Ralph Michaels: NFL and College Football Bets

”The Last Lap with Seth Dunlap”
Wednesday, September 13th

WagerTalk.com's Ralph Michaels joins Seth Dunlap to give us the best bets from Vegas from the NFL and college football.


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Joining us now the program like every single Wednesday as we go into the desert out in Vegas with Ralph Michaels he gives a view from Vegas on all of the football games college and pro. Coming into the weekend Ralph what's up I'm wondering did you have a better weekends. Taken and we did we got absolutely obliterated hero picked sixth. Well you know all I had a winning week and fortunately we talked about the honesty game com. You know law on the radio last week and they are one might that then. Eight certainly like inferior teams Oklahoma and octopus is owners and that one but this at all or adjustment weeks. You know week to week three college football in Indiana well. I'm that it a lot about you because we over what we literally Ike. So are. So I'm curious here and it is our producer Tim's Emeril and assassins a great question Tia biggest injury to weaken NFL's obviously David Johnson one of the best players that's running back in the week. How many points is that shave off the bib of those falcons as humid cardinal spreads it out as big you see that altering the cardinals. Forget about it because blocks. Ads. As may be that it. Except for the cup what quarterback Cullen out if you're gonna lose Brady. Gonna lose you know you're gonna lose some of the Brady's caliber or Brees and New Orleans. He is the most important player. On the field beside those cup by quarterback. I think it's a three point difference because it changes the entire way appears on the cardinals' offense. Pastor rod it makes. Thought it'd make them throw beat that they're not used to doing it. And it's just good tipper mine that protect cardinal team so. I don't know that god is the only other player that I would rate higher than two points that side the top five quarterback. Because let him out each day that the giants offense. I think they've got in his league acting think they're not a cardinal. Rock we talk about a matchup here in New Orleans the saints are at home against the New England Patriots in the patriots come off that third tonight lost the chiefs saints looking really bad on defense on Monday night and now lost two. The vikings and it's a six and a half seven point spread. Could you make the argument that in favor of the patriots too big argument that this the spread could be as large as 8910. Could that mean. It seems like they should the it to be bigger. What you know like your handcuffed to start way. I mean Indiana felt it thinks the New Orleans Saints team that stands absolutely no player ever by scheduling. The patriots on Thursday in the saint come Monday night. Debt of one of the rare situations in the NFL having having that ten days off until a person between that at 6 o'clock on that number one as a negative. Now you like it might automatically assume that the patriots are credible blocked a lot and I play what they are unfortunately. And they eluded the favorite telecheck and greedy together are eighteen and two straight out and seventeen and three against the spread. Now all hope that not law because. The saint over the last four years have been a home docked wartime than they covered all wore those lol so you know. I agree because the BI has brought new book. That added I think there's a reason you know why I think we you know what we're looking at. The law to battle Majid a barrel that he the player that that would. Take social look at them down and that'll look at your after an open that the Pete Patrick Brady without that. England was a different type of profit. And you know on the same side. You know I thought that your weekend and you talking about your second airy. You know I'm gonna mention that about the secondary. I expect huge improvement in the next few weeks there's no secondary and all the NFL that starting. Two rookie quarterbacks connecting two rookies could match our. That wars are wrote yet you know PGA Williams missed two years but I think you only get three games under his belt basically what to. Quarterback that are rookies. Another rookie Marcus Williams at safety and a rookie linebacker. Into and a new you know the unit that year I have all the things you're gonna see tremendous strides in the sink deep and intimate that that they were last week. Ralph Michael's handicap for wager talk dot com he's on Twitter at cal sports. LB talks whose every Wednesday. Rematch of last year's NFC title game and aid give Atlanta the falcons just throttled Green Bay last January do we see a repeat their two and a half point favorites. You know I like Green Bay you know when he talked about out piano would that strong last week going in to beat Reid and with Green Bay but. Green Bay had a different mindset I'm gonna. Aaron Rodgers in this situation. Green Bay defense this for real I upgraded am quite a bit the opera's complaint with anyone. I think the falcons are. Are catching Green Bay remain an older team so when you connect Green Bay later in the area some mixed. And an injury then and they're they tend to be banged up a little bit not the case here on odd one that's gonna back. The Packers in this squad and think that they can't they get revenge. Well talk about that the match have been starved bill obviously starve Vegas LSU and that should be state first as is he contest at least for the LSU tigers. Seven and a half point favorites on road is that two guys that means that when I feel like there's not a. I think it is too high you know opt. Number why it happened at BYU game wasn't a real test that the tiger scandal brought it. It'll be right you know next week against Utah was just an ad in there so we can't get the tiger credit for that and the Chattanooga window until Betty eight. And are you out you know. The idea winning an and is he making a first road game when you're playing conference. Well on the road you're buying it touched out. That the situation I'm not gonna step in the very often. Outreach your looks great for Mississippi State I think they have a legitimate defense I think Ellen she win this game. I've foul means it would grab the points I made declined fort app. Me personally I do my power rating at the beginning week before the light come out so clearly this is up for no real difference from where they were I think it should be. Yeah it's the best best in best bet sees me Ralph if you could NFL and college football this. You know how about we're gonna have look at Texas Tech against Arizona State Arizona State. Is a want to against the spread. Against New Mexico State San Diego State makes failed to cover those gains by 31. Points against the spread. Well because the top place to play you got tricky wind aired on state is probably the worst pass defense. The power five conferences. Exit technique that was gonna throw the ball by Eric also has organized decorating of the great spot at a red raiders to grapple with an air. You know what as far as. As far as the NFL goes. I like Washington and there's other games I'm playing golf in the NFL because again we have a unique situation with Miami and Tampa Bay not having played last week. I'm a trip that could help or hurt a you know we don't have the answers the situation that it never occurred in the NFL you don't have seen that. I have a game under their belt advantage against teams like the person I let her through those two games out. I'm gonna wait he would happen but I do what Washington you know their offense. Did their defense got run over my Philadelphia. The LA rams there's a lot of expectations. And that there's a lot limiting change is going into a new static. You had your home opener out. EU EU are awful Monday they could be in game that you try to come back and annual well and you almost want. Expedia the chargers but the rammed the other rams look so good. And Washington looks so bad it's a situation were armed and locked into Kenya look bad when a paper beginning of the year and that the better team. Rob Michaels at cal sports LV handicap for wage talk dot com here on double coverage and Ralph. Overall who's the best bet in and accountable like which one is that. For for those that wanna make money where where is. Hey you know ways. It is pretty much had been a patriot and an Alabama you know cricket you bet Belichick like every game you'd be up you get 60% from year to date. Until we started. Odd you know the college games changes so much at the other end their routine is still by far the best team on the board. When the Lincoln poll you're fighting inflated lines and you're laying those 23 points some not talking about MI. As a home favorite although there. They're they're not at Luke in its top copper. But when they get on the road they have the extra edge not an amateur team I would always play on a road. Or not play at all and you got to see you know they've been down there are nothing new there's about a lot of close games that. They find a way to win games when they're on the road the line is always reasonable to let the team that. There's only one way for me to go at them. So I'm curious to wrap it up here Ralph you've had some good tweets about the Cleveland Indians and how if you would've started betting at this now. All time record win streak at 21 games for them you'd be pretty rich do you explain that's our audience. Well I would order basically about it about baker a couple of years so you know might not go back in Cleveland and I'm going back so watch couple playoff game and a few weeks I'll piled up yet you know. You know what a wonderful weather scenarios that acute that the Indian. The first game of this. Discreet act on August 20 or were actually at dog against Boston may secret now. And after 21 game another win today. And you bet on the indians' starting with 100 dollars. And just let that guy that can be amount and the next game. After their win today you let it about one million. 550. Try out an 876. Dollars with Eddie PG one straight start and other well. The billionaire that's their way it is you know wait you know every day 85 years or so efforts come around but it could happen. Well actually never the American League the longest streak ever about the American League with 21 games. Hey there let's say spoke like it through Cleveland Indians that rightly in my get the all time record war. Major League Baseball tomorrow I expected are they heavy favorites and Alan competitive and Major League Baseball. They did over the last few days they were 440 bigger wicker Rask a lot for 28 political over. And they were 300 favorite headache now they're playing Kansas City who it and fight for a wildcard. I believe they opened up that the 288. Whip up moment. I just how much I don't know a one point seven nearly flat spot starts. I can't wait a levee in the audience for that one trying to watch some history Ralph really appreciate it man enjoy these every Wednesday. All right that's rough Michaels there he goes hand it ever wager talked dot com. Follow on Twitter at cal sports LB.