Previewing LSU-Miss. State + QB To QB

Bobby, Deuce & Deke break down the weekend's college football slate including LSU-Mississippi State, then Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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Well be more disappointing LSU loss at Mississippi State or a say it's only one point blowout home loss to the patriots it's a pretty jaguar opinion poll. You can vote online at WWO dot com back down to the phones we go let's go to Minnesota accord dale Kordell thank you for calling WW rail. They are. All right Cornell which Claude used to argue eligible this. That's. My. Week. On that. We were there. And we. Yet do you man you got pummeled. I. Watching. You know that they are. Right and. But you know we got over 37 again and 32 million years ago with the football. I can promise you one thing John Fox knows knows he's got some meaning because there's no way to pay next on money team that he did get him out of the app would you look at you know they'll light turns on court now you look heating over in this things that are bears he was what things pay trees and that are barely went to New England as well yeah. So what telecheck I mean come on that it will biting unity Ekene eggs get out the door. Though is that the light clicks on the different players at different times well with them like well I got to produce at all when I get paid. And as things like the bears now based on what he did against Atlanta. Kenya to as the 2000. I promise and and I can tea no came in still talk to him a little respect and love them for. A keen had a girl and he will be one of the first guys tell you that you know he probably squandered an opportunity here. In New Orleans and he just didn't didn't know what ready for. That even handed him an Alice you know you go back and look at what happened to him at LSU and how you looked at I think it was Regina college in Canada every day IA in in Canada oh yeah and so he'll tell you that. It took a little maturing and maybe weeding out some of the people that he had in his life before he says they look. I have a tremendous amount of ability and I can use that ability to be able to support myself and you know. Ma ma ma my clearly as well. There. Well lighted a pages give level and to some a couple of extras and I just told communities may want. All they can be so pretty easy call Tony what you do do is they definitely will work. That would not. That the that the article but it. But yeah the only can be so patient I mean to say like OK we can arrive Windiz guide his team gonna go c'mon he's the better it is like what every dev farm related league now episode seems a benefit. Like the bears are gonna benefit for him the majority of development NS ADP did uniform. And ended the dead at the bears wideout did dale Reid goes benefit. Jeremiah in Pensacola Florida EMI thank you for calling WW from Escambia county. Area don't. Say well I think. Biggest problem that we is it a personnel. You know all the best picture we've lived alone and let me is. You know that would extend the game BAT's sectoral. Davis though. Well curry for Ronald Powell. Hmmm do we do not a lot of place in not out but that we been we traded away Brenda we traded away congestive. And you know that would fit profit and sales and look what that we would. Well this say about hindsight now that the reason why Kenny stills thing they're trade. That does not look good wide wide dues. Balmy right now because you didn't receive OK we don't know who is a climb back and we govern the dolphins are oh you have hills well yeah and now they're now elevate. If he's playing. No bid meg Kenny stills or trade Heidi I even know that. I mean you think he's gonna contribute is when he played he was dominant on the field. He made plays but all was said he's not available I mean how can you know that you look at Doug crystal ball solidly higher at UCLA all yeah Kenny stills. This the nab it. All of noise when they did actually accomplish on the field. I don't look at data this only a bad trade we do now Ellerbe. You know you eat pizza because you look at it Jeff Ireland. You associated with the doll with the cubs to the saints. And the reason why Nadal was created because what he did and ravens defense who's always dominant and Danny comes out and elevate to the saints have dolls and a saint and you being maybe could stay healthy. No not to do is I don't know is it LL be regarded team right now and I used now what anybody right now. Because you know why big teams don't trust them and yeah I mean after the first week they had no no no one wanted to have a contract or contracts that he might dig a mug down the road. But nobody gets it a point where. Listen you got always going to be a 100%. Gary politically EU got to play when 89 neighbors say he gave his all I'm you know got a grown toenail but what I'm exaggerating was that. What about the pace so we we drafted to run. A couple of them on. What the you know only the fifth victory in Iraq. And in an inning ending. And that meant that if we do remember that. Body you have a marinade if you're doing here. Well you look at Murphy where he was drafted on the backhand that's like a free agent and now look at tray and Mendez like Pierre Thomas wearing a listen you have those kind of players that'd trade Edmonds. I mean though the UT TP three tackles and he proved why he's on the team Lou it would is covered so. Would you give him a look that they drafted that they need India know in the back in now now what you can hold the saints organization. Their feet and afar in the first two rounds though if you screw up but they'll get better right right now I get it is then that. But top three KO KO you've got to reduce that makes it. But instead. Pierre Thomas who drive an Ohio State bulletin Antonio Pittman Antonio Pittman so Timmy him. Are there domino who's the better guy and knew where it went Pierre Thomas so. I'll look at that and a backhand come on. The bad kid that liked it leg Al Mohamed Yamaha who worked out as a late round pick. To me that's almost like a free agent. Would you cannot screw up. Is like first to you said three rounds is like whether it's Andrews. Now Stanley's John Baptiste grange said that that that does grow up yet Grayson you look at all that know you gotta get those right. All right Leon Leon thank you for calling WWL. Hello Leon you're on WW help. Yeah. The unity. For. Really well once. I got a good. And when a new threat we're. And you edited receive is now 18 days and zone. And it was a pleasure any food at. They either broad. It would cause he threw it to the ground now. Okay listen my clinical man Randy calling got to catch the ball OK Leah land beyond the although immediately and I have to check you. A decade if you put you breeze behind and vikings all the sublime homage time hadn't thrown well Wendy war. Yeah you know they Drew Brees would have been at the same level if not maybe even better. Because an experienced and Sam Bradford. The point I'm making it easy look at if you put Sam Bradford and his saints uniform. With the pass rush. That you don't think that you know we talk about the Baghdad and a pocket did you know I really hitting him in the mile they can make a sandwich. I do is look at how much time Sam Bradford had to throw. Compared to Drew Brees in anticipation. So if you don't Drew Brees I mean a global war what are you and I get. He's now. You know and it's. C home. You know when he received the. OK okay alien Leon Boyd Drew Brees has done throughout his career. And trust active receivers induced and I was talking about this. You know things that you give Drew Brees did benefitted out how accurate he is that he knows where to go of the ball that maybe do receiver made the wrong cut. And he knew is when you see Drew Brees visit receiver you know I think like god Drew Brees is washed W I think you'll like. But because the ball has the lead and you've got to anticipate that the girl. So I'd have to trust their receivers what that is Ted Ginn junior Tommy Lee Lewis now obviously we don't have big spirit we've had in the past. But but and as I'm still giving Drew Brees the benefitted out when I see it sort itself target. I'm trusted Drew Brees or what are receiver. I Leon thank you come back to prison would reduce his take on a couple of big SEC games in Drew Brees in. Forty minutes here on WW. SEC football this week here before we get to that reduced the biggest one in nation this week without question. Clemson is at Louisville primetime Saturday night Louisville is a ballclub that. Really thrust into the limelight last year at this point in time when he down to Florida State their take on a Clemson team deuce. This defense looks as strong as it was mentioned come up with ten sack performance in which stays by at the very good Auburn offense. And their quarterback just on the come around but boy does it done and over doughnuts that by the name the Jackson and shin Jiang is who do you X and Jack's. And raining. How many. How has been returning Heisman Trophy winners has gotten. The least amount appraise what we talk about all the other big disrespect well when will we talk about all the other quarterbacks you know you talk about the Nadal you talk about just rolls they're not talking about to have a trophy winner so and so. This will thrust him back into the conversation I mean he had an outstanding game last week but to be able to go and beat Clemson. That's how you today Manuel well bug deacon deuce Eudora Eudora herd into Africa would show listening to. But this does is significant. You know various uneasy bag to bag gains that you have all with 300 yards passing and a hundred yards rushing grind and he's able to do that you know I think he's I get recognition. He got his ass Kagan their bowl game LSU maybe a holiday that I run a negative am or my writing I use it. Of pop moments good performance this week here below what I doubt deuce in the SEC this week a couple of notable matchups he's in west let's take a look. Once fly below the radar deuce in the east to a no. A Kentucky into an Osaka allow the winner here at target to one and all comets play and come about what it's up to allow me to know actually. And really put South Carolina as a team they don't sleep own and the list goes South Carolina named because who's I think there was 1 eastern Kentucky. Yeah days away and tell them it's gonna be 80 yeah and southern miss gave Kentucky all they won't and and they have a really good offensive team but I mean they've got to get some things figured out defensively. No they made some changes there have been. I think South Carolina offensively just can be too strong for himself. Two notable games deuce out of conference play Ole miss is that Hal out in Berkeley and Vanderbilt in Nashville against Kansas State. Yeah well you odd thing. Vanderbilt I think this is the the game that they have to prove and show that no this is almost like when a coast Franklin was there for Vanderbilt if they can beat K state. And on the wildcats and then you talk about. The only scale game I think Ole miss is gonna get lucky because cal senior running back is out demand. Everybody's been round of football rebels not against a good score a lot of points Lowell will look out the Vince say they suck too so I can be like oh shoot our way is going to be at least fortified it and many Internet now this is happening homeboy is going decal Nina he had legal battle and San Cisco in limbo with regard historically no Frisco and play piano solos and had a big tailgate like that and grow. Hi good day job in a burglary I know they'll like give full blow a lot of David really bigs both we did everything he might not. They became my night is is this as invisible as fiber in the grove. But but they call it yeah yes they do I can do so in ACC the big with its league east west east. Tennessee and Florida in Gainesville LSU and Mississippi State. Yeah. You know you eat you look at flawed in you wonder have they ever got their quarterback situation fit fit figured out that's still up to debate their defense is really really good so I think that'll carry him through. As far as playing Tennessee and and you look at the big one you know in misses the big matchup for both teams what is missing the state and north and LSU who. A lot of people find out one of the top interior he's a sophomore I think Jennifer Simmons. Relishing controlled Jeffery Simmons who plays defensive tackle but he also can kick out of being in a you know Todd Grantham who had been a Jordan he's been in Alabama he came from Lewis we'll take over this. Mr. state defense and in nicks Victor mixed. FitzGerald knows quarterbacks missing state. If they can make him make the rural. You noted he can do well in a football he can be a dime in Iran about the Ellis who's gonna make him throw the ball LSU has tremendous secondary so. They got a challenge those receivers but I think if Ellis shoe don't turn the ball over they come away with a victory there and men like a satellite Florida against Tennessee. LA's SEC east lake Colorado State is dead damn Mercer Auburn Tennessee and Florida Samper did Georgia Ole miss they tally LSU Mississippi State Purdue visits Missouri. Abducted South Carolina Louisiana Lafayette at Texas in Kansas State and Vanderbilt. Deuce is next Friday with the fans and the pro and then this Sunday in the dome idea McAllister 26 point two would reduce. Thank you for the review preview no problem thank you are right up next and it did cause us is QB to QB are we to revisit Bobby a day goes head they would saints quarterback. Drew Brees and at 7 o'clock night it is exclusive LSU football be it always Iran show. Right here from 78 ending double covered sports and more Kristin Garrick and said Dunlap. There on the home of the saints and the tigers this is WWL. AC BS a date. Where welcome back. Thanks radio here WWL is time now for QB to QB QB QB is brought to you by. The go auto low cost auto insurance to welcoming quarterback Drew Brees drew. Thank you so much for the time a tougher against Minnesota but. Drew a sharp week here. Teams working hard to get back on the field as the defending champion New England Patriots are in town on site. Yeah it's essential we. We get a tax budget preparation into shorter terms so. We're excited to get back to work and get back on the field on Sunday from more than in the dome it's a very very important hopefully come out with a win. Now draw you mentioned is sit in the post game. Then the five evade possessions. All of a sudden you have limited possessions that. You one of five in the reds home and then you opened three four goal to goal. And not try to tell the fans and educate him that we'd be in a reg good the reds' own we've been a good red zone offense as far as getting touchdowns were normal for. In the league last year as far as getting chairs on our percentage. But to me was possibly to be I've not seen this. That aids is even more magnified. When not only the reds a moment its goal to goal. And you having to settle basically for an extra point move we're open 33 at that that's what. Was discouraging have you ever been part of bags as a symbol of Drew Brees has been part of this has been few and far between his career. Yeah I mean we are inside. Of those sides possessions we. We were down inside the right around five yard line and you know for those arms in the rim the other time and we. We had the past but he got us there on the first drive with them at the holding penalty penalty kind of took its outlets and so if that definitely count but. A look before we certainly had our opportunities so. That the the think that the the support important to look at you used safely we could converted on half a votes in two out of those four. Then. You know to different ball game meeting game goes out and a liar yet into the game absolute bundle aren't so different set of circumstances so. And it just lets you know just now. You know an amateur game of instances scissors or just you know in order to place here and there that the that determine the outcome could. You know but we moved the ball effectively. You know lead. Of which or having any possessions in market down five times he is a good percentage that may need touchdowns are not just feel folks. Andrew long bad drive and obviously you know hostile environment you wanna get off to a great start. And nine as a third and fifteen situation. In a sale well. Drew ms. Tommy Lee Lewis on the corner Ralph. But talk about how to be familiar and makes Mary's way of what do you go back old school would be every hand this in our. Our land some more. Whoever you've been apart I've been a saints uniform. Over a decade. To me that a lot of times the fans don't realize that anticipation. That you can't pull the ball bags not under string. Then you almost have to trust the receiver no matter what the route and and you know that's the way to NFL as you have dead different play makers. But the balls audio hand so he had almost have to anticipate what the receiver is gonna do and what you've done in the past and have success. Yeah everything that you do from corporate perspective is about anticipation especially in the passing. Because holes. COLT may be open for a moment but they closed down third very quickly the windows should check. Yeah. And and especially you get down in the red zone which you know that was a it was a deeper route but that is a very compressed you know. Placed on the field where that ball has to get up and down and so. You've thrown out a lot of trust in anticipation to a certain spot and I'm it was a different look than what we thought we gonna get. And so the rout was on a little bit differently armed so you know we missed on it by a few yards and again you know that's. But the difference between. No 44 formal report right orchard aggregate test numbers show. Now drew the one thing that I housing courage by and obviously he's competing that means he's fighting and we paid him out to play that a high level. A Kobe cleaner. I mean I look at the play of Kobe for leaner and I in the game a game ball and in the polls gain. Simply because though weeks Baghdad if you look at it five catches could be four yards he had it turns out that blade to the tough catches. That you weren't able in the past years have past seasons. To hook public Jimmy Graham even Benjamin Watson. So there's certain about the play of gold briefly you know I thought that deadly should help his confidence going forward. Between the accommodation unit. We have a single or weapons you know and so when you got. Backs in the back field that leaking in the Balkans and central to create matchup with the man. Go to the wide receiver position meant that you can do it frameworks and to the Qaeda positions is between park and worry about. CoBiz collegiate tall guy with good range there and other places you can throw the ball and he likes gonna get in the post you know so. He was able to me to believe that catches there and usually productive force. Now and drew up. You look at the patriots and Tom Brady looked that you sell. Two highly prolific quarterbacks in the National Football League and you got to have luck when he agrees but you got to move on. And I look at what Willie speed has meant to us on third down that's not gonna get on ESPN top ten on the highlight reel but. 36 and 37 hi you can count on him when you moved mistakes. But I also would Tom Brady in NN and Julian Edelman. And him not being available. Did just talk about what Willie speed is meant to you and and you could say next man up but. That trust factor again that's important to have those slot time receivers and is that netting that you eat you have a big play here exporting a defense. But it's as simple play but you're getting first downs and I said this before over and over. That the number one offense on third down. Since 2006 has been the saints and patriots. And a noble one teams the two no more T is as converted the most third. First downs bulls' first downs as the saints. And the patriots and I think. The likes of by you look at New England how they structured. Wes Welker relic of Julian Andelman I think Ammann dole has had that ability but now is he available he's always been heard but. A day lilies dean was deadly debt extension from Lance Moore. And yet the fight so one Elisa is not a big plate can't we get a first now home. Think sustained a drive and a big a lot of fans don't realize that how important that is. Yeah. It would come down to it. You know we we all real lean almost you know Kurt down. Just to go make a play for you you know him when things are tight you know. The pastor is good you know the other groups are completely just need to data can just go away. You know we simply want guys obviously I think him and there are similar in that regard. Where animal animal has been on. Very very reliable guide for comp for a long time as Waleed has for us you know the last couple years so. On the hard not to be are you without a Gallic. But it's worth against them the opportunity that book and thank you try to do. Try to do enough on third down where you know listen you know Bill Belichick featured in had a player or third down where. The other at times or try to take away certain guys and in most other guys that are left one on one have to be away and you know that's that's the name of the game. Now I drew and I'll look at what the patriots and the saints have done on third down. Are even I'll look at our offense. And to be Ellis surprised this pre season. Are so whether druze playing or not I'll look quote Carmichael. And are all of its assist them and now coach Payton. That were able to have success the matter who the quarterback was. And now we see you gonna be limited pre season but a look at analysis of fans part of Timmy. Now we've now played five games but have only five touchdown. And deploy numbering and out. Is all of did the patriots and the saints. Having the most first downs but also on third down. To me that was troubling because that's what happened in pre season will only four of 1136%. On third down and we were based U 30%. On third down into pre season where. We've been the best and always erupted Bieber San as far as conversion rate is that something that can be addressed and and and and I think going forward in the BL to have success against New England. Both persons as there's a correlation to. Third down statistics or any other statistics for that matter from pre season to actually. And we've only played one game. I'm confident they will rule. Be any much more productive and efficient. You know place with our third downs with their own everything else. And I hope that starts this week you know like he said we've been very alert system that are true long arm. And we had a lot of different outcome computer you know different positions to look at that don't soak up carpet the look at that there. Now drew when you look at the under a film. And then you look at the page's defense would have achieves two. To exploit that pads defense because you know they were able to handle adversity. How Stalin environment averages talk about. Will was Kansas City able to do to exploit that. Pages Davidson really big advantage. The lord. It played. It's like really integrated team planned. You know they've got. It got so many these players. That are hybrid type guys you know work. I'll obviously legally Kelsey is as a tight and you know court that I did the it was interest and he'd play in the New England for him and move Kelsey ultimately veto shall he took snapped. As the quarterback and shot. Kind of take the picture of him kept it you know the middle. They range shovel passes these talks crap play they bring speed weeks and then that's between good or vertical routes served. Intensity total current degree between you read into triple personnel. Alex Smith being extremely intelligent guy who could be executed at the right place so. Biggest it is quite a great tempo and really very very important. Now drew when you look at it obviously. We internal order a football. And who went in net negative category and I think very similar. Saying like that's the case we get that we cal look at the vikings last season they were plus eleven. The pages of plus twelve talk about in the superdome how important is going to be. That if were able to take a way to football but also protect. Policy and it's it's critical session to team like this it. There's such a good job of taking care of both offensive and thrives on taken to a defense. That's that's a critical that. QVDQB's. Body by the goal auto low cost auto insurer drew peg you so much of the time good luck to you the saints Sunday against the patriots. Our air I was truly appreciate it let's go out to. That's the negatives for a famous players thank you to call me the same as or just think it's the same. Slavery wrong all right see this. Am most women want sure we know them and I think you know. And nagging cold is aren't always Jennifer just you know that fame. Well you know. Garza hit what to do when I go. The way UA encouraged by my they don't oranges thing again in London on. I don't like video on like the world record because. I was an intentional ways the story of the day that it was intentional. That rule is. Changed. That course record what percentage. Of which originally from watching players. Well basically to. Channel them. I. Could. Yes it was. What and Coleman. The character opensocial is deployed. Well you need to be very passing yards and it did thing is famous. But Carroll is you know have that he'll bring it he'll knock us not bow. I think he tackles well. But sometimes if he's on the banking and he's a liability in pass coverage. And if he's on the back and you know they Tom Brady's gonna go out to deceive the if he didn't improve. That means I gonna mourn a Boggs. On on the routes on a slot receiver. And now he guard slot receiver in the SE the Hubble would atop. All right if these guys say they would atop know why he didn't do too well those core around. Famous thank you for the call we'll come back. And Digisette put the LA issue I don't draw our show next on WW. By less crazy one last call it has spread in mid city Fred thank you for calling WWL. If he didn't balk at the bottom of the potential of these almost got it went to the school that you went to won't actually state. Constantly he's dating pretty for the patriots. Who lady not only die in line there. Are British and US open as we get speed. You know straight wade next ring daughter I didn't even know I I unease that I hadn't heard something about that but I never able correlated to. Because as of dead but I'm glad you brought that up. In this. Much. We. Louisiana connection you know and is it limited budget says she's like your next best thing in its industry at the mock about how Boston and done some of his big most of the Meehan but. That's only what Tom I the hand was in a match that we should be east of the week and Bobo Fred. Spread as he went on to imitate my. At a by you all star camp in 1988 at saint Paul's and John Stevens gain. And he you know always claim to fame was an eighty some eighty to 89. You know and on the west is state university Louisiana was only university that had to NFL rookies of the year the shrine Joseph Delaney. With the Kansas City Chiefs and John Stephens of the New England Patriots that's exactly right they got in that note and and France on an annual John Stevens pass that went on in the week as the way but I remember somebody was mentioned that them I did. The broadcast were talking about how genetic Bagram Bob. He does now dawned on me when I was listening to it. What's free about free great great manages our sales and even high pace of my mom my thoughts are on counties up next it's the elegy and it was our job Deke Bellavia had to take anybody a ban on the image on goodnight bugle.