President Trump is changing course on Cuba!

President Trump is changing course on Cuba! He’s rolling things back to the way they were before President Obama relaxed relations last year. He says it will hurt the communist government there, others say it will hurt the Cuban people more…which is right? Also what affect will it have on the port of New Orleans?

This segments guest:
Dr.Jim Richardson - Director of LSU Administration Institute


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We're joined now by doctor Jim Richardson director of L issue public administration institute and professor of economics at LA issue doctor Richard and thanks for taking time with the soon to be WL. They have to cut tanker and rattling. Now we're talking about president drop below on Friday changing the policy. To Cuba actually aegis through an executive order putter giving back to the way that it had been for the longest living travel and business transactions. Therein and some other things as well that President Obama had a freed just. In the last year of his administration. How does that impact. The United States and New Orleans in the port of the world on this specifically because a lot of people here we're getting excited to start trade again. With Cuba is that going to. Have a major impact on what happens he ran our economy. Well I think first it I think ever. Or what. Present some did it the didn't really undo everything. The Obama administration had done. But there were terrible keep parts of it why is on the trade directly with any trade with the military armed with search Russia's security. Government which a court onslaught as Stockton and in Cuba. That I. And that the world currently have an impact on abate somewhat with could've done possibly we'll obviously bring. We had been true we've been trading with them. Since 2005 the fact that. All. They take on on what calling Medicare in issues mostly food and medicine going there. We've but this is gonna open up what President Obama it was an Oprah block more options for a and that was gonna primarily be very helpful to our agricultural community. Up and say. North eastern Louisiana and that ought to support a department war that would be the place where different Jackson protect played. They come bodies to go out so I think that we're like rice and sugar. And also partly soybean thinks of that nature this take away potential market not a big market in the world. But pick like Cuba and about twelve million people. Mexico Africa cover between. Or thirty million people it got bad but it marketplace that it opens up opportunities for so I think it in that case. Those opportunities have been diminished. But what blocked. Present from just did. And they may come back complained that right now they've been diminished I think hectic and then I think the big deal later like. Very much like the on the torch and. Now how to we know that as president trotman and lot of Cuban dissidents were saying in senator Marco Rubio as well. How do we know that whoops was going there what is being traded there are what we're trading now medicine and and food you were were allowing that. That that's not going to the government the military not getting beat. Well me I don't know we really know obviously there it was back and medicine it's going to. Some other people may. Exactly and I don't think we have built it into it to know that our that food it's going to them in general. Exactly and we really don't know I think that's part of the air you can. Argue that but we that would never go back. I mean we it was not my role organ involvement issue. We don't have that that many spies down there to. But not a back up and and we completely failed to pay an agent participate Andy. Organization. They did distribute with India within the country so we don't really want tweak it. Passed so law of that we can control the becomes their property. His development in in any ought to happen in the country what cup and we weeks we're merely transport and we are selling it today. Major organization could be a company could be a government. Could be a unit of government and then after that they have the responsibility of the art the art the task of distributing it to the people. Doctor Jim Richardson. Is our guest he's the director of LSU public administration institute and professor of economics at LSU and doctorate sent get to. A lot of Texan 87870 people asking about. Okay so we're not doing business with Cuba as forest tourism and travel and so forth to the extent of other countries I mean Europe goes there they traveled there they have a lot of resorts in Cuba that European Jews. Other countries as well. Are we eat. Not a week losing influence on Cuba by not allowing people to go their right not so. Doing business with them. Well mean that the political question I guess what term. Not sure that's my expertise but I would have the same. Obviously. Is that we are one of the few countries that did not do that I think their their their major. Toward. Country is that we're many people go from Canada we. Now ago I can't accurately and groups. That might be true but he cannot just go to individual is that what go to that could keep Hitler liked. So I think from there there's a chance that we we we do lose a lot of and once. I guess that that you need to look at this week we had this greater. Very tight policy for over fifty years now. And it has not resulted in any major change in the government and in Cuba. And so the question is why that we think it's gonna change in the future if we keep the policy going that the question and political people like to make. I think that choice. But now I think we do blues got something and we and that's why or loose here and we're and ability to people. Can just go there. On their own and and as opposed to some type of prep school with setting that they go through. I I've seen what videos and documentaries and things that that people have been put on liner or on television as well. I'm that they've done that you can go into certain stores in Cuba and find American goods on their shelves so is the embargo working. Well and again they did that the world's a complicated place and we delegates to get lightly but we opened in Mexico orca capital RQ other central American country artists south American country. It gets back to. The that the Cuban island. And how that worked we want answered that want to attack out to somebody else they have the ability to put it onto it it. So we think. But like that now is not. Obviously we don't have major. Evidence which we we as a trait right farmers in and. Louisiana are the war sure former some of the candidates like I can go and this is in my marketplaces. These are my cup McCracken bill directly. So in the long run. Talking about the Louisiana we've talked about you know rice and sugar cane and so forth. Is this going to. The adverse to them or do we just find another market for markets. Well what medal on the outlook for the market this market particular goes it's cloaked. There now and I appreciate that are buying their right from Vietnam. It is what much closer it Kabila with cheap apartment would be a big a market place. It's not that market is so big it is going to be in my account that we can't do it out it would. But it it again here we are at stake to export. We'd be in a NAFTA outright customers. There want their potential customer so obviously be say we can't tell them you're cutting out one Burke. Ella that till now want to Allah we can survive it will be better have a. I think one of the major industries that probably would do a lot of business in Q who would be via auto industry if they can manufacture visible parts for 95 general bill players for as they try to. Sure a lot of mom Leah wrote down there and yeah. I'll be and they are welcome to our our port port port yet descent down the Mississippi and then Hamlet goes report that would probably. I. Doctorates and thanks for taking time here and so on WW island have a great day go tigers Serbian.