Presidential possibility for Landrieu, Saints talk, and What is Wrong with People

WWL's Dave Cohen discusses recent talk about possible presidential hope for Mitch Landrieu, whether the Saints will target a QB, and puts another one in the What is Wrong with People?! file.


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Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this 22 of march 2008 team and it is now the day before Friday today you are correct the Cisco and we eat. Hi Kim now officially and accurately say happy Friday eve to you and yours Friday the day some nice we celebrated twice here in the early edition. And a cool outside this morning. I'm gonna keep it a little nifty idea I think it is frolic it's it's our weather gives you an actual spring in your stamp low humidity. Cool breezes just deals for an afternoon's urges fabulous. And a actually adults hum treasure literally the now well I was spent. Five hours thing an out that. Notre Dame's seminary jail and is the who dat nation friends family fans. Players filed by the casket. The late saints and pelicans and Tom Benson. Who knew what a great combination of people here it was it was a mission. Of everybody cross section of society. The little bit everything. You know though what was really. Again it's notable to be. When is that the now owner of the newer things and pelicans the widow of Tom and Gayle Benson. Stood there the entire time and greeted every single person who came through merit. And she shook hands and says oh and chat with them. And ask you about the future of the saints a feature of the pelicans. And she was assuring everybody that she was steadfastly continuing on the path to victory that her husband had sent both teams on. And Buehrle was out rock. There for. Folks who were coming to mourn her husband's death got. Peaceful Friday in any case Eastern Europe may be doing much worse and she was there as the rocker shoes. And I mean we know from everything we've heard and everything we've seen. Then she is Mary. Emotional of course at this time and and this is a difficult time for her but she is really. I think there for. The fans of her teams and for the community justice her husband for so long. And it's uninteresting. Dynamic that is being displayed and that'll continue today from an AM 1 PM visitation at seminarian and tomorrow will be the funeral. I am not running for president. Well yeah my words but not that I'm quoting. A I'm glad emeritus there are New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. That's if that's what he has said repeatedly. That he does not see himself being a presidential candidate he has said specifically quote I am now I'm not running for president. Nonetheless. Report after report continues to surface. That he would be strong candidate yes to get the democratic nation. So is he. On sway able. Can those who. Anoint candidates. Convince him otherwise. Is he just saying that because he's currently not running for president yet that doesn't mean he won't run for president and this has been done before demanding many times they say no word. I'm curious. Do you believe that. Mitch Landrieu. Will not run for president. Do you think that with all the swirling. Publicity he's getting from his book about. Taking down the confederate monuments. And went follow the buzz. Amongst Democrats across the country. Today. While he says he's not running for president he really truly does. Intend to run. I found it kind of humorous that political analyst Clancy Cuba stilled. WW wells him hands. That he believes that. Landry wants to be president but any qualified that with but I wanna be bill guess it's got hot hot hot up. Thank you to take its its all or are it is cites analysts and fifteen minutes of more first WW. AM FM and count up next we'll find out what the pelicans did on this second of three back to back to back games by an out of two line or LSU was the better team on the diamond last night and find out what your weather is going to be. To expand it 7870. Slander is running for president. Even though he says he's not. System. Good morning I'm gave to on thanks for joining us on the early edition of WWL first news McClendon says he's not running for president he had a report in Politico this week says he'd be a strong candidate. He think he's running on present tax rate it's seventy it's emanates as I think he's running for governor. Yeah I don't see a Democrat in slandered challenging a popular incumbent Democrat and Edwards at this point I'd be surprised if that happened but. I guess anything's possible I believe Mitch would be a strong candidate for president says another text message and it's 7878. That minorities Landry were to become president this country would go to pet. I wouldn't vote for Mitch Landrieu of he was the last person on the face of this are Buffy was the last person. They knew would be around to vote for him. Your forecast. More gorgeous weather expected today with plenty of sunshine to be a little milder than yesterday with a high around seventy now for today mainly clear still little chili's or grab those jackets. North to lake could be dropping to the mid forties in south of lake in the lower fifties. On Friday mostly sunny a little warmer with a high around 76 in Bogut at the weekend. But Saturday sunny very nice weather expected with partly cloudy skies be breezy warmer more humid with high temperatures in the lower eighties. For the pinpoint forecast center and WW LTV meteorologist Dave knows. All we've got forties across most of the area right now as we look out there at the airport in Canada just above the fifty degree marks Eid Al clear and 45. Get a pelicans make it two out of three is they goes through this back to back to back and who's better on the diamond the tigers. Where the ways to answer these questions and so many more as far as we say happy Friday. He used to Steve yes teller. Yesterday that you gave good morning everybody this thing's a hand out pilot shows as its giveaway for the pelicans leaky roof makeup game against the pacers. The only thing raining this time though as Anthony Davis Davis cups all the followed gadget. Step up awful lot and Beckel courtesy of the pelicans radio network as New Orleans won 96 then 92 over Indiana. Davis finished with 28 points thirteen rebounds and five blocks the proposal go for a fourth straight victory when they complete their back to back to back tonight against the LA lakers. LSU baseball spotted tooling for wrong then got to work for eight tigers and fort comeback win one soon. Third. Outfielders that Watson went three for three at the plate with three RBIs to help snapped up by you bagels four game losing skid against the green wave LSU season record bump up to fifteen and seven while two things fell to nine and thirteen. In other local scores from the diamond US Lafayette wrapped up a five game road trip. With a five to two victory over the east southeast are now has lost to a row following a five game win streak. The lines were dropped 43 at Jackson State who scored the winning run on a wild pitch and a ninth inning. And Bloomberg is reporting that the bidding for the Carolina Panthers Panthers has reached a record 2.5. Billion dollars the record for the sale of professional sports franchise. In the United States that the Houston Rockets who were sold for 2.2 billion last year. Today on sports talk would Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic. Who were the best Null and first round quarterback options for the saints is a sleeper signal caller for the black and gold tumbled. Plus got and the pelicans complete their sweep of three games in three nights I'm Steve Geller which early morning look at sport. 523 day Wednesday with you on your radio on the stage before Friday and let's sing happy Friday -- Steve it is it sounds good and it rhymes and meant things rhyme or better right absolutely. Do you think the saints have to find. Their quarterback of the future now is it we've been talking about this for several years but Drew Brees essentially and a one year contract at this point. And we don't know what the future holds as Drew Brees does get up there and NFL years and is it time to determine. Who's going to be the heir apparent. I'm I'm not down on drafting a quarterback. In the draft at all but I would be against selecting one in the first round especially this year do this saints currently don't have a second round selection. And the quarterback position. If you draft him in the first it's not a guy that you gonna be starting game one. And and it really seems like the saints in a position of playing for now when they have an opportunity the window is open they've got. Most of the pieces and plays that maybe it's not time to worry about the future just yet let's worry about trying to win a Super Bowl. This year absolutely visit not a seven and I'm ball club we saw that seconds the waved just making it to the NFC championship game hopefully with that young influx of talent now on this roster. Everyone's been a little bit more rejuvenated. And they're ready to make a deeper hole and hopefully produce an don't necessarily have to find the heir apparent immediately right but again do it soon. Right and we've heard the talks everybody's raving about this guy case in hell on the roster. I'm a little skeptical because he was basically a special teams guy last year and company's former special team is going to be great quarterbacks on the. At least it was really eager to get on the field and there was no other way for him to play and breadth has got away free to plan what do and other sports cast about 25 minutes. Here on WWL. Margaret text messages today it's 7870 about if you think Mitch Landrieu is really running for president not keep saying he's not. But then Democrats across the country and reports keep saying you should so will he or won't he also see what your weather's up to you right after this your forecast. Sunny mild than just another pleasant day today with a high around seventy mean declared tonight still a little chilly especially north illiquid dropped a 45 in south lake read 53. On Friday may be fewer high clouds moved again making a mostly sunny. We'll little warmer with a high around 76. And looking ahead of the weekend both Saturday and Sunday we partly cloudy breezy and warmer and a little more humid with high temperatures in the lower eighties. From the viewpoint forecast center I'm WW well TV meter biologist Dave announced bomb. On pars and Texas as miss Andrews not running for president he should. Another person's access and says he wouldn't win. As is of course may slanderous running for president that way if he wins he can take down a historic monuments all across the country. If he does runs as an overtaxed I will not vote for him. Every text messages coming out new report says that Andrew BA popular candidate. But he keeps saying quote I am not running for president coming up also delve into the what is wrong with people file. As you question. We've heard it many times and I think we should talk about this when authorities tell us to be vigilant. What does that mean how do you be vigilant and have you ever change your behavior to become more vigilant when your told do. The vigilant it's all coming up here in the early edition of WWL first news. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition Debbie WLR's news on this the 22 of march 20 team and the day before Friday. Happy Friday eve TU and you yes Mitch Lander would be strong candidate for president and shake up the democratic field says Politico. Growing several leading Democrats across the country who believe that. He could and should run. For president he has said repeatedly over and over again I am not running for president. Good morning says one text message today it's 787 I think it's ledger would be a very strong democratic candidate for president he represents all of the whacked out liberal ideas very well thought. Yeah and it'll bait and switch yeah out our players look you're good there in the beginning who Mitch is my hero says about it text messages it's 778. Now we can go from take them down all ought to take out America my drill go through peace love and happiness I each. And debates and how. Mitch needs to run to one up his big sister of course he's going to politics today 77 and make the clowns. And he has done nothing to improve the quality of life for New Orleans as another text message today it to him and he. I don't think anyone Louisiana would vote forums is another tax but I think you're wrong at least if that expression in Texas is honest and says. I think it could be great and I would vote for. I if you are naive enough to think he's not running for Powe Davis says another attacked. It's MD listen to the way he pronounces New Orleans. I'm not. The way he pronounces her and comes days ending on that at the telltale sign that he is going to were. I'm not sure why but there it is you know through this whole bombing thing in Texas. We continually heard the advice from officials. That we should be. Vigilant yes that was that the key word yesterday we've heard that. Here before we've heard that all across the country. That people need to be vigilant. I'm not sure how to. Be vigilant no I'm not you or I'm not sure. How I can. Be vigilant mean to. Have a vigil is to essentially stand outside holding a candle. It's not on the ballot and all that now. To be a vigilante means take on your hands I don't think that's in the gulf. So be vigilant. I guess it's like keep your eyes peeled and no attention to your surroundings be careful but when you've been advised before to be vigilant. Do you change your behavior in any way. Have you been don't vigilant. But not the act. Adelaide watch out or other evidence of senate could slide jobs critical thought that if the police chief or sheriff Chris somebody does he get up there and say. It's time to watch out yeah Dolly the size of yacht it is just got to flows rather be vigilant and we know there are Wilshire theatre a lot when he get right on that I'm gonna go be vigilant. I don't know how vigilant they were in Concord, New Hampshire when lottery officials unveiled a campaign calls lucky gas. Really lock you out locked yeah yeah yeah I hate to sound like anything else you've ever heard. Alba Natwest they've changed the name of the campaign to win time. Over concerns that the original phrase sounded like profanity. Well I think they created the campaign does sound like profanity year I came up with this idea I guarantee you whoever's idea it was. Was to make it sound like the app forward. Yeah ask. And and this happened probably you know board room with those ten people around the table you know yeah over ideas to the next rapture well a state official. Criticized the phrase. After it started showing up on line and a television commercials. Saying that a lot yeah. That the word luck is in inherent part. Of the business. Was the way that the lottery officials protected and that I get along and block is involved obviously. Anyway it's of the lottery isn't officially. Apologized if it was insensitive and added it certainly is affects a lot. Room and anybody gonna get fired over there is now apparently now and apparently there's only diseases as one official complaining about it you know the latter decided to change it anyway so I went from. Lockheed add depth in time. We in that time win this time are harmless from war. With people who. Thank you hit Barack it is luck to yeah. Touch you in less than Mark Waters news here Debbie WL by the way when you're in getting ready for the next newscast please. Be vigilant yes are real pearls and yeah I got sunburn yesterday. And it's helping across the eastern sea board. The winter that'll never end for these tests that we've got beautiful weather on tap Israel live and dragged to the pinpoint forecast center itself. Mr. meteorologist Dave knows bomb at WW LTV happy Friday eve. I'm I'm Mike came home yesterday my wife said you are bright red. Likened where rat pack covering the visitation for Tom Benson. And I didn't bring any some. And distant occurred because it was in and I passed but the sun was definitely there and am a little lobster this morning. One presents an estimated seventy eights avenue in response to the lottery campaign that was changed from. Luck he have to win time says. Give it a lot Diaz offensive walking though. A and for the president's next and it in response to our conversation about. When we tell when we're told you be vigilant what does that really mean we should do this okay if you don't want to be vigilant and be alert. America needs more alerts. I don't think Steve Geller is alert but he's alert. Suited to that he's here with sports on your Friday happy Friday. Stepped back baseline less sure. Hard. Heckled courtesy of the pelicans radio network also add one more added 23 points for the Pelz school wrap up their three games in 3 nights this evening against the lakers LSU sophomore Zach Watson's perfect night at the plate helps or eight tigers come back over to lane. Through two. Late in Olympia and Cabrera round. Watson was three for three at the plate with three RBIs for the volume Bengals who bested the greens for the first time in the last five meetings Ellis she's now fifteen and seven in getting ready to head to Vanderbilt for their SEC weekend series. Elsewhere on the diamond you will offer yet 152 to admit he's won Jackson State and southeastern port of three. Well all it took was one question during the first press press conference of the spring for Alabama coach Nick Saban to show his frustration regarding the conjecture throughout the Crimson Tide quarterback situation. It was regarding sophomore to a title blows thumb injury and how might complicate the plan to split practiced what reps would junior Jalen hurts. I don't really have anything to say I. I know you all made makes something and all that really isn't there so you can make a big deal out of us but it's competition just like there is an every other position. Her 12016. SEC offensive player of the year boards replaced him a national championship game by title of Iowa who sport bam has dramatic comeback for an overtime victory over Georgia. Today on sports dogwood Deuce McAllister and Kristian garic. For the best non first round quarterback options for the saints is there a sleeper signal caller for the blocking gold tumbled plus the pelicans come to make complete. 83 games and three nights sweet. And their recent homestand I Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports Steve. Other get a two out of three they're very young too out of still a lot of update his critics on after this. I'd Steve it was the back to back to back up and as clever of the pelicans last night to give away free podshows they're running showed up at that game two that was the make up game for the leaky roof game yet good to have a sense of humor about it yes that require them to play this back to back to back you didn't think that they can pull off. You expect they would I guess would be a better way to put it pull off the victory last night another two to two on this too. That two of the three games so far the third game tonight you think they may get three of street. Yet the pacers were the toughest match up out of the three in this back to back to back. And I thought that there'll be some drop off but the pelicans man I'm telling Anthony Davis right now really should be considered. And that MVP conversation would James Harden he's doing amazing things but this Laker squad that's coming in here tonight is definitely not the late show of old that maybe spokes are. Accustomed to they're almost eliminated from playoff contention right now there still in the running but I think propels should be able to take this one and then also boosting their rankings and in the west right now they're currently in fifth. Just a half game behind Oklahoma City for the foresee. Parents or your prediction is that the pelicans beat the lakers tonight. And challenge of that fourth seed. In the Western Conference standings seems to play ten games well about ten minutes the come back with more sports as well here on WW well. Pack coming up in the news is stress. Tend to hate aegis and report signs that if you're around people who are stressed out. It's more likely to cause the release of stress hormones in new as well. I believe that I can't stand being around stressed out people because. I like to be Melo who. Com even keel and enjoy life I find it just makes me a better person happier person overall and a better performer if I'm not stressed. So yeah I totally believe that I wish that chill. Were contagious as well because then I can just be my own chilled cool itself and everyone around me would chill out and fortunately they complain that I'm not. Stressing out when meciar heart truth and come to. Calm and cool like my wife says I'm in La La land one text message comes in today's seventy eights have and he says if you don't wanna be vigilant. I don't know what to tell you of that you should always be vigilant even though I don't know how to be will be vigilant about winning money how about that.