Ralph Michaels on NBA Playoff Best Bets

We go to Vegas to talk to WagerTalk.com's Ralph Michaels to see what Vegas thinks of the Pelicans, plus who has the best value in the each conference.


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Welcome back again. Keep in and I down these NBA playoff game have an update for you in just a little bit they see in the Scott Alexander a host of prime time sports. On CST and W Kelly he TV Scotty and with this quite a bit here's these playoffs roll along. I'm ready for tomorrow night. Am I got I read on how I don't Obama were anything but red for the rest of these playoffs I mean that's the exciting right. And it's our talk a little a betting odds side of this and we have Ralph Michaels in every single week during football season. Pelicans because there's not a lot of NBA betting action that goes on here in pelican season we haven't had a model lot during basketball season. But I wanna bring in my anchor W look. From the biggest perspective the lines behind the action here in the Western Conference behind the pelicans. And also in this wild and crazy Eastern Conference and I'm really enjoying watching. On the program Mary comes Ralph Michaels of wager talked dot com on Twitter at cal sports LV. It's been awhile left sock consumer outlook of one of the program to that via. You know I am glad to be on board and I know bad. From the tweet that I follow you guys that you know. Nor does turning into sports outfits. Hey that's that's we're talking about tonight there's no reason this can also be a basketball town and maybe it will be certainly has right now I'll tell you that. Post some pelicans are gonna get the Vegas look from Ralph here. On all the lines all the odds in the NBA in these playoffs. I'm curious where did New Orleans starts when the playoffs start equitably they like 105 to one. And they I mean look where they get now to win the whole thing and talk about when in the NBA now. You know they really haven't moved what you would expect they started off one Petr under five don't want. And right now they're about 65 to one granite base swept through Portland but. They store up to go through Golden State and Houston so. While you think the odds would be lower. They still not that they're national respect for the team to be able to back off that too did two teams that cop. And having to be on the road purple series. L I'm curious is is this still Golden State and Cleveland's Larry I guess gold saint Houston may be now want anyone be there. Yeah I you know it it actually used it used it has become a favorite. Used to have become the favored in this series. And in the east it's op. It's back and forth not to rival cotton clothes after Cleveland lost rabbit became the favorite. But right back after that we can't jump back into the favorites role in the east but. And you can still play a small favorite I had a Golden State to become the Eastern Conference. Represented us. You know looking back on this for a serious I was talking about it with my audience here that in my in my mind spoke this talent. I thought that this was a coin flip at worst for the falcons I thought it was their best matchup of anybody in the playoffs. And I have the pelicans when in this in six Vegas but you're gonna talk about here they're really disagreed Ralph and I didn't get it or they they were like minus 170. Or something like that Portland what's. What really minus 200 and and you could have gotten clocked 180 back I'm New Orleans New Orleans so odd. You know basically a breaks down to Portland had gone into New Orleans that week before and played that game I think. I think. The pelican flat almost the entire game and then Portland coordinate and actually cover that game and the one or two point favorite. So people are looking edit with Portland having such a strong home court edge through the end of the regular season and the way they are playing and the dominant home team. Have to win four games and go and out Portland where the tough thing to do so you don't walk and you get you get these situations where. Very rarely will lower seeded team. B. Because they have to play four road games again they are happy 180 dogs so coldly to condemn itself. Yeah I'm curious is still the pelicans be the biggest movers right now as far as the NBA. Yes well they are because there are three games in the first period and it claims stem cell you know obviously when you're looking at theories play. You know to win the west they're still 45 to one you know yep golden state Golden State is actually now the favorite again there are op. There minus 138 so for you to win a hundred dollars you got to put 138 on Golden State. Houston has lost 130s so he put a hundred dollars not and what have been used and you win a 130. After that it's 4145. To one and 45 the Wada and okay see New Orleans and Utah so really. Total two man race. If the pelicans did anyone yet anyone get past used the gold they have a credible lot about it right now. Do you like those consensus lines there deal like where their app. A top. You know I like Alex Houston I think he's in some value at plus 158 I just think the way they're playing defense the way they play offense you know. Crowley is gonna start to come back and start to work output are so many times we've seen that. You know what a player has that type of injury just on the comeback as the same player. Andy applicator there's a transition period in itself depending how these series play out you know it. If you still runs through minnesotans weeks of like I think it will. Obstacle that they could sweep of Gary I think a lot of it'll come out of the next series at. How many games this series can go in one scene can sneak by winning important five in the other series is gonna get a seven game I think that he. Well we hope that golds they pelican series looks like it's gonna happen at least extends a little bit Ralph doc and Ralph Michael's handicap or wager talked dot com here on double coverage. The fall months footer at cal sports LB. A Allen talked about the east cheered because I think the Eastern Conference is just fascinating this year. In my my actors for five teams that can actually come out of the conference where like we talked about the west I'm with you I think there's really only two teams. With a legit shots come out of it. I am in your mind Cleveland still the favorite here I know you just told us that they are in Vegas but. Is Cleveland coming out of the east what do you think. CNET dot art camps and the enemy has yet they are. Now they can't it can't hurt me or not gonna go ahead and that's odd you know I'm just couldn't take a look at other series play out in. You know like daddy it's you know as we call off the air I think the difference between the cavs this year and they lost that fear factor. You know what occurred. Last year they only played up. They only failed to cover one road game they took care bid that the they had to apply the waters sweep those series and Rask backing don't hear that I mean the pacers don't hear them at all. They beat them you want you know game two LeBron took over any huge purse quarter reg. And they almost end up winning that game right now Cleveland had a decent lead in the third quarter but. It's good at least a much different when you played its third that second and third series. And if it doesn't clear you know game one that the camps used to always win that game one and two at home they're gonna be kept that to work a lot of. Where is the value that right now with these lines over in the east. You know I don't think right now. Committee is a really good would be. You know Toronto or Cleveland. Now. Philly getting a lot of while there's no value it was so many people are are on the sixers and and buying into the night pretty young and energetic even I'm excited this seat and Simmons and you'll be playing like it out but. You know I've watched so many Syrian what we can't grasp on what school they progressed I like San Antonio. He very rarely do you have a young team coming true. Go into the playoffs beginning of the championship. And usually takes one time getting good at getting to the Eastern Conference or Western Conference finals. But forty could turn that page. And I think that's what it sixers I think the sixers are a bigger picture to actually get there this year a secret topic cabinet that the extras you're gonna pull it out. But again they've been part and they evidently that is not value. I you said there's elevate what's what's that line out right now it's plus I'm assuming yeah. They are. Yeah. Cleveland basically about even troubles just about even two and then you've got Ford want out Philadelphia. That's in on curiously we talk about football on the fall you an idea Ralph and we talked about quarterbacks and how they have an effect on the line now what is better odds were like ten points or Simon bases mind. This the have any info on that I'd what's LeBron Werth who's worth the most points right now from the players perspective is Vegas do that basketball. Odd you know. They do I mean obviously you get a good feel a bit because in the NBA you have a normal plot might as good as. So you know I Ed at a basis the year you can go through and look at that. Can't play out cotton this cavs came. I would think no question either optical bolt or Milwaukee or look rob would be the most important players tier team could have got that view. Players that can score but you. You know if you look that LeBron I'm gonna say he's gonna be worth about that battery point I think god agree creep up Milwaukee is probably worth nine or ten. Oh probably the most important player whose team in the playoffs. Now that's incredible. She Ralph you're. Great to talk dot com what he got going on over there as far as the NBA is concerned. You know way the NBA is. They had this been going great it's winding Albert finished up. Not yet been sketchy but they are anything office and ideally newsletter our daily premium got a call the first pitch it's two teams. Every Major League team I know you don't follow the Major League Baseball about it they're like Bob I know a lot of ammo being pants check it out a way to talk dot com. Do ligament MLB and Daley you're gonna get out to pay good. Great step especially you get that first inning or they're gonna and and that degenerate said that they all know what I'm talking about a fifth inning that there's daily while her picture and scene company can't find anywhere else. Hey you're talking into big baseball fans here on the merits fan and Timmy is the hour comes at a all is that what said again you get there. Waiter talked dot com but he just go to would be. The new section and that MLB dot daily. Ralph really appreciate it's been a long time and I know be talking to you soon probably right after the NFL draft thanks so much. That's right all right there he goes Ralph Michael's handicap her wager talked dot com to follow on Twitter at cal sports. LG yeah at fifteen minutes left in our show we're gonna take a quick break here we come back we'll wrap up with your calls Bible for 2601878. Wanna hear from the pelicans fans out there. Lock up everybody what do you think's gonna happen tomorrow night. Gimme a call 504260187. Beat represent also have a little update on the NBA games going on right now. A couple of teams looking like. Vick could be on the verge of advancing just like the pelicans dislike the warriors. On the verge of it. From the games last night was that next himself on lap it's double coverage right here on WW.