Previewing Saints-Rams

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, November 20th

Bobby & Mike talk with Joe Curley of the Ventura County Star about the upcoming Saints-Rams showdown.


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We're gonna go to too early to know covers the rams but in Europe counties are Joseph thanks so much for joining us tonight. And they will come in. So what is things in seeing yesterday's game the fact that the vikings shut down not currently. Yeah that's a drop passes. And it got hook up with the turned out to be a tremendous euphoria. How to how to fall bulls had a dropped pass but really there was certainly stop and girly and vikings run. But we've seen enough and that first team how good deeply up up front they've basically say you know what it's gonna be disputed at all. You're not gonna beat this happened early taking control of the game. Yeah it would yeah. Actually the prize. Not that they didn't go to earlier. In the run game you know it's scary number in the teens. But I would. You know under the screen the first or really well I think become weak from him as a receiver to be one of the big reasons. And so successful is the first. After the heat and just how much currently giving you in the passing game. And I think you know after going over that film he's not a couple places where they kicked themselves. It's getting away from early touches and I think they can beat them he shot downfield that was Miki. You know media's blatant kind of code and too little bit in the eighties it. I'm not from known spots you're getting themselves in the third and long. You know liking it and you know one top team in the league on third on third down I think. They do it was it was shocking how they were right on the field and scripted plays from the first drive in that. Everything just panicked right now and you just got to tip your my. You know it's and there are and making. I've been coaching staff that they that they one day. You know the rams take that don't experience that he would be happy with them again in the post he. Now Joseph on the that you brought on third down and audits it is that when you have sustained drives that you patrolling the temple McCain. That you humans to the ran the third down there last in the NFL last season. At 31 and a half percent and then all of with and they ride a party 8%. But they went back to what it war. In the past being like 3233%. I against the vikings the reason why bring this because. That's been so what happened Nate let me Hewlett think I'll let you know the level 13 down offense since 2006. Not Tom Brady the patriots. The New Orleans Saints. You don't know 13 down offense last year and you all think so right now we've had a public gain at 50%. But that hasn't been the case I'm just tell you right now to watch out you we get out third down often though Roland like we've done all right decade. The ram this kind of feeling to think none other having that success on third down what you can possess the ball not turn it over. No especially now police are able to get short yardage to that. You know in the running game clicked and you know what that reason is on pace to mom. You know Asia completion percentage mark so there there's certain control buttons are too often the you know I have been able to control scheme for much of the season with the things he. You know kind of the race how the rams reacted or you know it is to losing that control. On on Sunday and mania in really I re watched the game today. And they just the the vikings have all of them but often is that he typically look he wants to. The impact and keep skiing and was one under pressure but that pressure wasn't having an effect trickling out of it. Moved in the change in the -- looking at the ball all day. You know that's why they're down so important. If you don't have success on third down and not and have the ball. Today thanks so much for joining us tonight we really appreciate it it's a noble game this week that it will be high score but the thanks so much how money. I'm in Portland but that you joked.