Previewing LSU-Arkansas and Tulane-ECU

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, November 9th

Deke takes a look at Saturday's college football lineup, talking LSU-Arkansas with Bryan Lazare of then previewing Tulane-East Carolina with Green Wave Coach Willie Fritz.


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And good evening and welcome to another special edition of sports talk on location at buddhists football whether it is here. And you see this the is queen come out it's kind of like the protection the weather protection on the outside the Dick. You know with good football so come on out tonight Angel the coup other it would be visiting with fan favorite. Guy who is just. Album come out local guys done good in. Being able to do things that you own bank killer from the young bodies that hasn't family with his. Class act of a father wrote to Martin Michael Marty saints linebacker special teams ace will be on space special guest tonight out here who's always interested talked to Mike and very generous in the cause. We've had Michael Moore and the previous couple years but. Initiated them Michael with dealing with serious health setbacks and just to be able to get that under control what's this defeat. The football aspect Beckett who was phenomenal. So you know not familiar with that story we don't talk about that Michael tonight of course beat the latest on the saints missed sixteen retreat to own a buffalo BO team. That is not lost the game about more than seven points if five and three they're perfect 40 at home and the saints. Only slight favorite on the road at your state. So we'll talk about that tonight from six to seven when Michael Martin. Also QB QB a replay with. Drew Brees have a this 54 local behind enemy lines and at 5 o'clock Alice out the back TO BO Sana reported the WT off 550 in buffalo wings won at 32. If on their works out that reporters he will be with secure with the latest on the Buffalo Bills who have little extra time to prepare the plate but they played last Thursday night. And lost in new you're off to the jets it was a key game for him in the AFC east. We'll start things off not the first break senior writer anti debate that kind of violence Ohio that she would deal with the 11 AM kick off. And it's an adjustment everybody in the fans. I use it just game day I eat sleep wrist everything is it just it. Ellis you're not used to playing home and ebony and games the police on but the majority of it in the way. Tiger offense elderly particularly. Carefully he gain any time. The evening before 4 o'clock in the way too early vote tiger fan base but with the Arkansas team the Cuban don't know what to make optical itself. Has played a stretch of consistent football. We've seen good stretches. Not many but we've seen them the tricks of the bed field here this could be. Bit below fighting for his life particularly think about. LA shoot rockets out of battle for the blue lately Missouri. That's a big gains so he's got a lot to play for four days of coaching life at University of Arkansas. We'll talk about about that the help of an issue and we see two quarterback so this week maybe three. What does what Bryant the first break when he threw it to be with a tooling football coach to floss this week for the wave now face the most went out in order to keep the people eligible. Six to seven tonight up close and personal with all. There own saints' special days saints back expansion team mates Michael boarding an interview from Vegas from 78 o'clock tonight. The law makers from the will be with us. You give us his picks read in plain view it was toothpicks in the game you fantasy football report from. About 735 Obama all come that he gives us the top point getters from each week and where they are standing in the season. And though we talked about the 7 o'clock am new tea although we've seen his meaty entries. And is open down. Following the code we have it's been bizarre that right now right the breaking news is it out a suspension is back on. For. Easy Q Elliott which. Without question affect the fantasy football numbers and what poorly that in the cowboys. And their playoff race that they were going they all point to Atlanta this weekend where they'll be on the bill which is. Just don't understand those moments you know Atlanta struck me. They only favored over Dallas at home to speak in just broke that. In junction has been in by the second US Circuit Court of Appeals mean a couple of different index is the Q and it is suspended for the next six. He acts so that is that the top point would take a look at that happened at the expense of numbers. And who will be to your fantasy football report who decision to start with a big go getters and also what does it mean when you. Get a guy when you have a guy I think it's it's we use our own example released me I would imagine that going to the season the value when he's the with a lot greater. That it is now it's about time and move in on the how that works out it's a lot of lot of moves as follows you know I used being. Very interesting in France idiots it's that don't just like oh that's the it's it's a lot of nuts and bolts of it you can learn more about. The structure of the game. Fancy him that you probably would appeal to the idea to liken it to you about thousands of something that is. Has that much of a following an enemy to people keep it awaited. You have to pay attention to so that a pizza or get paint he's with each week brutal wired magazine's senior writer wrote a wire. That 260 when he said the if need them but he could involve. You make Texas City 787. Offer ready yet or that you pulled available for you always it WW. With a source. Approvals with the nation and we're asking you at 53 buffalo is perfect for though at home this season in their stadium. With the saints give the deal with their first loss at home disease could vote on line at WW you know. Complicated secure and it was sort of a six game suspension he's been denied. I've tried to continue to play this is just been handed back down by the second US Circuit Court of Appeals. And how that affects the cap was wistful look pretty hot and certainly coming off a big victory at home this past week at Irving against. Kansas city chiefs of next. We'll talk about the alleged targets with senior writer technique that Alabama saw buffalo five wins for the fact that it is home. A state New York with the saints in the first home loss. On buffalo Sunday the black gold tickled to deal with it knew right here wants a trade you WW. Senior writer anti debate dot com at the old door at the appeal lawyer. LSU and Arkansas the battle for the boot. And levity in Saturday morning ESP unions and issues that come off that loss to Alabama where Arkansas it's a coming off a narrow victory. Oh coastal Carolina. Bryant now gone back to last year I think two things down the stretch when LSU was trying to decide who that knicks' coach is going to be. Two big pluses in the favor of Cotto how they'll issue. Had responded after Alabama came company against Arkansas on the net loss to Florida had it that it needs in the on the I think it'll be interesting to see how I like your response this year. After another tough loss to Alabama and they come out with the same type of performance. And that they were really pretty dominates you can't talk itself. People will be kind of expect in that same thing on Saturday. In no doubt about that and the Li LT TE Etna. Rebounded against Arkansas tech in him wrote last year I think it and a lot to do an odor on the job after. You know. Calmer with all the board. So. Yeah I think he went technology group bounced back with a good effort. At thirty notional in that sense of urgency which is needed it look easy it is up. Don't Alan if you play competitively. Think about the Alabama team this year that you know in the latchkey time Lee. You know he got with what you got it up Alabama was blown away it would be a quarter. Alabama would. You know outscored LAQ very easily eat it right that night on the right here though like well now that eaten over. As we at all law made it started the year the first thing Ellis unit who do. Not eat out and establish itself in the top contender to Alabama. In the lap enough you know Ellie she goes six in two. In the in the conference that would go a long way to doing that he's here not you know it is certainly. Impossibility. That did that would happen you know she would probably produced in the wet it's not. If Alabama take your bid against you know Auburn at Mississippi State. Brown when you look at Arkansas what what it what has happened to it seemed like you know after they went was it. Oh and thirteen assumption in in the litany from the year problem filling in the typical when they found a population little in the ace in the eighth. They had it rolling currency compete whale with. Alabama beat Ian in May dislike Mandy they've never been able to pick up and and Bob now how much these estimates we might this year. What they're not a TCU they kind of just wound down if I've never I haven't seen him play consistently have seen a couple of there isn't any coach Britney missed seeing you there where they played some consistent ball but this year. I don't think it had a strict to a pre game to a date yet but even when they lost spyware you know that was the whole fall loss they just haven't played well. Our side not recovered from good to see the end of last year. The regular season finale against Missouri double game. Virginia Tech both of them and it. Double digit lead and a common law. Well don't see. If they win both of those skiing up English he would have to certainly a cold water. It would feel forming an edit its appeal will be coming into the year and look. You needed it. You know Arkansas I don't think. Would expect CEO. Everybody knew that it would glances up Alabama. Auburn and tell you coming in the year not in the auto. There were going to be right in nearly. Taxes and you would be fourth in the last well you know it's it's been a bad idea what they lose their starting quarterback you know who bought and Allen are much of the year. And you know they're number one running back at her in the spring he gave up football. So the defense would not bury it last year a lot this year. So it's almost like you know your curriculum and not get ear and you know things aren't showing much improvement so. I think it. In Arkansas Derrick Ward five. They still have a chance their audible they went to moderately factory. Which is LSU Mississippi State in the story. But I think a win being by LA Hughes. Saturday. And Saturday morning. Is gonna put. The element squarely on hot you know hot. He would elect for eagle warning he may not survive. If he goes spot in happen. Chain to the people at street law loser you know none of them and he may survive. But I don't eat and he can take you know. I'm a law. Like LA she gave them on accurate saint yeah. Why now a senior right anti debate that Tom Bryant will saws with us each week and also on game days and or political point after. When village you replace. Follow bracket BO don't go to Bryant LHU let's say they went out three you would still be Fahey to go to do so. And they win the bowl game to game three off. To me out I would think you know of course you look at this story what would it Deanna what were the three but in the epic gets a successful season. Ten wins in six into an operative no doubt about that in the net they're not in too many elegy teams who have done that. And not at a under. Story out. You know now that he's going up on the site this afternoon talking about that in connection with the fact he called off about. You know Benji and India and playing you know miles Brandon an apple and outlook you don't do that he tried to win each scene. And it is very important that is seeking to get it and we'd get it went in the copper Ellis unit can not win. And in the copper did I hear and it went overall in boarding. So. That's why it's important for damn it to win every game that they can't laugh and cannot think it's. He's to accomplish that would mean something but it EPL. Book Ellis is no longer elite program that we had. More football yet beauty intact and it that. Brian and thought sick out is announces on line it I debate that come Brad thank you so much what toppled Saturday. A popular. All right coming up we'll have CBS news. And Alicia coverage starts bright and early Saturday morning yes. That would be on campus I take it to be on campus would steal off. It's killer rabbit and about 546. And will be on right Aaron at 7 AM Saturday morning her talent myself did you sit for L issue and Arkansas. 1107 pickles and tigers and razorbacks the bout for the group continues. Indefinitely or sending you know the last team in the it has been fat and fat in this series and Arkansas had those. A couple of wins we talked about when they really looked dominant but like coach of the Obama has turned the program around you go back and look it was it was day. Wanna see was fourteen year was fourteen when they beat three ranked opponent in a row and they showed Altria now does Alicia off console and in 101. But they've the other issue pretty soundly that was affected their use of 1415. Immature at a very good before but they shoot thirty to team him which historically. Since. And that she has played Arkansas after the ban in the game and has been in often for them but. Indian markets all kind of flip flopping and like blatantly Hugh Thanksgiving week when the game is in College Station. An issue police say indium you know on Thursday but they've given week in its Saturday. Doing in bad routes and they play Arkansas after Alabama historically union. It's kind of taken the place where it used to be it Friday game for so many years but it was Alicia all consolidated two years they would be put apple there. And Newton with the in nineteen attendant Levin. And that of course now we're back to have an apple back on Saturday but they'll issue at all console in the series the tightly 3822. To. Not in Baton Rouge to tightness I have one team and lost 31. And they've actually plea gains entry port in in new series now listen they played. If they view course in Little Rock. The rot with the opening walk toward. That route tree put Dallas and benefits so these two teams that play with around. Quite awhile so it is 11 AM Saturday morning to the phone to go putts to look at John John David thank you for calling WW Rio. Oh yes sir ego. But it soon. Lot of people. Talk about miles reading handling you know maybe if quarterback controversy. Hood I don't know I'll look at it like this I mean any gambling in the same years the art he got the period. You know my children and their true freshman really you know a whole lot of spirit that I understand that they're trying to do and gained cup experience. But a lot of people watch the game won't keep me young and they say OK well. You know I'll read it went three for four for these should be followed by I don't think there actually be in the big picture. Yeah I don't it's not to Seattle think DA at the controversy. Did not make after the it is a game. Cotto was and is that Monday he says look we you know and he's going to be honest thought he thought guy if that the president itself it will put miles in. As we needed a field like gave out all of this city. Agree with you know what it was can make a call all quote oh but they put Iranian and and moving forward if you look it was a windows and you look at what. They also things last week it with ace you with that brings to table. Would have been successful against Alabama if you Google about guess is you'll see it now we just don't buy this elusive meet this deacon Jones talked. At that don't mean he's youth and go be like oh woody is you know practice or if successful. And he's now one team in the country on the road over me it is true freshman like viewpoint now. But with it see it I think these last three games it's an opportunity. Too it's a good rips and mounds and in who fall when you go back and look at my issue not equate it to. But by injury. This year to yelling. At Ole miss it gave shape it jumps dog on this year. The game to shape had to simply lay each year. Really helped him you know not all rusty is you know going into an opposing team's stadium. All all that kind of stuff that where OK what. I've done a lot of these first aria not just yet been here a year but this in my first time doing it this in my first ten minutes I think that's probably going nixed three. Policy for games giant. Up they could only Italy did defeats the program moving forward but without my LHU fan now look at man speak now taking any you know. If you'd say. Excitement out of a loss but not solve injecting last week some things that I these the only issue due on the previous excessive use when he played Alabama. And when I think of viable underclassmen they hair on the offensive plan and it quarterback. Now they'll issue to me movement forward has sought in the they have hand quite awhile they got all fits of we years man. And they've got a quarterback company we use net it between the old program. And they seem pretty solid now you know competent are very very career might be right now so be it. But look at all what they hand in this offensive how far they com. If they continue to take a step forward they don't redress. If found LSU fan offensively. I don't allow wouldn't be excited. Right they a bright future. You know these odd new tattooed on the office of mine when you when you could have alternates in mind coming back and that's that's that's the key as the key. Right right it everything it can't win it here. But not the rebels leave and I agree I agree with you too. I mean due to no doubt about it John you're going to regain sanity. Always. Oh. I Lyoto dilemma clout game tonight is kind of like if you if you were 38 degrees past that if you Google won't not a cause that's on. It is stadium so but you know ready don't they haven't played there media levity in games at home as of late so. We'll wait and see what I think if they can come out in. It had the same type of effort that they did a year though because to me. Those two games at to lose in Alabama last year after losing the floor of the way they responded that its office audit him. I thought that was that was something we haven't seen in awhile. Any economic gets that you know hate wiest you have a lock the place for its use is you hear coaches and players say it you know we did not play out should not have the chance to play for. A year we still got lucky playful look at really what you had to play full but they Taylor out it looked like the team and not play for think it would advise expectancy said. We'll Arkansas at my hat off the coast so could see people get and ready to play it. Made it seem like it or whatever on it to. Market where it head it it has evolved more times than not the to this point no doubt about it Don and strawberry capital of the world much to Louisiana thank you so much I was it. Topeka the world via the beautiful antiques the strawberries 22. I commit back with a lap 42 that he not Michael Marty that's bishop is for the saints play issue. Audi a good sport about veterans voting you'd think well owns eight radio. WW. And welcome back it is now time approximately football segment here and joining us is to make the booklets with the fears the wave coming off a heartbreaking loss at home this week 1716. Coach Fritz these these extremely tough. I know it's kind of mindset on every level you hear me once snapping Lee gotta move forward but. Off all these tough to put away another with coach. And overall helped grow the particularly we had an opportunity in their cue ball game homecoming would it be that way or should. They edited it figured. It forward he can do better job with closed. Good morning and storming earlier this year. You know when he pulled out more things like that. And you know if you can't reply. You know margin per not look great right now. And it may actually locked in in duke great job coaching. Great job excuse me the players. It goes skip them done. With coach when if its coach Fritz looking back on the game tape and she used as this with the team and when you coach your show earlier this week but the looking back on the field glow to take us through 'cause whenever we talked to coach if you notice that the Big Three phases the snapped. The placed a hold all that how was it wasn't part of the mechanics with me is with the block take us through if you put into the game that would have. Nifty you have an opportunity they. Well you know. Creatively you know I entered BP's hole now. You know rejected his quarter. You know that it has to open positions that. You know put a guy who make regulars here who can gain it. You know unfortunately the media. You know would like it worked that day. Forth the whole war in. You know. Or excuse me cold call child instead of 31 are very secure in that. He noted to me a little bit tougher so. You know it is. You know communal he kicked around. You know kicking field goals he had like you to point. In order probably not community. Two. It cuts out a couple plays earlier work week Hillary Clinton correctly in the it will walk into orbit. You know what it does come down here exceed field goal but he got to be on the same page is that things do little. Know them better they'll extra. With Tulane football coach with the Fritz the wave in action this week they've now dropped four straight including a top domestic 1716 homecoming. To the Cincinnati Bearcats at the east Carolina pirates coach another ballclub that's a tough. I'll call this season they're trying to get another victory. In conference play or what you see when you break down the easy part. Related variables that reports aren't likely to live electrical ball in. A different. Probably accused of rain in 46 please marry in these four point. You know and to their throne room. Quite a bit in the quarterback. You know they kind of rotate you guys who have more honor and a catcher. They got behind her involved or auditor. Goofy it would receivers really concerned yeah high speed. You know ethnic and and play a little man and also funneled in got to do better job pressure on the quarterback and sacked for a few weeks we need to do more pressure. You're pro ball if you can. Go to. It is you know at this point out the desert on the playful mean for obvious reasons you know that at ECU tutorial on the road in the Texas goes in the season with Houston nasty ranked at. Very good ballclub if they had been in land so that it dictate. It SA muted is coming on talking with ECU. Allan park musical with a Glock there reestablished some of the performance that you hate is basically and you go back at that point. And I even I even thought Knick coach at Oklahoma you know about you look to score but anybody follow that game close I thought it was a step in the right direction from may veto Oklahoma you know the first handful. Intuit how do you get back into that rhythm inch choke to decide get behind it is full games via. Well we've we've gotten. By the way is able to do it needed to get after your lives there. You know there that are great programs are really good player picked. You know start well. Knowing. Play in front yeah duke which you know beat holy week moot given a couple big plate he correctly each Balkan. And early. Again make more the field on. We'll give up because bluster when it could be argued back and all that memory in the ball. Carlo last few weeks. And we're establishing global effectively. We need you better job in the football. Where they'll open apparently works. Tulane football coach Willie Fritz at a date a wave or and it ECU east Carolina. A 6 PM kick off coats collect you and a wave says they come home with a big victory. Are you know. All right we'll wait two planes it with a lot to play for it can get together like they were earned this season when they you put together. The operative fault that the start of the season and at almost phase of flu like nation at close loss to navy game which and after that we and I had to be Grammy now Winona road to Oklahoma league if that's face expected not to do well there but they played extremely wailed it you know distinct from the point. At in the first half and or the third quarter the journal a special teams as a team. TE in the in the effect that we go on mean also. So they they got to find a way to like Kosier it just. You know here they need to win the north tooling the people that they need to win in the final period spot so crucially this week it victory. It was so close ball and 1716 this Internet. That's how we beat Tulane green wave football wave report coat ready for it we will continue exports up on location who goes on veterans but the bottom veteran Michael audit the saints. Special display that we this week on WW.