Pro wrestling and the Winter Games

Deke & Mark talk pro wrestling and the Winter Olympics.


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I don't solo now. I don't critic Eric gets it because it ought you be with a group WW yeah. The Mardi Gras 2018. It's about the opening the market growth at VW you met him at the outcome or archive reports. Occupies all part of an article that beat you all the rates 46 awaits him the evo. You can text books in 870 eights and it's that it's not like the things you can take that. By the myth the sort of bumper stickers don't miss hicks. Who would have thought he would. Compete that we can't. They'll. You from Texas they'll. Operating in my opinion poll which Sunni would be degrees. It now Khmer awesome camps on Drew Brees or court shall pay. Can't you vote on line at WW dot com got a tonight about 45 minutes double coverage to sit down and assume they spoke with the huge series against those things that we'll preview that you excited about the issue baseball this year. Must the Panos get a double overtime win over the and it's the attendant finish off this three game road trip that the Michael road trip with a big night. In vote here against Detroit they have enough gas left in the tank. Against the pistons tonight make their playoff run they talk about that tonight. Double Covert sports and Mo 601 meets at the at them again Devoe you can text that meets their needs at hand it's the pistons. Trailing the pelicans sixty. To 52. Admit I was thinking about we talk spice that you know Marta grow what's your favorite food you resort to via. Every corner result from the house sandwiches you know I love sandwich trees but it does say that like the sandwich is their mom makes time. In a weatherman pitfall at a panel it might make April. It is anybody's standpoint you know. He's he's somewhat like eighteenth good could you make. And thank you you know that's that's kind of fallen. And it you know you know what's thing would be if you know the fifty commonwealth telephone. Think about then in oak a but you know where at Pennsylvania Kosovo. And you know that's not being here and who megawatt. I thought account beaten them called it on a prep football around though way back in the Vietnamese. In authority. Company's studio and it center on Friday night. It would be doubtful OK rich Marty. While to beat you with Canada produce everything. He did it with them up all the prominent role tactical part of the approach you. All with. The deal that you. But in the end product that you know if it happened over the course that Lance and guess antsy in wanna use. The shelves. That have drawn the most kitchen. You know it's important to you you'll like meeting like a little weather hurricane or is that you know when it. That never with a CBS broadcast it. If it happened it would move straight national congress in its local companies and the deal but Ochoa known him more. In its second play it feel it and now that he watched. You know to. 00. It's just pool stick you know other stuff like that it and it affects every day lives whether you know the Cologne in the world. Saints post game. LSU post gains field on all this. Post game what bill. I did and with eleven now on eleven hours the post game. LHU obvious. 2000. Campaign. That people here but you know that Mississippi. You know if they clocked it in the capital the clock ran out you that that's going. A little. It's coach I don't o'clock in the short field and we. Told his hand put grant you he's 10 o'clock and he thought a handsome war chant the ground. The Florida State and Wendell some notes at that game just tiger rebels. Am the man. In 2000. Libya before it went Taylor she went from 72 over night. Ticket to the national championship game in Ohio State in. Those on the phone with those games. In a radio restricts the on. That it was 1213 now with them that you won. But of the most followed academy chose this is no joke to saints an issue post gain all the mania. Of the emotional but risk. On arrest as we say. Slam doll is ninety cloak as Tivo based law. It's rash. You could talk about where the rest company has come here. It's just one of those things although with the sudden thing as caller if it's you know which is key in two that's called solo but in with a good followed the south. But you talk about like OK you can go to the arrests you know at the exploratory but he could dig at it. It is to destroy. Pain one man today. Who destroys it and he has always had a ticket horrible crow in Tokyo ago people we can block it though. Any he grew a grass roots campaign the way it's. And with no TV. But not near as evidence it was now. It was like. You go to school. It index data that it would tell you what happened while the law that Monday nights with Mo like it wanted Tuesday night with. Sent to public in that group aka. Man who and cook taken me as these sentences you know they got that oh this is a reinvent technical care eco terrorists. It pains me via Claude Tiki in the always if you want match when somebody on the package up the greens maybe on the once it's gonna be like. How much are threatening calls and you think about this wrestle mania it that it brings in over 100 dollar economic impact. It's deceiving the war hall of fame issue to go. In Goldberg is Atlantic coast had him on the program. If it very account technical school we had. You know about this out its heart. With also that the industry vehicle with the claw their clock keeps traveler program this before the launch rocket and use the and yet the top here. You can arrest right now that it's at Mississippi you with the ball it's a race. It's just something that's about it if he would do is load to talk about policy will. But talk about it sometimes like a reward he won't talk you know open lines but this so let's go on the world's sports communications. And it. Changed what we do. But outlook gave it rest and how it's all you know you it's got to be a movie one day it's now about. The ratings war. And what took place like the news they and he's now. 20012002. What it used to be. Debbie did you if you SE channel. It would be. Tedious. In the day in their fuel. At that it may have been friends. On superstation TBS. TT the thing is cool but he's he's that was the ratings war. I mean you had. Once. If you think it dates this man regime that the course they'll come. It together this small but it's piqued the it's kind of one of those things that their fans. On this guy is all follower. It and it EU could you could equate it to as part of some people who they're going to be some people that you don't like football but we. And it it which they just can't. Follow. Dale in its its fall but everything else but trust they'll keep it though they basketball he's. And it is the following what does the following. If you have a tie to him. And only. What part of the track she's from what's back then that restaurant. That wrestling as its stake. Mean you you gave the would be the argument like it. That is pars and make that bet. It's just that power I think we. We low. What we love it if he does some details. But when it comes to such a peek at the end of the Caribbean you know I'll Tuesday nights at this order tore apart homeless have access. All you know now roll on its statement on its exit in all of these things calmed that is being used it. That's the super bill. It is it is huge now about thirty plus years. In the in the making you know on all of this the part for us maybe it's happy if the maybe if couple way. It may go it went away where it. Almost like football. You can equate it nipple one football players used to be just a hoot too big guy he he'd have a big bin you know big dude you. Not out of the boost it needs to go at that they may. Well over the course of land. The bodies of football and it's it's changed the demographics standpoint of being physically fit or as a sport shoes you don't see. Did Billy football players that the boy that's a rarity that it really. Cuba brown without them it. Really big daddy dude it was in the fear of the refrigerator Perry with one. But he was the way it is now so phased. Think that harassment you'll see. You know picnics and embodies accused with. With dusty true. You know beat UC athletic people BP but it just. In most of them civil plus local like that. The first ones at that I'm sure it is but Burleson on T with the edit with you know kind of vote. Actual field but he went. It had a guerrilla months and sloppy book about. That's what he's changed now of course that but the follow. You. Went when it comes to New Orleans. And he who would have thought that you thought that it. This is for years all of and its followers would breach at the economic impact. This. Is you know we we did in the shop in habitat to keep it it. I hear like we do. Hopeful news to elbows immediate cute and I don't think it's a coincidence that you know you'll has been such a great hostess of a thing. It is here with Pakistan and you know for years but maybe it'll come ran. It India around portable but I. Don't look hopeful that this is the most expensive so it's noble attempt to keep that the that we pay to keep an idea. About wrestling cross the universal plan. We have seen and it. People production departments here. Broadcasting. It's years a couple of across the board. At a conference recently as a team as the books as opposed diversity. You know we'll hand like we do for us bowl. In debt apiece geeks that like people follow it. You know the you know you know people that it. Support people that do produce an oval. At all helpful. Nobody is a cabinet. And that's what it's all walks of life is just as its interest that the house for. Griffith this Saturday at UC is. It looks like Peter Kris. From Poland. For kids would degree it'll ease ease the great cook who spits out this week goes that the young adult their bodies. You know what those still full but we get a phone call everybody. The EPA. In money talk about your way to exit at. The you know a couple of field lots. Grizzly Adams all the people. Produce with happened means to you via the article audit jumped on dog it would be whispering. Like who. Nicholas Elliott now you beat you could take some value. To what's happened we're used to be like you know definitely communication. But it's a it's a big big deal is complete without a Covert. Hall of fame of and it weights of the local program going yeah Bob they were very close maple leaf and Internet fountains if you're in the studio and it isn't. Those two guys talk about you know football ops in date though that's wiggle room really distorting it it that it that they pressed it and the fees street is coupled. It's that Britney Spears somebody who gave the year he it was a scam on one channel and it was stone cold Steve Austin. And Barack. Obama though to you with the ratings rule. Stone cold it is and it's not just bad management for Victoria Texas that was him but was it that it needs if they keep me here a year. And eight. A lot of times they deal making anything it make a lot of dollars which it turns out. We'll come back a lot. Well La talk about opera ready jaguar opinion poll which you operate out of people we're asking you what's. Saint player or saint would be the best vehicle called. We got a lot of economic and now washed out at a motive two rookies of the year. If it make him Jones-Drew Brees and coach Nate on the boat it was a little. Ready that the youthful. A date and we'll get poppy with them at Oak Hill where early it to the Olympics. But Eisner and national news that they would talk about how the weather that was like those saints don't but it was those don't. Bet. Affected the the priest now. A ski jumping so to speak really affect there was a with the the American in the action today. That was able to keep it Iranians went out spirit everywhere it was caught the weather played a big part or a beautiful day sun was out would you like these. Those don't but there was no don't really affected that have been. So it took a look at this whale at the Winter Olympics. DT in the early stages this is bought stock on 8 o'clock at night of the ability of WW. So you can afford dinnertime last night. At a good Louisiana staple. Horses. In the decade it would surprise analysts that. And a male toward our choices for breakfast that that there though you know. Via the focus. They gave Wednesday a plan choices. Statement. Hopefully it's or. That the government through its phone there I don't think that book. You know between sheets Lowe would be a I didn't realize I watched the movie hog all night now kind of with them that directly. You know about bullets you know they're ones at about houses with ethnic. Life and there and you know this neighborhood neighborhood. But yeah out of Reeves who is. And move the matrix matrix Dan accord what if it's good active. He is the focal point of the movie hardball and by this the gamma sorority advocates did the friend he works with pig farm to me it's got a spot that baseball team. Yes that counts only Keith Kia read it and that can be found out the week that you got coaches baseball team and also for it's it's seen its all and they. Call eight bit gamble troubled ability deeply you know it's him in an urban area Chicago. An hour. But he used to be a good move that much about happening at once though that's a ball about it well what it song. Brought me back in the bucket list Michael almost pretty good sports. Morning come up with a medal count. Am operating a date operate the poll update the first is that the idiots that. Well I'm Bob amount dumb Zia. Token. It's a good qualities that the without a bit about the movie on. Oil rate. Lately. Comedy. UN CA Chris Wallace. It it witness saw him do with on a Korea that we all remember. Some would say a trend. Some would say album. While Arafat at record that you just war. I'm and we could listen. You had to. Leave them. On it. To them. With no end and runs things now all our rights if there was some brought. Which. Every. Name Brothers chicken and the righteous. Looked at the right. Team. But the point it's something you just one could use to with a net dot creek on the CI. You know and a war without. It was it was 34. CD like them. Use copies. Does it because fits in with the likes the EU Beastie Boys. Audience the audience see the effort. Like it or. Entity with. Debt one. Houdini. And it's full. Eight following him DG that now just you know you think oh record. Captured as a peep while eat and why is it rises. But you do is you listen to so it's all. You Wear out the back in the Harpo. Debt its own game well because his appointment movie. With a team stone though he'd be like 231. Gain. It moved its statistics like this rule six there's ample. They call and it is closed and not been good team but the coaches. It's like eight Ito that he had had a good run and regardless of each other eight. They gooey pizza they thought they thought we didn't she it to this year they had an actor you'd think but it beats. It is pretty steep it's eighteen that put east team to plan it's a really good movies earth orbit setting it in Chicago. What is he starts this one key if he's if they'd be. Chicago. And he says coach I want repeats. And they lose radio on trees the callers. So he's OK when they TPM. Attacked him before. All count it look like a picture of him like he'd be alone all week. It just got to feel like. What is he gets on its fiscal if he's physical wolf you know it's Coetzer that's the and he does it spurs it might. The 82 strikes out like the sad. An ankle and we and then three staffers. When he's always got the hit phone now is he thought of it that are based in advocate and move. It is another located on the team it's sent out altogether and only in that beautiful one of DiLeo. So you'll hear it state of the ago we recruit the coach. You know re Scola the hole to beat this and he is happy hippo on it. It generally looks repeated the Whitman in identical. C. Closest thing it's well over 10. Sunnis oh well. Lou you come out in the cute that I am wasting and they've been. Me if it all of a sudden they got that song is that it's it is. Erected an eight catchy quote it's it's Google but it would not that we talk about. Sports movies which what you like that's kind of wanted it if it's not really deeply. A hard court disputes about a sport. It's something more like about sports brings people like almost picked out. You know count recently within replace that with. That was a two count like that it's a story but it is sports isn't it but he can't take them tick now what about half of its. At that point booby Diane Lane is it basically each of four. Any kind of hits it's the home on you know them something that happened in neighborhoods you would realize acute go through it. Get almost. Four Uncle Sam Pollock as a but I found that you pretty good movie it Harbaugh I think it was 2001 it's you know that the though. It's ago so ticked that anyway that's a movie though you. Look at the duke and market. The ex sports ethics well action is just now story he. He because. Yoga standpoint it was single digits but decrease standpoint. It dialed in Korea. Thought Korea but the Olympics are on all we saw gold medal on Wednesday from the unit state and whether. Played a factor in the slow opposed I was I was beautiful day it almost like loose most of the night in a in BC its Olympic Games 147. Nightly news is it's that originating from the neck over the next you know few weeks that the games. Let's get an early look at the medal count and that baucus also currently yesterday. So. The biggest gain epic we thought of first American female companion that would triple triple Axel. Yet but I. Think they'll with a medal count in the top news from the I think Steve yet the the milk has been kind of stationary all day long vision over there that's big time difference. But but the way it stands right now Norway is in the lead in total medals wood nine. Followed by Germany was seven. And will actually three teams tie with savage in Germany the Netherlands and Canada in the United States coming in fifth place right now with four medals. France has three Japan has three Sweden the Czech Republic. And in the Olympic athletes from Russia are properly at two along with Finland that's because though that the big Russian blood doping scandal. Then they don't have any athletes officially represented Russia right now but they didn't. Putting these restrictions on those athletes still going compete for themselves sort by name. Yet yet they're they're not actually officially competing for Russia because Russia themselves as a country was banned. But they else but the and they said that the athletes themselves to come to compete on an individual basis and bases represent themselves. So I decided to call on you work. The athletes if it not invited. Him wait it. Athletes have to do a cool your four year. It is basically from the coast. If you if you all. It. Its fiscal standpoint from being sent the X. I'm glad that they via out to about 83 all like it's an apples ball because you know that. A lot of those ethnic do it rightly note in his statement they compete I agree with the union and you we are your top target what country you. You're talking about like logical but the figure skating last had a couple of of that as well and and and one of the of the things that caught my attention was a piece on skate and Adam upon the of those American figure skater. He he you know he misses his first Olympics and he's been training for this for twenty years. That's couple. So here he missed out the last couple of Olympics and especially I talked about 32 with 29 years old policy it. You know closed at thirty minutes yet it is the ball. Right and so nice finally at the Olympics he had a really good performance last night has lot of controversy around it because he came in third. When he skated a flawless routine and the two guys who came in presence on both fell twice. And I nobody can figure out how the judges score that but of apparently is because. If you try more difficult tricks even if you fall. You'll lose one point where as you get extra points for trying districts and he didn't try anything difficult enough. To to to push ahead but he didn't fall he he he he he he did the entire routine. Perfectly so he came in third. But that was an individual routine that was for the team competition the Americans and up. Taking bronze in the team competition there so we'll have a chance later all wanted to go from an individual gold and maybe cola Nabil stepping up until a more ambitious when he's not. Trying to prop up his teammates and he's trying to play for himself. It like eight you know if you go to EPC. Cable one place. In history the he has where it beat the west TP you know show you might guess they'll and it's the biggest day. It's. News. Out stating. Currently. So who won. You talk about those that day was that time difference in what what's Pulitzer covenant x.'s board behind the hour. The time difference that would let me take a look at that for sure before before saying anything. Or make sure I get this right but it it's it's several several hours. You know when we talked about when when the mystic lady might it might it take you there right now it is it is the next day evidently we knew we talked about the saints playing in London and it was a six hour difference. You think about South Korea be even further over. The media all you good you know you direct your Google Talk about dog. While I try us out a South Korea in terms of our differences fourteen hours ahead of Washington DC. OK so right now EC 8840 twos so fourteen now as the B fifteen hours here. So basically. It will tomorrow afternoon is sorry it is currently 10:42 AM in South Korea. Okay T afford to aid they start up oh yesterday so their their their bets are kind of just getting going out Wallis sands. That the metal count early you know from earlier in the day is pretty much still the same. Because it was a middle and eight over there and so that they're just just just kind of getting going. In terms of what they have on tap today I know that Shaun White can be compete here in the next couple of days. And he was ordered the isn't snow boarder and he won it he's one of the big. Winter Olympic stars for the United States has been Iraq for wise guy of them yet east of the long red air. And and and he cut it short years ago but in changes look a little bit but on the Flying Tomato. And he he's one of these guys that got famous hostage because Hillary because of the rift there. But he's got they got famous on the X games and a lot of these X games sports of snowboarding and the slopes style stuff and all that stuff has made its way into the Winter Olympics. So a lot of our X games half leads are now new competing for gold medals. If that. Good for the Malkovich is as well as all eyes some but now that we talked about this debate Friday produce that of one historical and was. With talk about the that the Mayo Nigerian Afghan nation by ethnic teams and not equal. He met them commuted from countries that they'll have Michael. You know a background that as part of a country doesn't have a climate to where you know. You could trade for that it's interesting that eagle summit had to go back to you know the movie cool running about Jamaican bobsled team it's the Nigerian female team that a lot of people are interested to see how they do upsetting is that there phones sport device delusional another one. You know talk about current popularity of it. Vote or order some of the other ones that I highlighted you know what I mean by example is that. You know you would need to discriminate you cells fail speak to you go to trek and feel them you. You hear about okay. You know back they call Louis it was Moses. Hello Joseph tickets on a currency. You know they like it. What are some of the ones that have a high profile now all persons that may be RD down well at that Netflix also estimated date units both the B. Both would be pretty good at the while while while the one. The bigger names for the US's for last years has been Lindsay Vaughn the skier. You know she's back again this year she's she rehab some is the injury she hasn't won a lot and she has she's she's she's decorated athlete. And and and I'm not sure what her aged she's been around for a little bit and I got back oh of course if you exit out right of the yeah I'm pulling her out of all of us or she's just 33 years adultery it yet he's been at least a few. Of yeah associate so she's competing again this year so she she's probably the biggest name. Of these Olympics in terms of like and enters somebody who's competed before like because you look at the events that people. Follow here in the US and the people to get famous you know you yet you figure skaters but a lot with figure skaters this year kind of unknown. Commodities in terms of they haven't competed in the Olympics before. Because there either they're young or or like at number upon their making their first trip after years of toiling and it. You had your ex games athletes who who are you know rather popular others. And a snowboard about him Khloe Kim who's really start to to make some some waves and and get the low popularity. She actually had the first ever. Perfect 100 score on Iran at the US championships last year for a woman to have been done twice. And and or amended and that and that she's done it. And and and so that as a half pipe snowboarding worth like skateboarding Rihanna half pipe and you come up pretty and you tricks in the air. And you know market arrest him on how he did they and an Associated Press one that's always impressed about and I can't understand. Win. How profile athletes that compete at the view the go to USC Canada. Was also in in the in the hockey but this year they're Russians are like you've seen in the either of athletes represented Russia. It's overwhelming favorite because they've got so many in NATO's cause. That are all they beat Korea 82 wall on the create team at exhibition place they've been the favorite the rested on like within the players drip with any Russian. So this is the year obviously in which Canada. Doesn't have a lot of oh players in it because whenever there's a lot of Canadian players at a from NATO they always the paper. Why they haven't talked a lot about hockey yet because hockey actually there's not any hockey at the Olympics until. The 21 of February so where's the about a week away yet from from the hockey didn't go once they haven't made a big deal about it yet I pulled up the schedule here's what we have on tap for today. Alpine skiing. Cross country. Curling. Look the luge short track. It's snowboarding and speed skating that's what's on tap for today and how about you but I see that single man luge and that just make that. Like it dangerous to me like it was like yeah that got the guy's gonna just fly off the course at any moment. But it like a roller coaster without a tether is on the I don't know if I could handle doing that. Yeah at and I suppose atop a hockey always generous to watch you go back to you know do you believe they're closing it really broke. Broke out hockey if not before you know all of this is seen you know what you need to do it because that a comic. You know what the units did that your two you know. You've USSR. But you know this is supposed to Russians this team meeting at five eight sales auto. That is there and and they you know this goes back to where they're most. Experienced team but in the Balkans whose Bolivia you know top players with a dealer rating team beat Pittsburgh Penguins. Sergio prosecute in you know kind of be a Russian version of a bond Drago on ice and that would be Alex Ovechkin. But that tee ball to the four team that picks it's OT and they can make it to the quarterfinals so it out be a crisis the you know what what on the US team. And Canada's team because you know a few years ago it was a candidacy of cutesy Crosby and those guys. That was remarkable they that you yes it means that they'll go Winter Olympics for team. And Whitney hand you know. Bet hockey was the whole world watched as you know came at you this encampment. Well I'm I'm look at that ESPN's picks for what they expect to happen in the hockey competition and if America does anything it will be do you believe the medical's because there's no American flags on this. On for gold silver bronze for either picks and it looks like they're expected to like you said Russia to do very well I had two people pick them gold to view pick on silver. The 11 does have Canada win the gold and one has believe Norway. And then but in terms of women's hockey though. Everybody takes America to go goals there so. It can it could be a very good year for women's hockey in the United States that looks like the men. Probably going to be on the outside looking in. You know it's a women's hockey women's soccer correlate it parallel to them in soccer Indians hockey is follows the US. And on via the global level because. That would a women's hockey sent a women's caucus that is. Much more successful it looks much better. If it means socket meet hockey's I want a wide open and Tito Ortiz to a hopeful but. They've long been much better so anyway elbow would do not take up Barbara we'll come back in my local close things out with operating in my opinion Pau. If there was site there will take a callable which saint. We cute shoes or epidemics except for that Dunlap double covered sports symbol coming up at 8 o'clock at night here on WW. Right as you baseballs sitting at the secret is not name the Republicans it's time to fitness is an article I wrote it to a one beat that double overtime. EP. Wrote that enhanced remote now. If it suit us that they edit points out that night here on Libya. It. And operating the tempo for this segment wrapping up. Asking you if there was think it would be on which site which you accuse my dog gives us the final. With a. Final tally. Drew Brees is the winner of the poll tonight 49 proceed almost half the votes. As to who would hoop fans wanna see is the king of horrible among the saints camp Jordan came in second. With 21% followed by album Camaro with fifteen Sean Payton with fourteen. And Paul Marchand Lattimore got zero. I guess he got shut out make it may because they feel like he he just did it you know he was that he was in the parade in the night. Tamara still get a little bit love even a reason for the other night Lattimore not so much blood and maybe maybe not next year this time to level a bit. Better better bigger name after another year shut down people maybe he'll get up there. Always be at full is that it is all all of which the market growth. We go down to the quarter my wife and I we have a friend has an placed on their own royal and and you know it's it's always nice to do more to grow we got a place to be. And yet we Weasley go to I have so you got someone like to walk into that you can you can avoid Burgundy two two. Man you know it's it's so hard to final Parker's body you know you're gonna walk I wish is part here. Yes and and I'll walk down a lot of crow walked across and we got that nice garages all secure being aware of my target messed with and we just walked out from here. So so yet every year we we go down there and you've got nice balcony to be on you can go walk around in the quarter will be as he decides and and usually about like. 4:5 o'clock the latest we're we're heading home because we get up there early get daily inactive in the morn. You get out there and yea in particular we got to work well they you know it. But he did you know it's interesting because it's Wednesday it also balance that day. And so it's. It's unique that's standpoint you know. What's interesting for those who total of one audit process down at midnight to Mon night it's can be Monaco is Obama. You get up out here estimate it would here in new war during got to go home. But you gotta be not a mystery here about a year. I stepped up epidemic they supposed to Christie gave for being with me here and I'm back with you on state indicate he tees it. For the rest of the week it's it's all right. The Olympics is the book I was bulletin mole ought monologue is that a on the news that the Bolivia have audit Arianna wouldn't talk to you here on WW.