Is President Trump sane?

Thursday, October 12th

Concerns about stability in the Trump White house are growing even among Republicans....are you concerned? If you voted for him are you still behind everything he does or says?


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It isn't often that I question. What I should talk about on the show. And if you listen you know that I'm not afraid of controversy all topics. I'm also not afraid of criticism. And I thought long and hard. About whether or not to address. This topic. And the more I guy into it. The more I realized. If I'm any kind of an incredible talk show host. I can't. Not addressed this issue. It's been addressed in the news. This is not. A popular thing to talk about with a lot of talk radio listeners. And I wanna be honest with you I'm gonna get a lot of criticism for this. A lot. And that's okay. But what I'm asking is if you agree with me. I would like you to be as loud. As the opposition news. I don't care about the opposition forces. But so often. You feel like only one side is hurt. Because one side and it's the negative side decide that disagrees. Is always a louder aside up for debate. And I guess part of that is human nature. If you had a terrible meal at a restaurant you're more likely to tell people that if you had a great meal at a restaurant. But you're going to be more passionate about you might say over have a greatly. Complement this deal was terrible and let me tell you watched. So. As I get into this. But not only for this topic. But for a lot of topics. If you disagree. Whereas the negative. Then standup and be heard. Because there really are moral flaws. And Aurora down. There's a collection of information pouring out of the White House. And that is combined with a certain words and comments. For president trot yourself. And all of this should send a shock wave. Across the bow of America. President trump Tweeter and a message to America. Did amounted to a threat to take away NBC's license to broadcast. Because of a story the president says is false or. Fake news. This story involved reports from sources there were in the room at the time. That president trump said he wanted to take the US nuclear arsenal. An increase of ten fold. The president says that's not true. And NBC should lose its broadcast license or something to that effect. President trump also denounce another NBC story. By secretary of state Rex Tillerson calling the president. A blanking moral. NBC claims to have credible witnesses. And is standing by both of these stories in the face of president trop insisting. This is state news. But there's more. President truckers reported to have blurted out I hate everyone in the White House. They're also reports that the president's admirable chief of staff Jim or John Kelly. Is frustrated. And he's miserable in his position. And there's talk of a graceful exit. For Jim Kelly. The president says that. Estate news. President trump bully his way into the debate over the NFL players nearly two the National Anthem and we continue that debate. The president created fake news himself this week. When he deceptively misrepresent or a statement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. This is all just gone to the point where it cannot be ignored. And it has to be taken collectively as a sign that something is not right. Roger Goodell statement did this is not my opinion this is a fact. Roger Goodell statement said that everyone should stay and for the National Anthem. President truck jumped on that statement as proof that his involvement in the controversy cost the NFL to change its position on the issue. Original statement was consistent with the NFL rule that players should stand for the National Anthem. President trump touted his power by saying the NFL rule. Had been changed and the league was demanding that players stand. The difference between the definitions of should and demanding. It's obvious to the average middle school student. President trumps child like attack on the height. A senator Bob Corcoran. Who openly challenge the president's ability to lead America. Was met with further condemnation and more questions about president trusts mental. An emotional state. Coworker said the White House. It's like an adult daycare center. This picture. It is being painted of president trumps middle and emotional state is frightening to me. Now his longtime friend Tom Derek coupe produced the president's inauguration. Has now come forward and question who Donald Trump has become since becoming president because his behavior is beneath him. The president's political siamese twins Steve Bannon. Said the president trump only has a 30% chance of finishing his first term. And the biggest threat to the president used to Toney Fifth Amendment which gives his cabinet the power to remove the president from office I doubt that that would happen. All of these clues. That something isn't right in the White House. And not disturbing one is is the president's blatant disregard for the First Amendment. And the suggestion that NBC's right to have a license to broadcast is in question. Because of what the president deems fake news. This should send a chill up the spine of every American. Especially the trumped loyalists. Gore also loyal to the constitution. First of all for the record. Networks do not have broadcast licenses. That goes to the individual stations. NBC I think owns 28 station. But those local stations have licenses the president was wrong about. They're having a broadcast license but. That's the way this is being operated. This is the this is what's what's coming out of the white house on a daily basis and it just building and building and build. First of all. As I said there's still license to broadcast for network. But also the severe retaliation. For story damaging to the president's image. Is the kind of threat. But you that you hear about in a government led by a dictator. Not the government of the United States. Republican senator Bob sense. Of Kansas. Question the president Trump's comment. About the NBC story showed that he was denying the very oath of office he swore to when he took office. Time. After time. President trump has defined himself as a person who is obsessed with getting attention. And it's driven by his message eco. And appears to be willing to go to any lengths to protect his image and his ego even if it comes to the detriment. Of the American people. Not all of the host on the Fox News Channel. Our super conservative. But Neil Cavuto. Candy described is a very conservative host on fox news' Neil Comodo is a very loyal trump supporter. This week on his Fox News show. Neil Cavuto well. Directed his commentary directly to the president of the United States personally. And in the commentary. Cavuto said. To the president. Some of your tweets are making the people you need to run for cover. He said on your tax plan. Mr. part of the deal. Is killing the deal. New Google also said on Fox News. You can't drain the swamp. If all you're doing is throwing mud. He said to the president tweeting out tacky insults. Just seems beneath you. Cavuto said the president is running out of friends faster. Then he's running out of time. And finally he said for you. It can't be the thunderous applause of a base that is a growing. It's time to reach beyond that base. You are the president of all of the people. At the close of his commentary. Neil Cavuto said he's gonna get texts. That say he's clueless. He's gonna get text that claim he's had a global list. He even said I'll get Texas AM affect you for switch personally Felix. But he said that he was motivated to talk directly to president trump. About being a human being he. It's not harmful message directed to the president. From a host of the cable news network that is constantly. Something that he's racing and promote. Is this fake news to Mr. President.