Is President Trump under investigation?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, June 19th

Tommy talks with Jeanne Zaino, Professor of Political Science at Iona College, about President Trump's lawyer disputing that the President is under investigation.


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Any attacks occasionally from people would say why he keep talking about Donald Trump he keeps doing things is that delicate signs held episode you can't stop and a bus. They can't bring it well and it's kind of the same thing with Donald Trump is always something going on I mentioned early you'll want to Mangini Zdeno professor of political science that I on a college professor of campaign management. At NYU and you know we we talk about their messages now that the president you know will stop talking about it when he stops doing things on him he saw Fox News yes it was Chris Wallace but Chris Wallace just ate his guys luncheon and this is fox. And he wasn't the end meaner or anything but they got a lawyer it was like contradicting himself every other statement. He did. Currently different gate back who is the price of one of the private attorneys have been pregnant and he went on all the foundation vote I think everything but one of the Sunday talk show yesterday he was. Target they sent down I certainly hope he got better had a genie. It it. I'm not sure because you're absolutely right Chris Wallace. You know. He was able to you know really proud of the crowd. And they're recent ones because the question that everybody were acting. It it attracted not under investigation YPD tweak that he at a young age and and and and it and that the attorney kept saying he's not and then an interview with electric while the court. He said. He is under investigation for hiring on the recommendation of the gap that department is that a license and he denied him right and then he denied any try to meet with talking about constitutional legal theory that. Yet. It you know it it was a good morning protect our administration. But again see your point did it become the president tweeted something he never should it needed it he would stop talking about the investigation. He would get them out and eat eat and beat these these these problems. And you know independence has Harry can't. Eating it's really hard to say he's not under investigation I wouldn't go out that the country at it I wouldn't do it would Eugene. I would not be able to do it and you know they out these are typically in an all from Kelly and apparently it's on right there now that the attorney speak. Part but then somebody when they eat out in the public something other than your body. The only I would say is that I don't think Chris Wallace destroyed him I think destroyed himself and am I saying earlier my daughter was on the phone she's two point eight. You know tweeting like they do constantly and FaceBook and and all this stuff. And and and thinks she's paying attention and analog she looked company says and she said he just said it twice with what's gone on here so if it was easy for her. To understand that there was some hitting going on hearsay that's why it's hard to lie is an nineteen. Because when you noted when you go to into the detective they say okay Tommy what happened and you explain. And I got some coffee come back half hour later Tommy what happened if you lived through it you're gonna tell same story but if you Megan and up being instantly Dicey gene does organizational and com. Everybody clean it up are you do that somebody out yes public record again. Oh what a tangled web we weave so. Everybody seems like they're lawyers lawyering up the White House might tenths. The aids what. Yet everybody and thank you and and you I would just say that they are mark a lawyer up and that should be big news because when you have a special prosecutor Laura Ling. On top of the congressional investigation. And you have been part of the writer in pain or certainly the White House. Your best bet is hire a lawyer to defend you and of course this could make Mary Hart and like I hired good people. Because you're hired and no salaries are not being. You have to the so it really difficult for people who want to get into that environment but at the apartment where. Leonard in saint rose in morning under the WL. American you know that speaker songs when pleased. Article. Saying. Yeah. You know you almost. Trot distraught they get impeached. People you know deepens. You pick it was going to be that there are geared up for a they're now. You even numb you read my mind here because I saw a couple of blogs and their urges linesman. Supposedly leaks from the White House saying that he doesn't really want to be present and he's thought about resigning. But he's worried about the way history will view him as second president that resigned genie out I don't know his. Com. Do you think he really wants the job or is he sorry he took. Well I think you know most presidents and the job incredibly packaging and he'll answer that true that I I have to take him at his word you know I don't know what's going on in his mind it is that out of the year really really tough time for him. But on the other hand the he worked hard to get the job. And we have to give him credit eat 71 years old and he tapped that he took the job that I ain't gonna get back with the fact that he wants the job until he culprit otherwise. The collar sport he met on several occasions that it was a lot topic any shot. And and again that it's something that every single president has echoed George W. Bush when he left the White House. He grew up with its soccer if the president vice president with somebody who I think governor acts that. He shot by taxing the job was yeah I don't think that many things new. But I guess on think in that if I'm Donald Trump at some point. I'm saying I don't need I don't need this and I hate to say that way but I really am because. He's got update old giant lighting go back to he wasn't in politics before. And humane you realize or be thing and I have the taste of this night I don't like this at all in my life as miserable and it doesn't have to be I'm 71 who knows how much longer or Moby here. I'll morality do you think. He was serious from the time he random Eller was he just trying to. To make some noise zone or be certain and all of a sudden it's like wedeman is in serious. Well you know I. I hope he was serious when he and I statewide sixteen by ear I don't know actually thought he could win because you put that incredibly uphill battle. But by. He did. But Peter larger point he got to go back you any wonder he wanted to put in the in this position. But the theory being accurately good people out of public life. Because eating so taxing and not get back get the job that the media environment the constant scrutiny. The stress on your steam clean your children need to look at it happens with his team in the stretch there under jet in the lap 150 days. And he talked to people and really good people who have considered running for rockets have that you elect. It's really worth what it's going to do to meet personally to do that your country. And that it credit he put himself out there but the courts you're right he could go back to our lack he could go back. You know at I did to trump pop up here and deacon had absolutely wonderful life and not have to deal with any event. I'm sure he had security before as Donald Trump let. In sauce company where so many death threats come in a data the president and it's not just him and patina Barack Obama happening George Bush Salomon happen and way back when did until they invented telephones oh even before that maybe they dropped him with a cinnamon with a brick I don't know how they did it. But I mean that's again it's a risk to is not an and you think about his family and how we must be worried about I'm just on you either if I were him nets and I'd be worried about. Look at what happened in Virginia the other day I mean you know we didn't really did congressional baseball track right back and scary scary scary intense I mean you look at what happened overseas in in London Japan last 24 hour click on the last two weeks. Iraq he around and easily at security but nothing. Added expense and the court to some extent these these are presidents feel trapped we in the White House because they simply cannot dial. He wanted to go to the baseball game the other night to support our team and security but he couldn't tell them what they. So a you know you simply don't happen that that the treat them deliberately did that for Heatley it's got he'd get back to become president the United States. Com anything you want and Jeannie formula to go. I know I can't think that you know the president is trying to tweak he'd meeting with his his new tech group tech is that text CEOs. He trying to refocus on his agenda we got his health care bill. Then secretly coming up but that it looks like but there are a lot of other stuff going on and the president would really like to turn the page but he got help himself by getting talked up quicker. That did in the Twitter thing yesterday you know he was pretty quiet and all of a sudden they came. The thing that bothers me about that in and we've you know I asked people before and even trump supporters will tell ya think. Polls will indicate this put the phone down here on helping yourself here on how many got. Agreed well at eight yep and I would look at the latest court decision in refusing to travel ban they site Twitter C debate by his comment. And that because that is the official Twitter feed of the present not the White House did. But lawyers wanted the court to ignore what he was staying underneath Andy to recruit an accurate belt and they wouldn't let the travel ban so when you look at. You know we're ignorance and that to deter him from a policy perspective whether he intended to not. People make that Twitter feed here lately in the year that we that you read earlier this detect that you got. He may be seeking sarcastically but as president you'd really don't option because people take it here. Do you think he realizes that every word he says matters so much more than it did before. I I would think he would tackle and I think the question is is that the tactical strategic decision on his party administrations part. Or you know if he simply need don't realize that pattern and he still had what you being protected rights hat even with you know 8888 happened. Really. Having kind of a combative style that doesn't work for. Hannity yesterday as much in US open and it. It started around 3 o'clock central I think where the tweets starting common and then they were fast and furious about five and then he stopped. And that's what bothers me it just seems like all the phone annie's I don't know maybe it's planned it's puzzling it really is. It really quietly they take it seriously because it's coming from the president a new strategy there because you know otherwise what are we left it that he you know simply. You know like that ten year old kid is in his pattern tweeting I mean in week on the in the. It's hard to believe but yet I'd like to Jane and have a good day right here have a good idea to. If I was an imposition they'd need to give me digit percentages site take attention off.