranking the best coaches in college football

Athlon Sports managing editor Mitchell Light tells Deuce & Deke why Nick Saban is still the best coach in college football, and why they rank LSU's Ed Orgeron 13th... in the SEC.


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Mitchell lite joins us now managing editor of Athlon sports mixed thank you so much all four. Joining us and that an avalanche turning fifty I believe it is the issue of minutes they're quite an accomplishment. Been around this year fortunately I have been around all of them are not quite battle that been seventeen years ago and yet we could convert that he would never heard it by the player of the app on era. We ought to do this tournament the top fifty kind of development hurt innovation column triple over the last that you're actually battle for position. Mean it's now that the rankings. You know not do as coaches but you guys do position ranks and so forth but the coaching. Rankings how how do you guys is there a thought formula have you guys come over debts that way we can let their their listeners know how it comes up with a list. Yeah it in your partner interpreter at these secret Trenton we don't wreck the top or third web site this week it's kind of like get on with Hewitt the panel that we reap what basically. On the editorial epic together. Yeah bitter and talked about it and kind of of value rightly or more for the way I look at it the way I like you're oriented if I were. In athletic director at generic state university. Who were not high but Alomar went right through so it is completely created all the coach appreciate it and I had a Coke and I would you know nipped it in the first Coca higher imperialism. Before you know Obama would be collapsed from another different circumstances. Different corporate group in order arm. Pat Ellis who ought to read your native there's there's there's certain circumstances that made him a better fit there than other quite. The general where we look at it is. It's kind of look at their reprimand. If they're free agent would not hire him. So you basically base it off of if they're freeagent what I arm you know I'm not necessarily if it's a fit for the university just based office Reza me. Right exactly so we're literally. You know your credit is basically just written a book but how are we want to fourteen were not just saying is that that would. That's a good point development put too much into it. About ranking each coach for the it is it is casino. They're sort of put them back after. Who went and did that only Greek ten year. Become patented coach. He might that resonate. But you could fit for that book and there no agricultural. We get we factor that much into that into what we did the right. Now our mitts. Tell us a bit about the pre season. Would what are you looking at as far as pre season top tier teams. And Louis and James in my can surprise this season. All of envoy under you guys over the apartment if he wept at work our blog entry but I'm more fascinated by the he used at least the past few years could interpret program like to order order and Tennessee. All that kind of championship being all of those and they think they can win our should be winning at a high level. It's true reform went back to back its championship as he chipped it to really had not been that serious. National championship. Two contenders so. I mean all these teams still could be a long ago before they can approach the Alabama Auburn LSU Arctic although in the west or better in these these are more important here. Contorted in Kirby Smart who consult with the Tokyo occurred seven you could. And for that it we've got here right off the right footed quarterback can they'd go to these aren't. He contended he kind of recoup after last year of high repute by your route on that front panel so. I mean that there's no orchestra reward. In this seat immediately he is the most intriguing you know it is an area in Alabama obviously these pit Rico Auburn L right aren't. After that I think there's kind of a clear line. You know can give Arkansas the detective or aggressive you know opposite. Story Belichick in new coach in Kim that all but ignore that can burn the book you know there's no reported interest important talk about the failure. Or talk about coaches Mitchell what the studio complete SEC or just the way us. What coach would you say that would be on the hot seat no someone was given kind of ultimatum sold to speak firm is. His a beat the was depressed. But they've got to turn around is there any other coached that would be. In his position. The other if you look at these duties. It has become a problem and not just. Because the court with a portrait resentment here at the Corcoran got mopped up hot start. In recent years it kind of implode them stretching. Well like they've got it was written about 400 billion dollars in renovations. And that type remarks and the senate support it or six in the US you know it is going to be. You know the programs for restrictive program but read of the open championship contender but cattle farm or. Let this program while in a few feet while had to reinvent while at all the children so I think implement got a you know avoid their late season slide that hurt him in recent years. You know you're gonna be I mean you have much of our great a lot of open. Nationally are pretty dog that would work director. If they don't win you know all of Portland you now format. Created equally determined depends on who you people that. I mean which Jones clearly problems to win a game it is awkward or. Some rivers are not on but the weird awkward or weird situation new. Corporate nationally. Either coaches rise and fall as quickly as clear as we have an Auburn is probably want to have a fifteen year. Needs now when your looked at this season a guy like Mark Richt at university Miami I think everybody agrees you've got in the town now he years. And now he seems to be doing well in recruiting trail right now. What if Miami becomes. Some watched trauma and in the ACC. Like Florida State's we seats mother Clinton is doing whale. But double that could really add a lot of I guess you'd say more respect credibility and ACC in Miami or to give back on the map. It totally legitimate in our poll recent years until Clinton's canopy jump in is that typical. The league with a bogey which order they expanded that to division they are in the order that disputed two premiere corporate. Compete in the week championship game what would never meant to game Bahrain never bored there's. I think important work pretty well bell Atlantic right now. I think you're looking at Miami and possibly Virginia Tech beat Joseph pointed space if they can recount. Here they can quote all of the in orbit like that kind of shook there's been an hour. In your point maybe keep crude well built but now they've got a lot of pot that momentum there might have for a quarterback this year but they have a lot of heroine yeah. I've got a dog and on down there but I think power ball you know a group want the port 89 of the top football for a minute but. I agree with you Mitchell like misled about going to the latest publication. Of Avalon and having a value on a social media. Well I certainly on guys it that I go to avoid any news there now they're gonna go to Ellis recovered Berry got. Or you're out on sport dot com back last story you ever get dark cover their career pact won't make it big in India or regional record thing. They've called me on Twitter at at apple on Mitch. Mixed light meets thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Oh.