President Trump supports a ban on bump stocks do you?

Wednesday, February 21st

President Trump supports a ban on bump stocks or anything that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. Plus – the President supports strengthening background checks and said we need to not just say we are going to do something – we need to actually do something. Do you agree with President Trump, even if you didn't vote for him? Full 1 pm hour.


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Once again we have got a lot to talk about this afternoon I'm sad news this morning that evangelist Billy Graham passed away at the age of I 99. He was at home in North Carolina and and evolve lying cheating and deceitful televangelists are we and we see in the world today which seemed to pass to Billy Graham stands out as. The exception. I didn't necessarily agree with everything that he said he was one of the good guys. And I posted a video on our FaceBook page WWL radio and also it's on the SO TA scooter on the air fares for priests afternoon. About John Billy grams passing and about religion and the role of religion plays. In your life and also un talked about two in the video talked about your favorites your favorite religious movie. Or your favorite movie that deals with religion we're going to be talking about that later this afternoon. We'll also be talking about the politics. On discrediting. Credible people. This came up on the show yesterday it's back on the show this afternoon the conspiracy theories. About this students some of the students. At the Irish going into Parkland Florida. Describing the students in Florida has become part of a political game and for many I guess the best rebuttal. To somebody that makes sense is to discredit the person who is making sense. Student David Hogg who I said last week as to disguise stands out in my mind as a media star in the making. As it turns out he's not only bright student but he runs the television station on the student campus. So he obviously has some media savvy instinctively at a very early Asian TH of a seventeen. He's been the subject of ridicule. Because she opposes. The president and he also is in favor of gun control. And so a lot of people or attacking him attempting to discredit him. But that the things that they're using to discredit this this student. Have been proven to be fake news. And then people get even angrier because they don't want to admit that they have fallen for fake news. So these are really really interesting time to his list in Iraq and I'm glad we have a chance every afternoon. To get together and and talk about it it doesn't mean you're always agree for spring. But it's good to talk about this and to try to flush some of the BSL which takes a lot of a lot of flushing. I was so we'll get into our David Hogg just a little bit later in the show but first up on our show this afternoon a president trump supports banding but stocks. For guns had anything to return a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon plus the president supports strengthening background checks. And he said we need to not just say something but we need to do something. I agree with president trop on all of that. Now or suppress or go to follow through with this let's remember there's only so much a president can do. Because it's congress. Decreased the laws. And rights thoughts. And sometimes I think we look to be president to do more than a president is actually capable of doing that any president can serve as a leader. And lead people into a certain direction. But as we have seen even though Republicans control both houses of congress and there's a Republican in the White House we know that sometimes there's still. There's still conflict. So the president can only do so much but I do applaud president trump for his stand on bought stocks or anything we'll turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon. Not everybody's happy with that and I'm sure there are some trump supporters who don't who don't agree with that. And that's okay. You know this idea that we if we support a politician we have to agree with everything that politicians cents. Or we don't like a politician we have to dislike everything that politicians since. And that's that's one of the reasons we're in the state do we're in now. So let's get beyond that and you know if you agree with the president great if you disagree with the president well that's okay too. At a ceremony honoring a public safety as a member of middle of from Val recipients this was yesterday at the White House. The president had this to say about these devices that can turn guns and machine guns. I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general. To propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons. In the machine guns. I expect that these critical regulations will be finalized. Jeff very soon. And president trump yesterday also said Dotel he would be talking with us of students and police on school safety and this is a reading it's gonna happen at the White House today. This week I will be holding a number of discussions with students local leaders. And law enforcement to develop concrete steps. That we can take to secure our schools safeguard our students and protect. Our communities. And at last night as it often happens Stephen cold there post of the late show with Steven Cabrera and on CBS. Steven co bear got. A little serious when he talked about the kids the students. While these kids don't give up. Because this is their lives. And their future. Someone else may be empowered in this country belongs to them. CNN is gonna have a town hall meeting tonight chapter 8 o'clock our time I stand up to the students of a Stoneman Douglas demand action. A senator Marco Rubio was going to be there and I know there would be criticism of him and I applaud Marco Rubio for agreeing to go. I'm also there will be a representative from the NRA. So all I'm gonna watch this and I take some notes or we'll talk about it tomorrow afternoon so if you you watch your will be discussing. What the students say what the NRA says what Marco Rubio says who what others say on this on this town hall stand up for the students are demanding action. To know CNN tonight a Ford or forty governor Rick Scott's. Refused to show up he passed on the opportunity to. Appear on the show and I'm part I wonder why. Yeah I guess he's busy. I mean he's Florida governor he's got other stuff to do. And in this issue and inflate this is not really a big deal in Florida right now. So I guess he just didn't have time to to work it out either that Corey scared. And I'm from what I know Rick Scott I think he's probably scared. Mean this is not Saddam politician in my opinion with great fortitude. I'm he has sent cowards when it comes to a few things. Also president trop declined to appear. And and the president can't be in Florida but he could have appeared to via video if he wanted to but that's it that's a different story I noticed critical of the president for not showing up as I am a a Florida governor Rick Scott for not showing up at this. At this event. If you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601. A seventy. And our checks is a 7870. And here's a text that feeds the hysteria. David Hogg is a crisis actor. Just because he denies it doesn't mean it's true research three dozen videos that he's in I've I've I've done that. And this guy is not a crisis actor he's media savvy he knows how to get in front of the camera. Is there are people who are arguing that while he was in he was interest in California. And there was an incident he was on television talking about an incident on the news that happened between. It a friend of his and a lifeguard there's a confrontation. And he was there. Okay. You mean. The guy got on a plane and went to California. Is that that a mutual. I did his dad live in California his stance a former FBI agent for now retired. In his stand living in California doesn't if there's a disk I have friends in California. Turn like you I'd I'd been all over the country. But there's this idea that I got insists is this guy is. It's a sky is anywhere else that he's going to be a are a crisis act again to me this is a way of discrediting. Incredible person because people don't like what the credible person is saying it. And also let's talk about president trot supporting a ban on bought stocks. Is this okay with you. Is it all right that the president is supporting this sort of even if you support the president do you disagree with his. Or if you disagree with the president on most things is this one of those moments when you have to admit you agree with president trump. Our numbers 26 old when he seventy Terry coach 5042601878. Text hates every race every. I'm securities Wednesday afternoon glad to part of our show we are just getting started here under review well. Do you support president trump banning bonds stocks or anything they can turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon even if you don't generally agree with the president can you bring yourself to say that in this case you agree with him. Or if you always agree with trump in this case do you disagree with him. Plus the president supports strengthening background checks. I said that we need to do things and not just say things if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Text is 87870. The as students from Parkland Florida and I guess are joined by other students as well. They're in the capitol building in Tallahassee. They marched through the under the capital. It's part of the hash tag could never again. On the crusade. And I don't know whose office there in but they are in somebody's office I right now. And they are doing what a lot of people do and Eddie is there are demanding action you know a lot of these certain vision people are too young to vote. But they're not going to be too young to vote in 2002 point. So this is one of the main reasons why people need to pay attention to plus dare. Their voices are going to resonate. Beyond their specific group. This is gonna resonate across America. Now how Long Will this last I don't know eventually get to them. Time we'll test their results. But I said from the very very beginning of this of this. That there are some similarities between. What I see now and what I call was a kid from. The 1960s. I wasn't cool enough to be part of those protests are wasn't opinion agent enough to be part of the protest when I was kind of on the young side in the sixties. But I I see some similarities in the mood. I see some similarities in the reason why. A young generation is upset with the establishment. President trump yesterday was so talking at the ceremony honoring on the public safety and middle of our our recipients. And you know. I said this so much on the show recently it's interesting that president from sending yesterday. This includes implementing common sense security measures and addressing mental health issues. Including better coordination between federal and state law enforcement. To take swift action when there are warning signs. I'm gonna use president trumps strategy here. And say that's the president has been listening to the show. Here's what also he had to say yesterday at that ceremony. We must move past cliches and tired debates and focus on evidence based solutions. And security measures. That actually work. And that make it easier for men and women of law enforcement. To protect our children and to protect our safety. If you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. ER Texas a 7870 apparently he says students at their capital in Tallahassee right now. Are trying to get to the governor Rick Scott to bush he refuses to meet with him again I think discuss account art. And there are some things that he's dynamic he's he's really brave when he's got Tom Cruise conservative Republicans on backing him up. But when he Sony's own I just I don't know how we ever became. The governor of the great state of Florida but he is and I just as seen signs have thought of weakness in him. And over the years and this is. Again I guess another example affects. I it's just interesting how. Some people like Marco Rubio and and even the NRA is sending a represented to this town hall tonight. With the students off from Parkland Florida and I applaud them for. For for being there because this is not going to be an easy moment for Marco Rubio because there is going to be criticism. But you know he's a Smart politician. For standing up and facing it. And if you're a politician you need to figure out how to answer the criticism. And the governor Rick Scott. I guess since not been able. To do that. Here is a Texas says so dear scoot why don't you tell us what you really think about cover Florida that is from Sheehan in vero beach Florida. Yeah I'm gonna be a little more honest about the governor later in the show. Here is a Texas says would you like to help. Which you like to help your son. Wait would like to would like to help your son but too young to vote I'm not exactly sure what what that means. Here's our party must opinion poll this hour. President trump supports a ban on bonds stocks or anything that can turn a semi automatic weapon into an automatic. Do you agree with the president. Give your opinion by going to our web sites tentative throughout dot com. Here is a text that says son scooter have you heard does the latest by the Republicans some Republicans and conservative web sites such as Rush Limbaugh's. Are saying the two children are not really students they are professional actors. Installed by the Democrats. What a shame what an embarrassment the Republican Party is. Chicken. It's chicken in the face a distraction. You know I yeah again we will talk about them on the shows this afternoon's twelve exciting this is one of the big issues. When somebody says something credible. There is a tendency to discredit the person who is saying it. And I'm sure this is a bipartisan. Instinct. These are students. And although she claimed their not students. Can't prove they're not students. They say they're students. They are students. I've looked into this. And they're not crisis actors. As some people reclaim. And that's because to articulate. And people disagree with the message so they want to discredit. The source because in many ways. What they're saying makes sense. You might disagree with it but what they're saying actually make sense. So I just you know I find this interest IRR posted less I I posted on my FaceBook page scoop on the air. This story about. David judge David Hogg and I mean I think as am IM OR Gonzales the two students have been called crisis actors. And the criticism of them has been debunked. Mean it's it's didn't refute it. So will explain this more when we come back also there's more to talk about with Russia's meddling in the election times coach will be back on WW well. That's the sad truth is if somebody wants to get a gun they're gonna. They're gonna get a gun but I don't think there's anything wrong with us as a nation getting together and don't we can to. To make guns as safe as possible. And to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have guns here's an update on our party must opinion poll this does not happen very often. The question is president trump supports a ban on bonds stocks or anything that can turn a semiautomatic gun into an automatic point. Do you agree with the president. 100%. Say yes. Give us your dream by going to our web site every if you don't dot com I I just have got a message your time and Estes is our show or should your producer today and he said that the as a line. About my blood to help you but you're too young to vote are comes from the of the song summertime blues which I remember the song I did not remember that particular line. Before we get back to talking about the students and and president trump yesterday on the show we were talking about. The Russians. And meddling in our election. Not just in our election but they're meddling in our country. And their goal is to divide us and they're doing things. To. Divide us. For example. It is now known. That Russians posing as. Americans. Set up rallies. One of them was. A rally in favor something. Like president trump. The other rally where is opposing president trump. And it was designed to set up two opposing rallies in hopes of inciting violence. This is what. The Russians have done. There are. There was a web site not a web site FaceBook page. Being patriotic. Is to FaceBook picture. And they inspired and organized. Rallies. Being patriotic. It's a website. Run by Russians. And at one point they called free flash mob. In Fort Lauderdale. And it happened. And it was a woman on the news earlier and she refused to what she was a big part of that FaceBook page. Being patriotic. And she refused to believe even though she was confront with information to the contrary she refused to believe. That she was being used by the Russians and she was and she looked like just said and and it yet. Because she was being used by the Russians. So you know I guess. We all need to be Smart. And realize that some of this stuff is designed to make you and me. Hate each other. We don't hades and we don't hate each other as much as. You would think when you watch the news. But that's what the Russians are taking advantage. And so social media has been used to. Inspire hate. Look at when it comes to likewise manner. Russians did things to discredit black lice manner Russians did things to make people. Think that. Even from the beginning black lives matter was a vicious hateful group. And in the beginning it was not. It was hijacked by a activist in people who are more militant in their actions. But they're trying to get you think that this was a a horrible hateful group from the beginning again there there using social media. To inspire a station. And in a lot of ways. It's working John your under the W Al good afternoon. Yeah that's good afternoon. That polar bear interest seem the ball stopping has always been such reasonable doubt. Strangely though congress has never vote. They couldn't bring it to a vote in the shadows where the lower rates and operating they learn that it's smarter to be very quiet. So when Wayne Lapierre out there that just makes it worse. They don't say anything they just turn the screws on congress and make sure you don't choke like they couldn't come to a vote. The president can make it happen great well. John that's dat that's there it's a great point and this is something has come up in the aftermath of all of this and that is the power of the NRA. And as I said the other day I just think there's something so on so ironic maybe could call it poetic justice. But people who joined the NRA and give money to the generate an end in terms of of membership. The NRA uses that money and other money they get from gun manufacturers to turn politicians against the people. And it's it's working John appreciate the call if you enjoy this with your comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Harry could 5042601870. In our text is H 77. Here is a text CNN promoter anti truck rallies and cheered those participants. Okay well as they did dent you know maybe that's a discussion for another show. Here's a Texas says Saddam. I don't think it's the Russians I think it's to Democrats. Can we really believe the FDI feel like there are some things that have discredited aspects of the FBI. Agree. But instead of understanding the reality. It's been. Determined that it is the Russians. There are people in this country who refuse to believe that and they're saying it's the Democrats. This is a really scary time religion. It is because people fails to recognize a few facts. Our numbers 2601870. Taxi seventy I'm scoots. We're coming back on debit of Euro. China really believe were on the eve of destruction by terror we need to get all the same so here's a Texas says says screwed all this talk about. Gun laws side banning guidance on how about a small tax. On gun purchases and ammunition purchases and we use the money on metal healthcare guns don't kill people crazy people do thanks what you or your right about that. You know if we can tag taxes on to our hotel rooms here to apply to certain things in and in our city and in our state. And why couldn't there be an added tax on on not ammunition record every net of tax on guns are reports that toward. A toward healthcare the problem is is that when you turn that money when you turn that tax money over to the government. Do you and I really have faced the government's gonna do the right thing with that I mean that's the problem. And that shouldn't be a problem we should be able to trust. The government. Here's a checks that says send you only believe what you wanna believe and dismiss what you don't want to believe I believe. That's confirmation bias and it's exactly what idiots. And that's something we've talked about on a show for a long time and now I'm finally hearing more talk about that in mainstream media. Confirmation bias seeking out the information that supports your bias. Not caring about the truth. During about whatever supports your biased. Here's a checks the money I donate to the NRA has never been used against my beliefs they fight for my right to bear arms. You know in a lot of cases that is true I mean there are people who are worshipped guns like it's a god they're people who. Who. Think that any infringement or an I would even want to call infringement but did any adjustment to a gun law is an infringement on your Second Amendment Rights. And you know if if you believe that you're disagreeing with the Supreme Court you're disagreeing with the late Antonin Scalia and you're disagreeing with Ronald Reagan just to name a few. Here's a text what about the one point eight billion dollars unions donated to Democratic Party last year well that's a problem too. During the NRA is not the only lobbyist. But it's times like this when there are so many people who. Proved just believed that the NR to the Ari can do no wrong that they have no it had no political intent in mind that there are only doing one thing standing up for the Second Amendment. I mean. Honestly I think I think it's an a night eve approach. They collect serious. Serious pressure. On politicians. To act a certain way and not necessarily in the best interest of the American people. In the best interest of the NRA. And gun manufacturers. We have just a student at a student. Senator from new yet this is no not that the chanting hope we'll save that let's go to the registered in Tallahassee. Who. Conde. Directly responsible but I think the mini bus did the gun violence and you could I could change that and if not and we look clean yeah. So you know these are the students that are speaking out and the sooner these students are the capitol building in Tallahassee now. They were demanding earlier I don't know where they are right now but they were demanding earlier to see a governor Rick Scott. And of course some he wouldn't tell him he wouldn't see them his son. Cowering in his office I guess if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Terry could 50426018. Saturday. Text numbers 87870. How we're relying Jews that term congressman Steve's police will be live in the studio with me on March the twelfth. Monday march the twelfth from 13230. Will be a town hall style. Conversation. And I also wanna talk about some of the things that we disagree on and how we can maybe start to appreciate each other's opinions when it comes to. Compromise. I'm screwed we'll be back on Debian you well. President trump supports a ban on both stocks or anything they can turn a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon and you know what when when this topic is come up when I've I brought this up people have criticized me. But it's really interesting that our one person. Not one person has criticized the president. Four years. Stance on these two things. And I I applaud that but isn't that wonderful you know if a radio talk show host says that there are people who both will disagree. But if the president says the exact same thing. It's okay. And also not one person has called to say that both they really don't agree with the president on much but they agree with the president on this issue. And this is where we are a country as of this is why the media hacks away at Dallas. Because it's all about getting your engagement. Took the only thing it engages you is conflict. Then what's the incentive to. Not. Make conflict and major part of everything. American Jason grant is a show but this is why talk radio this is why. Many of the the television show us deal with this kind of this kind of conflict because that's what works that's what is attractive to Papa to an audience. You know are there which of the next hour what's we're taught us a tour next hour gives us senator Dodd Democrat from New York Christmas even colder less side. And she it's a major cities to say also Steve and compare yourself. Was on a serious again that at times last night in a lot of the conversation in America today centers around. These high school students. Many of them too young to vote right now but they're not going to be too young to vote. In 2020. So they are. To be reckoned with. And there seems to be a bigger. Movement all across this country this is only part of it. So I wanna get into some details about the politics of discrediting credible people. And they are conspiracy theorist out there who say that some of these students are crisis actors. Two of them in particular. One of them has been actually proven that he's he's not we'll talk about that when we come back on WB well.