President Trump now denies he referred to some poor countries with an expletive in a DC meeting.

Newell Normand
Friday, January 12th

President Trump now denies he referred to some poor countries with an expletive in a DC meeting.  Several lawmakers insist they heard him say it.  Is the President lying?  If he did call Haiti, El Salvador and some countries in Africa a "S**t hole," was he right or wrong to use that term and that language?

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And Dave donated renewal Norman on your fri day as we get ready for the big saints playoff game in Minneapolis on Sunday we'll open up the lines and take your calls the bulk of this hour on that. A tarnishing wrinkle into it asking you if your son played. For an NFL team and you played for the team is playing. Would you be written for your kid who would you be rooting for your team will also talked. About the sentence for Nelson resumed the drunk driver convicted of ramming a crowd full of people last year's and Demi and parade. And we'll be talking about president Trump's comments or alleged comments. About Haiti El Salvador on some countries in Africa are reportedly calling them. As a whole nations and saying we needed to limit its. Immigration from those countries let's go live to Washington DC now and CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy Steve I guess the question I'm hearing more and anything is. Did the president used those terms or did he not. What they hear from Dick Durbin who was in the room yet compact he said it he said it repeatedly. Just a few minutes ago Tom cotton Arkansas David Perdue of Georgia to Republican senators say they do not Brooke call the president paying these comment specifically. But they do recall the president. Pushing the immigration proposals that David pants that would you know and the visa lottery and that the and the migration nickel chain migration. Where oh where does this all star who first reported that the president used that word announcing ass hole which is not the word. He allegedly you know. Andy Reid it was even more clear it at. Poll put a and it. The word it was first reported by the Washington Post late yesterday because what happened was. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham. Wanted to come up to the white here and and present the president with. The air proposal that it was a potentially at about balloon that problem it's sank very quickly yesterday it was to cut. They've beat the lottery. And give some funding the boardwalk and not the level that the president was expected and he pooh poohed it immediately. One of the other things that these. You know bipartisan senators that Durbin is Democrat in the credit mr. Republican offered was. It's some kind of protection for the people hundreds of thousands of people who are here and but it would cup temporary protected status. Through administrations of both parties. Hundreds of thousands of people from. El Salvador for example commit to got one he beat state the eighth anniversary of the earthquake in 2010. These people who have come to the country in the immediate aftermath of earthquakes in as countries have been granted. A reprieve that this temporary protected status where the government says we won't deport you you're allowed to stay. We you can get a job you are at it took kind of a sort of a temporary legal status. This president president cup is revoking its status. And that the two senators proposed to help those people will be yours some of the seventeen years and raised children here and you know. Jobs and bought homes in they have their lives here well the president apparently erupted. At that notion. And said why would we want people from. And it's whole country. And apparently Lindsey Graham according to determine that the grant said no street shouldn't say that. Good people and then Dick Durbin was so offended by it we don't know I don't know which it did that which of the senators first to. Talk about it to the press. Well what I assume is Graham confirming that president trump used that word asks. Hole as it's been explained up on Capitol Hill and I'm not there I'm here at the White House. Other senators for example in Scott South Carolina. Republican if Shane Lindsay Graham told him that that's what the president sent. Dick Durbin told reporters today Chicago. That the president did data and when the president that he didn't he life. Somebody's lying we know that it's either Durbin president trump. The senators who say they can't remember somebody and here is lying about what was said in one wasn't said what we do know is there is ramifications. From this story that aren't going to end any time soon and we're hearing it and internationally nationally politically and from really all ends of the spectrum. In Haiti to date they charge d'affaires. Would be leading the American representative at the embassy was summoned to meet with the Haitian president. The president Haiti wanted to know if the United States remains committed. To Haiti the way it has been for the last century or so and the planet lies for the administration official who represent the United States. To the president paid. But you're right there are ramifications and you know it's being remembered reverberations. Obviously the president has supporters in this and there are people who say. That that the press and the Democrats and even many Republicans. Making too much of this. That senator in us well ability to detect. And aided the idea if he did say at the present by the way that he used tough language we should say that night that's. Well he says that the language he. Whether decide between different it's something like that wasn't the language used or something along those lines but let's just say that ticket update the descent have been missing. The president's supporters say. That there's nothing wrong with that what the president saying it. The United States should be elected and discerning about the number of people on the type of people in the country's support and people come to this country. The detractors are concerned. That by tying Haiti and Salvador and somebody's African countries together the common thread is that you have people of color who inhabit this country. And that's why the president was that today. By April Ryan reporter here at the White House if he is he racist. Present gave remarks honoring Dr. Martin Luther King he did not respond to that question and left the room. Steven Portnoy I imagine that question will be asked again next and the president does have an opportunity to take questions from the media and we know you will share his answer with us. If indeed he does answers to import I thank you so much we look forward your reports on the CBS radio network in right here on WW well. Have a great weekend. He even born or live from the White House I what do you think folks 504260187. Detects mediate 7870. Pretty since lying here. Is it Durbin is it president trump do you think president trump really use that word of to describe these countries. Was he right or wrong if he did use that term or that language. And doesn't really matter. And are you surprised at all that we have Democrats saying yeah he senate Republicans saying I don't remember what was said and a whole lot of political shenanigans once again. In Washington DC. 50426018. MD common right now got a line open for yet we're opening up lines talk about anything you want the rest of the show between now and 1 PM. I throw this out there Jim if you are an NFL veteran. And your son was playing against. Your former team would you read to your kid or your team. Saints all pro defensive end cam Jordan. Takes on the team his dad helped to define. When the saints play the vikings Sunday in the NFC divisional playoffs. Reminds me of one the saints and colts were in the Super Bowl people started asking former saints quarterback Archie Manning. If he was rooting for his old team the saints or for his son colts quarterback Peyton Manning. Is there really even a question here. Who would you root for. Who do you think cams that she admitted for. You remember what Archie said I'm refresh your memory coming up after this and anything you wanna say about the game on Sunday that's fair game do whilst talk about the sentence. For the man who plowed into a crowded and Damian parade watchers and received five and a half years in prison today is that enough too much not enough. It's open lines here on the new home Orman show I'm Dave join in for Newell on your Friday. Do you think the saints are gonna win Sunday's Vegas shared dozens lined keeps move in more and more favoring the Minnesota Vikings now five point. Favorites I didn't know until this week that cam Jordan's dad. Was not only an NFL player. But was one of the fifty greatest vikings' of all time has determined by the Minnesota Vikings was a six time poll bowl site and and that Steve Jordan had raised can Jordan for at least the first six years of his live. In Minnesota where he played all his his pro career when now Kim Jordan. Plays for the saints. And is an all pro defensive end the best at that position he's going to the Pro Bowl himself. And he's going to Minnesota try to knock off his dad's team so that he can get the NFC championship game and hopefully to the Super Bowl. Some Minnesota Vikings fans think they cams dead should be rooting for the vikings not for his son. He reminds me of 2010 when I had to ask Archie Manning. Iconic saints quarterback who he was rooting for in the Super Bowl where the saints were playing his son's Indianapolis Colts. And Archie told me. Anyone who thinks I should be rooting for the saints probably doesn't have kids what do you think comedy right now 5042601870. Text created 7870. Whose should cam Jordan's dad be rooting for who would you root for if your son. We're playing for the team taking on your team. Battle four to 60187 we have a reminds this hour frank thanks for calling your RW WL what's on your mind. Oh yeah all of Obama speaking about the president in this statement yeah alien open minds and you want to thank you thank you in particular caught mr. I always giggled in there after a recession I'm old Donna can I detrimental to our political machine disk you know Donald. Movie monster I'm sure the child didn't know he'd. You know about some straight. But I don't actually just about dead they're content agree article titled I according to. And he's a joke called Asia due to put in their golf disk around and noticed actually did. And about freedom speech probably abortion companion. It definitely CD OE McDonald couldn't. And he handled right to abortion shall sing it if you don't want up to about China little what LA in this country. He's deposed and doubled my opinion Echelon country. They're you know you're not taking issue with him calling. Allegedly calling Haiti el Salvadoran African nations. And its own country as well. Note I'd gotten an appropriate and no I'm not actually and talked to I don't condone the right to do. Candlelight two point political opinion you definitely can you. You can celebrity won't need to put it in the United States don't think I predict tension but you won't optimistic about what part of the freedom of Pete decimal point. Thank you frank we appreciate Colin and making your point they met here on WWL I you don't have. I agree completely disagree or their caller caller doesn't understand. That. The president has. He responsibility. And his personal rights do not supersede the responsibility of being a leader of the country yet my boy. And eyes as citizens do not have this thing. And you want you know warm climate that UK where he's. I think the leadership goes nowhere. He says reflects. And can damage our relations with these countries. Weren't you know were were doing operations in Africa against you know. Crisis and Talbot what you remember that the terrorist groups that are there were horrible things. We can't be having our president calling these places polls. And in giving back to even and sang it better didn't say it keep that it. Actor in the wake up 1 morning I'm gonna put words into trumps math. Okay trial. You you don't you don't think that out but I did partisan politics would go that far. That Democrat respected Democrat like Dick Durbin went lie and say that the president used the S word to describe these nations don't think he made that up. Don't think you'll go that far. Sir would you call it music partisan politics were talking policy. When you're saying that you are lying. About the president. You somebody's somebody's lying here we know that. Well let's look at if the president this empirical data big state back. Y times like today. Five times today you you have that document and it's five times a day. I'm more not less. Let me give you an example yesterday I mean he's not going it would write these good but he says it was a bad deal that Barack Obama. Got back new embassy was a bad deal Bret embassy and it had been lightning quick initiated. By bush. There was a Bush Administration that chose the location for that embassy and it's kind of surprising that. Knowing shared that information with the president before he made those comments and your absolute right. They'll be okay there's this statement that was just the last 24 hour back in the lot and I'm sure you know you can. So when you say shenanigans. You're saying partisanship what you're doing is normalizing. This president with a pathological liar. Who is it just me. Making me ashamed. I'm a Democrat I root for my president because she's been spending all of us. And it just sit there and say this partisan. Tension that again. You're given a false equivalency at your thinking OK for the president a lie and use it. No my point was that. The Republicans who were in the room either say they didn't hear him say that our they don't remember if he said that he a Republican says he didn't say it but the Democrats in the Roma this business specifically Dick Durbin say he did use the password calling. El Salvador Haiti and Africa. As whole nation ends and that was my point is that. Again like everything else BC and Washington and it comes down to party affiliation to how people perceive things. Oh come on if you didn't say they've been absolutely you say you would have vehement absolute. Bolt Broder. By the Republicans saying he'd say it is very you know we like it here and say it. All I don't know I don't think so calm on your children. Yeah fortunes. We'd love apple but we want to track we ought to our family one lies double break you know does every. Wow I don't know got a Bentley you come from but OK and let's not make those assumptions about my kids that now you're gone too far but it's. I'm just saying your history they gave an example of one. Person acting couple other ones not and then there's been a big it's broken in the room and you know. You know which would give it back once you know the one propensity that a little more options I bring this president has a history outlined in the dating back. Don't get your guys. You're saying president drops the bad kid in the room. The one we can just assume he's the one who does everything wrong and easy he's guilty before he might have an opportunity. To defend his innocence we know because of his past history that he'd get it he's the one behind us. Well executed game you're saying that Dick Durbin woke up this morning at I'm good at you and the president I'm gonna put words in his mouth detector and have a history of missed dating back some lying. I don't know a whole lot about Dick Durbin I don't know all about it as I noticed you make a good point and I get your point and I understand it. And I think that even a lot of Republicans are struggling with this one when asked well what do you think is lying years it Donald Trump. Or Dick Durbin. I think a lot of people are taking pause and that's why we're seeing the other Republicans who were in the room saying they didn't hear it or they don't recall the president saying that. Because this is one of those allegations that is. So why pop thing that has so many people angry upset and to salute Indian out in disbelief that even this president might have said that. That it does cause cause even amongst his most loyal supporters. An interesting issued as one of the things we're talking about with open minds John WWL. Also we got calls dominant we'll take them coming up after this about the sentenced. The man who ran over crowd last year. At the end Demi and parade and we'll talk saints after this. You know you don't have right now. The vast majority of people here in this song right now I do on their best Sean Payton impersonation. May be. Out dancing Sean Payton. And that semis. Five authorities six 1878260187. Is our number. Yells at Texas today 787. The end serious thoughts with us as we are open up the lines but not in this hour about president Trump's alleged comments calling several nations. Asked holes and saying we don't need immigrants from those nations. Because we don't want them here in the US were also talking about the sentencing came down within the last hour for the man who crashed his car and do it. Ingram and Demi in that we watch. Party a group of people watching the and Demi and parade while he was strong injuring more than thirty people five years in prison. Is the sentence for an Nelson resume to know is that enough too much or not enough being calls on that 126 187 day. Now so im interested to hear from you. But the fact that does saints defensive end Jim Jordan's dad is and has been named one of the fifty greatest vikings' players of all time. And some mom Minnesota fans think he should be rooting for the vikings. Not for his son in the saints in the playoff game on Sunday it reminds me of when the saints played a Archie Manning son in the Super Bowl colts quarterback Peyton Manning. And Archie was rooting for Peyton and the colts. Not rooting for his team that he played for was an iconic quarterback for the saints. RG at the times said. People who think I should be rooting for the saints must not have kids who do you think. Jim Jordan's dad should be rooting for 504260187. The Andrea thanks for calling your on WWL. Aren't doing our ride. Andre. Aren't about that and wonder what's monument. I'm not using the Bretton or any other government. But I. Response earlier caller yes in America we re being. But legally who are old enough where people reproduction. In every. But you can't call that all about it is equal but it did you will. Make it. But do you think what the president. Allegedly did rises to that level. Oh no no no but I'm responding other caught wanna make sure people choose to opt in America they they. You go prepared. At that general we've been in anything. Real repercussions and I understand that Sunday that would agree with that each or not. 40 what the president. I'm not the part by. These bad things about people out they'll order and I mean every bit the neighboring airport being ugly and all go to court over the back no and other web site ignored it. Yeah it might if you don't put it in aren't always completely bald almost all MO all being. But there Barack Obama. Would call for the that the policemen and Barack Obama that call it were. Lead and do things aren't going man could be put to doubt. What do you what what the president that they waited propagate well you know not beat web sites you go check that. Here I the oh. Not quite you know he'll let that might start in which it did mathematically. And technicals. So I'm I'm guessing that your answer the question who do you think was lying president try. Or senator Durbin usage hits Donald Trump. I think I've got a job is lying and saying he didn't say I think you really did say it. And it the other before reacting more you do it I believe you would own do it. Now Andrei we appreciate the call final four to six 187 Mahay Leo thanks for calling your on WW well. Good alleged public sentiment. Oh. So if you viewer. Archie Manning. Or DR or on cam Jordan's dad Steve Jordan you'd be written for your team to lose because your kids on the other team. Most definitely I don't know much and it would. That's got back class I area and then nine hey I'm a father before I completely agree there is no bond sicker and then the bond between a parent. And a child and I totally got it when Archie Manning was rooting for. Peyton and the colts to win the Super Bowl against the saints even though Archie played the bulk of his career for the saints likewise I would completely support Steven Jordan. Is supporting the saints and Jim Jordan over the Minnesota Vikings. About. The district. What did. He speak what you don't speak American people so would you eat and. He say they the president doesn't have freedom of speech. Now he's out to any guilt about when you look at it. What do you speak out there and so you rub. Yeah I am not sure about that I mean legally speaking I don't think I don't think that's accurate I understand philosophically where you're coming from. But I think this president has always and will always speak his mind. Right now. Everybody else what or are terrible over. Right and I got a people and what can affect people's lives. You know. What didn't happen that they've met built close to the couple are very important. You know Latin. You know. So it's a year do you think the president did did use the password. In describing these countries either he's lying when he says he did and and you believe that are out. We appreciate to call Leo final four to 60187. You get text messages come in and an 87870. One person says I don't care whether president from senator not the problem comes in. When you repeat stuff said behind closed doors in the Oval Office to give a black guided the country whether true or false. It is borderline treason so this person is saying. Dick Durbin. Committed borderline treason. By eight divulging what the president said behind closed doors. He says it does nothing more than put a target on the back of every American in this country that is traveling abroad. Now the president says trump took the words right out of my mouth bozos I'm not gonna judge whether what he said was right or wrong I will say it's accurate though. And that another person tech's 8787. Ian says Dow up 200 points again today. Thanks president trump. I've heard that sentiment from several people it's a 196 right now about the way but never that sentiment from several people I don't care what else the president says or does as long as he continues to improve the economy. And they continue to make more money in their investments at their jobs paying less taxes there happy and they'll tolerate anything else. That comes from this president Margaret calls after this. Text message comes in an 87870. Says Dave the economy does not approve overnight. So the people that are thinking trump for the economy's improvement should really be thanking that's right Obama. And be saying thanks Obama. I understand your point and there's no doubt that since the Great Recession the steady improvement in our economy. Can be traced back to a lot of the things that the Obama administration. Did to improve the economy. At the same time you cannot argue. That the passes passage of the jobs. The tax cut and jobs act. Directly immediately. Led to improvements in the economy both on Wall Street and in people's pocketbooks with companies already giving bonuses giving raises. And the upcoming reduction in withholding. That we are going to see for so many Americans so I think you make a very good point. And that the Obama administration and the President Obama do get credit for the improving economy now you can not. Count out what the trump administration. And the president have done to improve the economy meanwhile buttons and thanks to growing your on WWL. A man Friday. I think you Oreo. Didn't happen and cut it the president talked about and what he did dale. I don't know what we are so emotionally challenged. One word people on him burned. Two out that you think yes I do agree with him yeah I mean certainly country. So you say I think the president's lying now when he says he didn't say it. Yeah yeah yeah I'm pretty sure not gonna covered back beaten them. Emotionally challenged people. Democrat and I happened. It's ridiculous and. Richie we appreciate the Kolb then and I insisting points or you believe is that that you believe he's right. In having city support him saying everything he's lying when he says he didn't say I don't know why any of this surprises us anymore. We have got a new point in this country where I don't. Yeah were you surprised when you heard these reports that the president allegedly said this that he allegedly called these countries. As holes. I wasn't surprised those words may have come out of his mouth. I'm also not surprise it is becoming heated political issue. Democrats vs Republicans once again in Washington and I'm not surprised that somebody is lying to us. I mean unfortunately this is what we've come become accustomed to. Also this is the man the people elected president United States. It's not like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get they knew what they were gonna get from this president. And they're getting it and a lot of them are really happy that they're getting it we're gonna get more of your calls right after this. 504260187. You're on WWL. Hey thank god it a couple of things really quick well I think this golf spectacle last night. You know reported it to that happened in the purple and yellow where polls. Close. We ease into greens somewhere I guess the fields radar gun out. Right there you're not. And next thing we got the ball is 98 app the rock. It bought about nine is that the simple. Yeah I kinda gets a first Sunday of the parade season. Right I think we absolutely differently than what would like the first report. So it that it cannot figure that a lot of winds that are not mine opened a front and it last. Yes and that's a nice thing I will know Saturday. Whether or not. The winner of the saints vikings game is traveling to. Philadelphia to play the Eagles. Or will be hosting the Atlanta Falcons and you think that motivation. When the saints and know that they can come home host the falcons in the dome for the NFC championship game and a trip to the Super Bowl. They'll give them extra motivation. You know match it straight yeah. You flat but we look simple and quick compliment but the number one about the economy. What it takes more than just that when you pretty content around but I. The laugh my tail off because that's not I'll put his support it and say it's a global bull that it Clinton's first year Bill Clinton's first economy. Took off and it I'll be political. So to get it paid good book it was good record is good to try. Shock people with people who are. Devout. To their party who are devout Republicans or Democrats three see everything you Republican Colorado democratic colored glasses on both sides. The one big question. I don't know what com any minute you try not to make some kind of comment that a lot of people think that the point is. How does not enacted that law that it leaked out. That's a bigger concern to me and now. Well if you the president of the United States in today's political culture would you believe that when you have. People from the other party in your office. Even if they closed door meeting in the Oval Office in the White House. The center of the executive branch of the United States government would you believe that you could say anything you wanted without. Threat of it being repeated if I were Democrats in the room. You know. If I do not eat. As stupid does that work. Yeah I I would believe it went inside the old block a the bad at all classified information. And about Democrats across from the negotiating. Trying to find aid for these people from country. Caught it and literally merely contribute because most were don't get high tech immigrants in most cases. From Third World country right we get people poor people who political dissident people who. Have not been and we it was a war and our surprise. You know I think Clinton would say and that is the bat boy wonder racist what these it's racist to interpret it that that would net. But let me ask you this are running out of time do you think the president has line. When he says he didn't say a pretty thing dirt or Dick Durbin of lying when he says he did say it. 09. Parent I've Jack thank you who'd asked ghost saints. Skewed is next folks who is free for all Friday your chance talk about all the topics on this week plus he'll be talking more about the saints at the vikings in the divisional round of the playoffs goes saints patsy on Monday at 5 AM.