President Trump's response to Charlottesville attack

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, August 15th

Bob Mitchell in for Tommy Tucker.  Bob talks with Lara Brown, Director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, about President Trump's response to the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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Roger in Metairie Roger are you had a comment you wanna make him a present does trump statement yesterday. Yeah sure that. I spent about sharks the Euro situation not being talked about that little young W well. All right supreme this nationalist groups. To be sure that one error. They're the whole race is oh but he's a young people you give them our students. We look at the future and young mayor and get the cool or incident the young and nimble criticizing. Look who want to welcome relief. Bit quickly a young people who are in heart arbitrary arrest and we're prepared to Gerri good solid. I. Well. There are very proud that there are written our. And Lesotho. And look at the ship that they are white supremacist groups. The Republican Party has nurtured. And air and therefore. Bears. Our sport star and ma that. I hear there. What an inch screen because we give BOO. That's the problem I talk about their pitch up terrible that your group so. Out in the country. There are mature program. And no practical. Joke also didn't. Caught in and become the pride it shut those people that child out there. Shall look at what people could occur and so talk about well. People out of white people doors open Alison look you know why oh why did you vote. Kept it in. Two to get Smart like. Are. They talked black people look at art we sure. As you know awards and compete and try to stick on just in the it would. Roger appreciate you fully and we're gonna talk right now to Laura Brown Jewish professor. In the graduate school political management at George Washington University. Laura are our last caller made some good points. I think he made an excellent point is back. I really appreciated him bringing up. I'm the issue about young people think it's so true that what we have to realize is. That hate is an ideology that is hot and it is something that we need to think about as weak. Teach our young people as they grow that really. At the end of the day. That he is something that is. That is simply not right. I mean I've often thought to myself if only it were so easy. That were objects. An outward appearance that you could tell a person's character. I mean frankly. There are good people and bad people of every race and every religion every ethnicity. And that is actually what makes Livni and like so complex. Is that he wouldn't be taped get knowing. And that Israeli. Sort of an exercise. In trust and openness and vulnerability. That's a hard thing. One of the things are I quite don't understand I'm a have to think your little. Mentally unbalanced if you want to associate with someone like the kkk are you want to identify with the Nazis how can any. Sensible. Sane human being want to say I want to be like the kkk. I want to be like the Nazis. Well I think what it children you know is how much power lipped one. Those individuals feel. I agree that views bad. These people have tremendous kind of teacher and fired in anger. And what it usually. Does psychological level is. Just an unbelievable. And self hatred and powerlessness. About their own life and obviously there there psychological dimensions to it. Better scary and difficult and it's you know I'm just profoundly sad that we still have this many people. Who can think that's kind of ridiculous. Ideas as that at all just about skin color or you know our religions. The Charlottesville mayor. So as president trump was partially to blame for the rockets is that a fair statement. While I don't think he's to blame for the riots I can't means he has to blame for us. Hollering he's sort of white supremacists and he's you know not these groups. As those these individuals are you legitimate. Sort of openly. Hate faction in the Republican Party and though. He is more to blame for creating an environment that he's given legitimacy. To those people who follow individual like David do you. I remember during the campaign he would bash President Obama but those President Obama would not say radical. The Islamic terrorist and yet with him. It's like you've got to drag it all of them to call these groups all by name. Yes and I do you think that that it went as glaring contradictions. You know this does go along with. Started the glaring contradiction. Whereby he is. Saying he Putin's four expelling. Card. From Russia so there are these moments where. I think most Americans can't really many in the Republican Party. Look at president trump and saying what is the problem you know that they should not be difficult to call out these white supremacist group. And it shouldn't be difficult to say negative things about Vladimir. Laura thanks for being on the show this morning. I appreciate it so much.