Previewing Saints-Bills

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, November 9th

Deke goes behind enemy lines ahead of the Saints' road trip to Buffalo with Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio, then Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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Right not coming up this hour. Welcome back we go on location at quotas on how we're going to be these things with saints special team needs and land back Michael Mullen boy. Very good stuff help them Michael not only but Tuesday's. It's night on the skip before meant to view. The Modi name keep it up it had it down. But what he deal with health wise last year really dipped on the horrific examples and Michael commute between 13140. Angel said that got that corrected and the focus on that first in the had a really reach sit and do everything completely over how. But wait that Cologne. Condition. It would take Leo that Manson. Get back up to what he could physically. This equalized be able to play well again and in the course that is typical by the black gold. A couple weeks go back in action with the saints will fizzle Michael next up coming up at dot respects out dispatcher will be when this Bill Sadler reporting what occurred to me if that would create your and it works out a couple WG off topic in buffalo. The Buffalo Bills all perfect for Italy home in Orchard Park in new air. New era state. Would they make it five straight all what they go to fort point five and three they've not lost a game by more than seven points. This week course of that. Feel broken 93. To Carolina earnings season what I think both teams like a terrific deal with all this talk to a team so we'll see what happens. But in New York on Sunday pops out go behind an ambulance about that bit about an hour walk. QB QB replay it with Drew Brees as always and number two in Iraq was 260 rates in the you can text us. An 878 simply operated dad walked that your pool is available for online at WW dot com asking you. About the blacking go and the upper ago. That those saints corner road they'd take on a book a Sunday to tickle the buffalo team its four go home with the saints in the first laws. At home on both of them this season since the 54 game Tupelo line. At WW AO. That time audio make it some noise in the suites the seats you know. And a certain season we played it it is to crawl it depicted prayer says. Throw appears bill that went head hoisted. But. There's also overseas that are on going including basketball season right now you'll pelicans or looking to get their first fourteen inch. Between the longest. Two since 2000 they've won their first three games on this road swing and now. There. Basically the indicate to four. These include them all the fruit streak of road road trip of the that they will have another full game road trip but that's it. And eight days. Four different places the pelicans won the first three. So they eroding as of right now. You think about it if plane extremely well they get contributions if you take them out but Darius Miller he's playing well. As of late Scott Goodson who witnessed and done time. Of may be we lean on. To look over the pelican don't databases that the greatly out every day talk about the game breakdown in vote to turn around it. Basketball baseball hockey goes pop by a game that's extremely soft. Ought to a forum where it you know in football we have a week pretty much prepared. And you know this one game week you know at seven game seven basin that now pro football you do that team to play. A couple of games it seven days if they get it there tonight or depending on Monday and Sunday. But you talk about four games in the week the union be unity have curtailed to it Saddam but. That is the the own name but the pelicans tonight. It's a big one and there is minute mile and Anthony Davis right now when you look at some of them just continues to be oppressive but he cousins and so all of to a hot story. But right now Anthony Davis 56. Offensive rebound to seeing games this season. He beat the Indians second chance points now. Second chance points is the formal cost them on the talk about the epic that those guys like the petitions. How quickly can. Read fan I don't read them but keep this ball that the Kenosha a sick eighteenth soulful. And it a lot of times you'll see him panel where they are. All right Elaine the pain in there they immediate detonate it to him on the ball twice the shot they'll come down people they granted me try to put it means to be it. 56 offered to revamp the team game and right now he's that are interior scoring with two huge. Lot of people talk about way Dave gets pushed around. On those if he's third interior scoring that is in fact. Interior inside enclosed area. 160 points. Only two had him on the retreat. Mode and not hype that's his name. Janice. And Travis Outlaw yeah on earth and the combo. There you go and what that moment no idea what put me on the spot would make you be doing in the honest answer to come up. See there you go all of those they called retreat could use the Rio deal. Put Milwaukee books and LeBron James so those the only two that the company. And many people feel that the obvious as box is its own arrives we'll be top five this season as follows top it this far is in the NBA. So he's enact company so you got two front man nothing from me for uncle that playing extremely well right now cousins and Davis is to be big for him. Put them through Gainesville 500. And they local undefeated only true swing. That's big for the pal but keep it one that they want to take on radio playoff. Team in the east and if you break it down the east you simply top hat there's no question you don't want to. In the top pay so big night for the pale it's likely that they wrote streak. On the wing and hopefully come back home speaking since the coast tonight. It's with the key tonight. He's GC we would take a time out we'll come back. Itself suspect you will be with us the Buffalo Bills the 05 victory on the season they have one for all for their home games and their statement or to paw in the Connecticut fat. In this thing to look at the pin their first loss on both oil and keep it went FICO and push to set. Tough stretch for you think about it I don't know if you look at it the entire season right now and that we knew going into this season that. I'll buffalo was a tough physical team we know loss is a tough physical team and the rams you know what you think it was tough team not. They've met still will decide I don't need to remind us that they'll settle when they come in 08 saint tent dual file on. At the puppet decks that we before I became the toast now blown that with Adrian. Pompous so. This is is three of physical games consecutively for the saints boom boom boom the I think they'll face this season in a regular season. No question about it tool on the road going with buffalo we'll go behind enemy lines that next to get familiar with the Buffalo Bills. Your own home the saints and attacked at WW. Soccer flat kill a joint right now. You'll Salam report. Talk about the buffalo dios deceased who are. Salty to say the least consider it they have the most to gain board's index of lawlessness in 3421. Hits with the other two losses four to the vehicles in lost a close one vehicles and Carolina in week 293. But they are perfect at home. At their stadium it's now this the buffalo team up to it plays well at home. Telephone last week on Thursday night tell us that are about to experience of the deals. All fit so we know that they you know does the team that it's become accustomed to physical match ups the past they played saint extremely tough especially that's out of football. But stalled on offense that I find it Tyrod Taylor is it protect the. All extremely well right now. Yeah actually that they ended and the old are his career early in the artery in the pac he has very very few exceptions. Throughout his career he's kind of like peeking in here but he's. Much more athletic than your typical teenager to a lot of very tough situation but he does take care of the football on the downside is in its hunt chances. You know he doesn't like to throw it coverages he'll he'll build on before he uses receiver yet that's apparently what we get a ball and that's going to be interesting edition of Kelvin Benjamin. That you guys over well in them down there yet he proper so long. That's a guy you want to throw to him when he covered sometimes but he could be interesting Mary pat regular protect the football and tried to make that decision. Salad that's and I issue that we talked about are this season's you know it goes mate some moves in I think if I'm appeals fan right now of course you know midway point season. I'm extremely excited about what's going on now but also note the picks that they behave what they have to report to the future. But they do bringing killed a bit of minutes of right now told played exciting it's meeting in receiving. We know they have a call out the back Theo. How do you look fact that you think could it be to its feet in the big physical guy watt by. In two. This passing offense in thinking he'd be someone that makes a difference in and make some little boy did she say where. Tyrod Taylor thinks a little lessons as you know anomaly rip bubble orbit. Yeah I think so I think really what it's gonna do is. Again that he's the true number one wide receiver and at the guy on the outside there they get any like in obviously as you know in the they had. He's really made his living in the slot in Philadelphia. Economical for the lot he's simply a site that they don't as a rookie who's probably going to be out that we currently in the injury last week still out in the eighty pressure being. Number one and number two receiver equipment and they put on hold it inside and outside you'll now. And Jordan meant you'd in the pot adding just move those. Pieces to put it more quickly than after position but the other thing it's really in the view. If you recognize that. Lightly in the bill's strength release their run game and I think now on the ball nearly effectively this year and that was on weight while he's still as elusive as ever. It's early because they're seeing it in boxes every week will now with the addition of Kelvin Benjamin and also by the way Charles Oakley is most likely gonna return this week to the lineup I think you seem much different the law. The Buffalo Bills I've been very hurtful and no it home they looked at the Pratt reports that when it top offensive lineman Richie can veto. I did not practice today. Talked about dealing with an ankle injury. Also talked about that practice it they went receive as they Jones and left tackle. According cleaned but you know. They've been some guys from these parts that have got it done extremely whale. What you think about it and go you know the daily issue days and I mean may practical back but right now about how we and sent. The by the numbers there I think it's you know there's been anybody follows Seymour a daily basis so that it would games. I would think that they've got to be very excited of what they've seen thus far and you look statement he's just a rookie of the eighteenth of the season. What the fit the spectre white at LSU. Absolutely not only impede a future while they were here buffalo that a unit summit coming up in years. There haven't been many really great players the organization. If college that played for winning organization he'd be considered among the best in the league every year but because he's in buffalo is that recognition. He is really truly great but I'd much previously even if he would. Has been as good as anybody pepper may be marked on Lattimore now you guys out early this season the bills traded down again after perk from the pilgrim. Pretty displays that if they know you'll you'll get kicked out of the house pop into the locker this week. He said he LD girl I think an interpreter read and it's been a whistle they can't make that. Well that figure that think that we can write it that I don't know Providence that will be but he wants to make them happy that's for sure. Now the putts sap. Quickly have got about a meeting that what you see at the big risky it is capable hello. Well I really think it's getting the defensive secondary back on track in. Slowing Drew Brees down you know you're not if doctor Reid obviously that immediately. Making them work for every our discipline but don't break defense though a lot of big play maker read that offense to work their way on the field and open to Google and again. So out let everybody know that they keep up with you on social media could bottle didn't say it gives me with the Buffalo News. Now more on Twitter I appreciate though it could be out again thank you. South thank you so much with talk to you over the weekend. I think you. Like WTO facet in buffalo. Well at 32 in Theo Realnetworks have a report that deals out there but you and silently buffalo vetoes it he's perfect. Boy you know at home in new mayor stadium in orchard upcoming Olympics are between a QB QB we come with it we Drew Brees. In in all Michael Moore well out here who goes on that it will applauded and coming out Jonas. Check out all the gains they get the game won by a big between theater in Arizona also has details on as they take on Toronto. And it could take up the college football game tonight whose real peak and off here and I'm not coming up. But up next we'll have the CBS news in the local news. And welcome back to forge stuff. As a New Orleans Saints getting should take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday it's time now for QB to QB Albert to come SH which saint quarterback Drew Brees in QB QB he's brought him back. Go auto the low low cost auto insurance and Townsend addiction center treatment treatment centers. Drew big vitriol the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Manny does it seem like to start was just. Electric you did did a big help the special teams almost out like this dog to the lions game to get a big boost like dead drew. And only a busy give body's feeling good did odds and what is it proud history rise really really goes into that teams they were that starts off that way. Listen I don't know about obviously offense we do about it's pouring cement. If that bought blocked part the result of Prussia and all the bad as a Garcia every every phase of the game yeah I mean every phase between the offense it's forced because it's a big stop and then smashed into the choke out let's that's. Suction. And vidro a look at where first quarter nine to zero a lot of four balls to left to play. And the defense gets all of the field. And it took third in aids situation this is truly a bomb when I mean Bob bomb. Why could see how frustrated you are I I know I was frustrated. And I'm talking about the deep ball to Ted Ginn junior. Did he just so lose it in the lights for the same leg is going to be on target like you never tracked the ball well what happened on that particular play. Because. All of a sudden ended that then it could've been like sixteen to zero. Yeah I'm whose mood I missed the you know there's some very action today. That route in Nevada pressure coveted. That the tension could not remember all the open. They ruled compute the second and visit our coaches that are kind of step up Abiola. Place that all of to a point where you gotta you gotta throw afford to look at. And in you can adjust to track and then catch it and I've been to provide some. Now drew to me this is a cutter Miami old school Pierre Thomas kind of coaching clinic. Break into that screen to Cabrera 33 yard touchdown. We go seven plays 93 yards. And but boy in the 55 seconds Levin the second quarter she knows tribe of Florida have to make it sixteen to three in the first have. You have a dollar a gallon to marriage in ten yards a touch she's really an NFL right now. At six yards. Per rushing attempt. So the bottom line and those they've got to get the short double digit touches in this guy's hands that. Just talk about this green because nobody showed great balance and and I cutter remind me broad total team effort on on and actually executing the screenplay. There was Iraq. That was. You know I think broad arms that it come out of the game I think. He accused come out they talk about getting it it's gone out again and so Josh were reboots came in regard any interest people got tackle him. You know I think. Bet that next play we are on the screens and both of those bitter Revis gets out back skipped out. And makes some great blocks down the field and and then now obviously those great individual effort at times. Breaking tackles and almost going down but it now able to stay out demand. By comets come up with a big you know kind of touchdown making blocks right there about a five yard line. That they got got out of those so it was a great effort on the part while ago. Now jeweler get mad how to third quarter Sagan have started to keep the momentum in the crowd into the game. Benefits factory is in no with a zeile Woody's shoulder. And a defense give the ball back in your hands in very very explosive you go sinks blaze. 72 yards. A little over three minutes to make it 23 to three. And of the point numbering in is that all of a sudden. Being being very opportunistic bond ballot but his best game of the saints uniform because of fumbled banjo recovers. On the disparity told Jay Howard throw. But then terabyte explosive plays. That is kind of a blitzkrieg. Of football version they do it again thirty siege yard touchdown and seven seconds. And now before you know it it its butt isn't on the ten minutes edges of the third quarter just started and were around thirty to three. Yeah I mean that's how. That's the big sequence of events right there like is that you know we we we develop our first possession get first out of sequence of that would be huge turnover river capitalized very quickly. Yeah we had a moment of that pack up and at that point. They're just let repercussions so quickly. Got Lisa that change the dynamic of the game good you know just a mile. Now I drew fans and that's me that's Obama lives through. You know you always spread the wealth and saved like eight 1011 different receivers a game you look at who's targeted who's actually make you recessions. This year sim lake has been more six to eight. Receivers and they've actually. What would sub Willie seemed Snead wide drew that throwing the ball. To Willie's been more he has one catch eleven yards and and I know you trust really considering in the past on third down the movement changed and accommodation. And a guide together. That kids who were gonna tell offense held out an album that I said I don't know we got a bunch of weapons and and I know release the I think will contribute as you go forward. Yeah element you mind that we missed the first five games. He also I think he'll be out for that period time and come back in it and then kind of finding role. That kind of thing that's ever expanding as we go along here is going to be more more all. Could obviously he's he's been a great player forests for the last few years. But you know we you have you have a lot of guys a lot of weaponry a lot of pieces that. The game to game you really don't know out shake out I looked back like in north properly. Two opportunities to throw Willy the ball you know where he was maybe. Second in the progression and that it just went to the guy who is. First the progression right Kamal that you know when it was open. It only got open. And that should kind of the way it goes sometimes. You know you're. If you're. But I like called are being made or here. Or to try to feature ever been in the ball is it just happens. Now drew a look at the Buffalo Bills obviously it's always tough in the NFL odds to win on the road. And I was kind of look and Ed that where they're at as a team. They've been outstanding sick in. Quarter and particularly the fourth quarter also they've been also ahead in the third quarter. But they've been outscored 33 to six. In their first quarter how important it is considering the environment. Then you're able maybe to get off to a fast start and and he decried obligate. I'll look at and then B plus eleven I know we won three straight games being minus one I would say well that's that are winning formula we minus one. Against the bills but the one thing with the bills and plus eleven. That. They also outstanding. In and then you what you did is agreed turn overs but they had the third fewest. Would only six giveaways. So not only already taken the ball we would they're protecting it. Yeah it was some. There are seen in those the formula or Sean McDermott who is director would be a coordinator Carolina. So. You know he's brought. A great mindset there. But they got the playmaker saw its the quarterback Tyrod Taylor Israel and have a great season. Obviously she's always been exposed player they got killed this hour as well. They've done a great job on the ball making some big plays the action is also take care of the ball. Then defensively they take it away I think seventeen times and most probably. You can buy those Jews that Bobby see that there are those guys are top of the league intercourse that it turnover ratio. And it's been a huge factor a lot of ways and judo teacher on the tape especially games played up better if they've been it would take the blow its video just that it set up. You know big momentum changes are they went through that the other there between all of bite out of play extremely well there. So as to Rio work out where we don't stop by play especially is that it right now. Now drew before again I go bill's question I'm very distinct from a fan and it says that against though I'll probably watch it at home on TV. From 7711. And says there was a point. They showed drew on the sidelines the gonna die iPad and he seemed very first treated. Ask him what he was upset about what the DC that he maybe could share with the fans. Hit a who has got a broad question. Out of after mr. that suspect accused of so it might have bit of about it. And so I was themselves. There was a what a whole lot else would be greatly upset about that game you know there's not a good example of yeah I was upset about this that I. Yeah you always drug approved for perfection and then. Especially. Boy when you look at the momentum and ended when you've got him down kinkle ended down so to speak. So I deadly you'd see how that could first treat you as a quarterback. But now drew look at that day elements. Obviously. The food doesn't wanna play in the Mercedes-Benz superdome especially. The level of the that you that you play that when now you look at buffalo. And always say did you correct me if I'm wrong. But I think. When you look at buffalo lists they can be. Aware recycled and up to us know what it's like high thirties a little parties and it's raining. As that bag in a fake maybe I you throw the ball. But I always thought that play in those conditions. And a place like buffalo with the wind coming off the lake. That is more of the winds a factor of the morning any other thing as far as the temperature ours and wet or dry. Always thought and to resume I bring that up because by Mitchell was Joseph Ferguson. From university Arkansas before Jim Kelly. And he told me he'd be leading. The NFL. In past the first two words he courtesy not Iraq and it would get there to saint when he come November December and buffalo. Yeah. The assembly and it is what it is you know that as a sort of those places where it's pretty unpredictable and so. It out immediately. If you don't Erica. Hillary over the last. Twelve years you know I mean obviously we put the power of what we go on the road you know we get just. So last year we got a lot of the circuit there's conditions were being brought that replaces. So you just take it becomes. You know dealing with the wet weather be it. The way and you'll obviously. Yes sometimes that affect the game plans. Right now we're tortured or buy a lot of times you just you just don't know how it's affecting your two year to you get there but certainly use what you prepare for. For whatever can be. Now drew. A long look in that what you accomplish. This is not an opinion is just the fact. We got to be proud of that you're looking NFL history. That you've thrown the most touchdowns in a particular stadium. Morning the other quarterback so. I mean you might be an old man. Barely hanging on our like he had a 108 year old man no longer run giving all a pep talk but. To me. That the Mercedes-Benz superdome Drew Brees goes hand in hand considering that no other quarterback in NFL. Has thrown more touchdowns. A stadium. Yes that's that's pretty cool you know. Basically all it got the code of course. You know nobody has blocked it will never got. It's. I thought great memories of we we were able to make you more. QB QB has brought you by the go auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatments and construed. Thank you so much for the time I looked you in the black and go Sunday and buffalo. A group.