President Trump, NFL and Mayor's Race

Thursday, October 12th

Even if you voted for President Trump have you changed your mind on anything he's done? Are you concerned about him? Does the NFL protest during the anthem by some players still bother you? Are you willing to not watch the game you love just because of a few minutes at the start? And why is no one even remotely concerned about Saturday's election?


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Chemical back to our show the other conversations eternal Norman retiring arena show about side of the NFL and the kneeling in the protest my god this is such topic it will never go away. Sometimes you get these topics they just. Are so passionate. And it is such a sensitive topic in so many ways to so many people it. It continues. And we'll get to that also I think it's going to be really interesting to. To see what happens Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome when the saints. Returning us to Detroit Lions. Well all the players stand. We know some people in the audience. Boo. Will they blew the players kneeling but they'll also actually be doing the players stand. And will of some of the fans. Sipped. And not semi there's not enough room there in the don't appear to seat is not a from the Neil. Even analog chip area by two I wonder if from some people purposely no city can join the protest again or I'll get back to articles are just a moment and if you just tuning in. I've reluctantly. Decided talk about this cumulative. Information. That is now pouring out of the trump White House. About. Different things that make it seem as if there is instability. In the White House. And truthfully I'm concerned. And Neil Cavuto. Fox News and I would consider Neil Cavuto to be one of the conservative talk show host and Fox News they're not all super conservative he's one of and he's also been a very strong trump loyalist. He he set out his commentary. Directly to the president the other day. And what he said it shocked me. We'll share more that what you just a few minutes but look before we get back to these other topics. I watched the mayor's debate last night. And it was interesting. At nothing big happens nothing bad happened I thought they were a few uncomfortable moments for. How for for a couple of them. I thought so Karen Swenson that are very good job muttering in moderating it and that is not always an easy job just like to turned their very huge compliment last night. But I want to share some of the highlights from the debate last night and I know you don't care if it's it's amazing how many people don't care. But this is an example of how the media sometimes should work. For all of you who are critical of the media. For just talking about the big stuff if people wanna talk about. If you talk about the mayor's race right now people don't care. So sore or did sit sit here and and have no calls in just sit here in and talk to you because they're good calls indicate response. People look at the audience doesn't care. Which is really sad because. We've got a lot at stake here. A lot of problems in the world's. And and who becomes the next mayor is gonna take on those problems. So it's important and a lot of people after the mayor's race or call the show earlier complain about the new mayor complain about the new mayor. And many of won't many of them will not have even voted. I'm not excited about all the choices. But I'm gonna vote Saturday. Because it's important. I I I understand the apathy that you think nothing's gonna change. But I'm gonna I'm gonna do something that the audience is not dictating right now the audience is not dictating that we talk about dismay or trees but I'm gonna talk about it anyways. Because it is important don't affect your calls here just a moment. On the topic of renaming schools and streets. Michael bag nearest had to say last night. On racquet a zillion times. As saying anything dealing with the monuments are renaming of streets or anything of that nature I would put. To the people to vote that is one of the things that cause a wedge. In our community and so I would let the people vote on. And it's not return Cantrell had this to say about renaming streets and schools. You know I would work where the City Council who ultimately has the authority. Do not believe in top down I believe him bottom up so would have to come from the community through the New Orleans City Council. And listened to disagree sharply he's answered. Think we need a pause on some of the right now. It is costs so much division in the community I think that we need to do is not getting some progress going. So that people see that their government is working on them in other ways and then check out the appropriate time. A lot the city town of which went that is when that the power lies to get with their communities and decide how they'd like to go about that. But not on now I think we need to just pump the brakes. Because we need to come up for air after everything that's happened. I thought that was a very good answer. But again. Because of reaction. And this is a great example if if we went by audience reaction I would not say one thing about the mayor's race. That's how many people just story to care. But I think it's important saws it off from Mary Jane she earned every WL thanks for hanging on. Were they cute cute you know he expressed that they fear about what troops that they fear that deep concern because like you were yesterday. On Twitter troops have been treated it's all about in DC and other American network. Quote network news has become so partisan distorted in that. That licenses must speak challenge it and it's appropriate. We both. Screwed that senate she'll apply my agent spy. Well it should've sent a chill up the spine of every trumped loyalist who respects the constitution. That's what that's what banana republics do that took it yeah. It's South America with the right wing dictatorships. You know but that parents started to go to I'm a bit but the real quick search. Early in the year it's been there. Yeah. Idea of but you know that the liberal media it's an opposition party he's even more so for scoop is that called the media the enemy. Not even an adversary but Infiniti what you did when he tried to destroy it like yeah. To try and nonsense or turn that's right. Well and it had been to one of his jobs in this so role at bright board he wants to eliminate. Eleven. In New York Times and in the Washington Post that that just long term goal. Now what changed or your your absolutely right on the goal of banner and the goal of the trop administration is to sow discord at the meeting which is why it's so important that people in the media say wait a minute. This is not the definition a fake news. You are calling fake knew something that you disagree with us. I'm not saying that there aren't episodes of a fake news and sometimes reporters and sometimes sources and sometimes media outlets get it wrong. But the stuff that used commonly refer to now it's fake news is not by definition. Fake news. But their goal is to so discredit. The mainstream media. That if the president doesn't make it through his first term. It's not gonna be his fault. It's gonna be the media's fault. I mean I'm sure Richard Nixon would try to do the same thing during Watergate. But there comes a point where. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And it doesn't and a New York it doesn't matter who you try to discredit. And let's remember that Richard Nixon did not get in trouble because he was part of the Watergate break. Richard Nixon got in trouble because of the copper. And whether he wants to admit it or not. The president. And those allies of the president. Are very frightened. That that is an issue. After way to say. If you're Ron Paul stay witness I will come right back with your calls if you wanna join us our numbers 2601878. Perry cut 5042601. Ace every taxi semi semi obscure we're coming back. Now I know you don't care. Big mayor's race and people won't care. Here is that Texas says some scoot you have to remember what our choice for president was at the time I thought to it was the lesser of two evils. I still feel. That way that's far I get that I I understand that. But that cannot excuse. Behavior that is is inappropriate. And and to the poisoning of the American mind when it comes to fake news in the media. Sure the media's challenging the president architects is say let me just try to take down the president every day. There were people who thought the media was trying to take down Hillary Clinton. Period that's my opinion that there were people thought that I was on the show during the campaign. And I remember those I used to get texts from people telling me what I would say something positive about trump during the campaign and yes I did. I would get text from people telling me it's going to be madam president get used to it. Hillary Clinton's gonna wind did used to get over this talk about trump Hillary's gonna win. Well she didn't. And so all of attacks that say well the media's wrong and and trump his right. They could be going the same direction as those text about Hillary when. You might not be right about debt. And it is time. For those of us who see problems with the White House. To be bold enough to not think that we're wrong just because we are saying something negative about a Republican in the White House infect. You have a really tough time even arguing that did Donald Trump is a Republican. He does he define the Republican Party today to see define the future of the Republican Party. Or see more of of an independent. We're going to a really interesting time is not gonna stop. The mid term elections next year going to be very interesting. And if things continue to go was they are president trump is going to be challenged by Republicans for the nomination. That doesn't happen very often a sitting president challenged by his own party. I would be surprised if that doesn't have to. Agree that she calls suffer Metairie Al thank you for hanging on your on WWL. Paying pretty decent. Okay to. Detail in no Norman's. Program yeah so wanted to comment on what and a lot of people are cup with the fact that. You know it's great debate appetizer. You know you talk about time and money. If they agree with Lou Gorman a 100% and you know opening line the most. Frustrate them and actually hit a web. Is abroad and Jeff curry. Blame in China. Trust in the guy. Tapping it was a war step back to deport him out and support yes. And no rate to drop in and I hope to try it kind of business. I would have been. Really act if you're that is entirely negative light. Well you would try to argue or try to change the or the course of Islam. That description. Get people in. Iraq. Okay well I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you ask a lot of peoples and then do you did you watch football. Yep and not make that frequently do lie and created games of the party. That the other and practically be good this TV's on a pike is TV everywhere. This same thought people would go out there. The race or age nobody was watching for a while so it Guillen went goat in goofy shot. He broke out players might win a few battles but do we do. Normal here's a look here here's the advice and therefore you. I haven't got day it was. Just don't watch the national and don't drive if it if you don't wanna be involved in the protest and you protest by not watching the National Anthem and then just joined the game after that then you won't even know if people like kneeled down. I've got one. Collectively tired in any newspaper. What if that's what you wanna do that's fine but then. If you wanna watch the game and you don't watch the game I mean who wins in that situation. From New Orleans Leonard here under review well. All the good and look at it didn't grow went across the news. And actually it probably. I would listen. A bit of attitudes and opinions. That doesn't use. I'd never because tendency. And equipment that that your response. You have admitted. To yours and not yet achieved what he can't get him out of the. I appreciate you saying that letter to. You know it's not that I I I I care that much about the criticism. It's just that the criticism. On isn't in balance with how people really feel. Because it's human nature to be. To be louder if you're critical. If you're against something. Your energy is greater than if you force something. And an intact echoes of politics as well. And I just want to start rallying. Those who do agree with me to balance out those who disagree with me. Because I believe there are more of Austin the roar of them but they seem to be louder. Because we're not that left and I try to be laughed I need you to be loud too I mean it it's time to stand up for sake. I don't care whether trot this Republican or Democrat there's some stuff going on here that ain't right. There's a lot going on it's not quite and very very credible people are questioning the stability of this president. That's not a biased. Partisan comment. That is an observation. Because of what is being reported what's being said. And I know for those who are just so quick connect well it's all based on anonymous sources. What do you think NBC. And CBS. And even Fox News. If it's not backed up by a by a credible source. I mean what's in a while they do. What's her while that happens in the media. But for the most part these are credible credible sources just because the president says it didn't happen. If a network says this did happen and we've got sources and we're not backing down. Just I mean it didn't happen. It means the president is saying it didn't happen and his interest is protecting his ego and his civic. So what happens if it does come out. That these stories to be so denouncing now from NBC. What happens just as proof I mean the president is asking for proof and there may be performed today. The the president innocent until proven guilty I get that. But don't dismiss. Credible sources because credible sources were used in a lot of ways to take out Hillary Clinton. During the campaign credible sources. Go both ways. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Tech state 77 he. Look LSU and Auburn play Saturday afternoon Death Valley I'm got a pair of tickets to giveaway specifically LSU fight song if you with the eighth caller tour contests line. 26 so wins final four to six or 9467. He got a pair tickets for the game Saturday afternoon and that's going to be great when we'll be back. I'll watch the mayor's debate last night on channel four with the top three candidates Michael bagged errors so LaToya Cantrell and Deseret Sharma Ney and again that it. There were a few highlights by side nothing really big happened and nothing really that bad happened and I know you you don't even really care about it but I'm gonna bring in a once a while anyway. Here's an interest in text that says screwed if I didn't entertainment radio show I would hope trumped. Would be Otis. President of the United States for eight years for the obvious recent. But because I'm not scoot America can't afford discussed. As bonus. That's an interesting point. Do I vote for the person it election. I think is going to be most controversial. It's gonna do the best for my business. But a white vote for somebody that I think is gonna be best for America. Do you vote based on what is best for your business. Or what is best for the country. Because your business is closer to you in many ways. In your country. Before you make your calls this is part of an op Ed blog that I refer website W zero dot com. I wrote president trump bully his way into the debate over some NFL players dealing for the National Anthem. President trump created fake news for himself this week when he deceptively misrepresented a statement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dell issued a statement saying that everyone should stand for the National Anthem and president truck jumped on that as proof that his involvement in the controversy. Cause the NFL to change its position on the issue. Dell statement was consistent with the NFL rule that players should stay in the National Anthem. And then I wrote president truck touted his power by saying the NFL rule has changed. And the lead was demanding that players stay hint. The difference between the definition of should and demand. Is obvious to an average. Middle school student. That's not anti Republican or conservative. That's anti. Ignorance. This just the kind of stuff that scares me an match her trump loyalists fine. But this kind of rational thinking doesn't scare you. And in this is one of a long list of things that I mentioned. And Roger Goodell has just issued a statement. Quote. There has been no policy change. So what in the hell is true talking about this is the stuff that scares me as in America. From cantor Scott your WWL. I. Great it. I like to bring query just with your previous statement. The other rule book which so. Nobody. Ever scoring or Jews are. Really. Yep and also him. And a policy that broke up. It wasn't should. Such shoot 62 cent decrease could be met a beat prior to every. I'm now about heard this. Fifty times since we started this discussion to go ahead finish. Change she says it should. Oh. These are suspended or that you should tree so it doesn't mean you have to send. Yeah well sir you're exactly. True to do. What are. No that's not that's not what is says Scott you're not reading it properly. If they don't get it if they're not or if they're not on the field for the national went to the they can be finder punished they can't be fun to punished for not standing it doesn't say that in the policy book may be that you change but it doesn't say that's a stop spreading that. Such an execute sixty or it's a great. It says Jeanne at the definition of work should. If I tell you that you should listen to my radio show every afternoon does that mean you have to. Well what covered in shelters are. Well it doesn't mean you have to listen it means that I think you should listen but you don't have to there's a big difference between should. And ever requirement. To say somebody should do something isn't a requirement that they do it this is what a lot of people just don't seem to gore spent. I it's elementary. I think that children aren't too and they both this and policy air book do. If you break the rules or policy. Scott that's fine but there's no rule that says they have to stand. What is it that you don't understand about that. Sent stepping up Stater. All bets big guy that's been the argument that the players have to stand during the National Anthem that that's been what has been argued and I don't have to. I would inquiry to clarity to this subject are reading what apology. As Barbie. Out of the policy book could be an. Arnold and I apologize because untouchable arguing that they had to stand because then you said when they aren't punished they they can't be punished for not standing. I apologize. Took. This subject but what you were talk about here's a you're you're agreeing that you don't distinct. That's correct. Are all right. It's what you showed that. Standard retention or about your record. Should result in that under reading. Of Leah back. Scott I apologize I took where he sends the wrong way because there are so many people who have called and read that same thing in their point is you should stand means you have to stand. And you should stand. Doesn't mean you have to stand but I've hi I am I appreciate you are bringing that up if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 260 point seven. Every coach 5042601870. Text Amber's HIV case every. Also I put I put a video on our FaceBook page W if you already know it's also on my personal taste of pace scoot on here. Which really isn't very personal it's. That's about to show. The video is about. The Boy Scouts. Accepting girls. And why that might be a good idea. We'll talk about that in the final hour. And I may even talk about the mayor's race again this hour. I'm might. People on camera might. We'll be back and every if you don't matter how much of it is so honest and how much of it is political BS I watched the debate took took. I know it's on it and then went live on our WWL radio FaceBook page right after the debate to to get reaction and to talk about some of the highlights of the debate. And I got to be honest with you of all the things that I do on FaceBook. That did not get the attention to other things that I do get attention. And it's because people just don't care. This is the mayor's race this is our city and we've really. Should care. Front and or short Henry your WWL. I'm good in there I thought we. Marriage are well. They brought out it did it. You know it's there and freedom. And good to sit up. There and let the went out is that. People are treated. That that. What you when a person you know it itself that area. You where we're out at what Carla. It just. A little. Kid would do him persona that. That. That but hey that's probably. What it and see. What this. We were you when you're a police officer did did you see the stereotyping. Of the young. Black male suspects to the point where you understand the problem that's being raised. It. Or. Is that it's Condit. Oh. And it. And it's it. It should. Give to. Obama and that there. It was. You actually look at that chicken suits were. Able to charity that yes and they're not. There and badness. So what's. The suspect that you think people. This that a Henry that salute you like that. Henry I I appreciate their work you do for our country in Vietnam or you have done for the community as an ex police officer and if you're on hold stay with issue got a comment 2601 a seventy. Tex Amber's a 778. Are you concerned music won't know this is a better way to phrase it are concerns that there is instability in the White House legitimate or biased. That's a pretty general opinion poll because you know. Some people think that criticism of the White House is all biased you know sometimes it's like based on sound thinking and sound logic. And every so much. Yet to be discussed where is what's going on that we are far from any conclusions. Times due to will be back and appear here. It's true WW. All right coming up youngest thinking about this video we can you ever hear this song without thinking about this video. I was smoke in. The it's a shame they couldn't find. Dresses to fit those girls because they were obviously too small. How we're gonna talk about the mayor's race tomorrow on I in the next hour and now we're also going to end the conversation. On the Boy Scouts accepting girl's. Is that a good thing or bad thing here's a Texas a scoop how do you feel about Eminem is. Cyber BT. Bouts. Our president you know I I saw a match and he certainly has the freedom to do it. I. I thought he was a little harsh to be honest with you but he has the freedom to do it on Bailey I've got time for a quick comment thank you frank and on welcome to the show. I think you know who spend like there. It. Daily you wanna you wanna hang on an entity after the news. I just I feel so badly for I I sensed a slight as human suffering which is a great line from silent film but just hold on daily okay. Oh I've grown dependent. She told them for two and half hours and I'm gonna give her a minute to talk much just doesn't seem fair. Remember we have by elegy tickets to giveaway means the game Saturday afternoon. Death Valley tiger say to hell issue there was a tenth ranked Auburn. I mean this is going to be ending this well hopefully it's a good game. But I mean there's a lot of buildup and this is one of the big football games is being televised nationwide over the weekend. Here is a text that is very very profound. Yeah I read all of your text and I've respond to a few but I can ever get to a few of them on the air. But I love to share the profound texts with you this text says public apathy. Breeds mediocrity. In government. And that's true. If you don't vote you are part of the problem. I understand your apathy. But if you don't vote you contribute to the problem. If you're on hold hang on I'm still attend movies right academic and you'll.