Previewing Saints-Jets with Deuce

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 13th

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to preview this weekend's Saints-Jets showdown, then The Advocate's Scott Kushner joins the show to talk all things Pelicans, including tonight's game hosting the Milwaukee Bucks.


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And the great on the all time making process for the Ole miss rebels and New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister is in the house. As a Digisette LSU basketball tonight the pelicans in action taking on the Milwaukee Bucks. And we have a lot to get to final four to 60187. Operating jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot com we are asking you. If the saints may deploy elsewhere see do you think the saints will only 2345. Or six you can cast your vote on line. At WWL dot com long weekend dues collecting go getting back to work today now the New York Jets come to town a without the Mets civil looking at this week news. One what is thanks really have to you know do what they do as far as controlling the ball take care of the ball. But just really playing good defense as well I mean this is going to be a physical matchup you look at dead even to lie you updated to 34 base defense but when you look at that defensive front. They have allow. The talent B now they had played well at times but that defense is one it's really really talented and you talk about secondary. Particularly with the safeties that they have Jamar Adams returning back in Marcus and Marcus made. Both of those guys are rookies to both of those guys are really really talented players. So for the saints. The waiting game. You know don't let this seemed hang around and build some confidence or be able to give a fumble or interception or or or give. Some time to return. And hit it in the kicking game you know you you wanna take any confidence that they have and take away right now this team had played well on the road anyway though there's air this team is. Although own a road known and all around your home they've been laid at home they play really well but worn down the road going into the confidential. Now dues woody woody know but this guy and I think he's from temple to a vital hype browsing Powell the running yet Powell Colin Powell and his nobody's BI. And BI LL vial. Is it got. If he has a lot of Carrey's. His numbers you would be you would be really and stood by his his yards per key area has always been off to charge so he's a big play threat. But it was never did four yards a carry and I'll do is with the rays. I brought it up. Because you know we all know what marking remains those. If you look at the last two seasons. That gains a 150 plus yards from scrimmage. Mark Ingram is the fourth and is number six in the NFL he's dummy wool mart has had four games like that he's had three yeah so that's one thing. A you'd already gonna rely upon him. But you don't you think that there's no what you got to forge brides petty to make plays in the past and he got led the jets run. Yeah Waterloo what you wanna do you wanna take him away and he got to take math for Taylor right there's a home coma from mad so you wanna take Matt Forte away and then you have to take power away. From them as far as running you know it. Bryce data unit that they don't wanna move the pocket for him they're gonna wanna give him on me is they're gonna wanna make it simple form may be go one to read. Take the tide in the big tied in a way and then you know they have a obviously big play receiver but you know I think we we should be okay. If our corners owner game him in because at times you can go Palin will put eight in the box will leave our corners one on one. There's some different things that Dennis will be emotional but the end of the day. Census have to excuse. Now this was innocent and the jets seem like they've always been this time the team. The last three seasons that you look at top rushing defense the number six overall. As far as that you know being able to stop the run. And a look at the category who who they compared to like Carolina near Seattle slew got you don't Tennessee's that you got to look at. There comparison so. They are hopeful that we can run the ball I think chemo balance in Nixon and up. But look at Ed defense silly double what I thought was innocent and how they rush the quarterback. Do you look at this year. They like to in four as far as NFL inside linebackers sack leaders. By the Mario Davis has four and a half Daryn only has three. Both of those are as fast yet those guys good interior line legs they get a blitz and to get after drew and I thought that was in his and they had like seven nasdaq's total yes so it if on the saints. But I don't have a deal would it would widow would have big package and I'd go what must it softened to linemen are girls thirteen would two tiny history tied into that. I make those land back an hour straight up. I make those linebackers have to play down he'll you don't won't implant allowed a sock sock you know that they could probably play in space as well so you don't put them in space make it in. Make them have to cover receivers and not necessarily running backs. Nowadays you brought him listen local of favorite you know slide Al to lane I think even claimed as a whole town Lake Charles. That being Matt Forte I did not know does that mean it is unbelievable. You look at the past decade. You know only Darren Sproles has more pass receiving touchdowns and Matt Forte and. On us not to browse and I mean you look what he was he was everything to Chicago before he came over Toledo area a doozy that's 11 scrolls had thirty. He's headed Jamaal Charles Danny wood head yeah. But he had Matt Forte that's why you look even really up and days he's still. As the Packers ignorant about he still wanted to best leader and always yes all right that's our pros body Indians. Gone to a 7 o'clock Dyson and their misunderstandings out to be an issue sports network chemistry basketball. Vs Houston night here on WW. And welcome back without rose Bobby eBay and Deuce McAllister IND Bolivia saints a huge favorite this week. Sixteen points not a big lines this week when you look at it so double digit lines taking place this week. You have Minnesota double digit favorite over Cincinnati that's Carney in eleventh Jacksonville as eleven point favorite over Houston this thing to sixteen point favored. Over. The New York Jets though to the big ones and. That it. While doing anything you think. That was you know the top three this week a division game shows you boy how things can change quickly from once he's a bit of a Jacksonville. Yeah like who's playing quarterback for Houston ranked you know you look at savagely hit its all parties quiver and this is shaken. And in not having the Shawn Watson but yet the jaguars. The jaguars I don't know who's to beat Blake Boras as of lately he's done. That. And a bit with the Pittsburgh won at Pittsburgh. The jaguars a one of those team and they smacked the Seahawks on all of the home gave it kind of these shadow of their own game that you don't like I think how we beat Carolina at their own game. So I don't know treated Jackson goes what are those like. The scary thing because I think they got a good team and avoid Boras is playing well the day that nobody was the play and. Others scared up until a quarter and got him because if the quarterback is all men yes. They they they can be you know a lot of teams throughout NFL there defense keeps him in any game just because a defensive front is so good and you know they have the ability to be in play Amanda mania rams at one corner. And image played it paid off form. With. Give the quarterback from Houston that we were to connect but boy yeah boy EA and so you know it. Then it's paid off form we know for nick can do and it paid uncle is Campbell a lot of money do it. Maybe he's even been unbelievable photo yesterday and he is definitely worked with the pain and had a five games of the season to go Maas said there is and in their these president definitely in her to run defense to mean because run defense was one of these questions. That you have about Jacksonville but I mean. It Els welcomed on quarterback play Canaccord today you know make plays on third down you don't do is. How we think a lot of more how highly we think you're him. You don't might be the best guy everybody as far as consistency answered the bell game and he came out Jalen Taylor Ramsey resident and a lot of stuff yeah and reduce heat heat heat. He crazy however I think. The NBA did you play it. That's the phones go let's go to homicide Harold panel thank you for calling WW. This embody the question for you have a guy. Hebert you know audit all the practice squad played here plays there. And then a week thirteen Jamaal branch. It was of the Panthers Wii remote is and we before we play then he goes to our arrival. How. Capable need to tell our rival our whole playbook what we're gonna do what Drew Brees and do it or not all at all. Obviously no. Greeted telling. The wider secret that part of the running back. Corporate about our. You can't be competent. Help new. Wire problem. Would be could be. He can't keep an X clear from stone remains what decides would do they would have wrecked regular calls. In and you have dummy call I mean there and so if he only know who's a certain calls are certain hand signals what is the saints signed him up that week. Yeah he's an addict and you guessing and then you give her correcting code you disk image wronged in a cozy got to look Beckett do you I would think and well you just told me. When he does his hand signal is this in this information and somatic Kia Johnson and it's a slamming go. And so you know that lose my most of the teams are. And that's what makes NFL so much different from a college team yes they change offense or signals. A lot of times particularly when they know they have someone that's been in the building. That's gonna tanks that's gonna switch and then you have to remember also. Well there you look very good example with the desire to occurred over a perfect example and I told the the ignorance you know was Lanka the falcons' practice squad Jarrett grace. It both those so you don't think can think about if there's a quarterback in this vein system been here for whatever years. And in all studies that Atlanta a bigger trying to get some kind of edge but the saints know they Gary grace and is in those meetings what would the falcons and and and and they'll pick his brain but is not as much advantage as you think you know life and. And it does help light would summerall and run calls amicus somewhere it's for the dolphins a lot and often to Lyman and I've got to change. But you know he would have to tell the defense alive they look when officers lie and says this this is what they're trying to do right. But you have to understand a lot of times there may be dummy calls as well. And and so when you goes dummy calls it dead defense thinks it's one day and it may guess role. And it's it's overdue and I know listening any of information to do given them from now. I won't. But boy trouble. Yucca. All brought. Ali Al Ellis played yet we that we had players that you pick their brain. And and if it kind of figure out maybe some tendencies correct but it wasn't like you you were gonna bank when it. I mean is still going to be discipline and what you have to he better be yeah yeah you can't that you can't get a thousand that you can't be taking chances are you might get lucky now and then. A lot of times you also could it could be negative go into where. What you thought you that you knew was coming and then you put yourself out of position you get burned. File on owners. Thank you operate their. I am I so much for the call 260 warning Cindy. You can take this and 87870. Would do so despite all the talents. Coaching carousel has come a much settled down. And a good chance that the fourteen playoff in New Orleans gets a big win Alabama and Clinton for a third time he said did she reduce its fourth. Right to play in the master Timmy Tim game against either Oklahoma and Georgia the site to pretty good match ups in the semi file. Should be two pretty good match ups you know you one thing that you know Clinton will travel and I don't know how excited Alabama is Fortis game. That's the biggest question mark that you have and it's a long time both teams out long time to prepare follow one another. And I think for Alabama what's critical for them is they get three players spent. Particularly linebackers. And so for them to have those players back and healthy it's comical world of difference for the defense. And you think about it too reduced this is the first time in a long time Alabama is the fourth. Falcons in the fourth well in that way is looking to give me. Yeah Alabama is looking beginning in because you know obviously we know the argument was whether it's in the Ohio State or whether it's Alabama. But Alabama is lucky to give me we understand it made it they didn't play they didn't win a division they didn't play for the division. You know so. But there's good news good good good spy. Yet they don't let this talk about can write you season are right the ship. If Alabama Nick Saban is thirty telling him look we will next two games be national champs. I'm yeah I hit a dozen lemon yeah it doesn't matter how well you know I'll I once did he have Erie and gets it in the hunt. Outright along with the as Mattel send Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia still alive yet to come close deuces take tonight on the many people videos look. One of the top two teams behind Cleveland and Boston in the east. The Milwaukee Bucks right there they're in town and I think on the New Orleans pelicans goddess that's a knicks bullets talk until 739 to one hand things off to LSU basketball right here on WW. Some rain the New Orleans pelicans for the advocate in the attic in dot com Scott Custer joins us now tonight it's would be kings in the 1414. To seven and seven home to see in the New Orleans pelicans and attain the fifteenth tee and Milwaukee Bucks and Scott this is this a good match up mean think about who's coming in down one at top teams in the east against a mid level team in the west try now and you know what when you look at 28 games into the season if the pelicans are gonna become a team that is better at home and needs a stolen now. That's been a major problems here we have 500. Really hamper you go forward if you wanna be a playoff team Mecca true contender. To get home court. You have to go you know deputy almost 70% at home and right now they're the per I don't know what that is a major problem dropping in the Sacramento. For sure that that's well. So this is we got the Nike got away at BP that probably on papers that do. But there's really knows he can't win this game Tucker bill. Now us cut looking at the play a Jrue Holiday obviously adds one more. When you scored a career high 36 points in the 131 it would if you lost the rockets. He's fifteen of Swanee. But the question I have as why does it seem like. And you look I guess you could have a lot of what are too many weapons I don't know that's. You know maybe can bring that down but. Look at it and getting Davis with the abductor injury he just say as I Jrue Holiday he had a season high 37 points. That he's been moreover why group playing with a bogey cousins. And then haven't these type regained some verses. When Anthony Davis is not on the court. Sure I mean you know two degree that is you know they asked him to kind of take over that. And he he said that as well they've they they're turn and indeed score and he's taken the ball to a you know it helps when he hit threes opted. A particularly common threats credit tire career. Well he's shooting well right now he also attacking Andy's. They can the most of the opportunity. You seem stretchy in his tenure or Tory too really good for 567 games in time intend to keep creep back to the median. If he can maintain this you'll let. Third weapon and a really good perimeter player to add to that there's two guys and there's not an eighteen maintain it just. The question of. Whether it can kind of break that trend of a kind of regret signaled it. But right now as hot as it's ever been they needed him so badly. And you know if the second best offer as they see it December it really work they're going to the back court a lot more they work. And it is restaurant that has completely changed radically simple case. And not finding great shop everywhere and that's really been a huge benefit. Scott when you look at dispel a contain. Over the next stretch of let's just say ten games right now I think going into last night. Maybe two and a half games separated four through not. Can this team be a team that goes on a run less say over ten game stretch in goes. Six and 47 and three you know can they be consistent you know and it's not from the offense is scoring standpoint. Because we've collected they have enough scorers. But it's the defense of me and where they cannot slip up against teams that the mass close solution. And the defense has been a problem on it like related genes vehicle stated used to affix. But that. War because position the in the NBA this box. And that it really the problem at this point which have not stopped at speeds. And it otherwise or all it's been more than good enough to deal it's wintry cheered. And we've seen in just blow its second week for the camping on socialist in the in the game. That's been a problem and I think they'd shown the potential in the ability to play with anybody in the NBA and that. Each scene that gives you nice blue print to say yeah this can be done at this cheese can string it together but nothing to do and not scared sheep that they. Unlike the past. Years they're not so riddled with injuries and not so the rest of the talent that he dated. That they can't do they obviously India they have. The ability. They just you know a couple things all played. In desert like givens but they are certainly doable and I think guys are very good sign for the. Now Scott you look at the grind of the NBA I would play their seven game in the last eleven days it on the play the rockets on Monday night. And then you look at it you would think well they kind of just hovered around 500 maybe even a little less bit right now you would get a number six seed in the west despite going three and six over the last nine games and but to me thank god for Rondo. Look at thirteen gains or Rondo when he started let's talk to my Jrue Holiday what he's averaged like 22 and a half points. And he scored at least 33 of the last five games. So it is Rondo. Is the obvious you know I guess the proof of putting is truly that much of a difference may here's a facilitator. Offensively absolute. It snowed out. Not only. One point caller is so that he is worried that your holidays become such a board corrections scored much more correct what that. Opt for this the fault that. And that he might be you know negatively affect men defensively at the same. I can see Gil. Older guy troubles there for everybody the same time he's been. Well really rock solid part of this awful and see the pace to score make he's been in it ought to you'll see him. Outlawing the spot for guys are needed to act up more wants to get them moving and it's obvious that this team is better when their boo. And he is in them than made up proposed. And it's really paid off and the scored on a point the questions Caylee but on the other side. And turn. What he would already be decent piece of the waiters scored all but need to have a he that is a true contender that four spots. Scott Kushner a day average Indiana did that time previewing tonight's game it's who became senate the pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks got would you working on hasn't been the key though we don't social media. Sure there have let's stop on the news pelican not that they're the advocate. So they keep up on Twitter got B Kushner and I'll be within these guys. To think. And I Scott when you look at the game tonight and I'll follow this individual in high school could pull my youngest son queue of little brother. They want the stage damage of a great Atlantic Christian in 2010. That being Malcolm broaden. I think he was runner up rookie of the year last year he was a season long haired and area a University of Virginia. So audio that check out Malcolm bronco about a great kid he is almost too good to be true I know Jason Kidd. Or your. Yeah area is actually ordered out fired and Scott quit fussing about those timeouts that second hand it. The first and it never I never. Thought that we have waited. Scott did you hear from you thank you so much. I apology to listen and and thank you for calling WW. How old golf ball. Whether they chew out McNamara being worth sixty points I. In this week's game. Play your weapons notice should not sit him I mean if he's healthy enough to play he needs to play. You know I can understand maybe using him more as a decoy. But you got to play where does that mean because right now the saints are not qualify for the playoffs the safety to qualify for the playoffs so if you need to take risks in your hurt. Then you sit down but as you can play you got ahead of everything all hands on day. Right and I'd do is what you say human Andy at different moves and I don't know what he's been cut five or six times right there is so that would tell me. That and his feet and is growing McCallum ask fine dealing with a concussion I don't know content above goes on and on and we 'cause against the Hendricks and you look at George Johnson had betrayed the got a couple weeks yeah they're going in that direction. So you can sieges like Bozell and not. Who'd all the sons on the active roster are who they sign silly what happened the previous game or. That's our resident tells Bob ABA Deuce McAllister here on weekdays right here on WW. For the premier basketball programs in the nation will be in town that the day before the falcons and the saints play on Christmas Eve this is said he December 23 it's going to be keying senate. The first game as of Ohio State in action against sun North Carolina and then they do you have UCLA. Against Kentucky we'll speak with all four of those coaches so forthcoming tonight mystique with the coach Coleman's Ohio State Kenyan native will have called Troy Williams on. Coach Alford and coach tell a parent is so I'll be showcasing it. As big time basketball in the Big Easy youth aren't in their a good opportunity to take a look at those teams and you know when tournament time counsel for the most seem to be right Goodson is Cindy Lou. Got some blue blows in you know to be able to have that classic going home. I think it's gonna be also for your CD and to see any sports fans nationally televised ahead as well and so. You know you looking at guys that will be featured in the first round and home this coming year after March Madness book. I'm excitable try to make their game one please both loaded double header. Yet is good though as you intend it we can do some shopping didn't cents on holiday of course in town for the saints and the falcons and I wanna take that out. Our onset dates who the teen son Drew Brees coming up in the about a forty minutes here we'll have him for QB to QB and LSU basketball. It's 730. But loyalty to the basketball news last night about not taking a look Philadelphia in Minnesota to ballclub has a very entertaining to watch what Dan Simmons is doing. All one savidge in early are we so are Chris step. And no New York he poured in 37 and the ball Bala Maine he's idea on the sand land with Spike Lee in the rest though and and they will go on that it was shades of the seventies mixing lake is not nearly day exhibit Lotta that pop in the garden last night you saw the knicks were in no time. Big ball a bit brain yes and so whose instinct for him to. Yeah obviously he pulled his son out the youngest one of the Muslim Melo hit already pulled him out of my high school. And then when the incident happened over in on time yeah UCLA suspended the other son I was a freshman there. Man and they only go with the way they came to speak a language ourselves in Vegas and innovative. Can't check on the first sort of fifteenth when they give mention it no. While I've never isn't it see how that works out because it going I'm tuna season to then I'm going to metropolitan area that is that international like Barcelona London. Our prior Lithuania. My understanding that the pound away they're going is like country compared to LA and. Duke it's different it's it's it's Kobe definitely different Armey. They take Jerry housing they they put you with a translator in mid may take care you travel as far as a car service is is is concerned. One thing that's gonna help its two Brothers and so you know that the beach numerous that's what they lost they had until they wanna get better which both of them need to get better. To be prospects truce prospects but the NBA because apparently the kid UCLA. He wouldn't even on the radar you know as far as being on drafted in the first two rounds and so. For hill this is a great opportunities are there they're visiting nobody. It's it's pro ball but from my understanding. It's probably equivalent to the three probe also is not even how level being the one competition. Rat Wright is of Arlington and it's true developmental. League is not a subtle but it I mean they get paid bit they'd be trying to develop their talent correct. I mean Charles Barkley threw me out of listen to me Charles volleys his because mine and you really can't tell. People how to manage their kids are how the raise their kids but Charles barf. Margaret was right on. You're getting on mobile me I her children also auto loan could but you I'm tired of these he just like her son and in the media around the turn and kids in the value is that he was on the I. Our landlord gave to puzzle deduce his take on some other big NFL games coming up there's some big win Saturday including the charges and the chiefs the first place and a Hennessy Louis. Our review for you reduce continues to 639 in Drew Brees at 640 LSU basketball at 730 right here on WW.