President Trump is changing course on Cuba!

President Trump is changing course on Cuba! He’s rolling things back to the way they were before President Obama relaxed relations last year. He says it will hurt the communist government there, others say it will hurt the Cuban people more…which is right? Also what affect will it have on the port of New Orleans?

This segments guest:
George Fowler - Vice Chairman &  General Counsel of the Cuban American National Foundation and author of the book, My Cuba Libre-Bringing Fidel Castro to Justice.


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Joining me now. Is George Fowler he is the vice chairman and General Counsel of the Cuban American National Foundation and author of the book Mike Cuba the Braves bringing Fidel Castro to justice George thanks for taking time this under the deal. George what do you take by it would president prompted this week first off last week is that a good thing or bad thing in your. I think it's a good thing and again get some good from the center room view. Who knows what he's doing in this field and the ultimate goal is to make sure they froze military. That owns the industry and as you'll lose. Doesn't get rich. Travel and tourism from. The United States. And that you know the embargo was never taken off the books to. President Obama the only thing to do position them executive borders in this. President from it is done. By. People console would go to two. Cruise ship. And the so and so long as. Putting money in the vans over Castro's military. Which is a bit to our industry Megan joy. The visit to Cuba and take a look at it. George first of how would how would things oh in the money's going to Cuba's military yeah just by going here. Obviously the lawyers tourists and it would be right. It would be good they had two Crozier is different in the plane and both of them the propane. The and surety. Airline pitchers are beginning to cut its. Back because people aren't going to Cuba because. There is no money in Cuba and the services whether the oil services. Tribal sort of as a liberal in the island where we're Papa. Forward in America enters expects. By. The cruise ship is different because. Don't have breakfast lunch and dinner. On the ship. So expenditures. Will not go executed. Castro military in the control tourism. So. It was interestingly intelligently draft. And but you voters in the Castro. Complaining about the situation. Targets they were ultimately he's going to do. In nova is they believe in retaliation. It's or nation you know there's been an attacker stations. For. Fifty some years. There are human rights violations. Increased. After the Obama trip and the changes. And we we keep that in Constant Contact Lindsay. Dissident movement in Cuba and they've been beaten up. Murdered. In tone and GO. In an ever increasing numbers after. The Obama changes. And that's because. Pressure government. Seeing more people going to Cuba or Nagano of them to. Expressed there does this agreement with the government. Majorities say that people that are there texting at to date 7870 and I saw stories about this some people trying to say oh trouble Lee did it because you'll do business with trump international I won't put his hotels down. Only net Internet and food it. Trump amid trump. Saturday were from the 1999. You're at peace. On new rescue policy which of and contrasting. And so I invited him to. Miami. And had to go to the Cuban Americans and he ended Tuesday. Who is would mean in the Cubans and it has political view own. Own view askew well policy is completely consistent with the Ortiz has done. George Waller is our guest. Is the vice chairman and General Counsel of the Cuban American National Foundation. And author of the book my Cuba Bieber bringing Fidel Castro to justice. Missing them right to that are. I'd. As I've sent off in my idea migrant while it's from Cuba as do people yeah. He spoke like Ricky Ricardo and look at fox. But. You know mine mine his sister migrating came over and eighties she was an accident come over and mission went to kind of hoops to come here visit. Image and also saw an. Hour ago. She was here and armament on the story and obviously translating you know speaking at the were there speak it fluently but. She. So there watching the news one night it was channel four. And this was back when Phil Johnson would do it is editorials and the so he uses in this before all the technology it is closed caption with Spanish and so forth and so on. So as fills giving the editorial my grandfather who's telling what you're saying in and translating it. And he says and she got this white look over her face. And says he won't be here tomorrow. Man and he says it what you mean. And she says the police are gonna pick him and he will be in jail. Because he was speaking out against some policy at the time. That they offered government by President Reagan. And and he. He tried to explain to and mine it's that kept trying to reassure her that that was not going to happen that's not how it worked here in this country. And is it that night she kept waking up screaming in the bills denied that the police were coming together. And that the police were commuting via her family back in Cuba and that's the only reason she went acted tried Tuesday. But she was afraid for her family back in Cuba. Something would happen to them if she stayed here so you know going back and Ecstasy your week that's. Again that's mine owns the basis to go on from the eighties where and Mike Green and Archer's past Whitman now I don't know connection with whenever family idea. But that is what I note that was during the Fidel Castro now role Castro's in charge. As anything really changed from what you hear from the people in Cuba. That your getting your information from has anything today. They answered no but I would stories you can lose very telling. About the reality. Castro's Cuba. You know I left to Cuba as refugees I would lose nine years old in 1960. But I time neck could enroll taken over in the killing. And embodied. They considered to be. I do to him and it continued in the until today and so that this is what happens from my friends who has dissident. And 20. Great courage. And they do speak Republicans to go like the ladies in white or ladies of the wives and mothers of the political prisoners could Castro put in jail. They get these. Beat up every. Sunday they walk with. Flowers in the hands and that is up from Castro the master. 02. Of of torture and ended and you know he's thrown the Cuban GO. You're gonna pay big price my uncle Alberto was pigeons editors and tortured. Greatly. In the head in cash or. Matt and member in my book is. It's bringing to deal connections to some any change name in the book bringing world cast in jail I'm working on that issue too because. The markers and and you know so. You know between men have different view as to which we should do. People in Cuba and will be great. But. The problem with that notion is. That people under control Cuba and so the number of people good deal from the United States in particular. Is in the limited Castro controls Cuba. And completely. And he knows better and 20. A million Americans still on the island that never gonna happen. No matter what Obama did in. You know President Obama as you know the view he can do some engage. These murders than in and when you win them over with his charm and and by making some changes. And you know like like everywhere. In the embargoes. We will. The embargo we need the embargo if you oh free elections. In Cuba of course that never happens so. President Obama probably looking forward. More with the Cuban people which can't do business in Cuba. With the Castro go boom. And so putting any money in the pocket is a huge mistake I mean. I'd give some. Some examples Cuba. Done correctly and to Venezuela continues to provide intelligence Lama. And as well they are terrorists. And it is award which the and Shiites. And in and closely with him as well and rain and our enemies. They are Castro's Apple's been very differently. With the North Korean government if they the enemies of our nation. Today. There are bodies. And you know frequently Cuban military sources. As liaisons between. That would leave these narco guerrillas so they have good relationship. With the Colombians saw. These people. There's no way around it you know and that can control because. On January 1 they nine in 1929. To do January age seven days later stripped of population. Of all the weapons that the Cubans cannot fight to further freedom and on and you'll. Every legal. Acted. The United States is that redundant for day to get the cash arose. Is the Bay of Pigs invasion. And that it was a disaster. Is is the reason why we still have embarked on this this started with with Kennedy correct back in the in the narrow exits. Is because that they are Communist government 'cause people are asking you can't just be because of human rights because Saudi Arabia Syria all these places have them as well and yeah we can still trouble there. Well you know it's not about communism as. It's it's. Capture them. It's sold themselves being in power and so. I I think they do it. All the presidents of maintain the embargo. Simply because. Women become presidents they are. What to capture as a duel in the world against the interest of the United States from and they. The war against the United States and Africa and south and South Africa and in Yemen. So these are enemy. Okay and the only thing is admirable but. Masking what they do. Imagine. Doing business when it came of fun. You know lose human. Missiles. You know and try to missiles to kill Americans and that's the same thing so we don't know them give them money. So I don't mean Democrat or independent. If you know what's going on in Cuba if you understand that your name. And they're enemies of our country. Where wind. They approach invasion Fidel Castro's and to really huge argument is. Khrushchev for the Soviet Union demanding that he only. The missiles against the United States and kill millions of Americans. Is their minds that hate America. They don't they do not the Cuban people for a not the Cuban people the Cuban people Americans. And you know my relationships. With many Cubans. That don't live in Cuba and I talked to them. It is today they have great admiration. For our country. You know there today they understand. The problems. Supported. Sure they're living it we're we're looking from from our George guy I thank you for the time I got to get to ECB is these updated earlier and I thank you don't appreciate it all right thank you good toward George Fowler vice chairman and General Counsel. Of the Cuban American National Foundation author of the book my Cuba illegally bringing Fidel Castro to justice.